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A Short Moment Of Reverse Big Bang Panic!

So here I am wandering round LJ land and I spot the check in thingy for the reverse big bang I'm writing.... and holy crap WORD COUNT!!!!!! I thought I had at least until the 15th!  Oh shit I'm in so much trouble!

I have got very ashamed here.....16000 words! it was supposed to be short right? and oh crap I don't know how to tell my little tale of woe any shorter! I think i may need to gibber at Hayley about things like titles, pairings, and oh shit summaries! I'm crap at those!

If I throw myself on the mercy of the mods will it be alright? i mean I have no idea how many bloody words I'm gonna end up with here!  I know where its going to end I know how many chapters roughly! just how the hell do Ideal with this by tomorrow...hang on by Today! like i said oh crap sooo much trouble.

so if I'm needed i'll just be rocking in the corner, thanks!
Tags: reverse big bang

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