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16 October 2010 @ 04:02 pm
Drive By Post, Spn Reverse Big Bang Panic Attack!  
Well I have just got my posting date! and it's nice and late the 27th Oct....... please excuse me for a moment the panic alert system needs to be tested.


Right I feel much better now.  So not only have I still got an entire chapter to write but somehow I need to convert the other sodding four into English by next Monday, I have asked for a later posting date but don't hold out much hope.  It's Hayley I feel sorry for I have seen the art and it's just gorgeous and now the fact I can't write in English without polishing the fic for weeks before sending it to my beta, means the whole thing is going to end up crap.

And I can't write anything today as we are off to the theater, I know Steve is supportive but he might get a little upset if I try and cancel *G*

So if I'm needed I'll be whimpering in the corner.  I did have a plan of attack...

1, clean up chp 1 send to Judy.

2 Finish Chap 4

3, clean up chp 2 send to Judy

4 Try and write chap 5

5 clean up chp 3 and send to Judy.

Then I realized it's not fair to ask her totranslate my gibberish in under a week.  So like I said I'm just going to slink under a rock and feel bloody sorry for myself...scrub that Hayley.

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     Mandy: Facepalma_phoenixdragon on October 17th, 2010 02:46 pm (UTC)
Hee! Got a later one...for both! OY. I'm pinch-hitting - otherwise known as a glutton for punishment!! *Laughs*

I know Hayley loves it - what's NOT to love about your fics?! And do you...right in Polish first, that is, lol!