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Sleeping Beauty aka Let Sleeping Jensen's lie

TITLE: Sleeping Beauty aka Let Sleeping Jensen’s lie



WARNINGS: Just for boy kissing! Oh and schmoop!


SUMMARY: So Jensen takes a nap and Jared has been cast in the roll of the heroic prince, well it’s a     dirty job and somebody has to do it!

DISCLAMER: These gorgeous boys do not belong to me! I have asked, begged, prayed but nope still not mine. As we all know this doesn’t reflect their sexuality but damn wouldn’t you love to see that kiss!

A/N:  Ok it seems I never learn and I have tried to write Fic again! I’m happy to say this has now been betaed by the wonderful[info]realscape  and [info]garvaldmains  has convinced me to let this loose on the world.


Jared approached Jensen’s trailer from the direction of Kraft Services.  He was a man on a mission.  Jensen had gone to snatch a power nap between set ups, with their crazy ass schedule, it was the only to survive filming. This led to the particular delight of waking his co-star, a task that might be considered a little difficult. In fact, several crew members had likened it to being savaged by Wolverine, and the only truly safe method of waking Jensen was to send Jared in, naked and dipped in chocolate, but Eric had vetoed that due to the delays in filming it caused.

 So that had led to plan B, which entailed coffee so strong that the last time someone else picked it up by mistake, they hadn’t slept for two days. As he neared the trailer, Jared became aware of a lot of activity.  There seemed to be an awful lot of crew around, and did it really take two people to carry Dean’s leather jacket?

Jared stepped into Jensen’s trailer stopping sharply; there someone else in there. He relaxed somewhat when he saw it was one of the PA’s.  The feeling soon deserted him when he saw her hand slowly approach the shoulder of Jensen, who was fast asleep. The girl was transfixed by the slight of Jensen lying there napping, she was staring at him with a rapt expression, as if she’d just seen the answers to all her prayers in front of her, and it was wrapped up in a big red bow.

 Jared reached forward and gently touched her shoulder, causing her to jump and spin round.  Seeing him, she flushed bright red and Jared felt sorry for her, and pulling her a little closer, he whispered

 “You’re new, aren’t you?”

 The girl nodded, still blushing, Jared’s smile grew broader, he felt he should explain the situation to the latest victim.

 “What’s your name?”

 “It’s Sue, Mr Padalecki”

 “First of all, its Jared, and Sue, you’ve walked into one of the crew’s rites of passage.  Every new PA gets sent to wake Jensen up when he takes a nap, and the thing is, the first time they send you without the right equipment!”

 Sue looked puzzled, and he waved the cup of coffee in front of her. Her face brightened with comprehension, but then the expression turned worried.  Jared had gotten good at reading the PA’s

 “It’s nothing personal, the crew just think it’s funny for the newbie’s to be faced with a sleep and coffee deprived Jensen, who’s  just woken up! Trust me it’s not pretty! It’s ok, I’m used to it, and he never leaves visible scars.  Imagine sleeping beauty, as filmed by Tarentino”

  Sue unconsciously licked her lips at the thought of that kiss, then reconsidered in light of the warning Jared had given her. She was gently ushered towards the door, shooting looks at Jensen as if he was about to leap off the couch and attack her. 

 Jared pushed the door open, he saw the crew gathered round; in fact some of them had popcorn! They looked disappointed when Sue emerged unscathed.  Jared gave them the Sam special, a roll of the eyes, arms folded and bitch face N0 2, but then he broke, grinned at them, and retreated back into the trailer to perform the delicate task of awakening Sleeping Beauty in there.

 He closed the door softly and stepped towards the couch where Jensen was sleeping. Jared contemplated the sight before him. Jensen was on his back, his right arm by his side, his hand resting on his stomach. His left arm was trailing off the couch, and his face was turned towards Jared. He looked peaceful, those long eyelashes framed his cheeks, his lips were slightly parted, and yes, the fan girls were right, he looked younger, innocent. Jared snorted at that thought! Oh yeah, he was beautiful alright, just the illusion of peace was shattered by the fact that Jensen and Dean did share some traits, and one of them was the way they slept! On more than one occasion Jared had woken up to a human pretzel, or he found himself perilously close to the edge of the bed.

 Jared moved a little closer and crouched down, getting into position, coffee held out ready, and his other hand reaching towards Jensen’s face. He hesitated for a moment, feeling guilty at disturbing  Jensen, but the bills needed paying so...

 “You know they have a name for people who watch other people sleep” Jensen’s sleep roughened voice growled out.

 Jared fell back in shock, making sure though that he didn’t spill the coffee it; was more than his life was worth.

 “What like an awesome boyfriend?” Jared laughed

 “No, creepy ass stalker!” Jensen responded

 At that point Jensen started his wake up ritual which, Jared had to admit, he loved watching. It began with a jaw dislocating yawn, then progressed to the stretch, and it was a sight that would never get old. It was like watching a cat, all feline grace.  Jensen   pulled his arms straight either side of his head, and his back arched off the couch.  Several of Dean’s layers rode up, and Jared’s mouth started watering. Jensen was smirking, and, as yet he still hadn’t opened his eyes.

 “Anyhow I thought Sleeping Beauty was woken with true love’s kiss, not a cup of coffee from Kraft Services!”

 “I thought you were asleep?”

 “No, a herd of rampaging Padalecki’s woke me!”

  “Well, the kiss is something I can put right!”

 Jared moved onto his knees, put the coffee down, slipped his hand under Jensen’s head, and leant down to kiss him. Their lips brushed together, gently at first, and then Jared deepened the kiss, running his tongue across Jensen’s lips.  Jensen opened his mouth and kissed Jared back, wrapping his hand around Jared’s back, trying to pull him closer. Jared would have loved to continue, but if they left it much longer, the director would send someone to find them, and honestly, he didn’t want to traumatize that poor PA any more today.  He regretfully pulled away, brushing his fingers down Jensen’s face and throat, coming to rest over his heart.

 “Now that’s one hell of a wakeup call!” smiled Jensen, his eyes slowly fluttering open, looking up at Jared through his eyelashes, knowing full well what it did to him.

 Jared got to his feet, snagging the coffee as he went, laughing down at Jensen’s pout when Jared didn’t kiss him again. He reached down to grab Jensen’s arm, and pulled him to his feet, handing him his drink.

 Jensen practically inhaled the coffee and Jared worried  that he might drown! Jensen staggered towards the door, saying, “Thank you kind prince, for your gentle awakening kiss, and the coffee was pretty good too” Jensen turned and smirked at Jared, waggling his eyebrows.

 They reached the door, stepped outside, and Jared grinned malevolently behind Jensen’s back. He waited until they where nearly on set, before swatting Jensen’s ass sweeping him into his arms.  “Come Princess, your carriage awaits,” Jared announced, and carried him towards the Impala, to a round of applause from the crew.


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