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Forever Mine Notes and Disclaimer

Disclaimer:  Once more I proclaim with great sadness that I neither own, nor know the men I have generally abused during the writing of this story.  All ideas are pure fiction and I meant no harm, ok mostly no harm, and Jensen I’m really sorry.

This is my little tale for the spn reverse big-bang and many thanks as always go to my beta bigj52 , and all hail to my amazing artisthay1ock  who has put with gibbering, melt downs and a severe lack of talent in her author.  For that alone I think we should offer a round of applause and a really big drink.

Other thanks go to those on my Flist who put with me going wibble, having melt downs and generally being a pain.  These kind brave souls include.... ysbail , a_phoenixdragon, realscape and if you offered support or a smack round the head to keep me calm, but have not been mentioned, many, many thanks.

With my thanks and acknowledgements, done I will slink away back under my rock before this turns into an overly emotional Oscar type speech.

One final set of thanks before I go, to you brave souls who clicked upon the link and read this, I hope you enjoyed it and please send your appreciation to hay1ock  for the amazing art.
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