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Forever Mine Chapter 4b.

Title: Forever Mine.
Word Count: 9000
Summary: Jared meets the man of his dreams while helping out his best friend Chad. Unfortunately for him, Jensen is being haunted by his past in more ways than one. Can Jared convince the spirit of Jensen’s not so dearly departed boyfriend to move on, or will make good on his promise to make Jensen his forever.
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Jensen/OMC
Warnings: Mentions of domestic abuse, and non-con that happens off camera.

Matt was sat on the couch with Jensen on his knees in front of him. Jensen was facing Jared, his eyes wild and frightened. Matt had twisted his right arm behind his back to ensure that he didn’t move. “Now then, Jared, where were we? Ahh yes, we are going to discuss why you are going to leave Jensen alone. Now you are going to answer me carefully as not to upset Jensen or I’ll break his arm.”

Just as Jared was about to answer Matt, he realized Jensen’s expression had changed. He looked shocked. Jared lifted his eyes to Matt and then dropped them back to Jensen. Jensen gave him the slightest of nods.

Shit! Jensen could hear Matt. That meant he’d gotten even stronger, and then Jared realized why. He was feeding off Jensen’s fear of him, the more scared Jensen was, the stronger Matt would be. Somehow he had to get Jensen to fight back.

“Come along, Jared, I don’t have all day. Well, actually I have forever, but the sooner you’re gone the better for me and Jensen. Now, like I said, why don’t you be a good boy and go away?”

“What if I don’t” Jared growled.

Matt shrugged, “Then I throw you downstairs or out of the window.”

Jared shook his head “I don’t think so. Jensen will get the blame and I can’t see you letting him go to prison. You won’t be able to keep him all to yourself.” Jared smiled. But the smile died when Jensen gasped as Matt twisted his arm higher up his back. Jared raised his hands in surrender.

Jared had an idea. Matt was just so proud of all his hard work with Jensen maybe; he could get him to talk.

“Ok, ok, I have a question. Why Jensen? I mean, out of all the men you could’ve had, why him?” Jared watched Matt’s face and then Matt smiled.

“Oh, I don’t see why not, since you asked so nicely. Well, for a start, have you seen him? I mean, my God, the man is gorgeous. So many people want him but he’s mine.

I was listening to you talking earlier, and I have to say Jensen was never weak. He gave me such a challenge, he was a pleasure to train and to find out I haven’t broken him yet. Well, there’s a great incentive to see you gone. You asked why him....? Oh alright, why not?” Matt settled down. As he did he placed his hand on Jensen’s left shoulder and squeezed, he increased the pressure until Jensen gasped and tried to squirm out of his grip.

Matt looked at Jared’s questioning expression, “Oh he broke... sorry, I might as well be honest. I broke his collar bone so that shoulder tends to be a little weak. Where was I? Oh yes, why Jensen? As you can imagine, with my career and high profile I needed the perfect partner. There had been a couple of other candidates; first of all, there was Ian. Very attractive but he could hardly walk and chew gum at the same time, great in the bedroom but not the board room.

Then came David, not quite so pleasing on the eye, but very intelligent. He was a lawyer like me, and unfortunately very ambitious. I couldn’t have him eclipse me and besides, David simpered. It was all yes Matt, No Matt. No, he had to go.”

Jared was listening with amazement and he could see Jensen was stunned by what he heard.

Matt continued, “No, I knew Jensen was special from the first time I laid eyes on him.” Jared started at this.

“Oh, the sweet little cat rescue story. Well, it begins a little earlier than that. No, I first saw Jensen around three months before we first met properly. He was at a club with some of his work colleagues; they were celebrating one of their birthdays or some such crap. I was there with some colleagues of mine, and then I saw him. I sat watching him and he came over and bought a bottle of champagne for some squawking harpy.

The woman serving him addressed him as Doc Ackles, so smart as well as sexy. It was the work of minutes to find out all about Jensen. I just asked if he was attached and she practically gave me his life story. How he was the vet that saved her precious dog, and that they came there every Friday after work. After that it was a simple matter of finding where he worked and watching him. I found out what he liked, where he liked to go. I find that research is the best weapon. By the time I was ready to ‘meet’ Jensen for the first time I was fully prepared, his perfect man.

Oh, as for the cat. That was even easier - walk into an animal shelter pay two hundred dollars. Two minutes kicking practice and hey presto, I’m a cat-rescuing hero. After that, it was just a matter of patience. I have to admit it really was a labour of love. I mean, look at him. He deserves to be dressed in the best designer clothes, and as much as it pains me to admit, he really is very good company. That is, once I put paid to his obsession with all things geek.”

Jared glared at Matt. He’d hated the bastard before, now he positively loathed the fucker after hearing all that. Jensen’s face was a picture of shock on hearing how they had really met.

“So then you stalk....”Before he could say anymore Matt twisted Jensen’s arm again. “Ok, I mean you two met and you were obviously happy, but Matt you’ve got to move on. Even you must understand you can’t keep Jensen, and why would you want to stay with the man that killed you?” Jared was taking a gamble. As Matt had been talking he’d seen him flicker. Jensen was no longer as scared; Matt was weakening.

Matt threw back his head and laughed. “Oh God! You’re adorable. Don’t you think that till death do us part lacks ambition? No, as I said he’s mine and he will always be mine. And besides, Jensen really doesn’t have it in him to kill anyone, but if he feels guilty enough he will be easier to control.

Oh God! The night of the accident, he really made me so angry. If I hadn’t have been so angry with him, I’d still be here, so it is his fault really.” Matt began to gently stoke Jensen’s neck, and he tried to pull away from the cold touch, shivering.

Matt’s face grew angry, “Now, now Jensen, stop that.” As Matt spoke he gripped the back of Jensen’s neck. Jensen went stiff at the touch and he lifted his eyes towards Jared.....”I’ve remembered the night of the accident.”

Kane was pacing back and forth in his shop; Misha was growing dizzy watching him. “For Christ’s sake, sit down before you wear a hole in the floor.” Kane just glared as he made another pass.

“What the fuck is taking so long? I mean, Aldis only has to ask a couple of questions. Perhaps I should ring Jared and see how things are going.” Kane reached for his phone.

Misha slipped off his seat, took him by the arm and led him to the chair, “Kane, relax. If there was trouble Jared would call. As for Aldis, he’s got to find out about an accident that took place six months ago.” Kane took a deep breath and nodded. Just as he sat down Aldis came into the shop looking agitated.

“What’s got your panties in a bunch?” Kane asked his friend.

Aldis sounded as if he’d been running and held up his hand for silence, “Jared was fucking right! There was something suspicious about the accident.”

Kane went white, “Oh God! Don’t tell me Jensen did kill him. I don’t blame the kid but...shit.”

Aldis was furiously shaking his head, “No, listen up. Matt was drunk and travelling too fast. He hit those parked cars without any help from Jensen. It’s what wasn’t in the newspaper reports that are important.

Ok. I spoke to Beth and she got hold of the guys who investigated the crash, and they were only too happy to talk. It seems that if Matt had survived he was going to be facing some very tough questions.”

Misha broke in, “What kind of questions?”

“The kind where he would’ve been asked why he attempted to beat Jensen to death before the crash. Here’s the drill. After a fatal accident the car is treated almost like a crime scene. Once the fire crew got Jensen out of the car the police covered it to protect evidence. When they got it back to the C.S.I’s they found that Jensen’s seat was soaked, and there was no way that could’ve happened, even after Matt went through the windshield as the rain had stopped. Also the paramedics reported Jensen’s clothes were in the same condition and his shoes muddy, as if he’d been walking in the rain.

On closer inspection of the car, they found blood on the inside of the door front passenger side, as if somebody had hit the car door and then bled into the car. Finally they told me the hospital staff said that it was lucky Jensen had been involved in a crash. Because he could’ve died from injuries sustained, due to repeated blows to the head. They also found older injuries that suggested physical abuse and that those injuries could not have happened in the crash.”

Kane looked shocked at the news, “How did he get the head injuries?”

“Misha, come here and I’ll show you.” Misha stood in front of Aldis and he turned him so he was facing Kane, then he took a firm grip on the back of Misha’s neck. “From the bruises on the back of his neck they assume Matt held Jensen like this. They also think Jensen was on foot and Matt caught up with him. When Matt tried to get him in the car Jensen fought back. The cops think he slammed Jensen’s head into the door frame several times; the rain washed the blood off the outside but what ran down the inside remained.”

“How come none of this was ever fucking reported? Kane asked furiously.

“Simple. The Bomers stepped in. After the accident, they were given the preliminary reports and it was felt by all concerned that justice would not be served by dragging Matt’s name and reputation through the mud after his tragic demise.

There was one final thing, though. Before the Bomer’s lawyers moved in and closed the investigation the cops managed a quick search of the car. They found a box in the trunk and from what was in there.....put it like this - the phrase S & M take-out was used. So fuck alone knows what happened that night. The only two people who knew for certain, one’s dead and the other can’t remember.” Aldis finished speaking and waited for Kane’s reaction to the news.

“I fucking knew something was wrong after I got to see Jensen. I was cornered by some of the Bomer’s lawyers, wanting to know what Jensen remembered of the whole night, not just the accident. I thought the bastard looked happy when I told him he couldn’t remember anything. When I went to get Jensen’s stuff from the apartment, they made sure I didn’t open any drawers I wasn’t supposed to.”

“They were making sure you didn’t find anything incriminating. It’s kind of a shame Matt didn’t survive. I’d have looked forward to seeing him in trouble.” Misha said

Kane shook his head, “No, it would never have gotten to court, you know that. Shit! We need to tell Jared.” Kane tried Jensen’s number again but when the phone went to voice mail again Kane looked at his friends. “There’s something wrong. We need to get over there now.” The three men turned to leave.

The door burst open and Chad Michael Murray staggered in, “Kane dude, have you seen Jay? I got him a present. “As he spoke he brandished the present.

“You brought him a half-drunk bottle of tequila?”Misha asked.

“I err got thirsty...hell, it’s the thought that counts. So where is he? His shop ain’t open... ah, don’t tell me they cancelled Warehouse 13 and he’s in mourning.” Chad wavered.

“Move it, Murray. We ain’t got time for your shit...”Kane pushed past the startled man, and then he called back. “On second thoughts, bring him along. The more the merrier to tackle Matt. If things turn ugly Chad can breathe on him, the smell’s enough to send him to Hell.” Aldis and Misha stepped forward, grabbed Chad’s elbows and dragged him backwards out of the shop.

Matt had frozen when he heard Jensen say he remembered the night of the accident, and this time when Jensen twisted within his grasp he’d gotten free. Jensen took his chance and he managed to get away from Matt. He turned to look at him and he scooted away until his back hit the wall.

Jensen stared at Matt and Jared barely drew breath. Whatever Jensen had remembered was making him angry and causing Matt to weaken. Jared spoke quietly “What happened, Jensen? What do you remember?”

Jensen stared at Matt, the fear was draining away, “We had gone to Matt’s boss’s house for dinner, we were discussing Matt being made partner at his firm. Dinner had just finished and I went to the bathroom. When I came back I was just about to go back into the dining room when I heard Matt and his boss talking. His boss wanted to know if I was alright with the deal, and Matt said I’d do whatever he told me to, that he’d brought along some toys for him to use on me. It seems that Matt’s partnership depended on a little sweetener - me. I had to sleep with him for Matt to get the job. When I heard that, I just got out of the house and ran. I know it was raining but I just kept running. I had no idea where I was going.

Then I heard the car, he’d come after me. He pulled the car in front of me and got out. The next thing I knew Matt was beating the crap out of me. He was so fucking angry, screaming about how I ruined his chances and that he’d lost the partnership. He started to drag me to the car, telling me he was taking me back to his boss so I could keep up my end of the deal. When he got me to the car I started to fight back. He grabbed the back of my neck and the last thing I remember was my head hitting the car. After that, everything was hazy. I heard Matt shouting at me and I think he was taking me home.” Jensen was struggling to piece together the rest of the night.

Jared was watching Matt. He could see the anger on his face and suddenly Jared understood why Matt wouldn’t cross over - Jensen hadn’t killed him. It was an accident like the papers said, “All this is because he said no isn’t it? For the first time in a long time, Jensen said no to you and you can’t stand not being in control.” Jared looked over to Jensen, a smile playing on his lips.

Matt leapt to his feet and suddenly the pressure increased on Jared’s legs. Jared tried to push the bookcase off him but he couldn’t. Jensen managed to get to his feet using the wall for support, “Come on, Matt, leave him alone. It’s me you want. After all, I let you down, didn’t I? I wouldn’t fuck your boss for your precious promotion. I know why you didn’t take me back that night; you messed my face up. He wouldn’t have touched me. Hell, he may even have asked you to bend over for him.”

Jared was horrified. What the fuck was Jensen doing? He knew that Jensen was protecting him by distracting Matt and it worked. Matt flew at him and hurled Jensen against the wall, his hand gripping Jensen’s throat, squeezing slowly. “You belong to me! You do not have the right to say no. I made you, Jensen and I can break you. Do you understand?” Matt was screaming, the carefully cultivated mask of debonair charm gone and in its place was the nightmare Jensen had faced every day.

Jensen smiled at his tormentor and a weak laugh escaped him. Matt stepped back a little and eased the crushing grip round his throat. “I’m not yours anymore, Matt and I never will be again.” His voice was a weak rasp.

Matt growled at him, “I’ll never let you go. You’ll be mine forever. I’ll kill you first then you’ll be with me always.”

Jensen shook his head, “Go on, do it. And the second I take my last breath I will run straight for that light and no way will you catch me. I’m through with being scared of you.” With those words Matt flickered and his grip weakened.

Jared was willing Jensen on. The more he weakened him the better chance he had of convincing him to go into the light Jared knew was waiting.

The door flew open and Kane, Aldis and Misha burst through it, the men skidding to a halt as they all saw Matt. Kane snarled at him and took a step towards him. Matt threw out his hand and the three men were thrown to the ground and pinned in place. “Good Morning, Kane, long time no see. Sad to say, not long enough. Bear with me while I deal with Jensen. There’s a good boy.” The minute the others had appeared, Jensen’s fear for their safety strengthened Matt once again.

Matt lifted Jensen off his feet and Jared saw his eyes roll back; he clawed at the bookcase in a frantic attempt to get free.

Finally into this tableau staggered Chad. He took one look at what was going on turned to Jared and said, “Dude, don’t just fucking sit there. Do something! And don’t give me... I gotta talk him into the light shit. Are you just gonna let him kill the love of your damn life?”

At that, five pairs of eyes all turned on Jared, who went bright red at the scrutiny, “I don’t know what you’re on about! “ Jared felt Matt’s stare become more intense.

Chad, happily oblivious to the threat of an enraged Matt carried on, “Jesus dude, the way you’re looking at Jensen, I thought he was the second coming. Do something!” Then Chad turned, looked at Matt’s face and gave a nervous smile. “Or, then again I might be wrong; it could be you he’s got the hots for. He’s always had crap taste in men.” Chad backed away slowly.

Matt had grown more elated with each word of Chad’s outburst; he had more leverage to use against Jensen. He carelessly let go of Jensen’s throat, ignoring the sound of him falling to the floor. Kane and Jared cried out when he hit the floor, the sound of his breathing ragged and painful as he tried to draw air into his lungs.

“Not content with putting your hands all over what doesn’t belong to you, you think you can take him from me? No, Jared, perhaps the best way for Jensen to learn his lesson is to see someone he likes hurt because of him. He managed to protect Kane; I wonder what he’d do to protect you?” Matt advanced slowly towards Jared. As he moved forward Jared felt the pressure from the bookcase increase.

Jared couldn’t help the moan of pain that escaped him, and then came a quiet voice, pleading. “Matt, no. Please don’t hurt him. I’ll do whatever you want me to.” Jensen had managed to crawl after him, hand outstretched in supplication.

Matt spun round, delight plain on his face at hearing those words. He suddenly appeared behind Jensen and pulled him to his knees, his hands resting possessively on his shoulders. Jared looked at Jensen’s face. The fire that had burned in his eyes only a few seconds ago had died and instead, there was a resigned look in its place.

“Godamnit, Padalecki, don’t you dare just sit there whinging you can’t do anything. I always thought you had more guts than that. You just gonna let him destroy Jensen? Cowboy the fuck up, dude and do something.” Chad’s words hit Jared hard. Was he just going to sit there and let Matt do this?

He shook his head, “I can’t, Chad. I only guide them to the light. I can’t make them cross over. There is nothing I can do.” A wave of helplessness swept over Jared, and Matt laughed.

“Oh, Jensen. It’s such a shame every time you think you have a knight in shining armour, they just let you down. First Kane, now Jared. Now be a good boy and tell these people to go, or do you want me to hurt them?”

Jensen managed a weak smile at his friends and Jared, “Please go, I’ll be fine. I don’t want any of you hurt.” As he spoke Jensen’s eyes locked with Jared’s. Jared felt as if he was being torn apart. Jensen was prepared to hand himself over to Matt to protect him and all he could do was bleat about not forcing Matt into the light.

“Now you’ve all heard Jensen. I want you out of here now.” Kane, Aldis and Misha found themselves able to stand, released from Matt’s power. They moved to where Jared was pinned. They shifted the bookcase and Kane pulled Jared free.

“Come on, man. We’ll find a way to help him. I ain’t leaving him this time.” Kane was moving Jared towards the door; Jared was growing angrier by the second. What use was this gift if he couldn’t help someone who was really in trouble?

“Goodbye, Jared.” Jensen’s soft voice cut through him like a knife then came the sound of a whimper.

Jared turned back, knocking Kane out of the way. Matt had dragged Jensen to his feet and once again his hand was squeezing his throat, “Did I say you could speak? You little slut, I’ll bet he’s done more than just sit and hold your hand. It’s time for you to remember who you belong to.” Matt screamed into Jensen’s face as his lips were turning blue. Jared could see a smile of triumph on Jensen’s face. He was escaping Matt the only way he knew how - he’d goaded him into going too far.

Rage swept through Jared and he screamed one word “No” as he did he pushed out his hand, all his anger and desperation poured into the gesture. Matt spun away from Jensen, an expression of shock plain on his face, “I said no, you are not going to touch him again. Do you hear me?” Jared shouted and walked towards Matt again and he felt power flooding through him as he pushed Matt further back.

Matt tried to struggle against the force pushing him away from Jensen, but Jared was proving too strong. Jared was now standing between Jensen and Matt, protecting the fallen man from the ghost.

“I’ll ask you one last time, Matt. Go into the light, or so fucking help me I’ll put you there myself.”

Jared glared down at Matt, the warning plain. Matt refused to go quietly, “You’ll never have him; he’s mine. You won’t force me over. It’s against your principles.” He sneered at Jared.

As Matt had spoken, Jared could see two doorways appear; one was infused with a soft, welcoming light, and the other was cold and dark and raised the hairs on the back of Jared’s neck. Jared drew himself up to his full height. He gave Matt a smile, not the usual pleasant light-up-the–room-with–joy kind his friends were used to. This smile was cold, cruel and calculating, “You’re right, Matt. I won’t force you into the light. I think there is another place for you.” With that, Jared dredged the last of the power he felt coursing through him and used it to push Matt towards the darker doorway.

Matt screamed with fear, as he felt the darkness creep forward to claim its’ prize. He looked to Jared for an act of mercy. Instead, as he was pulled down, the last thing he saw was Jared falling to his knees beside Jensen, and then he heard the mocking laughter telling him he had lost.

As Matt was swallowed by the darkness, Jared had dropped to his knees by Jensen. He could hear voices but he wasn’t paying attention, all he cared about was Jensen. Jensen was lying on his side, his eyes closed, his breathing painfully loud. Jared reached out to touch him and a pair of green eyes opened, searching the room.

“It’s ok, he’s gone. I promise you he won’t be coming back. You’re safe now.” Jared gently pulled Jensen into a sitting position and rested him against his chest. He looked up at the others standing there and smiled.

“What the fuck just happened?” asked Kane, dumbstruck at the display of power.

Chad just grinned, “I think Jaybird just found the turbo switch on his gift.”

Misha had called an ambulance and was looking round the devastated room, “I think Jensen may have to redecorate when he gets out of hospital, and no arguments, man, you are going to hospital.” Misha knelt down by Jensen as he was being held by Jared, who looked as if he had no intention of letting go of him anytime soon.

Jared suddenly seemed to realize his best friend was stood there; he smiled at him and said the first thing that came into his head, “Hi Chad. How was Mexico?”

Chapter 5.
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