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Forever Mine Chapter 5

Title: Forever Mine.
Word Count: 7680
Summary: Jared meets the man of his dreams while helping out his best friend Chad. Unfortunately for him, Jensen is being haunted by his past in more ways than one. Can Jared convince the spirit of Jensen’s not so dearly departed boyfriend to move on, or will make good on his promise to make Jensen his forever.
Pairing: Jared/Jensen, Jensen/OMC
Warnings: Mentions of domestic abuse, and non-con that happens off camera.

Jared staggered into his apartment early the next morning, collapsed onto to his couch and tried to marshal his thoughts into some semblance of order. Last night had become fragmented like a pane of shattered glass and its shards had cut deep.

After Misha had called the ambulance, he’d sat holding Jensen until the paramedics had virtually prised him out of his arms. After that the night had flown by in stops and starts, disjointed conversations and feelings of utter helplessness. They had raced out of the apartment after the paramedics. Kane ran for his truck yelling over his shoulder. “Come the fuck on, Padalecki, get your ass in gear... now!” Jared hadn’t needed an engraved invite after hearing that, he ran after the other men.

He turned and yelled at Chad, “Dude, stay here. Look after Harley and Sadie for me, and for the love of God, don’t you dare give Harley any Tequila or beer. Do you hear me?” Chad nodded and made a flapping gesture with his arms that Jared took as go.

They reached the hospital and Kane hit the place like a hurricane, desperately trying to find Jensen and find out what was happening to him. After terrifying most of the nursing staff Aldis had found them. He and Misha had gone in search of Jensen and had been successful. Aldis dragged them towards the room where he was being treated.

“Listen, me and Misha have managed to convince the nurses to let you stay with Jensen tonight. Come on.”

Kane followed Aldis and Jared tagged along, hoping he wouldn’t mind, “Hey Aldis, how did you manage that?” Jared asked.

“Easy. Misha just offered the nurses sexual favours; they said they would let you stay on the understanding that Misha stopped offering them his body.” Aldis laughed as he led them to Jensen’s room; they were just about to go in when the doctor appeared and glared at them.

The conversation that followed left Jared confused and worried. First of all he cleared up Kane’s connection to Jensen. After a terse conversation it was discovered that Kane held Power of Attorney over Jensen in case of medical emergencies or, as he put it....”Jensen was involved in a car accident recently. It damn near killed him; his family were a little too busy to come. Jensen decided it might be better if I was his emergency contact. Now are you gonna tell me what’s happening or what?”

The doctor had talked to Kane about Jensen’s condition and as he spoke Jared sank down onto a chair. The words became hazy but phrases kept popping up like, “Severely bruised trachea... if he deteriorates no choice...sedation...intubation...keep him calm....” Jared felt sick and all the time, he kept seeing Jensen lying on the floor, struggling to breathe. If only he’d responded sooner to the threat Matt posed, none of this would’ve happened.

He was shaken from his reverie by a hand on his shoulder; he looked up into Kane’s blue eyes. “Come on, man. You want to help me keep him company?” For once Kane’s tone was gentle.

Jared shook his head, “No. I can’t. It’s my fault he’s hurt. I should’ve done something sooner. I let Matt do this to him; I’ll just wait out here.”

Kane hauled Jared to his feet and he looked at him angrily, “Now you listen here, Padalecki. There is only one to blame here and that’s Matt or if it comes down to it, me. I had my chance to help Jensen years ago and I did nothing. So if you like, me an’ you can have a pity party later over which one of us failed him the most. But right now you need to get your lanky ass in there.” With that Kane pushed Jared into the room.

Jared walked in, terrified of what he was going to find. He expected to see Jensen hooked up to every piece of life support equipment he’d ever seen in the movies. Instead, Jensen’s bed was raised slightly to help ease his breathing; he was only wearing a nasal cannula. He was attached to a heart monitor and there was a reassuringly steady beep. Jared moved forward cautiously, Jensen’s eyes were closed and he didn’t want to wake him.

Jared stood by the side of the bed and looked at Jensen. He was so pale he was almost as white as the sheets he lay on. This only served to make the dark circles under his eyes and bruises that adorned his face and neck even more vivid. Jared swore he could see them getting darker as he looked; he felt a wave of revulsion as he looked at the finger marks that encircled Jensen’s throat.

Jared sat down on the chair beside the bed and Kane sat the other side, listening to the sound of Jensen’s breathing. It sounded painful, as if every breath was a battle. But Jared thought he’d never heard a sweeter sound as it meant that Jensen was still with him. Without thinking, he reached over and gently took Jensen’s hand. He was trying to calm down when he felt his hand being squeezed.

He raised his head and found himself looking into a pair of bloodshot eyes. Jensen gave him a weak smile, and Jared beamed in return. “Ok then, dumb question first, how are you feeling?” Jensen rolled his eyes and grimaced, Jared laughed and squeezed his hand in return, “You get some rest. Me and Kane are going to stay with you tonight.” Jensen nodded and his eyes closed as he let himself drift off to sleep.

The rest of the night was anything but restful for the two men watching; they reacted to every twitch, or change in Jensen’s breathing. After the fifth time Kane fetched a nurse because of a hitch in his breathing, the nurses threatened to throw them out. One short lecture on critical care later saw a much-chastised Kane sitting quietly. While Jared kept watch, countless scenarios ran through his mind. What if he’d left when Kane had dragged him to the door? Or if he hadn’t been able to push Matt through the doorway? What if’s ran round and round his head, making him dizzy. All he knew was Jensen still held his hand and there was no way he was letting go.

Jared felt a gentle squeeze on his hand become more insistent, he found himself resting his head on the bed. Shit! He must’ve fallen asleep. He sat bolt upright, bleary eyed. Kane was standing, grinning at him and Jensen was writing on a pad. He stopped writing, looked at Jared and smiled.

“Shit, I’m sorry! I was supposed to be watching you. God! What if something had happened!” Before Jared could continue, Jensen let go of his hand and gently smacked the back of his head.

Kane picked up the pad and laughed, “I gotta read this to ya - I want you two to go home, get something to eat and for God’s sake, shower. One of you is ripe and it’s making my eyes water, the doctor will call if anything happens. I don’t want to see either of you until visiting hours, and Kane, try not to scare Jared to death on the way home.

Come on then, Jared, Jensen has spoken. Well written. Ok, dude, see you very soon, no rowdy parties while we’re gone. I don’t want to find out you’ve wrecked the place.” Jensen just grinned then stuck his tongue out. Kane laughed and walked to the door.

Jared gave him a nervous smile. He stood by the bed, uncertain of what to do; he felt a squeeze on his hand and Jensen gave him one final smile, then he wrinkled his nose in disgust. Jared rolled his eyes, “Ok. I get it, no need to shout...look, I’ll see you later.” For a second Jared wanted nothing more than to bend over and kiss Jensen, but he felt it was the wrong time. Instead, he slipped his hand out of Jensen’s and walked out of the room. He didn’t see the wistful look Jensen gave him as he left.

Now, as he sat on his couch he considered last night to up there with the worst experiences in his life. Those included finding out Brian Mathews, the hot quarter back was definitely not gay, no matter what Chad had said. Seeing Jensen in that hospital bed, fighting for breath. Then, of course, there was the tattoo of a pair of tits on his ass. The whole goddamn Matt situation - he just wished he could’ve sent the bastard on his way earlier. Ok, maybe on reflection he would change the order of the list, and then dump the whole Brian Matthews thing, but the tattoo? That was still on the list.

The next few days flew past in a blink of an eye as far as Jared was concerned. He was either working, at the hospital or helping Kane, Aldis and Misha clean up Jensen’s place. At one point Misha told him he was the fourth musketeer as Kane hadn’t tried to kill him or terrify him once.

Jared suspected that might have something to do with the way he’d chased the cop out of Jensen’s hospital room, after he wouldn’t believe Jensen didn’t know his attacker and suggested it had been a lovers’ spat between him and Kane. He’d simply loomed over the man, growled something about homophobia, and firmly escorted him out; Jensen had laughed and called him - my hero in that husky whisper he was forced to talk in at the moment. And no, it wasn’t hot at all; it just made Jensen sound even more ridiculously sexy, if that was possible.

When Jensen had finally been discharged from hospital, Kane had immediately placed him under house arrest. According to Aldis who stopped by to talk to Jared, Jensen was going stir crazy as Kane was barely allowing him to move off the couch. Aldis and Misha were even offering to help him escape the clutches of an overzealous best friend but before Jared could ask any more Aldis had gone.

Jared had just finished serving a customer when he heard the door open, “I’ll be with you in a moment, feel free to browse.” He turned round and stopped dead. There stood Jensen looking around, his face lit up with excitement; Jared moved from behind the counter, “Hi, what are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in bed?” He looked out of the door, expecting Kane to materialize and kill him on principle.

Jensen grinned happily at him, “God no, I’ve had enough of that. As long as I take it easy I’m fine. Dude, this place is amazing; I could spend a fortune in here. Do you give discounts for friends?” Jared was just about to respond no, but I would for a boyfriend, when Jensen’s phone beeped.

“Shit! Kane’s heading this way; you’ve got to hide me. Please Jared. I just wanted some fresh air and Kane will just drag me back to his and threaten to tie me to the bed.” Several images flashed through Jared’s head, and if Kane was a mind reader at least two of them would result in his body being dumped in an alley somewhere.

Jared gently took Jensen by the arm, mindful of the fact he wasn’t long out of hospital and led him behind the counter, “How the hell can a comic book shop be considered fresh air?” He asked.

“Simple. No Kane and no mother hen routine. Oh crap, here he comes.” With that, Jensen suddenly folded down and hid behind Jared’s legs.

The door swung open and Kane stalked inside, his eyes darting everywhere, “Come on, Padalecki, where is he? I know he’s in here. He should be resting, not running around all over the place.” Kane took a step towards the counter and Jared felt his heart rate accelerating. Taking a deep breath he answered.

“Where’s who?” He coughed slightly, hearing his voice had suddenly become very high pitched.

“Oh, you know...Jensen, guy with green eyes, freckles, suffered a near-death experience only five days ago? Ring any bells?” Kane took another step closer. Jared was throwing prayers towards the patron saint of geeks, whoever it was, when Kane’s phone rang. While Kane growled into the phone Jared could feel Jensen’s arm wrap round his legs, as he tried to keep his balance from the way he’d crouched down. The feel of Jensen’s body pressed that close was doing strange things to his libido and he was only wrapped round his calves. If Jensen ever got any higher it would probably kill him, that’s if Kane didn’t do it first.

“You’re off the hook, Padalecki. That was Misha. Jensen’s with him. I gotta admit he’s determined; he even took his meds with him. Listen, when Jensen’s up to having visitors I’ll let you know. He should be fine in a few days. You take care now. Bye Jared.” Kane turned and stalked back out of the shop and down the board walk.

“Are you alright?” Came a voice from by his ankles. Jared looked down to see Jensen grinning up at him mischievously. Jared bent down and helped the other man get back to his feet.

“So you’re at Misha’s? And what meds have you taken with you?” Jared looked worried.

“Oh, don’t look like that. There’s no need to turn me over to Kane. I’ve got some pain killers and anti inflammatories. Relax, Jared. I’m not about to collapse in your shop. By the way, can I stay here with you? There’s only so much day-time TV I can take.” Jensen flashed him a hopeful smile, and after seeing him smile like that Jared would’ve happily handed over his signed Doctor Who DVD, if Jensen had asked him to.

“Ok, you can stay but sit there and relax, no running around the place. Are you sure you’re ok?” Jared pointed to a chair he used when it was quiet in the shop.

Jensen sat down and smiled happily. Just then the door opened. After a few seconds of terror when he was convinced it was Kane returning, he relaxed when he saw some of his regular customers had come in. The rest of the day passed with Jared serving customers and talking to Jensen when it was quiet. He enjoyed Jensen’s company; the man was funny and very knowledgeable about most things geek.

“What are you doing tonight then, Jay? I bet you’ve got a hot date planned.” Jensen asked as he sat sipping a cup of coffee that Jared had made.

“Oh, I got a hot date alright; it’s with Robert Downey Junior.” Jared grinned and Jensen tried not to stare at his dimples.

“Ok, do the press know about this? And is there any chance you could get me his autograph?” Jared laughed at that.

“My hot date consists of Iron Man and Sherlock Holmes, with the added highlight of beer and pizza. See, I know how to party.”

“Sounds like a great night, I haven’t seen those yet. I hear that Iron Man is brilliant.”

“Dude, where have you been? No self-respecting geek missed Iron Man.” The second he said it Jared wanted the ground to open up and swallow him, “Shit! I’m so sorry, and you wonder why I haven’t got a boyfriend.” Jensen shook his head.

“Don’t apologise, Jay. It just means I’ve got a lot of catching up to do, and thanks to you I’ve got plenty of time to do it in. By the way, I never said thanks for what you did.” Jensen blushed as he spoke.

Jared wanted nothing more than to just walk over to him and kiss him, although that would be taking advantage of a vulnerable man. But he had to admit he liked the way Jensen called him Jay. Somewhere in the dark recesses of his mind, in a little cage, was what Jared liked to call his own inner Chad. The being, who at the moment was frantically rattling the bars of his cage, yelling “Kiss him for God’s sake! Go over and kiss him!” Instead, the virtuous side of his mind managed to respond to Jensen instead. “There’s no need to thank me. I just wish I could’ve done more, and sooner. Listen, would you like to stay and watch the movies with me. I’ll order more pizza. Can you drink beer at the moment? And will Kane come looking for you?” Inside his head the inner Chad was leaping up and down, punching the air.

Jensen’s face lit up with a smile, “You don’t mind me staying? I’d better stay off the beer, and as far as Kane’s concerned, I’m spending the evening at Misha’s. Don’t worry. Misha’s told him he’s going to be teaching me to meditate and I need a calm atmosphere.”

Jared smiled, “Do you like pepperoni?”

After they closed up the shop, Jared took Jensen up his apartment where Jensen was mugged by Sadie and Harley. After a few minutes slobbering, the two dogs left the room and went to lie on Jared’s bed. “Like I said, you wonder why I don’t have a boyfriend. If you can’t have beer is coke alright?”

“Yeah, no problem. So I take it your bed is their usual sleeping place? Man, I bet that’s all kinds of fun.”

Jared returned with drinks, “Oh yeah. I barely have enough room to lie down myself. So which film first?” Jared waved two DVDS at Jensen; he pointed to Iron Man and they settled down to watch.

Jared was enjoying himself, one of his favourite films, pizza, beer and great company. As the films progressed, he found himself getting closer and closer to Jensen until they were leaning against one another. Finally, as the end credits of Sherlock Holmes rolled, Jensen was resting his head against Jared’s shoulder; he looked completely relaxed.

In fact, it looked like he was falling asleep. Jared would’ve loved to just let Jensen sleep there, but he knew he should get him home. He determinedly ignored the growling sound coming from the cage. He gently shook Jensen, “Hey, come on. I need to get you home before you turn into a pumpkin, or Kane finds out about this and beats me to death with one.”

Jared stood up and helped Jensen to his feet, he swayed a little and Jared put his arm round his waist to help steady him. Jensen looked up into Jared’s eyes and time seemed to slow. Jared was struggling with his conscience; the strong moral upright part of him was congratulating him on stopping Jensen from falling.

But his inner Chad was howling loudly and gibbering “For the love of God, dude, just KISS HIM! He’s the hottest man you’ve ever seen. Don’t just stand there, do something!” Jared just continued to stare into Jensen’s green eyes; he ignored the sound of inner Chad slamming his head against the bars of his cage in desperation.

Then, the decision was taken out of his hands to wild cheering from inner Chad. Jensen stepped in close and he kissed Jared. The kiss was soft and tentative; Jensen slipped his arm round Jared’s waist, his other hand resting on Jared’s shoulder. Jared stiffened, not knowing what to do even as Jensen’s lips pressed against his own. Finally Jensen broke the kiss. He looked into Jared’s eyes; there was an air of sadness there when Jared hadn’t responded to the kiss. He let go of Jared and stepped back awkwardly, his disappointed gaze dropping to the floor.

“Look, I’m so sorry about that, Jared. I better go. It’s late. I’ll get Misha to come and fetch me. I’ll just wait downstairs, I’ll see you soon.” He walked slowly towards the door, his shoulders slumped. He was reaching for his phone when Jared spoke to him.

“Wait, please. Why did you kiss me?” Jared was nearly deafened by inner Chad’s groan of frustration, along with theDude, seriously, do we need to have the talk about what to do when a hot guy kisses you right now?”

Jensen looked back at him, “I kissed you because I wanted to. I thought you liked me too but I got the signals wrong. Been out of the game too long, it won’t happen again.”

Before Jared knew what he was doing he’d crossed the room and stood in front of Jensen. He tried to look into his eyes but Jensen avoided his gaze. He reached out and put his hands on Jensen’s shoulders and cursed inwardly when the other man flinched. “Jensen, look at the way you’ve just reacted to me touching you. You’re not ready for this kind of thing. You need time, dude, not somebody pawing at you.” Jared’s voice was gentle.

Jensen’s head snapped up and it was Jared’s turn to flinch. His eyes blazed with anger, “You know what, Jared? I’m fucking tired of being told what I want. I’m tired of existing. I want to start living again. And what’s so wrong with wanting to spend the night with you? I don’t normally do this kind of thing. It’s usually several dates and then I think about asking a guy to rip my clothes off. Well, that didn’t work out so good the last time. Please Jared, I just need someone to hold me. I want to feel alive again.” Jensen’s voice faltered, he pulled free of Jared’s grip and went to move past him.

“I know you think you’re taking advantage of some fragile little flower, but trust me, Jared, I don’t break that easily. Besides, I’m not all that repulsive, you know. And I think you’re possibly the hottest man I’ve seen in a long time. But I can understand why you don’t want to do this.” Jensen gave a hurt little smile and began to move again.

By now inner Chad was frenziedly trying to tunnel out of the cage, and little by little Jared was starting to listen. Was he really going to let Jensen just walk out the door? He turned Jensen round and pulled him close. This time Jared initiated the kiss, his hand cupping the back of Jensen’s head. His tongue glided along Jensen’s bottom lip and his lips parted. Jared gently explored Jensen’s mouth as they kissed, finding he liked the taste of those lips. Their tongues swirled back and forth and finally they broke apart, both men breathing hard.

Jared looked at Jensen with concern in his eyes, “Jared, stop thinking so loud. I’m fine. Can we do that again, only somewhere a little more comfortable?” His voice had dropped low and sounded husky again. Jared really didn’t want to let go of him, he was enjoying the feel of Jensen’s body against his.

Inner Chad kicked the cage door and yelled “Hello! Dude, bedroom, or do you want Jensen to get naked right here? Then again, it’s not a bad idea, but really, you can have much more fun on a bed.” Jared was really beginning to like inner Chad’s suggestions. Placing one more kiss on Jensen’s lips, he broke away. “Wait here, I’ll be back soon.”

He ran into the bedroom, switched on the lamp and got down to business. He knelt by Harley and Sadie and began to talk, “Listen guys, I need you to do me a favour. Can you sleep on the couch tonight? Please? I wouldn’t normally ask, but it’s Jensen and you want me to be happy, right?” Sadie fixed him with a disdainful look, Jared was desperate, “Alright, I’ll buy you both steak, we got a deal?” With that the dogs got off the bed. Jared was just pulling the cover off the bed when he heard laughter.

“I loved your mastery over your dogs. That was a great piece of negotiation. What would it have cost you if they hadn’t gone?” Jared walked over to Jensen; he took his hand and pulled him into the bedroom, closing the door.

Jensen looked over his shoulder and smirked, “Don’t like an audience, hey?” He smiled as Jared guided him to the bed.

“No. I always feel like they are giving me marks out of ten. Look, they got steak out of the deal and we got the bedroom. It’s a win all round. Anyway, I would have offered them a week’s worth to go.” He smiled down at Jensen. He hesitated again, what if he was rushing Jensen? He wanted so much more than just one night with him.

“Aren’t we wearing too many clothes for this to work?” With that, Jensen started to unbutton Jared’s shirt, his fingers moved swiftly and soon the shirt was on the floor. Before Jared knew it, he felt warm hands slip under his T-shirt as Jensen’s fingers ran down his torso. Jensen moved even closer and kissed his neck while he was working to get the T-Shirt off.

Jared finally got with the program. He felt it was unfair to let Jensen do all the work so he pulled the T-shirt over his head. As he was doing that, Jensen undid his belt and it joined the ever-growing pile of clothes on the floor. Jensen leaned back and gave Jared’s body an appreciative look. “Wow! You should wear tighter clothes to work, Jay. Are you sure you’re not a superhero? Mild-mannered comic shop owner by day and masked avenger by night?”Jensen smirked as he spoke.

Jared grinned in return. With a flourish he dropped his jeans and took off his boxers. Stepping out of the rest of his clothes he stood in front of Jensen, naked. Jensen stared at him and licked his lips, “Do you like my costume? Or do you think it needs a little work?” With that, Jared struck a muscle pose.

“I take it back, mild-mannered comic shop owner by day, dork by night. God! You’re gorgeous!” Jensen began to explore Jared’s body, his fingers tracing his muscles as they went with the softest of touches. Jensen’s hands lingered on his hips before moving slowly towards his cock. He curled his hand round Jared’s cock and rubbed his thumb over the slit, moving slowly, making him gasp at the touch.

Jensen’s movements were so slow and teasing Jared thought he’d go mad if Jensen didn’t speed up. Still moving leisurely, Jensen stroked up and down the length of Jared’s cock. Jared rested his hands on Jensen’s shoulders; he shivered at the deft touches when Jensen twisted his wrist on an up stroke. His head fell back and he moaned. Jensen took advantage of this and moved forward. Still working Jared’s cock he gently licked at his nipple, his left hand snaking back up Jared’s body. He nimbly drew his fingers across to the other nipple scratching gently at the delicate skin. Jared groaned, the sound was full of need, and he thrust up into Jensen’s fist as he continued to torture him with what he was doing.

Jared was quickly coming apart; he became aware that Jensen was still wearing too many clothes. He managed to gather what was left of his self control, “Jensen, need you naked. Now, please?” Jensen gave another deliberate twist of the wrist making Jared keen, and then the hands were gone. Jared swayed, feeling the loss of contact almost like a physical blow.

He opened his eyes and looked at Jensen, he seemed unsure about taking off his clothes. His eyes darted towards the lamp as if he wanted the light off then Jared reached for him. He was about to tell him they didn’t have to do this when Jensen began to unbutton his shirt. Jared stopped him; the smaller man looked at him pleadingly. He didn’t want this to end but he was embarrassed by the damage Matt had done to him.

Jared took over unbuttoning the shirt, slowly slipping it from Jensen’s shoulders. He cautiously moved his hands down Jensen’s body, checking that there was no discomfort when he touched him. Instead, Jensen’s eyes fluttered closed and he moaned at the touch. Jared reached for the T-shirt and gently pulled at it; Jensen raised his arms and the T-shirt was removed. Jensen let his arms fall to his side and he looked down at the floor. His body was still covered in bruises, a lingering reminder of Matt’s presence. Jared continued to undress him; he had no intention of mentioning Matt’s name. There was no place for him here in this room and he was going to do his best to try and make Jensen forget what had happened.

Soon the rest of his clothes had joined Jared’s on the floor as he pulled him to his chest, the feel of Jensen’s skin against his own was exhilarating. Jared moved back. He gently stroked Jensen’s shoulder and then he kissed it, “I think you are gorgeous, you have nothing to be ashamed of. And as a masked avenger I need a sidekick. Care to apply for the position?” Jensen turned to look at him, surprise clear on his face. He saw Jared was smiling at him, no pity or disgust there and before he knew it Jared began to cover him with kisses. Each kiss was soft and barely there. By the time Jared had dropped to his knees in front of him Jensen felt as if his skin was on fire, each kiss fanning the flames even more.

Jared was kissing his hip and Jensen felt dizzy at the touch. Strong hands were holding him in place, helping to keep him grounded; he felt as if he was flying. Then Jared moved across from his hip and in one swift movement Jared engulfed the head of his cock with his lips. Jensen let out a gasp and his hands gripped Jared’s head, his fingers threaded in his hair. Jared moved with aching slowness down the length of his cock and then he pulled back so only the head was in his mouth. God! It felt amazing; his tongue pressed against the sensitive glands under the head. Then there was a gentle scrape of teeth as Jared moved down again.

Jared hummed softly as he sucked Jensen’s cock, his mouth watering at the taste of him. The sharp tang of pre-come exploded on his tongue when he flicked the slit. Jensen was moaning now and his knees buckled slightly when Jared adjusted his throat and he took Jensen all the way down. He felt a gentle pull on his hair and he could hear Jensen’s voice, “Please... Jared...Fuck...I need you, shit. I need you to fuck me. Please Jay, now!” Jared slowly pulled his mouth off Jensen’s cock. He stood and Jensen clung to him, his breath coming in harsh pants.

Jared wrapped his arms round him and waited for him to get his breathing back under control. When Jensen’s breathing had slowed Jared moved them to the bed, laying him in the middle. He climbed on the bed beside him and once more he began to kiss Jensen. This time when Jared kissed him, Jensen’s tongue swirled back and a duel began, neither man backing down. Jensen let his hands trace down the length of Jared’s back before he grabbed his ass. He pulled Jared down and he arched upwards. Their cocks rubbed together, the friction causing both men to moan as Jared rocked down and Jensen moved up to meet him.

Jared managed to break away. He looked down into Jensen’s face. He was flushed and his eyes burned with need, his pupils blown so there was almost no green within, just a hint of the jade that Jared found so beautiful. His lips were kiss swollen and ran his tongue along his bottom lip as if trying to taste where Jared had kissed him.

“I...we need.... lube... condoms... hang on.” Jared climbed off Jensen and rolled over towards his bedside table and on the second attempt he opened the drawer. Jensen was being cruel; he’d followed him and had just licked the back of his neck and was gently sucking on his shoulder, “Stop hold on... I got the drawer open...carry on...on God! Do that again!” Jensen had slipped his hand over Jared’s hip and his fingers were tracing the vein on his cock.

Jared managed to get his hands on the bottle of lube. With a yell of triumph he got it out of the drawer and handed it over his shoulder to Jensen. While he rummaged around for a condom he heard Jensen ask, “Pina colada flavoured lube, really?” Jared’s fingers closed over the condom and he looked over his shoulder to explain. He was just in time to see Jensen flick the cap open, pour some on his finger and suck the finger into his mouth.

Jared was so busy staring at what Jensen was doing, he never realized how close he was to the edge of the bed until he fell off. As he lay on the floor clutching the condom, he heard laughter; he rolled onto his back to see Jensen, looking over the edge of the bed at him. “What are you doing down there? I thought we were having sex up here?” Jensen’s laughter filled the room.

“I thought I might like a change of scenery while I planned to make this the most earth-shattering, soul-searing, sexually-intense experience you’ve ever had. How am I doing so far?” Jared replied from the floor.

“Well, at the moment I’d settle for both of us making it through the experience without broken bones, but so far you’re doing brilliantly. And what flavour is the condom? A slow, comfortable screw?” Jensen shuffled back to the middle of the bed.

Jared climbed back on the bed, lay beside him and said, “No, it’s a Harvey Wallbanger. Blame Chad, he bought ‘em for my birthday in an attempt to get me to go out and get laid. I really must thank him one day.” Jared grinned.

Jensen handed back the bottle of lube and Jared looked at him, “Are you sure you want to do this? I mean, we can just lie here and make out.” Suddenly inner Chad was back, howling at the suggestion.

Jensen rolled his eyes, “Well, we can lie here and look longingly at one another or you can make use of Chad’s lovely thoughtful birthday present. Which would you prefer?” As he spoke, Jensen dragged his fingers down Jared’s chest before running a finger from the tip to the base of his cock, making it twitch at the touch.

Jared returned the favour, his hand skimming down Jensen’s body before settling on his hip. He leant forward and captured Jensen’s lips with his own. The kiss was long, deep and passionate and finally inner Chad stopped whimpering and sighed happily.

Jared worked his way down Jensen’s body, kissing him as he went, enjoying the soft sounds of pleasure that escaped from those lips. He flipped the lid off the lube and, coating his fingers, he gently stroked Jensen’s inner thigh before slowly circling Jensen’s tight hole. Jared moved higher and nibbled at his nipples, enjoying the other man squirming beneath him.

He could feel Jensen’s erection digging into his hip as he sought out friction to help with the need coursing through him. Jared moved higher once more and kissed his neck tenderly. He could hear Jensen pleading with him softly to just do something, and with that request made, he slowly pushed a finger inside.

Jensen spread his legs wider and planted his feet down on the bed, rocking down onto Jared’s finger as he began to stretch the tight ring of muscle. Jared took care not to rush the other man, but when the sounds he was making took on a hint of frustration, he added another finger. While he slowly moved and scissored his fingers he kissed Jensen, his tongue flicking in and out of Jensen’s mouth, stealing away the whimpers the other man made.

Jared pulled Jensen closer and withdrew his fingers but this time when he pushed back in there were three fingers. He pushed them deep and twisted them round. When Jensen gasped and arched up Jared knew he had found his goal as he stroked his fingers across Jensen’s prostate.

All Jensen could do was cling to Jared as he drove him mad. Each time he brushed across that bundle of nerves he felt heat flare through his body, he rocked faster against Jared’s fingers. All he could think was - was Jared ever going to fuck him? He was aware of Jared nibbling at his ear, his teeth grazing his ear lobe. He was saying something, but Jensen could barely make out what was being said above the rushing of his blood in his ears.

Jared watched as Jensen started to come apart as he pumped his fingers in and out, twisting them slowly before plunging them back in and hitting his prostate. He watched as Jensen bit down on his lip, sweat beading on his upper lip. When Jared brushed his lips against Jensen’s ear he whispered, “Jen, are you ready?” He didn’t receive an answer but by the whimpers and the way he was writhing Jared took it that Jensen was more than ready.

He slowly withdrew his fingers and Jensen moaned at the loss, his eyes opened and he looked at Jared, his eyes filled with need. Finally he found his voice. “For God’s sake, Jared, please....” the voice was low, hoarse and full of desire.

Jared picked up the condom and managed to open it after a couple of attempts, the lube on his fingers making the packet slippery. Jensen quirked an eyebrow at Jared, he was just about to resort to ripping the packet open with his teeth when it tore. He gave a whoop of triumph as he rolled the condom down his cock and took a couple of deep breaths to calm himself. He covered himself with a generous amount of lube; he didn’t want Jensen to feel any discomfort at all.

Jared blanketed Jensen’s body with his own, trying to be careful of the bruises there. Jensen’s hands moved slowly up his back before resting on his shoulders. He moved up and kissed Jared. As they kissed Jensen rocked against him in encouragement. Jared lowered himself until his cock was lined up with Jensen’s entrance.

Jared pushed forward slowly just breaching the hole, the head of his cock stretching Jensen wide. He rocked forward slightly and felt himself glide inside. Jensen was still so tight. He pulled back slightly, hearing Jensen gasp at the stretch then he pushed further forward. Jensen’s hands tightened on his shoulders, “Don’t stop....please Jay” Jensen panted and this time Jared pushed forward until he was completely sheathed inside of him.

Jared stayed still, his heart hammering and he knew if he moved it would all be over too soon. He waited until he was under control; his head had dropped forward and rested against Jensen’s shoulder. He ran his tongue over the skin, tasting salt from the beads of sweat there. He felt the muscles of Jensen’s ass clench round his cock and his hips tilted in an attempt to get Jared to move.

Jared began to thrust slowly, his movements careful and restrained, each thrust deliberately shallow. He lifted his head and looked at Jensen. He met green eyes and he felt a pair of legs wrap round his waist, pulling him deeper. “I’m not that fragile, remember. Now just fuck me, will you.”

Jared pulled back and then slammed forward, his pace picking up, his thrusts more forceful now. He changed the angle and when Jensen threw his head back and keened he knew he’d found his prostate. Jensen’s hips moved in counter point to his and they found a rhythm that was propelling them towards orgasm.

It was all Jensen could do to hang onto Jared as he fucked him. At first he’d been hesitant, afraid he would hurt him. But Jensen knew that the larger man would never hurt him and now Jared was moving without restraint, and his body responded to each powerful drive of his hips. The sensations that coursed through him were almost too much, it had been so long since he’d felt this alive. He didn’t want it to end as he met each of Jared’s thrusts, his hips rocking in time and his legs tightening round his waist.

As Jared’s hips snapped forward hard, striking Jensen’s prostate, he arched off the bed. A scream tore from those full lips and the muscles of his ass squeezed his cock even tighter. Jared could feel his orgasm approaching and he wanted Jensen to come with him. He slowed his pace, deliberately dragging his cock over that bundle of nerves and made Jensen groan. He felt fingers digging into his shoulders, and he knew he’d have his own bruises tomorrow. Jared didn’t care; he kept the slow pace, brushing over Jensen’s prostate time and time again. Jensen was trembling now, his breathing coming in short, sharp pants.

Jensen’s cock was deep red with pre-come spilling from it. Jared wrapped his hand around it and began to pump it in time with his thrusts. Jensen managed to pull Jared down to kiss him, the kiss was opened mouthed and Jensen’s tongue entwined with Jared’s.

Jared couldn’t hold back any longer, his hips snapped forward rapidly and then he was coming. As he came, he heard Jensen shout and he felt the warmth of Jensen’s come spill over his hand, his ass muscles tightening on his cock, drawing his orgasm from him. Jared’s thrust’s slowed as he fucked Jensen’s through the aftershocks of their orgasms. Jared’s movements stuttered to a halt and he drifted away on waves of pleasure.

Jared found himself lying on top of Jensen; he wondered how he got there. Then he remembered. Shit! He must be squashing him. He tried to push himself up, only to find that Jensen had wrapped his arms round him and felt like he had no intention of letting go. “Jen, come on, I’m squashing you here. Let go.” Jensen shook his head and held tighter as if Jared was a favourite teddy bear.

Jared wasn’t sure what to do. Sure, spending the night wrapped in Jensen’s arms had a great deal of appeal but there were other concerns here - such as waking up and finding themselves fused together in more ways than one. Even worse, Kane breaking in and finding them fused together. Using that terrifying image as inspiration, Jared managed to break free of Jensen’s strong arms and he gently pulled out of Jensen’s ass.

Jensen made a soft noise of protest as Jared pulled away; Jared placed his hand on his chest to calm him. He removed the condom, knotted it and threw it in the trash can. He thought about going to the bathroom to get a washcloth but as he looked over at Jensen he felt his limbs grow heavy with exhaustion. Jensen appeared to be slipping off to sleep; instead, he retrieved his boxers off the floor and then wiped Jensen down and then himself. Jared decided they could take a shower in the morning; he pulled up the comforter and lay beside Jensen. He was just about to move back to the edge of the bed to give the other man space when Jensen moved up against his body. He smiled and curled round the other man.

Jensen woke slowly, rolling over to find an empty space where Jared should’ve been. He listened carefully but there was no sound in the apartment. He got out of bed, wincing slightly as his muscles protested from last night’s activities. He smiled as he remembered the reason for his body aching; he dressed quickly to go in search of Jared.

He stepped into the lounge  and he realized he was alone - the dogs and Jared were gone. He sighed. He’d hoped that last night might be the start of something but it looked like he was wrong.

Just then the door opened and Jared was dragged through it by Harley and Sadie. He was carrying a bag of groceries. He saw Jensen and his face lit up with a smile, “Hey, I’m sorry. I was hoping we’d be back before you got up. How are you, Jen? You ok?”

Jensen nodded as he was engulfed by the dogs, “I’m fine. Where did you guys go? I was just about to sneak away.”

“Thank God you didn’t. I was going to make us pancakes but I had nothing to make ‘em with so we went shopping.” Jared put the bag down and walked over to Jensen, his smile growing brighter.

“Jensen, I have two very important questions I want to ask you.”

Jensen smiled nervously, “Well, I like blueberry pancakes if that helps.” He rubbed at the back of his neck, looking down as he did.

“That wasn’t one of the questions but I’ll bear that in mind. I’m kind of a traditional sort of guy, so Jensen Ross Ackles....”

“Hang on. How did you find out by middle name?” Jensen interrupted.

Jared took his hand and continued, “I called Misha now hush. Jensen Ross Ackles, I would like to start dating you. Could I tempt you to go out for a coffee with me some time, maybe even dinner or a movie?” Jared waited for an answer.

Jensen smiled shyly back at him. “Yes. I’d love to go out for a coffee with you. Now what’s the second question?”

Jared stepped closer to him, “The second and more important question is this. Traditionalist or not, do you want to take a shower with me?”

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