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Once Again I seek Technical Help.

*Waves to cowering members of my Flist* friends, Romans, fellow perv scouts! lend me your technical savvy please.  After my Reverse Big Bang someone asked if there was a PDF version available as she has vision problems and struggles with reading from a screen, I'm more than happy to do this for the lady....only one small problem.  I have no bloody idea how you do something like that! so if a kind soul could help me out, it may lead to me ruining some other poor soul's day! Hey I'm all for sharing the misery folks!

Also in other ramblings,here be a warning the muse has turned up again brought her toothbrush, porn collection (pictures of Jensen) and is making herself verycomfortable.  So there could be a new chapter of the Fic O Doom very soon along with an idea for some Christmassy type porn!  just what could Jared do with a large roll of red satin ribon I wonder?  I have the urge to find out.

so that concludes this drive by ramble and request for help!  I hope you have a great day, a good evening, A Brand New Episode!!!!!! and a brilliant weekend.
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