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We'll Always Have Paris, (1/1), PG-13, Jared/Jensen.

Title: We’ll always Have Paris.
Word Count:  2280
Rating:  PG-13
Summary:   Jared and Jensen take the chance to explore Paris while they attend a convention.  While they are there Jared has an important question for Jensen.
 Pairing: Jared/Jensen.
Disclaimer:   Again I turned up at the crossroads and the Demon looked at me and said..."You never give up do you?  Now for the last time I'm not handing them over!" So here I am heartbroken in the knowledge these two gorgeous men are not mine nor ever will be. Also as far as I’m aware there have been no romantic get a ways to Paris for them either! But we can dream can’t we?
Warnings:  Here be schmoop! And a Fic of a romantic nature. If you re looking for the usual Jensen abuse turn back now, because for once I’ve left the poor boy alone. 
Notes:   Many thanks as always go to my betabigj52, This Fic was inspired by a trip taken to the beautiful city of Paris, so I came over all hearts and flowers. For once there's not a ninja or deranged fan hiding in the shadows waiting to ambush those poor boys.




“Ah man, that’s just so brilliant. Misha just keeps on getting crazier with every convention.”  Jared was roaring with laughter at the antics of his and Jensen’s co-star. Misha was playing the fan girls like a virtuoso.  So far he’d crashed Jensen’s panel, Jared’s panel and had led a guerrilla assault with the two of them on Jim’s Panel. 

“I gotta admit I thought the fans were gonna combust when Jim called the three of us idjits and complained about lack of respect for our elders, especially after you called him dad.”  Jensen added as they walked through the hotel towards the exit.  Their security guards were keeping a keen look out for any fan girls as the two of them left for the night.

 As they approached the car Jared looked over his shoulder with a smile on his face, “Jen, want to go and join the party with the rest of the guests? Or shall we rely on the fans to let us know what Jim and Misha get up to?” 

Jensen put his hand on Jared’s shoulder and shook his head, “As much as I’d love to, I think if we turned up the organisers would have a heart attack. Besides, I don’t think it’s right to inflict your dancing on the fans.”  Jared threw back his head and laughed even harder. He put his arm round Jensen’s shoulders and pulled him towards the car a little faster. 

“Whoa there, Jay! What’s the rush? We’re only going back to our hotel, no need to drag me at Sasquatch warp factor nine.  Unless you have something special planned?”  Jensen smirked as Jared blushed a little at the comment.

 “No, not right now but maybe later. I’ve got a little surprise for you.”  They had arrived at the car and Jared opened the door and ushered Jensen inside.  When Jensen sat down he saw their jackets and his camera on the back seat.  Jared walked round, climbed in and they drove off.  Jensen gave his boyfriend a mystified look, and Jared rested his hand on top of his and spoke. 

“Ok then. Because we are only in Paris for this convention, I’ve talked David, our driver into taking us on a little guided tour and then he’s gonna drop us off for a little while so we can get something to eat.  I’ve brought your camera so you can take some pictures while we’re there. Is that ok?” 

Jensen’s face lit up with a smile that warmed Jared to the core. They had wanted to spend some time in the city but filming schedules had meant as soon as the convention was over they were flying straight back.  This would be their only chance to see one of the most romantic cities in the world.  

It didn’t take long to drive into the city and soon David was showing them the sights.  Jensen was managing to take pictures whenever they stopped or slowed down. Finally, after the tour, their driver stopped by Notre Dame Cathedral. He told them this would be where he would pick them up later and wished them a good night. 

Jared started walking fast, and speaking at almost the same pace, “Come on, Jen, we’re in the Latin Quarter. According to all the guide books it’s where some of the best restaurants are.”  Jensen shook his head; trust Jared to pick the place where he could get the best food.  They walked round the narrow twisting streets, taking in the sights, sounds and smells around them. They walked side by side, talking and laughing. They didn’t try to hide their appearance as often it drew more attention than it deflected. Occasionally someone would take a second look but then they would shake their head as if they were imagining things. 

 Finally Jared found the perfect place and they went inside to eat.  “You know, Jay,” Jensen started as he ate, “This is the capital of fine cuisine and we’re here eating pizza?”  Jared just grinned.


“Ah come on, dude, you have to admit this is the best pizza you’ve ever had. So yeah, the capital of fine cuisine.  Are you done?”  Jared wiped his mouth and motioned to the door, “Come on, let’s go for a walk.”  Jensen nodded in agreement; they paid the bill and left the restaurant.

 The two men continued to walk around the streets of the Latin Quarter, Jensen taking pictures in the twilight, capturing the ebb and flow of life.  People from all over the world walked those streets; Jensen could spot the tourists from the Parisians, not only in style but attitude.  The visitors’ heads were turning everywhere trying to take in the sights, whereas the locals were at their ease.

 They turned into another narrow street and Jensen stopped to take another picture, trying to capture the atmosphere.  As he went to take the picture two young men walked into the frame, they had their arms wrapped round each other.  One of the men rested his head on his companion’s shoulder, they were talking. Finally they stopped and turned to one another. Jensen started to take pictures, capturing the instant when they kissed; he lowered the camera, not wanting to intrude upon such a tender and private moment.

 Jared stood close to him, and Jensen turned to him, “Come on, Jay, let’s leave them to it. Where to, now?”  Jared looked into Jensen’s green eyes and it was clear what he was thinking. They didn’t have the freedom to express their love as openly as those two young men.  As they walked the two men passed them, holding hands as they walked down the street and Jared watched with curiosity to see how people reacted to them.  The men barely received a second glance and he, too, couldn’t help a small flare of jealousy. He knew that he and Jensen couldn’t risk being seen like that.

 There were times when it was very hard to keep how he felt about Jensen to himself. He wanted to shout it from the roof tops but he knew if he did both of their careers would be ruined.  Jared was pretty sure that the fans would be accepting of their relationship, but the show would end some day and both of them wanted to try their hand at other roles.  So, for now Jared would have to keep the way he felt about Jensen a secret.  It was one thing for the crew to know about them but it was another for the rest of Hollywood to find out.

 Jensen bumped against his shoulder, “It’s not so bad, Jared. We can still enjoy the romance of Paris; you just can’t get all chick flick over me.”  Jensen gave him a wistful smile that showed Jared just how much he wanted to be able to walk down the street, their hands entwined. Jared returned the smile and he straightened his shoulders.  They were here to enjoy themselves, not get all brooding and pensive. He would leave that to Sam. 

Jared leaned closer and whispered in Jensen’s ear, “So, picking you up, carrying you down to the banks of the Seine, stripping your clothes off and ravaging you is out, then?”  Jared leered down at Jensen.

 “God yes! Can you imagine Sera’s reaction if I get pneumonia? Dude, she’ll have Sam half-naked in every episode as punishment! Although having said that….which way is the river again?”  Jared laughed and put his arm round Jensen’s shoulders.  They stood and looked at one another for a second and Jared regretfully pulled his hand back. 

“Anyhow, where are we?”  Jensen looked round, a little lost; Jared suddenly realized where they were.  They had managed to walk in a circle and were nearly back where they started.  By now darkness had fallen and they turned a corner and found themselves standing opposite the imposing Cathedral.  Jared looked up at the magnificent building and turned to Jensen, “Come on, dude, let’s get a closer look.” 

 They managed to cross the road after several attempts, avoiding the fast-moving Paris traffic. As they walked closer the two of them could see the street entertainers - a fire eater, street dancers and displays of skating skills.  The two men paused on the stone bridge outside of the cathedral, allowing Jensen to take more pictures.  “You know you could almost imagine this scene back in the twelfth century.” Jensen said as they watched a man breathe fire. 

“What? They had skates and ghetto blasters back then?”  Jared grinned as Jensen rolled his eyes.  Jared spotted people going into the cathedral and grabbed Jensen’s arm, “Come on, let’s go inside. I’m just sorry we won’t be able to see it in the daylight.  But at least you can say you’ve been inside.”

 Jensen allowed himself to be towed behind his enthusiastic other half, smiling as Jared guided them through the crowds until they reached the doors.  When they got inside the building it was like stepping into another world.

 The lighting had been kept deliberately low, the greatest light coming from votive candles in the chapels and niches that ran the length of the nave. Both men were awed by the splendor of the building, even though it was cloaked in darkness, the shadows from the golden candlelight giving it a mysterious air. 

Jared watched as people bustled round, looking in the souvenir shop and stopping to watch the potted history of the building that was showing on a screen part of the way down the aisle.  But if you stopped and concentrated, the sounds of the modern world fell away, and with just the slightest imagination you could still hear the whispers of vestments as they brushed over the stone floor, the soft chants of those in prayer.  These were not ghosts but memories of times past that helped to bring the place to life.

 It was then he noticed that Jensen was no longer stood beside him; he felt a flash of panic at losing him. But as he scanned the darkened Cathedral he soon spotted him at the far end where visitors were allowed to wander.  He stood in front of a chapel, taking pictures. Jared walked over to where he was standing.

 As Jared approached, Jensen lowered his camera and continued looking inside of the chapel. Jared felt himself being drawn closer and closer to the man who held his heart with such love and care.  Jared was entranced by the sight of Jensen as he stood suffused in the warm radiance of the candles, almost glowing against the velvet dark of the cathedral.  He mused Jensen  wouldn’t look out of place here carved out of marble with wings, but that cold stone could never capture the warmth of his smile or the light in his eyes.

 Jared moved to stand closer to Jensen and turned his head to look at what he was staring at. It was a statue of the Madonna and child, bathed in the glow of candles, lit in supplication. As Jensen felt Jared’s presence he lifted his head to look at him. “I just wish we could’ve have seen this place in daylight, although it’s pretty amazing like this.  Thanks for bringing me here. I’ve got some great shots; the candles make for great light.”  Again Jared felt the warmth of Jensen’s smile wash over him.

 Jared stepped to the side of Jensen so he was blocked from the prying eyes of the other visitors.  He slipped his arm round Jensen’s waist and pulled him closer. Jensen’s eyes widened in shock at the open display of affection by Jared but before he could struggle free Jared spoke to him. “I promise we will come back and see this in the daylight. How about on our tenth anniversary?” 

 Jared never took his eyes off Jensen as he spoke. He watched as Jensen’s lips parted and he tried to speak, but the words seemed to have escaped him.  Jared tilted his head slightly, waiting for an answer to his question.  Finally, after what seemed like an age Jensen whispered one word, “Yes.” 

Jared’s smile grew broader, “Is that yes to getting married or coming back here in ten year’s time?”  His hand came up and brushed against Jensen’s cheek. Jensen leant into the gentle touch.

 “Both. Now are you going to kiss me or do I have to wait until we’re married?”  Jared leant forward and placed a kiss on Jensen’s lips, his hand cupping the back of his head.  Jared broke the kiss, suddenly aware they were in public. He glanced round to see if anyone one was paying attention, but no one was looking. 

Jensen took his hand and started to walk out of the Cathedral. Jared let Jensen guide him out of the doors and they walked hand in hand, it was time to go back to the car.  Jared smiled at being able to do this. He knew that soon they would have to go back to just walking side by side, keeping a modest distance from one another. 

Jensen looked over at Jared, “Come on, Jay, back to reality. No more holding hands or kissing in public when we get home.”  Jared gave a sad smile at those words. They had reached the car and Jensen opened the door. He took a quick look around. Smiling, he pulled Jared into his arms and kissed him. It was a kiss full of passion and a promise of more to come. When Jensen pulled back he looked into Jared’s eyes and whispered to him, “Don’t forget, Jay, we’ll always have Paris.”



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  • Back to earth with a thump!

    Today has been a study in contrasts for me, let's start at the beginning, shall we? I'm sure some of you have seen the behind-the-scenes…

  • Wish me luck!

    I'm off for my first vaccine jab today! The first step on the road to normalcy...or in my case normalish 😂😂😂

  • A musical interlude

    I found this on twitter and I thought I'd share it with you. Also I'm posting this on my phone, looks like in finally joining the twenty first…