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Damn I Love Leverage & Skiing Pope's

You lucky people, I am here on a ramble today.  First of all thanks to a link I snaffled, I finally saw Leverage, and god! it was brilliant.  It was funny, stylish, I loved the characters, it reminded  me a little of Hustle which I love.  But the best thing about a great episode?  the sight of Christian Kane's face at the end, when he had that chainsaw!  It was way too happy, and one wonders who had to prise it off of him.  So, now all I need to do, is send out an appeal to any kind soul out there, who may be able to supply my new addiction! well a girl can't live by Supernatural alone, you know? ok i've tried, but you do need other distractions!  *cough Elliott cough*

Right ont the second part of the ramble, concerning a skiing Pope!  those who have been afflicted with tales of my office, know we are a strange bunch! it's the pods I tell you! 

The whole thing started with a news article concerning the Pope,  No, I promise we don't hold prayer meetings of a lunch time (my prayers to Kripke are a private matter!) it was that Barbara saw  the Pope, had hurt his wrist, and was explaining to Jan!  Now Barb read the article slightly wrong, what should have been, the pope was taken to hospital with an injured wrist after celebrating Mass at breakfast time became...

"Barbara did I hear that right? the Pope hurt his wrist after a massive breakfast?"

This then lead to several minutes of,  how big was the  breakfast?, or even bloody hell that must have been a big sausage.  When Barbara gave us more information! it had happened while the Pope was on holiday Skiing!!!  (that should have been skiing resort)  So after several minutes of helpless laughter all I could gasp out was..

"Ok, who else has the image of the Pope skiiing down a mountain in full robes using his Crook as a skiing pole?  Several hands shot up!

So, to recap, by the time we had finished , the Pope had injured his wrist  whilst consuming a massive breakfast on his way to a day's skiing
oh and he had been performing Mass at the time! As I was wheeled back to my pod crying, the boss said to us "when you can get any sense out of Ali let me know!"  So how was your Friday?
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