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Guess What I did Today?

So after a week of whinging, bleating and generally being a royal pain in the ass, my long suffering other half caved and let me put up our Christmas trees!  Yes I know it's only November but I like em and what the hell!

So earlier today our house look like this.....

The dogs do tend to move around, I was really impressed that our sasha (The Husky) was actually awake!

Then I got to work with my poor long suffering other half!

One way of spending a Saturday afternoon.  Yes I have a goth Christmas tree, black, red and gold!

Say Hi to Doris our angel, named after a friend of my mum's and yes she does look like that.

Then of course there is the other tree.....

Well why stop at one tree, I get the demented Christmas decorating from my dad.  He loved Christmas and trees and all things sparkly, I'm just carrying on the tradition. Well it's a great way to remember him and I'll tell you this if he'd seen the way people puts lights on their houses these days, I swear we would have ended up with a mini Blackpool illuminations!

So here I sit knackered and I really should get back to answering comments, reading fic...on and doing a little bit of writing.  Have a great rest of weekend folks!

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