sasha_dragon (sasha_dragon) wrote,

As I sit here shivering gently.

First of all hi to the long suffering memebers of my Fliist! No I haven't decided R/L is more fun I've just been a tad busy and I've been scribbling away at a little porn (can over 9000 words be considered littel? Maybe Judy will hack away and bring it too something manageable)  So I bet you're wondering as to why I'm here rambling on, first of all it's to say I will be commenting to people and generally wishing everyone a happy holiday.

But I'm here today in the light of the joyous time to say this......GOD FRICKIN DAMNIT!  I'M SODDING FREEZING!  Our heating in the office is knackered....kaput... given up the longer bloody well working. And the temperature today will reach the dizzying height of -1 degrees.

I can no longer feel my feet, I'm scared if I type too hard my fingers will snap off,  what I need is something to warm me know a little like the gun fight from Leverage....HOLY CRAP was Kane hot or was he hot?  also....

Dear Amazon,

Where the hell is my Christian Kane CD?

No love



Or even better yet a glimpse of that rare and wonderful thing nekkind Dean! now that would be truly something to warm the cockles of the heart or any other part that hasn't dropped off!

So all in all I'm having fun! ahh well it's nearly Christmas maybe I'll get Jensen to unwrap beneath the tree! look just let me dream ok!
Tags: ramblings

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