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So There's This Little Thing Called Big Bang 2011.

As I sit at my desk in the office  and ponder the wonders of the universe....such as why is Jensen so goddamn pretty? and how come they hardly ever flash the Dean flesh? you know the important wonders. I mean once you've seen one Pyramid you've seen em all...but a glimpse of one those rare freckles bellow the neck now that's a wonder worth hanging round for *G*

Anyhoo the reason for this ramble, apart from the fact I'm back at work and ready to throw myself off the photocopier is this.  This year's Big Bang is due for sign ups soon, and I can't help but consider having a go! 

Ok now you've all finshed throwing the rotten fruit, is it a good idea? Considering all the bloody melt downs I had doing the Reverse Big Bang would I be safe attempting this? also the minium word count. it would be just by bloody luck for my muse to dive under the bed and refuse to come out until September.

I have several story ideas, but each one is as crap as the last one...then again thats never stopped me before, I feel this is something I should ponder deeply while attempting to finish the Fic O Doom (if it's the last bloody thing I do I'll finish it!).

Also is it really fair to inflict yet more of my scribblings upon you all?   These and other things need to be pondered some more.
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