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Title: Bruises
Pairing: J2
Rating: NC17 For swearing and boy on boy action in a shower.
Words: 5040. Really, somebody should stop me!
Summary: Jared, takes care of Jensen after a bruising day on set, and Jensen does the same for Jared. So A little H/C, depending on how you define comfort.
Disclaimer: They are not mine, if they were, you really think I’d let Jensen out of my sight? Also this does not reflect their lives in any way no matter how much we wish it were different.
Warnings: Some Spoilers for 4:21 and schmoop!
A/N: Another first, for me! an attempt at a sex scene.  Many thanks goes to realscape , who provided the most wonderful beta work.   Who when faced with someone who interchanges past and present tense, more often than The Doctor on a sugar rush, barely flinched, and has made this a much better story, than you very much!

Jared listened to the shower as he laid the towel on the bed Eventually the noise ceased, and he waited for Jensen to emerge.  He didn’t have long to wait before Jensen appeared in the doorway, towel slung low on his hips, another round his neck as he toweled his short hair dry.

Jensen swayed slightly, yawning; Jared stepped forward, and gently took his arm, guiding his exhausted boyfriend towards their bed.

He moved behind Jensen once they reached the bed he gently took the towel from round his neck, and continued to dry his hair.  Jensen moaned in pleasure as Jared massaged his scalp, he let his head fall back his eyes half closed.

“If you think this is good, wait till I get you on the bed.”  Jared whispered causing a shiver of anticipation to travel down Jensen's body.  Once he was satisfied Jensen's hair was dry enough, he dropped the towel on the floor, and pressed up against his back. Then he reached around Jensen’s slim waist, pulled the towel wrapped around Jensen's waist loose and let it fall to the floor too.  Jared rested his hands on Jensen’s hips, his thumbs tracing the curve of his hip bone. Jared turned his and his lips gently grazed Jensen’s ear, before he placed a kiss on his shoulder, chasing freckles with his tongue.

Jared drew a deep breath before saying, "As much as I want to continue with this, I think you need to lie down, right now, before I do something I won’t regret in the morning.”

Jensen sighed, his shoulders slumping, and he climbed onto to the bed, lying face down.  He rested his head on his arms, lying on the towel Jared had laid out for him.

Jared stepped back to consider his plan of attack.  Jensen had had a rough day filming, the evidence of which was clearly displayed on his body. There was a progression of bruises, that charted the fight scene as it'd unfolded.  Jared believed in being thorough, so he decided to start at the bottom and work his way up.   Jensen would thank him for it, and so what if Jared enjoyed it as well? He should get a little reward for being such a considerate boyfriend.

Jared climbed on the bed and picked up the bottle of massage oil he'd left there in readiness.  He flipped the top open, poured some into his hands,and then rubbed them together to get the oil warm.   Jared put his hands on Jensen’s calf and started to firmly knead the tired muscles, easing the soreness and tension that had built up in them.

Jared continued to move upwards, taking his time massaging Jensen’s thighs.  He loved the feel of Jensen's skin, he  wondered if he could convince Jensen to wax his legs again, like he’d had to for After School Special.  Considering the screams he’d heard coming from make-up, Jared very much doubted a repeat performance.  He reached the curve of Jensen’s ass; slowly stroking each cheek before giving that wonderful ass a squeeze, enjoying how it felt.  Jared’s rapt attention was disturbed by an amused voice.

“You know it wasn’t my ass that got pounded today, unless of course you want to rectify that with the magic of the Padacock!"

Jared raised his head, and he met Jensen’s eyes.  He was looking over his shoulder, smirking and waggling his eyebrows, and was that? Yup, he was waggling his ass as well.

Jared drew a deep breath;  he wasn’t going to be tempted, he was strong.  “Not tonight sweetheart, I don’t think my delicate ego could take you falling asleep on me.”

“What, me fall asleep, while being ravaged, and manhandled by the fangirls favourite cave man?” Jensen’s head was resting on his hand, as he fluttered his long eyelashes at Jared.

“Hmmm,  you fell asleep getting changed, I had to practically carry you to the car, Cliff had to help put you in your seat belt, and your snoring on the way back nearly ruptured our ear drums. Oh, and you nearly drowned in the shower, because, let me think, ah, that’s right, you fell asleep again!”

Jensen proved Jared right by yawning, as he collapsed down onto the pillow, he buried his head in it. Then he reached back with one arm and patted Jared’s leg, he muttered, “Ok I’ll take a rain check, but feel free to carry on with the massage, and I may do something nice for you in the morning.”

“If you can move in the morning, I might just take you up on that rain check.”

Jared, sat back on his heels, he tracked the day's filming by the bruises running up Jensen’s torso.  He stroked absently at a bruise blooming on Jensen’s left hip.  They had spent the day filming a fight scene, and Jensen had been at the heart of it.  Three demons had ambushed Dean in the abandoned cabin they were going to use to look after an injured Castiel. Sam was going to be outside, helping the wounded Angel into the cabin.

The bruise on his hip had come from Jensen being swung into the door frame.  Jared bent down, and kissed the reddened mark,  before reaching for the bottle of witch hazel he'd put nearby.  Jared poured some of the liquid onto cotton wool, then gently dabbing it on the bruise.  Jensen hissed and squirmed at the sudden cold sensation.

Jared put the bottle aside for later, and then turned his attention to Jensen’s back.  At the base of his spine was a red line, it had been caused when Demon no 2 or, as Jared preferred to call him, Larry. He was the demon who had thrown Dean onto a table. The edge of the table had caught Jensen, hard across the bottom of his back.  Jared ran his fingers carefully over the mark, then he feathered kisses across its length.  Jared resumed his massage, moving his hands higher up Jensen’s back.   Placing his thumbs along Jensen’s spine, he smoothed his hands out, running his fingers over Jensen’s ribs. He continually applied a gentle pressure to help ease the muscles and knots in Jensen’s abused back.

By now Jared had reached Jensen’s shoulder blades.  His broad shoulders were a riot of colours, reds bleeding into violets, which in turn deepened to black.  In other places the colours were fading to the sickly yellowish green tinge of older bruises.  Jared  let his hands linger there for a moment.  He could feel the area was slightly swollen and warm to the touch, and his touch became lighter as he deftly worked the muscles. Despite that light touch Jensen moaned in pain,and he winced in sympathy his hands slowing.

“Don’t you dare stop” growled Jensen, as if reading Jared’s mind,  Jared breathed deeply and continued to try to ease the discomfort.  As Jared carried on he went back over fight scene, remembering where the bruises had come from.


Demon No 1, or Mo as Jared had christened him, just slammed Dean into the old Winchester favourite, the wall.  It had taken four takes, before Phil had been happy with everything. By that point Jared was about ready to kill Mo. He glared up at the grinning demon, not caring that somehow they'd found somebody bigger than himself.  Mo had seemed to have a point to prove, and that point was he could throw Jensen around like a rag doll.  With each take, the force he used to slam Dean into the wall had gotten progressively harder.  Until the set had shook with the force, and Lou the fight director had stepped in. The short man had taken Mo to one side, and he made a quiet suggestion.

“Just remember dude, that Sam is going to come to Dean’s rescue, and Jared has been watching you bounce Jensen off that wall like a rubber ball.  Don’t forget Jared is gonna be returning the favour soon, and he looks real pissed off from here.” Lou patted Mo on the shoulder,  walked away and winked at Jared. He was checking Jensen over, ensuring he could still breathe, Jared looked over at Mo, and without saying a word promised a fate worse than Alistair's, if he tried that again. Strangely enough, Mo had behaved after that.


Jared picked up the ice pack he had waiting on the bed side table (rule one of Jensen care, and boy scouts, be prepared),  he gritted his teeth and placed the pack on the worst bruising. The moment it touched Jensen, he bucked up from the bed with a strangled yelp, “Son of a bitch! Fuck!!  Jay, warn a guy will ya. Shit, that’s cold!”

“Really? Man, no wonder they say you’re the smart one.” responded  Jared with a grin, his free hand still caressing Jensen’s shoulder.

Jensen glared over his shoulder and he flipped him the finger. Jared smiled and continued to knead the muscles above the ice pack, working the kinks loose in Jensen’s neck.


The final part of the fight was where Jared had become involved. He was nervous about the stunt they were going to do, and he hadn’t wanted Jensen to do it. Even asking him to use his double instead, which led to “Hi there pot! May I introduce the kettle? Come on Jay, its fine we’ve done worse.  Quit being so emo, you’re channeling Sam again. I can see your forehead’s wrinkled.”

  Jared huffed, folded his arms, and Jensen had just raised one eyebrow, smirked and mouthed  “Sammy” at him as he took his mark.

The camera was positioned behind Jared, ready to follow Sam into the cabin for Sam Point of view of the fight. Phil called out,  “Action!” Inside the second camera had been filming Dean as he landed a punch to Mo’s jaw, allowing him to break free of the demon. He'd turned towards the door to make a break for it, just as Sam kicked the door in.  At that moment demon no 3, Curly, had appeared behind Dean armed with a chair. Which he'd promptly swung with force and broken it across his back.  The blow from the chair caused Dean to snap his head back, his arms flung out, as he tried to keep his balance.  But his momentum had carried him into Sam, who'd grabbed Dean’s jacket. he paused just long enough to lower them both to their knees. The he'd laid Dean gently on the floor.

Sam had risen from the floor, hand outstretched toward Larry. Mo and Curly, ready to go full dark side on their unfortunate demonic asses. The demons fell to their knees, choking and gagging, clawing at their throats.  Dean’s whispered plea of “Sammy no.” Had stopped Sam in his tracks.  Sam  dropped back to his brother’s side, grabbed Dean’s jacket again and hauled him up over his shoulder in a fireman’s lift. He stood and carried Dean away from the three demons lying on the floor.

Phil called “Cut” and Jared put Jensen down, but he still held him by the shoulders to make sure he was steady on his feet. Phil stood watching the playback of the scene on his monitor, and Jared had been praying that they wouldn’t have to go with the chair again.  He'd had to grudgingly admit that hitting Jensen with the prop chair was the only way that the scene would work. With the way the camera had been positioned, the eagle eyed fan girls would’ve soon spotted the use of a stuntman. When they'd been setting up, Lou had put extra padding on Jensen, but even then Lou had warned, “Its gonna hurt like a bitch later, but hell you're Dean Winchester you can take it.” Jensen had laughed, and muttered about looking like the Michelin man.

“Hey Phil, how about if I pick Jensen up bridal style? You know have his head resting on my shoulder, as I stride with grim purpose towards the Impala.“  Jared asked the director with a glint in his eye, and his dimples coming out to play.  Jensen’s eyes were fixed on a point over Jared’s right shoulder, trying desperately not to laugh as Phil had considered the suggestion.

“Dear sweet fuck, no Jared! For pitiy's sake don’t do that.  We’re running the risk of giving the fan girls heart attacks as it is, with Sam carrying Dean, without cradling him in your arms!  You do that, and we could have mass fatalities.  I don’t think the CW could stand the law suits”

Both men laughed as Phil sent them back to their marks in the cabin. Phil wanted to go from Sam picking Dean up and carrying him out of the cabin.  This time Jared had slipped his hand under Dean’s head supporting it as he'd lifted him.  Then as he'd pulled Dean into the lift,  Dean had left his arm hanging limply behind his brother’s back. His arms swaying gently as Sam walked out of shot.  As soon as Phil had called cut, Jensen had grabbed Jared’s ass, and Jared had run off the set, cackling like a maniac.  Phil yelled after them, threatening to handcuff them together if they didn’t come back.  Jared  returned with Jensen still slung over his shoulder, he grinned at Phil, “Promises, promises!”

Phil had announced that he was happy with the shot and that it was a wrap for the day, and Jared could put Jensen down any time he wanted to. Jared had pouted, but did as he was told.


Jared grinned at the memory of that, but he hated it when Jensen got hurt, and he knew that Jensen felt the same way when the roles were reversed.  Jared continued with his ministrations, adjusting the ice pack, applying a little more witch hazel on the worst of the bruises. He listened to Jensen’s breathing as it slowed and evened out as he went to sleep again

Jared sat there his gaze lingering on the multi coloured patchwork that was Jensen’s back.  Jared knew that this kind of bruise healed much faster, than the ones that the show could leave on the heart. They weren’t as easy to see, but they went so much deeper.

While he waited for the ice pack to do its work, Jared cast his mind back to when they'd filmed  “When The levee Breaks..“ That particular episode had worked both men over, both physically and emotionally.


 Jared recalled how Jensen had hated holding Sam down during the fitting scene. He'd been terrified of hurting the younger man,as he'd thrashed about on the cot. He'd also had a difficult time with scene where the imaginary Dean, had confronted Sam while he was detoxing.

Jared had to admit that he’d also had a hard time shaking Sam during filming.  Usually when they called  “it’s a wrap,” Sam was put away with his clothes, and Jared was back to being Jared.  Jensen on the other hand, found it harder to shake Dean, but considering some of what Dean had gone through. Jared was sometimes surprised they didn’t need a strait jacket or handcuffs for Jensen.  He was happy to deal with the bouts of quiet withdrawal from Jensen, until Dean finally left the room.

As filming had progressed, both of them had become increasingly tense.  Sam and Dean refused to stay on set, and the two of them found themselves snapping at one another off set as well.  Finally, the cause for all the tension had come to a head.  It was the climatic fight scene between the brothers, and Jared hadn't been able to shake the strange apprehension that had clung to him like a second skin throughout the episode.

Everyone on the set had felt the tense atmosphere, as the boys had squared up to one another.  The fight had gone well and the verbal sparring had flowed between them.  Sam his frustration with his brother boiling over, and Dean’s heartbreak at what Sam was doing had been there for all to see.  Then came the physical part of the fight.  Jared and Jensen had gone for it, they hadn't held back, and the director had been overjoyed with what he'd gotten.

Then came the moment when Sam had strangled Dean,  Jared had tried to make it real, but, every time he'd looked into Dean’s pain filled eyes. All he could see was Jensen staring back at him.  After several attempts Jensen had asked for a time out, and he'd led Jared away from the set.  They'd stood together in a quiet corner, Jensen taking Jared’s hand.

  “I trust you Jared, and you know how much I love you, but right now you need to let Sam do this.  Just remember why it's come to this.  Sam loves Dean so much, and it's killing him that he can’t make Dean understand why he’s done what he’s done.  The sacrifice he's made by drinking demon blood; how he's stronger, and now he can get pay back for what Lilith did to Dean.  Now, let's get back out there, and you show Dean how strong you are. How you're gonna make Lilith pay for what she did to Dean.”

Jared  squared his shoulders lifted his head, and returned to the set, getting into position.  Jared’s mind which had been reeling, was now calm, focused, and he'd been ready to do it. He’d show his brother how strong he'd gotten.  Jared relinquished control and Sam slid in place. He'd heard action, and Sam took control; all his rage and pain poured out as he'd squeezed Dean’s throat.  Finally he came to his senses, he'd let go standing up as he'd delivered his parting words to Dean, he left the motel room with Dean’s words ringing in his ears, “If you walk out that door, don’t you ever come back!”

The door slammed behind him and Jared had been vaguely aware of cut and print being called.  He'd sunk to his knees, desperately trying to control his emotions; he managed to get back to his feet, and staggered round to the front of the set. The director hadn’t let Jensen get up to find Jared, he wanted to press onto Dean’s reaction shot  while the energy had still been there from the previous scene.

Jared watched Dean struggle to get up, and how he'd finally just collapsed lying amongst the wreckage of the motel room. By the time the director had been happy, Jared could barely see Jensen.  He'd felt as if he was being torn apart, and tears started to well in his eyes.  After the scene Jensen had lain there for a while gathering himself together, he rolled over and tried to get to his feet. Jared went over to him and had helped Jensen to stand, he clung to Jensen’s jacket as if Jensen was the only thing anchoring him in place.  Jensen had held onto Jared’s arm and they'd staggered off the set together, neither man too sure who'd been holding whom up.  The journey home had passed in silence, both men too exhausted to talk.  When they'd gotten home they'd decided to call it a day, neither able to face food.  Jensen felt Jared’s forehead though, deciding he must be sickening for something if he wasn’t hungry.  Either that or the end of days really was coming.

They'd lain together in the dark, and Jared still felt Sam echoing in his head. The turmoil, anger and pain wouldn’t let go, and Jared  reached out to Jensen, trying to shake Sam. Once again Jared gave way to tears, damnit he wasn’t like this. Then Jensen pulled the younger man to him, wrapping his arms around him.  Laying his head on his chest,  stroking his hair, whispering words of comfort. Holding Jared until he'd finally cried himself to sleep.

The next morning when Jared awoke, Jensen was curled around him.  Jared smiled he felt better, and Sam was slowly fading.  They had the day off to do exactly as they pleased.  Jared decided to go for a run with Harley and Sadie, then have a work out while he waited for Jensen to return to the land of the living. Jared wriggled out of Jensen’s arms listening as Jensen had grumbled in his sleep, before cocooning himself in the sheets.  Jared enjoyed his run and workout, he showered ate breakfast, and read the paper.  Then he heard movement upstairs.  “It’s alive!” he'd said in his best mad scientist voice, Jared got up and put  a pot of coffee on for when Jensen finally made it down stairs.

Jared’s back had been to the door when Jensen had walked through into the kitchen. “It's about time you were up, I’ve already eaten.  I’ll fix you some breakfast, don’t worry; I have some extra strength coffee to wake you up.”  Jared turned to face Jensen, and his welcoming smile died on his lips.

Jensen stood in the kitchen still half asleep, his hair  tousled, rubbing at his eyes. He wore sweat pants that hung low on his hips, and he was wearing an old T-shirt of Jared’s. A T-shirt that was too big even for Jared now,  it was all out of shape and faded. The neck of the shirt was pulled to one side, exposing a freckled shoulder.  Jared had been enjoying the view, until he focused on Jensen's neck and the damage to it.  The pale skin was adorned with bruises, they were the finger marks from Sam strangling  Dean the day before.

Jared suddenly felt sick, he bolted past Jensen to the bathroom slamming the door and locking it behind him.  He fell to his knees in front of the toilet, just in time for him to throw his breakfast back up. Jared was still heaving minutes later, he vaguely heard Jensen outside the door, God, what had he done to him?

Jensen pounded on the door  “Padalecki!! Can you hear me? Come on, you’re scaring the shit out of me here. I swear if you don’t open this door right now, I’m gonna go Dean on it and kick it down. That's just as soon as I get some boots on.”  The door rattled under Jensen’s frantic attempts to get in.  Jared crawled to the door unlocking it, before Jensen lived up to his promise and kicked it open. He slumped against the wall.

The door flung open and Jensen burst in with a worried look on his face. He knelt by Jared, trying to get him to look at him, but Jared had avoided his eyes.  Jensen stood up hauling Jared to his feet.  He'd almost carried the shaken Jared to the bedroom, sitting him on the bed. Jensen knelt in front of the distraught man, again trying to get him to make eye contact, but Jared kept his head down. Finally Jensen rested his head on Jared’s knee,for a moment before speaking.

“”Look at me Jared, please look at me.”  Jensen’s voice was rough with sleep, and it was more than a little raw after filming. When that had no effect, Jensen decided on a more direct approach.  He got up on the bed and straddled Jared’s thighs.  He took hold of Jared‘s chin and gently raised his face so their eyes met.Jensen tilted his forehead against Jared’s. Forcing Jared to face what he’d done.

“Look at what I did to you!”  Jared whispered in a broken voice.

Jensen  lifted Jared’s hands placing them round his throat, never letting go of Jared hands. “You didn’t do this Jay, Sam did it to Dean.  We just hitched a ride with them; you could never hurt me.”

Then Jensen leaned in and kissed Jared, brushing away the tears that had started to fall. “Damn, I must love you, because I should have made you rinse your mouth. Dude, you taste rank.  If you want to get lucky, go clean your teeth.”

Jared laughed and managed a rueful smile, his hands wandering down Jensen’s body, coming to a halt on Jensen’s ass.  He looked at Jensen, then he gave an evil grin. He'd stood up, still holding Jensen  who yelled,  “Jared! Put me down, now.” Jared shook his head, and Jensen wrapped his legs round his waist as Jared had walked them into the bathroom.   “If I’m gonna get lucky, I think we should have a shower, and maybe clean my teeth!”

They reached the bathroom, and Jensen unwound his legs from around Jared.  Jared pulled at the T-Shirt Jensen wore.  “Too many clothes dude.” Jared whispered nipping gently at Jensen’s ear.

Jensen pointed to the sink,  “Teeth! “

Jared had whimpered a little, but Jensen folded his arms and raised an eyebrow. Jared turned round and cleaned his teeth.  Jensen joined him at the sink and did the same.  “Dude my mouth feels like one of your socks, so quit staring, and we can get in the shower.” Jensen responded to Jared's bemused look.

Jared finished and quickly stripped his clothes off, switching the shower on. Jensen pulled his sweats off and pushed Jared under the spray, then he climbed in behind Jared.  Jensen reached for the shower gel and slowly washed Jared’s back.  To Jared it felt as though Sam was finally being washed away with each touch from Jensen's skilled hands. Jensen turned Jared to face him, and his hands trailed down Jared’s chest. He stroked Jared's nipples making them hard, then his fingers traveled further down to the well defined abdominal muscles. Jensen took his time washing them before moving lower. Jensen  gently took hold of Jared’s rapidly hardening cock, stroking it slowly. Jared reached out and rested his hands on Jensen’s waist, resting his head on Jensen’s shoulder.  Jensen continued to move his hand up and down, with slow measured movements.

 Jared shivered despite the temperature of the water, his breathing hitching as Jensen edged him ever closer to orgasm.  Jared managed to raise his head and looked at Jensen. His eyes were half open, the pupils dilated so much there had been only a fraction of  moss green visible.  Water clung to his long lashes, the droplets making the lashes appear even longer. Jensen’s lips were parted, and they were swollen from Jared's kisses.

Jared moved one hand to cup the back of Jensen’s neck, gently pulling the shorter man closer, kissing him. It had been slow, passionate. Jared put all his heart into that kiss, his tongue brushing along Jensen’s lips before Jensen parted them, and Jared’s tongue slipped into his mouth, their tongues finally entwining.  Jensen leant against Jared, finally breaking the kiss so he could breathe.

While Jensen tried to catch his breath Jared moved his hand back down, and he'd wrapped his hand around both their cocks. Jensen whimpered as he held onto Jared’s hips, jerking his own hips forward in pleasure when Jared had started to move his hand up and down.  Jared knew that neither of them would last much longer, he quickened his pace.  Both cocks slid easily through his fist, made slick by water, shower gel and pre-come.  Jensen looked at Jared with lust filled eyes, and then he had tilted his head back, exposing his throat to him.

The water cascaded down the long neck, and Jared bent forward his lips following the path of the drops of water. Jensen moaned encouragement, and Jared gently kissed each of the bruises that had formed on Jensen’s neck. With each kiss, the ache in his chest eased, and Jared felt the grip on his hips tighten.  It looked like he would have his own bruises soon.

 Jared smiled and kissed his way up to Jensen’s ear, “Jen, can I?” Again he nibbled on the ear, and all Jensen had been able to do was nod.  Jared kissed his way back down Jensen’s neck, before sucking on the juncture between his neck and shoulder.  Jensen’s breathing was ragged, and he'd begun to tense.  Jared felt his own orgasm racing through him, building low in his stomach, until finally he couldn’t hold back any longer. He growled into Jensen's ear, “Now Jen!”  he bit down on the freckled shoulder.

  Jensen almost shook apart as he'd come. Jared managed to brace himself as Jensen went limp in his arms, the shower washing away their come.  They clung together until they calmed down and Jared turned to shut the shower off, as they'd stumbled out and  dried off..


Jared was suddenly roused from his thoughts by a sound from the bed.  Jensen was attempting to turn over.  Jared gently laid his hand on the small of Jensen’s back to keep him still.  The ice pack was removed, and Jared got off the bed cleared away the ice pack, the witch hazel, and the massage oil. Taking them to the bathroom, he quickly washed his hands. He stood and watched as Jensen turned on his side, pain pulling a line between his eyes. Jared had one more thing to do before he got them settled for the night.  He grabbed an old T-shirt for Jensen to sleep in, he got on the bed and straddled Jensen’s thighs. He was wondering how best to get the shirt on.

“You know you’re usually trying to get me out of my clothes, not put em on. Does this mean you don’t think I’m sexy any more?” A sleep laden voice said, and Jensen was blinking up at Jared, yawning

“Yup, that’s right, I’m trading you in for Misha.  Now lift, so I can get the towel."

“So you’ve fallen for the angel hair and voice as well. Damn that means all I’ve got to rely on are my eyes, the eyelashes the fan girls would kill for, my pouting sensual lips, and of course, the secret weapon, the Freckles!!!”  Jensen gave a long suffering sigh, as he lifted up and Jared pulled the towel from under him.

Jared threw the towel in the corner.  The worst was yet to come.  How to get the T-Shirt on Jensen without hurting him?  “Dude, I can hear you thinking from here. Just pull me up.”  Jensen reached out to Jared, grimacing as his sore muscles complained at the abuse, Jared saw his chance and slipped the  T-shirt over the outstretched arms  He leaned over Jensen, “Put your hands on my shoulders. “  Jensen did as he was told.  “Ok Jen, I’m gonna sit up.  On three, one .. “Jared quickly sat up, pulling Jensen with him.

“Holy Fuck! Son of a bitch!” was all Jensen could manage, as he struggled for breath. Jared, pulled the T-Shirt the rest of the way down over Jensen’s head,and he wrapped his arm around Jensen’s waist lowering them both down.

Jared braced himself so his weight wasn’t on Jensen and kissed him.  The kiss was slow and tender, an apology for hurting him.  Jared broke the kiss and slipped his arm from under Jensen, he twisted pulling the comforter over them.  He lay beside Jensen and said, “Come on Jen, roll on your side, I know it's killing you to lie on your back.” Jensen grumbled under his breath, but he did as he was told. Jared moved a little closer to him, afraid to get too close.

  “Come on man, I’m not made of glass, and besides, I know you’re a cuddler.  Come on Jay, you wouldn’t deny an injured man comfort.”  Jared manoeuvred himself against Jensen’s back, curling round his body.  Jensen sighed in contentment as Jared switched off the lamp. They laid in the dark in silence, just as Jared felt himself drifting off to sleep.  A soft voice spoke in the dark.  “Thanks for taking care of me Jay.”   Jared dropped his head forward and placed a tender kiss on the back of Jensen’s neck, “You take care of me too Jen. We’ll always take care of each others bruises.”

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  • I'm so not ready for this

    This has got to be the best summing up of all the Avengers movies I've ever seen, and now I'm bloody terrified of seeing Endgame!.

  • Heartbreak Alert!!!!!!

    If this is true then I say we hog tie Jared and keep him away from the finale because I really don't the Winchesters to go out in a blaze of…

  • Happy Birthday Dizzo!

    Greetings! We are here today to celebrate the birthday of dizzojay, a lovely lady who is warm, funny, sickeningly talented and a fellow…