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Listen To Your Heart...Before You Tell Him Goodbye (1/1) R, Jared/Jensen.

Title: Listen To Your Heart...Before You Tell Him Goodbye.
Word Count: 14690 (this was supposed to be a drabble!)
Summary: Jared can’t help but think how strange it is, that he only realized how much he loved Jensen until after he’d beat the crap out of him. A tale of getting together, but as far as Jensen was concerned he’d much rather been asked out for a coffee......oh and a special appearance by Dr Misha Collins.
Pairing: Jared/Jensen.
Disclaimer: This is a work of pure fiction sad to say. These poor men who I’ve abused and bruised (sorry Jensen) are not in a relationship, and the cross roads demon still won’t let me have them. Even though I’m offering him the souls of the office staff I work with. (Look they’re all nearly new, none of them were using them much *G*)
Notes: Many moons ago I read this quote from Jensen, “I grew up playing sports so I do as much as they let me. But Jared is four inches taller than me and more devoted to the gym then I am, so if it ever came to a fight between us I’d let him have it.” And it started me thinking... never a good thing, what if they had a fight? What started as a ficlet ended up in this tale of angst, and getting together. As always many thanks goes to the stupendously awesomebigj52 my beta, for her bravery in the face of my ramblings. Title borrowed from the Roxette song of the same name.

Jensen closed the door behind him. The house was quiet; in fact, it was too quiet. He’d been called into the studio to record some additional dialogue. Jensen had tried to beg off because of the state Jared was in, but due the episode airing in a couple of day’s time, it was a matter of urgency.
Jared and Genevieve had just broken up a matter of weeks before their wedding and Jared was devastated. But no matter what Jensen or Jared’s family had tried, Jared was refusing to talk about what had caused the break-up.

Jensen was nursing his own broken heart; as far as the outside world was concerned, it was because of the breakdown of his relationship with Danni. Privately, it was due to Jared getting married. Danni and Jensen had been each other’s cover stories for a long time; she had her girlfriend and Jensen had Jared. Well, in a funny sort of a way he had Jared. Only in the sense he was head over heels in love with a straight guy.

Unfortunately, once Jared had announced his engagement, Jensen had fallen apart. Four years of being in love with his co-star, dealing with Jared’s relationship with Sandy and then Genevieve; it had taken nearly all of Jensen’s acting skills to prevent Jared from seeing his true feelings for him.
Now he was committed to helping Jared through this break-up, being supportive, getting drunk with him, and listening to him ramble on about how Gen had been the one. All the while Jensen had felt his own heart being ripped to shreds inside his chest.
Today should have been the day before Jared’s wedding. The house should’ve have been empty with them back in Texas. Instead, Jared was refusing to get dressed or showered. He sat forlornly on the couch with Sadie and Harley curled round his feet; offering their own form of doggy support. “Come on, Jay. Go get showered. How about you go for a run? You’ve hardly been outside since....” The words died away as Jared looked up at Jensen; he was pale, red eyed and blotchy from crying. His unwashed hair was lank and he needed a shave. All Jensen wanted to do was walk over, hug Jared and tell him it would be alright.

Jared sat and stared at Jensen for a while before replying, “Why? What’s the fucking point, man? God! I’m such a screw-up. You know what Gen said to me when we...” Jared’s eyes welled with tears and Jensen couldn’t stand it anymore. He walked over sat down, and pulled Jared into his arms and held on while the younger man cried, all the time muttering comforting nonsense. When Jared finally stopped crying, he sat up and looked sheepishly at his best friend “Dude, I think I got snot all over you.”

Jensen looked down and winced at the mess his shirt was in “Don’t worry, Jay. Look, you get cleaned up and I’ll get changed and when I get back from the studio how about we go and grab something to eat? A change of scenery will be good for you.” Jensen spoke gently to Jared as if dealing with a child. Jared looked down at the floor and bit his lip. When he looked up the Padalecki smile was there, a shadow of its former self but it was there.

Jensen got to his feet, and pulled Jared upright. Shit! Jared had gotten even bigger recently. Jensen had even said in an interview if they ever got into a fight he would let Jared win. Looking at Jared now, heartbroken and exhausted Jensen felt he could at least keep it to a draw. He pushed Jared in the direction of his bedroom, “And don’t forget to wash behind your ears.”

Jared turned back “Yes Mom.” For the first time in days Jared actually laughed as he walked towards the stairs and disappeared. Jensen stripped off his shirt, went to his room and grabbed the nearest clean shirt. He felt better about leaving Jared alone for a couple of hours. Jensen walked back out of his room and headed to the door. He grabbed his keys and mobile then looked at the weather. He didn’t want to go back to fetch a jacket so instead he grabbed one of Jared’s, or more precisely, one of Sam’s hoodies that Jared had ‘borrowed’.

“Jay, I’m just borrowing your hoody. Is that ok?” Jensen didn’t get an answer but he could hear the shower. Smiling, he left the house.


That had been three hours ago; the ADR had taken a little longer than Jensen had thought it would. He tried to get Jared on the phone but it kept going to the answering machine and Jared’s mobile kept going to voice mail. Jensen had been worried the whole time he drove back from the studio. What if Jared had done something stupid? Jensen tried to relax but he couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong. He turned into the street where they lived and was relieved that Jared’s car was still on the drive. Hopefully, it meant Jared was close by.

When Jensen let himself into the house, he had been disturbed at the quiet. The dogs were asleep on the couch; he went through the downstairs, switching lights on as he went. “Jay, where are you, dude? Sorry, it took longer than I thought. I don’t know about you but I could murder a steak.” As Jensen was speaking, his foot connected with something. It was an empty Tequila bottle. Shit! It looked like Jared had found the Bachelor party stash he’d put together.

Jensen felt sick; if Jared had found the booze then he would’ve found the other stuff. Pictures of Jared and Genevieve together, looking happy and there was the sappy DVD Jensen had made out of clips of them as Sam and Ruby, along with other home videos – all of it set to the most ‘chick flick’ music Jensen could find. The idea had been to embarrass the crap out of Jared at the start of the night and then they were off to the clubs in Vegas. Now it seemed like a bad joke.

Jensen walked slowly now. He found Jared curled up in the corner of the kitchen, hugging a second bottle of Tequila. Jared could normally hold his drink and was a fairly happy drunk, but under these circumstances, Jensen decided caution was the better part of valour.

“Jay.... talk to me, dude. What happened?” Clearly what had happened was Jared had found the stash, looked at the pictures and possibly the DVD and got drunk off his ass. Jensen approached him slowly, hoping that Jared was asleep and he could drag his heavy ass to bed and deal with the hangover in the morning.

Jensen and Dean shared a couple of things and crappy luck was one of them. As Jensen approached Jared’s eyes snapped open and the look he shot Jensen was pure ‘Sam going through demon blood withdrawal’. “Hey there, Jenny, did ya have a nice time?” The tone of voice was enough to make Jensen slow down. Fuck! What the hell was wrong? Jared normally wasn’t this aggressive.

“Come on, Jay, time for a lie down, huh? A little too much Tequila and not enough food, right? Come on, let’s sleep it off.” Jensen had gotten close enough to lightly touch Jared’s arm.

Jared snarled at Jensen, and Jensen backed up a little with a questioning look on his face, “Did ya have a good time putting all that shit together, hey Jenny? Bet you had a laugh with that fucking DVD, all the time you were screwing with my life. You’re supposed to be my best friend! How could you do that?” Jensen froze, Jared was rambling. What the fuck had he done to Jared or Genevieve to deserve this? He’d only ever been supportive, gotten out of the way when required. Jared was speaking again but it was muffled as he was using the kitchen cabinets to climb to his full height.

“Gen kept sayin’ ya always there. Whenever she turned round, there you were and you’re always borrowing my clothes. She really hates that.” Jensen thought, Oh fuck! I’m standing here in his hoody. While Jared was still swaying with his back to Jensen, Jensen quickly pulled the hoody off and threw it in the corner, hoping Jared was too drunk to notice.

“Nice try, Jenny, but I saw it.” Jared slurred, “Ya know I think it’s fucking time you left. Get out of my house! Tonight, Ackles or so help me God!” Jensen backed up as Jared swung round, his normally placid face contorted with a mixture of rage and pain; the next words were cracked and broken.

“She said I didn’t love her enough...that I was in love with someone could she say that? Well, you’re out of here and I’m driving over to tell her you’re gone and maybe we can try again.”

Jensen’s heart was hammering in his chest. Genevieve thought Jared loved him? At any other time he would’ve danced round the kitchen but with Jared this drunk, he could kill someone or even himself. Jensen couldn’t allow him to do that. He lunged forward and grabbed Jared’s car keys. .

It was then Jensen knew he’d made a mistake grabbing the car keys; it just incensed Jared even more. The half-drunk bottle of Tequila in Jared’s hand smashed on the kitchen floor as he hurled himself straight at Jensen. He watched as Jared launched himself forward, the next few minutes felt as if the world had gone into slow motion.

Jensen knew he couldn’t get out of the way of Jared in time so he just braced for the impact. Jared’s muscular body slammed right into him, throwing him back into the kitchen cabinets; the work surface smashing into his back just above his kidneys, driving the air out of his lungs. Jared grabbed at Jensen’s shirt, dragging him forward. Thrusting his face right up to Jensen’s, he growled “Give me the fucking keys, Jen! Are you so desperate for my attention?”

Unable to catch his breath to respond, Jensen just shook his head, gripping the keys tighter. The next thing he knew Jared had drawn his fist back and a punch smashed into his mouth. Jensen’s mouth flooded with the coppery taste of blood as his lip split and fire bloomed across his cheek. He never saw the next punch coming. The first he knew of it, was when it felt as if a hammer had struck him in the ribs.

Jensen knew he couldn’t just take the abuse. He stamped down hard on Jared’s instep. Jared gasped, letting go and Jensen pushed hard, causing Jared to stumble. Jensen took the opportunity to dodge past him.

Jensen managed three steps before Jared caught his wrist in his massive hand. Jared gave a yell of triumph he had caught the hand his cars keys were in. Jensen gave a hiss of pain as Jared increased the pressure on his wrist. He could feel the bones grinding together. Jensen turned back to try and dislodge Jared. The pressure had caused Jensen to open his hand slightly, allowing Jared access to the keys. Jared let go of the wrist and grabbed the keys, pulling them free. Jensen yelled as the keys were dragged across his palm.

Jensen didn’t notice the trickle of blood through his fingers when he curled his hand closed. Jared began to head for the door. Jensen took a deep breath and grabbed Jared’s shoulder with his injured hand without thinking, groaning as pain flared up his arm.

Jared whirled round, snarling, pushing Jensen back with all his strength. Jensen was flung backwards and once more he struck the kitchen cabinets. This time it was the ones Jared had climbed up, the Tequila making the floor slippery. Jensen tried to stay upright but he crashed to the floor, landing on his right side. He was vaguely aware of stabbing pain in his hip. Jensen bit his lip, looking up as Jared towered over him. Jensen screwed his eyes shut, the pain rippling through his body was making him feel sick and the smell of Tequila wasn’t helping. He could hear Jared speaking. It sounded distorted as if coming from a distance, and he had to concentrate...

”Just stay the fuck down, Jensen. I don’t want to hurt you but if you try to stop me again, I will, so fucking help me.”

Jensen managed to suppress a laugh. Jared didn’t want to hurt him? Shit! It felt like he’d broken his jaw, his ribs were complaining, his back was on fire and it was then Jensen realized he was lying on the remains of the broken bottle. Well, at least Jared didn’t want to hurt him. That was ok, then. Jensen wanted nothing more than to just lie there and catch his breath but Jared was weaving his way towards the door.

Jensen rolled over and got to his knees; the movement brought tears to his eyes, and his right hand was burning where the cut had come into contact with the Tequila, but he had to stop Jared. Using the same cabinets as Jared had, he hauled himself painfully to his feet. Turning round, Jensen prepared to go after Jared. As he limped after his friend he remembered a conversation he’d had with Lou, their fight choreographer and stunt arranger. “Lou, if you were in a fight with Jared, how you would stop him?”

Lou shot Jensen a bemused look, “With a bazooka, then a small nuclear missile. Why? You thinking of showing Jared who’s boss?”

Jensen shook his head, laughing, “Fuck no! I like my head attached, thank you. Seriously, if you had to what would you do?” Lou was used to this kind of question from Jensen; he took everything on board and used it when he was playing Dean, especially if it came to a confrontation with Sam.

Lou looked thoughtful, “Well, with his height and weight advantage no way would you go toe-to-toe with the guy. If you wanted to end it quick, then a punch to the throat.” Jensen looked horrified as Lou smiled at him “But if you wanted to stop him without hurting him too badly, choke him out, put him to sleep. How you get behind the Sasquatch to do it is beyond me.” Then Lou showed Jensen how to perform a safe choke-out. The PA they used to practice on wasn’t exactly happy when they were finished but hell, he’d volunteered.

Jared was slowly weaving his way towards the door. Jensen knew he had one shot at this; he drew in a deep breath and launched himself at Jared’s back. Jared stumbled forward with the unexpected attack as Jensen wrapped his arm around Jared’s throat and applied pressure like Lou had shown him. With the alcohol in Jared’s system and the lack of sleep, Jared was soon going limp. Jensen quickly released his hold. Lou had warned him that if you held on too long you risked brain damage. Jared crumpled to the floor with Jensen on top of him. He rolled off Jared’s prone form and laid breathing heavily for a few seconds before turning over to check Jared was ok.

“Oh please, dear God, don’t let me have killed your dumb ass.” Jensen nearly sobbed with relief when he heard the unmistakable sound of a Padalecki snore. Now all Jensen had to do was get Jared to bed. He wondered if he should take him to his room. Thinking about what had happened Jensen felt it was better to get Jared upstairs to his own room.

Jensen knelt over his friend’s sleeping form and raised his eyes to the stairs, “So, how to get Mount Padalecki upstairs? Shit, I’d give anything to be able to bamf like Cas about now. Well, it looks like it’s gonna be the hard way then.” With that, Jensen pulled Jared into a sitting position, and from there he hauled Jared into a fireman’s lift. Jensen struggled to his feet. He staggered to the stairs, and started to climb but with each step his hip throbbed and burnt. Jensen was aware his jeans were wet and he put it down to the Tequila.

He reached the top of the stairs, pausing to get his balance. Jensen turned towards Jared’s bedroom. Once in the room, Jensen deposited Jared on the bed, turning him on his side, concentrating on getting him comfortable. He took off his boots and managed to manhandle him out of his jeans, leaving the T-shirt on. Jensen threw the comforter over Jared, and then decided to get supplies.

Thinking he would be safe to leave Jared for a minute, Jensen hobbled his way down to the kitchen. He’d better clean the glass up in case Harley or Sadie trod on it. Once he was in the kitchen Jensen realized how bad it looked; there was a pool of tequila and blood on several surfaces. Jensen looked down at his hand. Shit! He hadn’t realized it was bleeding that badly. Then he looked at his palm. It seemed to have stopped bleeding; it was messy but it wouldn’t need stitches. Thank fuck for that, Jensen thought.

He walked to where they kept a dust pan and brush. He returned to the broken glass and kneeling down, he cleaned up what he could see. Jensen became aware of something sticking out of his jeans on his right hip. Without thinking he brushed at it, but it didn’t move. Cursing under his breath he gave it a sharp tug. It came free and with it came a jolt of pain. He swallowed hard and dropped the glass before painfully staggering back to his feet. He decided to close the kitchen door and finish up in the morning. Before he left the kitchen he grabbed a couple of bottles of water.

Jensen limped back through the house, turning off the lights, struggling back upstairs, his heart growing heavier with each step. Jensen had made the decision to leave in the morning before Jared had the chance to throw him out. But tonight he’d make sure Jared was going to be alright.

Jensen made it back into the bedroom, pausing to check that Jared was still fine. With that, he went into the bathroom. He opened the bathroom cabinet, grabbed some Tylenol and the trash can from the bathroom and went back to Jared.

Jensen eased himself down to the floor, hissing at the pull from his hip. He leant against the bed and waited for the inevitable. He didn’t have to wait long. Jared started to come round, looking disoriented and sick, just as Jensen knew he would, Jensen knelt up and brought the trash can with him. Jared met him half-way, clutching at the trash can while violently throwing up. When Jared was reduced to dry heaves Jensen quietly offered him a bottle of water to rinse out his mouth, and then he gave him some Tylenol to take. Jared smiled blearily at Jensen before slurring...”Thanks dude, you’re a life saver.” Then he collapsed back down and went back to sleep.

Jensen sighed, knowing full well he wouldn’t sleep tonight so he settled down to keep his lonely vigil over the man he loved who had just dismissed him from his life.

Jared woke slowly; his head was killing him, and what the fuck did he do last night? He remembered going into Jensen’s room to borrow, well, steal some shampoo when he spotted the box stashed under Jensen’s bed. Jared couldn’t help himself, he’d had to look in it and that’s when he found all the stuff Jensen had prepared for his bachelor party. After that and the Tequila, things had become a little hazy.

Jared slowly sat up and wished he hadn’t. His head felt like it was going to explode; he gingerly put his feet down and got off the bed, the change of altitude enough to get him lurching to the bathroom to puke again. After hugging the toilet for a while Jared slowly stood up and decided to have a shower.

Downstairs, Jensen was packing to leave. Once he realized Jared was waking up, Jensen had dragged himself back down to his room, and was getting ready to sneak out before Jared wanted another chat with him. Jensen felt like shit or worse yet, Dean after a hunt. He ached all over and was pretty sure he had a black eye. His hand pulsed and his hip just wouldn’t stop throbbing, but he needed to get out of there quickly. Jensen flipped open his phone, fired off a text and then returned to his haphazard packing.

Less than twenty minutes after the text was sent, Misha arrived at the house. He tried the front door and found it was unlocked; he cautiously walked through the front door. He’d gotten Jensen’s text and immediately felt that something bad had happened. All it said was ‘Look after Jay for me, need to get away’.

If Jensen was bailing on Jared, then shit, they really were at the end of their days. Everyone on set knew how Jensen felt about Jared, the only person who didn’t was Jared. Several crew members had spoken to Jared after the split with Genevieve to get him to stop snarling at Jensen who was doing nothing but look after the big idiot.

That meant Misha had left his wife on what ought to have been Jared’s wedding day to see what the hell was going on. The house was silent. Misha was about to call out when he spotted blood on the floor. He followed the small spots of blood to the closed kitchen door; there was a bloody mark on it.

Misha slowly pushed the door open, fully expecting to find an outtake from the show. The first thing that hit him was the smell of tequila; the second thing was the kitchen looked like a war zone. There was broken glass on the floor and more blood mixed in with it. Looking round, Misha could almost picture someone pulling themselves upright as the blood seemed to climb the cabinets. To Misha’s untrained eye there didn’t appear to be arterial spray anywhere, but it was enough to worry the crap out of him. Then he spotted the dust pan. As he walked closer he saw a piece of glass with blood on it. Picking it up he muttered “What the fuck happened?”

Misha heard a bark and looked out of the window; the kids where playing outside. So, where the fuck were the dynamic duo? Misha retraced his steps; he was just about to try a door to what he presumed was Jensen’s room when he heard water - a shower. Misha bounded upstairs and burst into what had to be Jared’s room.

Misha breathed a sigh of relief; he’d been expecting to find one of the boys dead on the bed. Instead there was the unmistakeable smell of vomit. There was a discarded T-Shirt on the bed, and again there was the motif of the day - blood. Misha picked up the T-shirt, worried at the blood and then burst into the bathroom where Jared was taking a shower. Without thinking, Misha hurled the shower door open, thrust his arm into the shower and grabbed Jared by the shoulder. “Jared, is this your blood? Where are you hurt?”

“Jesus Christ, Misha! Personal space for the love of God! And what blood? What the hell are you on about?” Jared had spun round in shock at hearing Misha’s voice, making himself dizzy and he didn’t know where to put his hands to cover up. Misha just leaned round the cowering figure and turned the water off and pulled him out of the shower. Jared was pretty sure he’d never blushed so much in his life while Misha scrutinized him.

He was wrong; he blushed even harder when Misha grabbed his hand and just stood holding it. Misha stared intently round the bedroom, everything looked normal; no sign of Jensen’s corpse, so where was he? Then Misha saw something on the bed clothes. Still holding Jared’s hand he moved to the bed, Jared had no choice but to follow. Misha dropped the shirt on the bed and straightened the sheet out and there was a bloodstain on it. Misha touched it. It was dry and looked as if someone who’d been bleeding had leant against it for a long time.

“Jared, I’m going to ask you a simple question and I’d like a straight answer please. What the fuck did you do to Jensen last night?” Misha turned his face back to Jared

Jared felt like he was facing down Castiel with those blue eyes boring right into his soul. “Nothing, I think. I don’t remember...” As he spoke, images began flickering through his mind...the keys...screaming at Jensen to get out...him falling on the broken bottle.

Misha watched Jared grow even paler and his eyes darted to the bedside table. Misha walked over to it. Jared’s keys were there and there appeared to be...Misha sighed. Damnit! More blood! Jared gave a strangled cry and nearly flattened Misha in his haste to get at some pants and he was babbling “Fuck, Misha! I got drunk and I was an asshole to Jensen... And, oh fuck! I hit him, I hit Jensen. I gotta find him and apologize.”

“Jared, slow down. He’s still here, his car is outside. Just how hard did you hit him? Look, never mind. Let’s find him and sort this out and I can get back to my wife and grovel for ruining Sunday.”

The two men left the bedroom. Misha grabbed a T-shirt for Jared and threw it at the back of his head, and Misha suspected it was going to be a long day. Jared freezing would piss Jensen off; he knew dealing with a hurt Jensen was tricky at any time. Dealing with a hurt Jensen while he was trying to look after the love of his damn life, would likely drive Misha to murder.

Jensen was finished with his packing; all he had to do was clean up a little. He couldn’t book into a hotel looking like he’d just stepped off set. Jensen stripped off his ruined shirts, groaning as the material was pulled over his bruised body. He’d stiffened up with sitting next to Jared all night; that was probably why his hip felt as if he’d bathed it in acid.

Jensen bent forward to pick up his clean clothes, gasping as a wave of dizziness and nausea swept over him. He stood back up, swaying slightly as the room swam in and out of focus. The bedroom door was flung open and Jared came charging in.

Two things happened simultaneously. Jared gave a shout of “Oh God, Jen!” On hearing that, Jensen turned round at the shout. Jared had thought Jensen’s back was the stuff of nightmares; it was starting to bruise and was covered in reds deepening to purple. Then Jared was exposed to the full extent of his drunken antics. Jensen’s face was bruised and his lip was split. His right side was a mess; his ribs looked as if he’d been hit with a sledge hammer. Jared felt sick as he remembered slamming his fist into those unprotected ribs. Then Jared saw Jensen’s jeans - the right hip was soaked in blood.

Jensen had turned quickly, making his dizziness worse; he was forced to step forward to keep his balance. Jared froze in place, Misha pushing past him, moving towards Jensen just as his knees buckled. Misha guided him to sit on the bed. “Jensen, come on, look at me. Breathe slowly, it’s alright.” Misha knelt in front of Jensen. He was pale, his freckles standing out; his eyes were shadowed with dark circles.

“Where are you hurt, Jensen?” Misha asked. Jared started to speak but Misha waved his hand impatiently in Jared’s direction. Jensen slowly picked up his right hand for Misha to inspect; it was wrapped in a handkerchief, “Fine, ok. Anywhere else?” Misha was trying to keep Jensen’s attention focused on him.

“I think I might have bruised my hip and ribs and I feel a bit sick.”

Without taking his eyes of Jensen Misha spoke to Jared, “Jared, come here and help me move Jensen. We’ve got to get his jeans off, and I need to see if he should to go to hospital.” On hearing that, Jensen shook his head and tried to stand up.

“No, I’m fine, just a bit bruised. Please, I’ll be fine. I’m sorry, Jared. I’ll be gone soon.” On hearing those broken words, Jared moved forward slowly, trying not to be hurt when Jensen flinched as he gently rested his hand on his shoulder.

“It’s ok, dude, you don’t have to go right away. You need to rest up a bit and let me return the favour from last night and look after you for a while.” Jared’s voice was low, riddled with pain and guilt, especially as Jensen was looking at him as if he’d offered him the world.

Misha interrupted the moment, “Jared, I think I know what the problem is. Get me some clean towels, a first-aid kit and if you have them...tweezers. Jensen, if I think you have to go to the hospital, promise me you’ll go without any trouble, right?” Jensen lowered his eyes and nodded.

Jared turned and walked away. As he left the room he heard Jensen’s voice and stopped. “Misha please, I can’t go to the E.R. They’ll know this wasn’t an accident and Jared will be in trouble.” Jared didn’t hear Misha’s low muttered response to the plea; instead, he went to get what Misha had asked for.

When he came back Misha was waiting for him. “Jared, let’s get one thing straight - I’m doing this for Jensen, not you. I think I know what this is about, and let me tell you, Genevieve was damn brave. She understood what was going on, and she let you go before you both got hurt.”

“There’s nothing going on. It’s just that Genevieve has a problem with Jensen and as much as I love the guy, well, Genevieve is the one I’m marrying.” Jared’s voice faded under Misha’s laser-blue eyes.

“Jared, will you just wake the fuck up! Genevieve doesn’t have a problem with Jensen, other than you’re in love with him and Jensen is crazy about you. The only person who doesn’t accept it is you. Now I’m not saying you are about to burst out of the closet singing ‘I am what I am’, but be honest with yourself. Is that why you went full Winchester on his ass? You couldn’t deal so you resorted to beating the shit out of him.” Jared ran his fingers through his hair. Before he could deny it further Misha continued.

“Jared, the crew and I have watched you since the break-up and the way you’ve taken it out on Jensen. Last week I thought Lou was going to have the stunt guys beat the crap out of you after you spent the best part of a week treating Jensen like shit. Remember the fight scene between Dean and Sam? You threw Jensen into the set so hard they reinforced it twice. “

Misha paused and drew breath “Right. We are going back in there and you are going to help me with a smile. And so help me, Jared, you make Jensen feel any worse than he does already, and I will call Kane and let him come over and see Jensen. Then it will just be a matter of whether you’ll be buried or cremated.”

Misha turned back, leaving Jared standing there. Jared took a deep breath and followed Misha back in the room. Jensen was where he had left him, his face shadowed with exhaustion. Misha was all business, laying the towels over the bed, opening the first-aid kit and checking its contents. “Tweezers please, Jared.”Jared shuffled with embarrassment - he had tweezers to pluck stray eyebrows, and he handed them over to Misha who busied himself wiping them with antiseptic.

When Misha was happy with the tweezers he spoke to Jared, “Right. I want you to help Jensen stand up and then get behind him because I’m going to take his jeans down and I think it will hurt a little. I bet you didn’t think you’d have two gorgeous men undressing you today, hey Jensen.” Jensen gave a wan smile as he moved to stand. Jared moved to his side and helped him, then moved behind Jensen as per Misha’s instruction.

“I think I saw this on one of Rosenbaum’s porn films.” Jared tried to give the proceedings a little humour as Misha knelt down, undoing Jensen’s belt and jeans.

“Right, on three,” With that, Misha pulled sharply on the jeans. Jensen was plunged into an ocean of pain, feeling he was drowning as the jeans were pulled away from the cuts on his hip and the blood that had glued the jeans to his skin. Pulling the jeans down had caused fresh blood to well from the cuts. Jensen crumpled and Jared wrapped his arms around Jensen, preventing him from folding down on himself.

“Whoa Jen, come on, dude. Talk to me, please. Open your eyes; flutter your eyelashes. You’re scaring the shit out of me, man.” Jared was now supporting all of Jensen’s weight, his skin was cool, clammy, and Jensen was breathing fast and shallow.

“Come on, Jared, lie him down. I need to see if there is any more glass in the cuts. If there is I’ll have to remove it, or it’s the E.R.” Misha’s voice was sharp and commanding, spurring Jared into action.

Jared laid Jensen down on the bed, and helped Misha pull the jeans clear of his legs. Jared swallowed as he took in the damage to Jensen’s legs. Like the rest of him they were bruised, but his right hip was a mess. It was covered in dried blood and now there was fresh blood oozing from several cuts.

Misha took an antiseptic wipe from the first-aid kit, and gently wiped Jensen’s hip. Jensen’s breath stuttered and his eyes flickered open. “Misha, what are you doing? I’m fine. Just let me finish getting changed and I’ll be gone.” Jensen’s voice was faint and slurred. Jared looked at Misha with worry in his eyes.

“Jared, pull yourself together. Jensen could be going into shock. Hopefully there aren’t too many pieces still embedded. Fuck, he was lucky.”

Jared gave a humourless laugh, “Jesus, Misha, you call this lucky? I’ve beat the shit out of him, threw him out of his home, and you think he’s lucky.” Jared was feeling sorry for himself as he spoke, guilt and pain written clearly on his face.

“Well, he could have bled out while he was looking after you, so, pretty lucky, I guess.” Misha was looking right at Jared as he spoke, “After all, why should you care? And you’re going back to Genevieve? After I’ve cleaned him up I’ll take him back to mine, I don’t want him to go to a hotel like this. We should be out of your hair soon, Jared. Now are you going to help or just sit there and feel sorry for yourself?” Misha’s voice cracked out like a whip. Jared felt the words striking at his heart, tearing into him. “Jared, the wounded puppy might work on Jensen, but I’m an Angel...don’t forget I’m immune to all mortal weapons. I hate to do this to you, but you’re going to have to hold him still while I do this. It’s not going to be pleasant for any of us.”

Misha hated speaking to Jared like that but he didn’t have the time to hold his hand and tell him everything would be alright. Jensen wouldn’t have bled to death, but Jared needed to really look closely at what he’d done to Jensen, not just the physical beating, but the emotional beating he put Jensen though since the break-up. The worse part of it was Jensen would put up with it. Love was a real bitch when it came down to it, Misha thought.

Misha took a steadying breath and moved his hand to the first of the cuts. When he’d wiped Jensen’s hip he’d felt the glass in the cuts. It wasn’t as bad as he’d first thought; like he’d said, pure luck had been the key to keeping the damage to a minimum. With the blood wiped away Misha could see that three cuts still wept blood, these were the ones to check closely. He wiped the area once more and applied pressure. Jensen hissed and arched away from the gentle touches, and Jared bit his lip. How the hell could he keep Jensen still while Misha got the glass out?

Jared had an idea. He quickly climbed up on the bed and lay down beside Jensen, pulling him close. He wrapped his arms around the shivering body and Jensen buried his head against Jared’s chest. Jared put his leg over Jensen’s legs trapping them underneath his. Jared looked at Misha, “Do it.”

After that Jared wanted to just scream “Fuck this! We’re taking Jensen to the E.R. right the fuck now!” Misha probed at each of the cuts to check for glass. Jensen squirmed, writhed and fought in Jared’s arms. The worst part was the sounds Jensen was making - tiny breathy whimpers that occasionally escaped his tightly clamped lips.

Jared preferred when Jensen swore “Motherfuck...” Jensen growled out as Jared saw Misha grin in triumph as he pulled a sliver of glass free. Misha patted Jensen’s leg gently as he continued to work. Jared swallowed convulsively as he looked at the blood slowly tricking out of the reopened cut.

Then Jensen would go back to his quiet fight against the pain he had willingly submitted to just to keep Jared out of trouble. Jared could feel hands tightly fisted in his T-shirt, twisting and pulling, the muscles in the others man’s back taut and trembling with tension. Jensen was cold to the touch but there were beads of sweat running down his pale skin. Jared also felt his shirt dampening from tears being involuntarily shed by Jensen, and Jared felt helpless as to how to comfort him.
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  • Back to earth with a thump!

    Today has been a study in contrasts for me, let's start at the beginning, shall we? I'm sure some of you have seen the behind-the-scenes…

  • Wish me luck!

    I'm off for my first vaccine jab today! The first step on the road to normalcy...or in my case normalish 😂😂😂

  • A musical interlude

    I found this on twitter and I thought I'd share it with you. Also I'm posting this on my phone, looks like in finally joining the twenty first…