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Asylum 6! aka Return of the hotties!

Warning!!! here be a ramble, based on on the fun that was Asylum 6!  Now if you're looking for a deep and meaningful analysis of the event, the panels, and word for word reporting....what the heck are you doing here? there are other people much more talented than I, (and who can work their bloody cameras) who can provide you with that.  But if you are looking for inane ramblings, random squeeing, and just whittering on like a loon, then this is the place for you!

But first in true Oscar tradition, but without the wibbling and sobbing.  I would like to thank the following brave souls for allowing me to keep on harassing them, these courageous women are, Hayley, Di, Mags, Ellie, Leanne, Karen and her friend Sue who I met for the first time.  A woman who encouraged (pushed) me to be a little braver.  Yes we few, we happy few, this band of sisters.  I know I'm ripping of the St Crispin day's speach from Heny V, but if  you've ever been faced with a room full of fan girls, and Jared and Jensen! damn it can get ugly.

Where to begin? of course with me being all resolved not to buy a Jensen photo op! I was strong, no bloody way, was I going to have a repeat of the startled hamster picture from Asylum 3.  I stood firm, brought a Jared autograph, walked out of  where the tickets were being sold, with my head held high.  That was the Friday night, and then came Saturday.

I sat with the others in a state of great anticipation, Di and Mags had got their Jared ops, but I was resolute!  no way would I crumble. And then Jensen walked on the bloody stage! look, I really didn't need to eat for the rest of the weekend, and I need to lose weight right?  And I'm sure the garden shed is very comfortable, cause that's where I'll be sleeping when Steve finds out *G*

By now I'm pretty sure most of you will have seen Jensen's panel somewhere, I enjoyed it, he really was on form.  The man has a great sense of humor and handled the questions very well! And he managed to drop Doug right in it.  After Doug swore there was a delay due to tense negotiations with Jim Beaver's agent, Jensen strolled on stage and apologized because one of the guests was late *G*

One purchased photo op later and I wander over to the girls, and Hayley kindly points out that as we are 'A's' I should go and queue! Hell's teeth, I need at least three weeks to psych myself up to even watch the man on a stage!  Before I had time to have my break down, I was in the room trying not to run round screaming! One delicate shove in the back and there he was.  Jensen Ross, dear god it's like starring into the sun, Ackles! and I actually managed eye contact, squeaked hi and was out the door before I even registered what happened.

One short lie down later, and normal madness resumed, it was on to the autographs, where Sue god bless her put up with me in the queue, after getting Richard's autograph, I went and got Jared's!  Now he signed it and look it wasn't fair alright? how the hell am I supposed to concentrate when Jared Tristan, I body double for greek gods Padalecki looks up at me and drawls, "Hi there sweetie, do you just want the name?" and then the sod winks at me!!! For the love of god, I heard my brain implode and then trickle out of my ears.  I mumbled yes please, and then staggered off to find Sue.

I even managed to join the wrong god damn queue! I rejoined Richard's instead of Mark's, much frantic waving from Sue later and I staggered over.  I then cursed that Jared hadn't personalized my autograph, and with great charm and style Sue told me to get my backside back over there and get my bloody name on it.  Much whimpering and gibbering later, hey presto one personalized autograph.  I don't know how the hell Di and Mags managed to stand talking to him! I mean for god's sake I'm a Jensen girl, and they are Jared girls, and I just about made it out with my dignity intact.

Finally we emerged from the autograph room and there met up with Mags and Di, and Mags, I was just so happy for her hearing all about her photo with Jared and her talking to him, just brilliant.

Then came Mark's panel, not only is the man a geek, I'm certain he's an evil genius to boot.  It's a pity he's man united fan.  The final panel of the day was Jared's and the man was really on form, not only had he been messing around in the autograph room, but he was brilliant in his panel.

I'd survived the first day of the con! as usual with Asylum everything ran late, but this year there was a much more relaxed atmosphere and they did deal with the queues a lot better, making for a very fun day.  And here I thank again the brave souls who put up with me.

Sunday dawned bright and too bloody early, after a leisurely breakfast, where Mags tried to sort out my mobile for me, thank you so much and I promise to go and sort it out this weekend.  We moved onto day two!

Karen and Sue went to buy some raffle tickets, there were a few different prizes, including a signed copper plaque and of course coffee lounges.  I brought some and went on my merry way, now I never win anything so why worry right?

After watching Mark and Richard run riot, Sue and I went to check on the raffle winners for the coffee lounges, I'd heard that Di and Mags had tried to win a Jared coffee lounge and I had my fingers crossed for them.

We wandered on over and went down the list, so far so fine and then I saw it....A79! my bloody ticket number! I'd only gone and won a bloody coffee lounge with JENSEN!

After a quick reenactment of Dean's reaction to the Impala being towed away, I was fine.  Who tho bloody hell was I kidding, I was a gibbering wreck, in a few short hours I was going to be in a room with Jensen Ackles, Dean bloody Winchester!  I was so screwed and I knew it.

I'd like to thank my friends for their kind support, I'd like to but considering Sue's word's of wisdom concerning Jensen's hands.  You know the one about from the middle finger to the heel of the hand and the length of his....well anyhoo you can just imagine it can't you.  I'm supposed to sit in a room with him, and not stare at his hands all while thinking Danneel you're one lucky, lucky lady! but as I usually stare at his left knee cap I thought it was a step in the right direction.

After several kind offers of alcohol....god can you imagine it drunk and gibbering, I regretfully turned down the offers and finally it was time.  I went to the lounge with the air of a condemned woman.  Look, I know he's just a man and all the rest.  But come on it's Jensen sodding Ackles!  I can't talk to good looking guys, I once spent 18 months talking to a co-workers collar bone.

Well I entered the room and the knees went, then thank god I saw Sharron, a lady who I spent quality time with in another queue.  We sat together and waited, and decided that sitting listening intently, was better than opening our mouths and having gibberish pour out.

Several of the ladies had also won a Jared coffee lounge, and in true Asylum style there was confusion over the times.  So there was much going back and forth, and we found ourselves being moved next door.  First of all they wanted us to take our chairs, and then  we had to take them back.  Once that was settled and we were all sitting in a circle, I realized something....not only were we getting Jensen, but Jared as well! now as I sat huddled under my chair I tried to scrap my remaining brain cells together.  Then the door opened and the two of them walked in, no body guards they just strolled in.

And you know what? I swear Jensen could read the phone book to me, and it would be the sexiest bloody thing I'd ever heard, and hot? oh dear god, hot does not cover it.  Jared is gorgeous don't get me wrong, the man is god like, but Jensen? yup I was gone and I manged to look him in the face.  Yes as I've said before, it really is like staring into the sun.  And I now have discovered I have a real kink for his hands, amongst other things.  And moondropz if you ever read this, the spring loaded thighs of steel really do never close.  Believe me I checked, I was meticulous and I swear  he sat there sprawled in his chair the whole time.

As for the coffee lounge it was brilliant, the questions were fascinating, if you ignored the one about dogs and cats and which did Jared prefer, oh and the classic concerning if they died, would Sam and Dean go out like the play Blood Brothers holding hands!  That one got one hell of a response, and bless em they managed not just roll their eyes at it, but it did mean we got treated to them holding hands, and there went my slashy little heart.

They answered questions concerning acting, how they led the mood on set and whether they would offer advice to younger actors, which they would.  As Jensen said it depended on if a person was willing to listen, as to what they could tell them.   How they had both seen contemporaries reach the top then fade away, while others had managed to keep working.   Both men are very intense about their craft, and Jared saw acting as searching for a truth for his character, and Jensen used to see it as lying, now he was coming to agree with Jared.  Also he's a terrible liar in real life, and he admits to being untidy, and boy wouldn't you just love to pick up after him.

We found out that he and Danneel took dancing lessons for their first dance at the wedding, sadly due to the fact they forgot about the wedding dress and her shoes, he says they ended up swaying in place! Oh to have been that dance teacher. 

And all the while, I just kept trying not to drool on the floor, while thinking dear god, you really are that hot, and yes I'm that shallow.  All too soon the coffee lounge was over and I floated my way to the final panel.

Then came the end of this year's Asylum, and it was time to emerge blinking into the light that is real life. Once again I had a wonderful time, and it was all down to the awesome ladies, who let me follow them around while enjoying the whirlwind that is a Con.  So if I stood and bored you to tears at some point but haven't mentioned you, I'm sorry but I hope to see you again some time soon. 

So here ends my Asylum 6 rambles, no real panel reports just my impressions on a fabulous weekend.  I had the time of my bloody life, enjoyed seeing the boys, and more importantly it was lovely to be with those lovely ladies I am honoured to call friends.

Oh and in case you're wondering just how the hamster looked this year.........

I almost most managed to look human!

Roll on next May and Asylum 8! some of us never learn do we *G*
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