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There's this little thing called H/C Bingo...and guess who signed up!

Well there I was minding my own business when I saw this H/C Bingo thingy, and I thought it could be amusing or downright scary depending on if you're Jensen or Dean *G* I signed up and then I got this card.....

death explosion nervous breakdown loss of voice unexpected consequences of planned soulbonding
skeletons in the closet attacked by a creature imprisonment poltergeist bites
cursed head trauma WILD CARD substance addiction hostages
possession / mind control dub-con runaways food poisoning motion sickness
forced marriage hallucinations making deals with demons mutation nightmares

And do you know what the really scary thing is? For at least five of the damn things I'd already got plot bunnies bouncing around! Ahhh my dear sweet bow legged afraid be very afraid!  Or at least see if you can hide behind Jared *G*

Oh and if any of my long suffering F*list  see something they like or even have a request, I'll give it a whirl! damn this really could be fun.
Tags: fic, h/c, ramblings
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