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14 June 2011 @ 07:20 pm
Hell Is Other People, (16/?) NC-17, Jared/Jensen, part 2  

Title: Hell Is Other People
Word Count: 12059.
Summary: Jared is a hunter, but he is about to find out that evil isn’t just the preserve of demons.
Pairing: J2 eventually
Warnings: Non-Con and excessive abuse of Jensen.
Disclaimer: As far as I know Jared isn’t engaged in hunting monsters and last time I checked Jensen wasn’t chained up naked in the basement of a church and wasn’t in a relationship with Jared, so please don’t sue.
Notes: Here I offer thanks and unending praise to garvaldmains , who has helped, improved and encouraged me with endless patience when I gibbered at her, and she also provided the awesome banner! *Big, Big Hugs*. Beta: by the awesome bigj52 , a woman with the patience of a saint.  This chapter is a present, as I’m off on my hols! Oh and as for the cliffie... please remember I’m on holiday, all torch wielding mobs will be sat waiting a bloody long time *G*    


Jensen sat staring at the door after Jared left, flipped open his phone and looked down at the numbers. His finger hovered over Jared’s name but he stopped himself from calling. Jared would need to concentrate; he didn’t need to be distracted by him calling and acting like a worried boyfriend. Jensen fell back onto the bed and sighed. God, his feet were killing him again. He wondered what to do with himself while Jared rode to the rescue; he rolled on his side and caught sight of Jared’s lap top. He sat up again; he started to bite at his nails, a habit of his when he was anxious.

 He kept looking at the computer. Finally he caved, “Ok then, Jenny, go and check your research. It will just prove Jared’s right in his assessment of the hunt.” Jensen slowly got to his feet, and hobbled to the table. He sat down and pulled the lap top towards him. He switched it on, and got to work, going through his and Jared’s research. 

As Jared drove he began to relax, letting himself focus on the coming hunt. He went over his plan once more, but he kept returning to the man he left back in the motel room. He hated the thought of Jensen, sat there, alone and unprotected.   And Jensen’s offer to provide back-up while he dealt with Mary had been tempting, if only to know Jensen was safely in the truck, waiting for him. 

 He knew that hunting solo was dangerous, and most hunters worked with a partner when they could. Jared shook himself. No, he hunted solo for a reason. There was no chance anyone else could get hurt. The only risk was to him, and what kind of hypocrite was he? Preparing to take Jensen home to protect him from this life, and then turning around and wanting to take him on a hunt with him? No, even if Jensen wasn’t hurt, it would be foolhardy and dangerous; he knew that this was the right course of action. 

Then Jensen words about research came back to him. Something struck him as familiar about the words, he’d heard it before about research; it was Jim’s mantra. “Now, Jay, how many times I gotta tell you, the most important thing in a hunt ain’t weapons, it’s research. Ya check it once, twice and when ya think ya got it covered, ya go back and check it again.” 

Suddenly Jared found himself thinking about Jensen’s talent for research. It had taken him a long time to be able to make connections like Jensen had and the questions he’d asked, had been like working a hunt with Jim and Kane. The soft voice that had whispered to him the night before was back. How did Jensen know how to make those connections? His research know-how was nearly as good as his. “Where did you learn to research like that, Jensen?” Jared mused out loud. When he got back to the motel room he’d have to ask Jensen about his research skills, and he wouldn’t take medical studies for an answer. He passed a road sign telling him he was ten miles out of Fort Hood, and he went back to concentrating on the hunt. He could worry about Jensen later. 

Jensen continued to review his research, so far there were no problems or unpleasant surprises. Jensen sat back and rubbed at his eyes; they felt gritty and hot, and he wasn’t sure it was just from staring at the screen.   He looked away from the screen and closed his eyes; he pictured Jared, his smile and the warmth that he was still capable of. Jensen sighed and opened his eyes. He was being selfish even thinking about asking Jared to give up on his quest for revenge, but what Jared was attempting, hunting that demon...it was then something caught Jensen’s eye. It was a photograph, one of many Jared had brought from the library, but yesterday when they’d been going through them, Jensen hadn’t seen this one. It was a family portrait, Joshua, Ruth and Mary Williamson, together and happy, but there was something very familiar about what Mary was wearing. He’d seen it before, but where? 

Jensen turned back to the laptop, and began to go through his pictures of the house and its contents. He clicked on image after image, and there it was. He knew he’d seen that dress before. “Son of a bitch! Shit, I gotta warn Jay.” He picked up his phone and flipped it open, he dialled Jared’s number. He waited for Jared to answer, “Come on, man, answer me, damnit.” When the phone went to voicemail he spoke quickly, “Jay, listen, there is something else besides the locket keeping Mary here, call me please.”

 He put the phone on the table, hoping that Jared was driving and that’s why he hadn’t been able to answer the call. Jensen was worried, the way they had parted, how Jared seemed to avoid his eyes. What if he was ignoring his call? “You’re being paranoid; Jay wouldn’t be dumb enough to switch his phone off. Fuck it! I swear I’m gonna kick your ass for this, Padalecki. Jim and Kane had to have taught you better than that.”   Jensen picked up his phone again, and dialled once more. This time when it went to voicemail, Jensen explained what Jared should look for, and where it was.

 Jensen felt helpless; he was unable to shake the growing apprehension that gnawed at him. Then his eyes dropped down onto a pair of boots; the ones Jared had made him wear. Jensen smiled, pushed himself to his feet and went towards them. He picked them up, limped to his bag and found a couple of pairs of socks. He lowered himself back onto the bed, slowly pulled the socks and then the boots onto his feet. He sat, hunched forward as the effort made his battered feet throb and burn, his breath coming in short gasps. He put his hands on his thighs and sat up, “Ok, then, that was the hard part, now for the easy part. Getting my ass twenty miles to the next town and crashing Jared’s hunt. Piece of cake, nothing to it. Now all I need to do is to steal a car, and convince someone to drive me. Damn it, Eddie! Why screw my feet up! How do I get to Jared now?” Somehow he had to get to Fort Hood, and soon, before Jared got hurt. With luck Jared would still be on the road, all he had to do was try and get there as soon as possible. 

Once again Jensen looked round the room, seeking inspiration. It was a nice room but unless  it was a TARDIS in disguise, or had transporter room tucked away in the closet so he could beam down, there was nothing here to help him. Then he saw the telephone and an idea formed. He shuffled up the bed, picked up and dialled. “Hi Earl, I don’t suppose you have the number of a local cab company do you?” 

The door knocked and Jensen hauled himself slowly to his feet. His progress to the door was slow, but he was determined to do this. He made sure he had his wallet and phone, and he opened the door to the cab driver. Only it wasn’t a cab driver, “Earl, what are you doing here? I thought you were calling me a cab.” 

The older man gave Jensen a smile, “Now, son, if I called you a cab and you went off somewhere and got yourself hurt, Mabel would tan my hide, no matter how damn old I am. What’s so all fired important that you dragged yourself off your sick bed?” Jensen slumped. Damn, he didn’t have time for this. He was going to bribe the cab driver to go as fast as he could, to get to the house. But now with Earl standing guard, he was going to have to be creative. 

“Please, Earl, I need to get to Fort Hood as quickly as possible. Jared could be in trouble, and it’s all my fault.” Jensen resorted to using the pleading puppy eyes. Mac always said they got mom and dad to cave whenever Jensen wanted something. While he stood, pleading silently with Earl, his mind was racing. He was struggling to come up with a reasonable explanation for Jared being in trouble, in Fort Hood of all places.

 Earl straightened, “Ahh hell, son, it ain’t that damn boyfriend of yours, is it? Look, I’m sorry but Mabel told me all about ya trouble, and I’m with her. Ya don’t do that to someone ya supposed to love. But what’s it got to do with ya friend, Jared?” As Earl was speaking, Jensen was fighting the urge to hug the crap out him. He’d given him an opening, and as much as he hated lying to Earl, right now he had no other choice. 

“Eddie kept ringing and texting me, he wouldn’t leave me alone. He wants me to go back to him, and Jared was worried that I’d crack and do it. While I was sleeping yesterday, Jared must’ve finally snapped and answered my phone. I’m pretty sure he’s gone to meet Eddie. Please, Earl, I need to get to Jared first; if not, I’m scared Eddie will hurt him for trying to help me.” Jensen ran his fingers through his hair. Shit, they were wasting time, but he needed Earl’s help.

 “It’s ok, Jensen; do you know where Jared’s gone? And have you tried ringing him?” Earl was starting to looked worried, now it was time to press home his advantage. 

“I’ve tried to reach him. I’ve rung and rung, but I’m sure he’s switched his phone off. One of the text messages said Eddie was working in Fort Hood, on an old house that’s being renovated.....I’m sure it’s the...”

 Before Jensen could continue Earl broke in “He’s working up at the old Williamson house? Damn kid, the place is a local legend. You stay right here, I’ll go get my car then I’ll help you smack some sense into your friend.” When Earl turned and walked away, Jensen felt as if he’d aged ten years in the last few seconds. At least he was on his way; he just hoped that Jared would be alright. 

He heard the sound of a large engine, looked at the four by four that pulled up by the door and smiled. Now if he could convince Earl to drive above thirty miles an hour, everything might be fine. He closed the door and limped slowly round the front of the truck, pausing for a moment. He was already sweating and shaking just from that short walk. He had no idea how he was going to help Jared, even if it was the last thing he did he’d make sure Jared was going to be alright. He opened the door, climbed into the truck, and they drove off. 

Jared was getting closer to his destination, he decided now was the time to switch his phone back on. He saw he had missed calls. They were all from Jensen, his fingers lingered over the buttons. He decided not to listen to the messages; he couldn’t afford to be distracted now. When Mary was dealt with he’d listen then, but for now he needed to be one hundred percent focused. He saw a sign telling him he was only five miles away, he was making good time. This should be relatively straightforward, and soon he’d be on his way back. Then he’d have to face Jensen once more, and he knew he’d need all his strength to deal with him. 

Jensen was willing