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Acolyte0301, (2/?), PG-13, Jared/Jensen.

 Title:  Acolyte0301
Word Count: 7420
Rating: This chapter PG-13, (but it will get higher in later chapters)
Summary: Jensen Ackles works a nine to five job, along with his friends he’s a cubicle captive but he has an escape, he writes. Now his hobby has become something more, he’s become an internet author and now his writing has a fan following. Unfortunately for Jensen one particular fan wants more than just his autograph. Can detective Jared Padalecki stop Jensen’s devoted acolyte, before it’s too late.
 Pairing: Jared/Jensen.
Disclaimer: Once more I proclaim with great sadness that I neither own, nor know the men I have generally abused during the writing of this story. All ideas are pure fiction and I meant no harm, ok mostly no harm, and Jensen I’m really sorry.

Notes:   This story was supposed to be my entry for this year’s Big Bang, but real life mugged me and now I’ll be posting as and when I finish more chapters. As always many thanks go to bigj52 , my beta and all round awesome woman, who puts up with my rambles. Feed back is always welcome.



 “Murray and Padalecki - just the two detectives I was looking for. I’ve got a little job for you.” Lieutenant Jeffrey Dean Morgan stood in front of Jared’s desk. Jared looked up slowly from the report he was writing, and cringed slightly as he looked over at his partner. Chad Michael Murray, one of Dallas Police Department’s finest, had his feet on his desk, was slumped low in his chair and was snoring gently.

 Jeff Morgan grinned and promptly hit Chad on the head with the file he carried. Chad shot up, startled. His feet still on the desk and, without missing a beat, he took the file from his lieutenant’s hand, kicked back from his desk and stood up. He turned to Jared “Well, come on then, Padalecki, don’t just sit there. The lieutenant has given us an important job, move it.”

 Morgan rolled his eyes and patted Jared on the shoulder in sympathy. Jared rose slowly from his seat. He straightened his tie and ran his fingers through his unruly hair. “What’s in the file, lieutenant? What do you want us to do?” 

Morgan turned to Chad, “Now this is why one day you’ll be calling your partner ‘boss’, and making his coffee and bringing him Danishes.   He asks the right questions rather than running off. It looks like we might have a stalking complaint. The information’s in the file and the complainant is in Interview Room One. Have fun boys, and Murray for the sake of my pension behave yourself.” Jared reached for the file, and Morgan watched in amusement as Chad began to preen. 

First of all he brushed his fingers through his sort blond hair, then out came the breath spray, followed by him looking at Jared for approval, “Utterly gorgeous, Chad and, if you weren’t such a douche, I could fall for you myself. But I don’t want to deprive the women of the world of your stunning wit and charm.” 

“Why, thank you, Jared. I know I can always rely on your judgement on these matters. And I promise when you’re my boss, I will bring you muffins instead of Danishes, and I won’t spit in your coffee too often. Hey lieutenant, is she hot? You know, the victim - is she a hottie? I’m only asking just so I behave appropriately.” Chad tried to look concerned, but instead came across like a teenage boy on the way to his prom. 

Morgan saw Jared glance heavenwards, obviously begging for help. He stayed back just in case there was a lightning bolt in answer to Jared’s prayers. He was about to tell them about the two men sat in Interview Room One. He paused and he felt he owed Chad a little prank for that time he’d told Morgan there was a stripper gram in his office only for it to be Chief Ostroff. He still blushed every time he met her, besides he knew he could trust Jared to put things right, he looked at Chad’s earnest face and said.....

 “What can I say? The prettiest green eyes I’ve ever seen, with long lashes, cute freckles and you should take a good look at the lips. That’s all I’m saying, boys.” Morgan fought back the urge to laugh when Chad drew himself up to his full height, and snatched the file back off Jared who had just been about to read it.

 Chad punched Jared on the shoulder, “Come on, dude! It sounds like the future Mrs Murray is waiting for me. Thanks Lieutenant, I’m sure we will be the model of a caring police department to her.” 

Jared shrugged helplessly towards Morgan, “Err Chad, stalker, remember? She probably doesn’t want any more attention, and it’s more likely she will be the future Ex Mrs Murray.”

 “Now, Jay, don’t be like that. I promise we will find you the man of your dreams one of these days. By the way, thanks for this, lieutenant.” Morgan saluted the men as they left the office. He poured himself a cup of coffee and decided to swing by the interview room; he couldn’t wait to see Chad’s reaction to Jensen Ackles. 

Jensen sat shuffling nervously, by his side was Kane, “Come on, man, let’s just get out of here. This really isn’t a police matter.” 

Kane turned his head to his friend and Jensen wilted under the fiery look Kane shot him. “Jensen, this maniac has bombarded you with God knows how many damn emails, in the last three weeks alone. You know the emails we had to find out about on your laptop, the ones you forgot to mention.   And all of ‘em saying the same thing - you are the love of this lunatic’s life an’ you two are destined to be together. You’ve already had him banned from the official site, and blocked him from your emails, and still the bastard is getting through. If this ain’t stalking, nothing is. Look, I don’t want to turn up at your place one day and find you tied to the bed with your throat cut.”

 Jensen paled at that thought, “Thanks for the cheerful visual, man. Have you and Misha been talking again? I thought when Misha saw them, he was gonna start sleeping in front of my apartment door, he took it that badly. Listen, he’ll probably get bored and stop.” Jensen fell silent and the two men waited for detectives who would take Jensen’s statement. 

As Jared and Chad approached the interview room, Jared couldn’t help but feel there was something wrong. It was what Morgan had said to them about the victim and his smile as he said it. But Chad was talking at high speed about how to ask out a traumatized female stalker victim, and if she had green eyes would she be a redhead? And would she be the same down there? Jared shuddered at that. Sometimes he wished Chad would engage his brain, before his mouth reached a hundred miles an hour. 

As they reached the door of the interview room, Morgan appeared with a cup of coffee and went into the observation room next to it. Jared was about to grab hold of Chad to point out his suspicions to him, but it was too late - he was through the door.

 Chad finally decided to open the file and read it. His opening words to Jensen and Kane were, “Good afternoon, Miss Ackles, how can we be of assistance today?”  Then Chad looked up from the file. Instead of the hot red-headed woman he’d been expecting, there were two guys. One had long hair, blue eyes and a look on his face that suggested that Chad was about to die, and the other.....ahh shit! Thought Chad. 

Jared walked into the room just in time to see Kane get to his feet, a threat plain in his eyes; he elbowed Chad out of the way to prevent a murder being committed in the station. “Do forgive my partner. I’m afraid he’s been tied up with another stalking case and he got the files mixed up. I’m detective Jared Padalecki, and this is detective Chad Michael Murray. How can we help you, Mr?”   Jared stepped forward to shake Kane’s hand; he noticed the man had blue eyes and so he looked down at the man still seated.

 Jared tried not to let his jaw drop. Morgan had not been kidding about those eyes, or the freckles and especially those lips. He managed to tear his eyes away, and pay attention to the man whose hand he’d just shook. 

“My name’s Christian Kane and I ain’t the one with the problem. Come on, Jensen; tell the detectives what’s been going on.”

 Jared sat down and waited patiently. He could see that Jensen was uncomfortable, possibly here against his will.  Jared could tell that his friend Christian was the driving force behind the two men being in this room. While he waited he looked at the file, and was stunned by what he saw. Inside was email message after email message, all with the same theme, promises of affection and devotion. As he read they continued on, talking of a deep and abiding love between Jensen and somebody called Acolyte0301.

 “That’s just a small selection of the emails, there were others but I deleted them. I’m here because my friends were round at my place, and they were using my lap top when a few more arrived.   They made it plain I should report this to the police.” Jared’s eyes snapped forward at the sound of that voice. It was like a shot of bourbon - warm, smooth and it sent heat through Jared and he knew he’d have to concentrate around Jensen. 

Kane interrupted at this point, “He says a few - it was more like twenty. God alone knows how long he’s been putting up with this. We all thought it was time to do something about this lunatic.” He sat back, his arms folded and he glared at Chad for good measure.

 Jared licked his lips. Where to start with this? None of the messages were threatening, but there was a tone in them that unsettled him. They were personal, too personal for a stranger like himself to read;  he felt as if he was reading love letters he had no right to. Before he could collect his thoughts, Chad stepped in and started to ask questions.

 “So then, Mr Ackles, you think you have a stalker?  Do you think it could be a young lady you had a relationship with, and then ended it? Maybe she feels that you let her down, and this is her way of trying to keep the relationship alive? Or is it possibly a one-night stand? I mean, I wouldn’t be too surprised. Good looking guys like you having lady trouble; perhaps we can warn the little lady off and get you some peace.”

 Jensen couldn’t help but smile at the blond-haired detective; it was obvious he hadn’t read the emails.   In all the messages he brought with him and had received, Acolyte0301 had made it plain that although they hadn’t met, he felt he knew Jensen. That Jensen’s words were an inspiration to him, and putting simply he loved him, and they were destined to be together one day. 

Jensen couldn’t help the smile that spread over his face. The emails were disturbing him, even frightening him a little. It meant now every time he turned on his lap top, he dreaded opening his emails. But in light of Detective Murray’s lack of research, he was too easy a target. “Well, I gotta admit my last partner was a bit of a firecracker, all passion and pouts if you know what I mean.”

 Chad leant forward to hear more. Jared glanced up from the emails he was reading, the conversation having broken through his concentration. He looked at Chad who was leaning towards Jensen and then he looked at Kane. Kane was leaning back with a grin on his face, and so Jared began to pay attention to what was being said.

 “This firecracker - a looker, then? And hot blooded as well, yeah?” Chad was practically drooling by now.

 “Oh god, yeah! Black hair, blue eyes, tall willowy figure, and stunning ass. The trouble was finding my partner in bed with another man, and to make it worse it was in our bed. It was over after that.”

 Chad sat up straighter and fetched his note pad out, ready to get the firecracker’s name and address; he’d definitely follow that lead up. “Mr Ackles, what was your ex- partner’s name?” 

Jensen sat back, a smile on his face when he saw the pen poised, ready to write, “The name? Oh, that was Matt Bomer and he’s still in Dallas somewhere. And I have to say his personal trainer was damn hot, but it really pissed me off to find them in our new bed. But, to be honest, this isn’t Matt’s style. He was more of a screamer and a thrower, and if he had something to say he’d come round and say it to my face. And I don’t do one-night stands, so I didn’t find my stalker that way either.” Chad’s face was a picture of shock; he was trying to pull himself together at the news the man opposite was gay. 

Jared grinned at the man across the desk from him. He could see Jensen Ackles was a man under a lot of pressure, but he was still managing to hold onto his sense of humour. Jared decided to step in and save Chad from himself. “Mr Ackles, I’m guessing you feel we can discount your ex-partner, but we will need his details. Having read some of these, it appears the person contacting you has never met you. Can you explain how this person knows you?”

 Jensen turned his eyes to Jared; he seemed to be struggling with what to say. After a few seconds he shrugged his shoulders, “I’m an E-book author, and Acolyte0301 is one of my readers. At first he just wrote to me about my stories, and that was fine. We enjoyed a good relationship with emails going back and forth. 

 Then suddenly, about three weeks ago I got the first email. All he wanted to do was just say hello but it freaked me out and I ignored it. Then he started to send more and more and I did something stupid - I answered him. I tried to make him understand there was nothing between us, but the emails kept coming.” 

Chad’s eyebrows shot up when he heard this, “Hang on. You write porn on the net and you’re shocked that some hot girl or guy wants to bang you?” Jared flinched when Chad said that. Suddenly the long-haired man sat forward, anger darkening his handsome features. Without turning his head, Jensen rested his hand on the other man’s arm; he gave Chad a wan smile.

 Jensen felt tired; he knew that what he was asking the detectives to help with was all but impossible. He could tell the blond detective wasn’t interested, but the one with the cute concerned smile and slanted hazel eyes...Jared, he seemed to want to help. Although, he didn’t know how either man could help him. Acolyte0301 had come out of nowhere, and no matter what he did, Acolyte0301 kept finding him. 

Jared smiled kindly at Jensen and nodded “Sorry about that, Mr Ackles. My partner sometimes engages his mouth before his brain has a chance to catch up. So you write E-books, and you met this person on-line? But if they’re a fan why is that such a problem?” Jared was trying to understand why the man opposite was so scared of these emails.

 Jensen took a breath and continued, “I’m sorry, I should’ve made it clear. I don’t write under my own name. My publisher told me to use a pseudonym, and Alec Cale was born. My real name appears nowhere on the site where the E-books are sold, or any other site where Alec Cale is discussed. In fact, it should be impossible for me to be traced, unless I let people know who I am. That’s why I’m more than a little freaked out about the emails.” Jensen looked embarrassed as he spoke. 

Jared suddenly understood Jensen’s friend’s concern. By rights, this ‘fan’ should have no idea who Jensen was. So how did he find out? Jared hesitated before asking the next question, “Mr Ackles, I have to ask you this, but are you sure it’s not one of your friends just having a joke? You know, writing to you in the guise of Acolyte0301.” Jared glanced over to the man sat next to Jensen, and he saw his face change. He’d been fairly open towards Jared and now his face was like thunder. 

Kane sat forward, “Now listen here, there is no way any of us would do that to Jensen. We all love him too much to do that to him. The poor guy’s a nervous wreck; he’s convinced this psycho is watching him. We may like playing pranks but there is no fucking way we’d do this to him. Have you read those things? Shit, that’s it, Jensen, you were right. They ain’t gonna take this seriously until the bastard puts you in hospital.” Kane went to stand up. Jared looked up at him and then at Jensen.

 “Sit down, Chris. I understand what Detective Padalecki is saying. Well, you’ve just seen one of my friend’s reaction to your question. Acolyte0301 started emailing me from the first time I had a story published on-line. My friends had no idea what I was doing. I only told them about my writing a few weeks ago, and yes, they’ve made fun of me. But they’ve been nothing but supportive. No, I don’t think it’s one of them doing this.”

 “Ok then, what’s this about you thinking you’re being watched? And you refer to your stalker as ‘he’. Can you tell me why that is?” Jared asked the next questions, concerned at the prospect that the person was closer than just sending emails.

 Jensen shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know; it’s just a feeling. I can’t tell you why but there are times when I’m out I just feel as if someone is watching me. And I suppose it’s the use of language in the emails that makes me think it’s a man. It doesn’t feel like a woman’s touch.” Jared heard Chad snort and he kicked him under the table.

 Chad sat, doodling on his note pad. He looked up at the two men opposite and sighed. Great! This was exactly what he needed. Jared to take up on one of his crusades, and this Jensen dude was perfect - he gave off an air of vulnerability and talk about neurotic! The dude wrote porn and he was surprised when some crazy started writing to him, wanting to cover him in whipped cream and licking it off.  

Chad sat forward, “Listen, I hate to say this, Mr Ackles, but at the moment your ‘stalker’ isn’t breaking any laws. You haven’t been approached by this person; there is no threatening language or threats of any kind within these messages. I suggest that you change your email address, and possibly lay off the writing for a little while and perhaps your Acolyte will get fed up.”

 Jared heard a sharp intake of breath from Kane, and then he looked at Jensen. Jensen was nodding slowly; there was slight smile on his face, but Jared could see the fear in his eyes. “You know, Detective Murray, I think you may be right in your assessment of the situation. I’d like to thank you for your time and we’ll be going. Come on, Chris, let’s go.”

 Jensen stood up, ready to leave. Jared glared at his partner. What the fuck did Chad think he was playing at? If this had been a woman, would he have been this dismissive? He understood that in Chad’s world men were not vulnerable or victims, and just because Jensen wrote porn didn’t mean he should have to suffer being stalked by a deranged ‘fan’.

 Jared gritted his teeth and spoke, “Mr Kane, my partner will escort you out. I just need to take a few more details from Mr Ackles to complete the report, in case we need to follow up.”

 Chad stood up and rolled his eyes. He muttered not so subtly, “More like you want the hot porn writer’s phone number. Please, Mr Kane, can you come with me?” 

 Jared watched his partner lead Kane from the room. He turned back to Jensen and spread his hands apologetically,” Please forgive my partner; he’s suffering from idiocy. It may even be terminal but I do what I can to keep him comfortable.” 

 For the first time since Jared laid eyes on Jensen, he gave the detective a genuine smile, and it lit up his entire face. Jared wanted to help Jensen but unfortunately Chad happened to be right - there was nothing threatening in the emails. But the fear Jared had seen in Jensen’s eyes had made him want to try and help. He could only imagine what it must be like, to have a stranger professing their undying love to you. Jared opened the file and looked down the preliminary paper work. Jensen’s name, address and phone number were there. Jared’s fingers tapped against the file but he was unsure what to do next. He took a deep breath, but Jensen broke the silence.

 “It’s alright, Detective Padalecki, I understand there is nothing you can do. After all, it’s just a bunch of emails from some teenage girl who managed to get lucky and find out my name. But I appreciate that you care.” Jensen got ready to stand when Jared leant forward and began to speak.

 “Please call me Jared, Mr Ackles....”Jensen held up his hand.

 “In that case call me Jensen.”

 “Right then, Jensen, if it’s alright with you I’d like to continue to look into your stalker. It won’t be a full investigation, but I might be able to find out more to help you. First of all can you give me the name of your E-book publisher, and Mr Bomer’s details as well?”

 “That’s Gabriel Publishing and my editor is Richard Speight Jr. They’re based in LA, but we keep in contact by phone and email. Can I have a paper and pen please?” Jared quickly tore off a page of his note pad. Jensen wrote down the phone number and email, Jared would need to contact Richard. He pushed the paper back and Jared took it from him. 

 Jared looked up from the file and smiled again, “Thank you, Jensen, now here’s my card. If anything else happens that makes you uncomfortable please contact me, and I’ll see if there is anything I can do. Jensen, tell me if I’m wrong but I get the feeling that there have been more emails than your friends are aware of. Am I right?”

 Jensen looked down at the desk again and he spoke softly in response to Jared’s question, “I lost count when it went over two hundred. Every time I open my emails there are more and more. And I’ve changed my email twice but he keeps finding me. I don’t know what to do Jared, and I have to admit it’s starting to scare me a little. But as for stopping my writing, I won’t, I can’t. If I do that he’s taken something I love from me, and I don’t want to give him the satisfaction. Stupid, huh?” Jensen sighed and ran his fingers through his hair.

 Jared started to reach out to the other man, then he let his hand still, “Jensen, it’s not stupid to want to carry on doing something you love. This Acolyte has no right to do this to you, and I promise that I will do whatever I can to get to the bottom of this.” With that, Jared stood up and Jensen followed suit, he held out his hand for Jensen to shake.

 As Jensen took his hand Jared spoke again, “By the way, I’d like to apologise once more for Chad. Our Lieutenant virtually promised him a hot female victim, so I’m sure he was disappointed. I think you surprised him a little.”

 Jensen couldn’t help but laugh at the thought of the blond detective being deprived of the chance of comforting a damsel in distress. He let go of Jared’s hand, “Well, like I said, I’m sorry if we have wasted your time, Jared. I only came here for my friend’s piece of mind. But I promise I’ll call if anything else happens. ” 

 The two men were walking towards where Chad and Chris stood waiting. Jared could tell that the two men had not become the best of friends in his and Jensen’s absence, judging by the way Kane kept glaring at Chad. Jared turned to Jensen, “Listen, I don’t think you’ve wasted my time at all, and I promise to look into this for you, Jensen. By the way, should we let those two go out for a coffee, or just hug it out?” Jared nodded towards his partner.

 Jensen looked over and winced slightly, “No, I think I’d better get Chris out of here before he strangles Chad, and I must apologise for him, he gets a little over protective of me.” 

“I understand perfectly, Jensen. With what is happening its good to know you have friends who will support you. I promise to be in contact in a couple of days. Take care, Jensen.” 

 Jared watched as Jensen caught up with his friend. Chad strolled past, rolling his eyes. Jared continued to watch as the men approached a car. Kane got in the driving seat, and Jared could tell the conversation was heated, judging by the body language. In fact, he had his own heated conversation to conduct with his partner. Jared spun on his heels and stalked back to the squad room. 

Chad was back in position, feet on the desk and slumped down in his seat. Jared strode over and glared at his friend. “And what the fuck was that, Murray? We’re supposed to help victims not suggest they’re asking for it.” He slammed the file down on the desk and threw himself into his seat.

 Chad opened one eye and sighed. He put his feet on the floor, “Come on, Jay, the dude writes fucking porn! And he gets his panties in a bunch when he gets a crazy? Please wake up and smell the coffee. I bet he was just trying to make short, brooding and dangerous sat by him, jealous.” 

“Oh, tell me you didn’t just say that, Murray. I know you’re a douche but I never had you down for a homophobe. Would you even be thinking any of that shit if Jensen had been Jennifer? I don’t think so, dude.” With that, Jared looked at his computer, clicked on the internet and began to search for Gabriel Publishing.

 “Excuse me, Padalecki, I’m the only cop who’d work with the fairy detective when you got here, so don’t you fucking dare call me a homophobe. Listen, Jared, you know as well as I do, there was nothing in that file we could use to move forward. No threats of physical violence, or sexually explicit material. What the hell are we supposed to charge the guy with? A bad case of reading too much romance and porn, then falling for the pretty guy who writes it? Jared, I promise if this does get more serious then I’ll treat it like a case, but for now it’s just a bad case of paranoia brought on by too much imagination. I bet it’s one of his friends just yanking his chain.” By now Chad was shouting, and the sound drew Morgan over to them. 

“Whoa there, Chad. Listen, I’m sorry about making you think Ackles was a woman, but come on, tell me what the hell is going on.” Morgan looked from one man to the other, waiting for one of them to explain.

 Chad looked up and shrugged his shoulders, “Lieutenant, you gotta know that the complaint is a bust. You never said the guy writes porn, what the hell does he expect? He says he writes under another name. But I bet just about everyone he knows, knows exactly what he does and the name he writes under. Jared thinks this Jensen is being pursued by the next Hannibal Lecter. You know how he gets; I say we just file the report and job done.”

 Morgan looked at Jared who was staring intently at his screen. He turned his screen round to face Chad. It was the site Jensen had mentioned, and it was full of reviews for Alec Cale’s work. Morgan stepped forward and read it, as did Chad. Both men looked up at Jared. “Yes, Alec has written erotica, but it seems that his talents don’t end there - his next project is a thriller for the publisher. Then there are the other short stories. Just because he writes porn, Chad, doesn’t give anyone the right to terrorize him. From what I can see there is no mention of Jensen’s name or anything that could link Alec to Jensen, so we are back to the original question. If it’s not one of Jensen’s friends, who the hell is it?” Jared sat back and waited. 

Morgan stood back and assessed the situation - both men were right in what was being said. Chad, from a legal standpoint was correct - there was nothing the police could do to help Jensen Ackles. Then Jared also had a point. Morgan had read the emails and he’d been uneasy with what he’d seen. There had to be a compromise. “Ok, gentlemen, this is what we’ll do. Chad, you can write up the report and leave it in the pending file.” Jared sat forward to speak, Morgan held up his hand. 

“Jared, I have no problems with you continuing to look into this, but your other cases come first and you do have such a thing as being off duty. Just make sure that you keep notes in case this does turn into something more serious. But to be honest, I hope that for once, Chad is right.” 

“Ahh, come on, Lieutenant, we’re not talking James Patterson here. I mean, who the hell stalks a porn writer? I’m telling you it’s just a ploy to make somebody jealous. But I tell you what, Jay. You look into it and I promise not to say ‘I told you so’ when I’m right.” Chad slumped back down in his seat and grinned at his partner; Jared shook his head and returned the grin. Chad might be a jerk, but in his own way he’d just promised to watch Jared’s back while he ran his investigation. 

Morgan relaxed. Harmony seemed to have been restored between the two detectives. He’d cut Jared some slack to work this, whether Chad liked it or not. Morgan had seen too many harmless stalker cases turn ugly. Just maybe this time they could do something before they were called in with the body bag.


The journey back to Jensen’s apartment had been tense. Chris gripped the steering wheel as if his life depended on it, because otherwise he’d wring his best friend’s neck. “Listen, for the last time, Jensen, we had to report this. You can’t carry on changing your email address. You can’t keep dismissing this as  if it’s nothing.”

 Jensen sighed and rubbed at his tired eyes, “Kane, come on, I’m not dismissing what’s happening but what the hell can the police do? He’s made no threats or sexual advances, just what the fuck are they supposed to investigate, Chris?” Jensen fell silent as they arrived at his apartment.

 Jensen and Kane turned the corner and Jensen was confronted by the welcome committee. Stood and sat outside his front door were Mike, Tom and Misha. Misha stood up, a look of concern on his face, “Jensen, are you alright? How did it go at the police station?”

 Jensen looked at his friend and shook his head. He opened his door and they all filed inside, “I don’t know about you guys but I need a drink.”

 He walked to the fridge and opened it; he was just getting some beers when he felt a presence beside him. He stood back and Misha was there, his usual happy expression was gone and in its place was a look of concern. “Jensen, I know it’s a stupid question but are you ok?” 

Jensen just wanted to scream, “No, I’m far from fucking ok! Some guy I’ve never met thinks I’m the love of his damn life, and now I get the feeling that I’m being watched all the time. And the police think I’m a porn writing princess with paranoid delusions, but apart from that I’m doing great.” Instead, he patted Misha on the arm and gave him a weak smile. “Don’t worry, man, I’m fine. It’s just a few stupid emails. I’m sure my Acolyte will get the message, and go away. Come on; let’s get the others their beers before Mike collapses from dehydration.” He handed Misha some bottles of beer, and they joined their friends.  Misha smiled at him, but as he walked away he didn’t see the Misha’s face cloud with worry. 

As Jensen sat down he saw two expectant faces and one very pissed off one. “Ok, guys, short version, long version, or the Kane ‘I’m gonna kill me a cop and bury him beneath the Alamo’ version.” 

Tom looked from Kane to Jensen and cringed; the atmosphere between the two friends was fraught, to say the least. Misha finally joined them in his customary place on the floor, and now they waited to hear what had happened.

 Kane sat forward, “For Christ’s sake, Jen, they completely dismissed you. They got no intention of investigating your complaint and yes, I’m damn pissed about it. That Murray needed taking out of the station then me and him were gonna have a little chat over his attitude to you.”

 Tom sat up straighter, and the normally quiet and calmest member of their little gang turned to Jensen, “Please don’t tell me the little creep was a homophobe. Seriously Jen, you should complain. I say we all go back and demand to see his boss.” 

 Jensen groaned when he saw Mike and Misha stand up and make their way towards the door, grim expressions on their faces. Seriously, this was the last thing he needed. “Guys, come on, and sit the fuck down. Now what exactly did me an’ Kane take to show them?”

 Mike was sitting down, grumbling about not being able to kick the cop’s ass. “I’d say pretty conclusive evidence that some nut job is stalking you! Jesus Jen, for all we know he’s lurking outside the apartment right now.” With that all eyes turned to the window. Tom reached over and smacked Mike round the head.

 “Ow! What the fuck did you do that for?” He glared at his friend.

 “Maybe, because the last thing Jensen wants to think about is our friend outside, waiting for him, moron.” Tom shook his head.

 “Oh yeah, sorry about that, dude.” Mike looked sheepish.


Jensen sighed and carried on, “No, what we actually took them was a file full of emails, expressing undying love. No threats of someone creeping in here in the dead of night and cutting my throat, or even creeping in here and fucking me senseless. Guys, there is nothing for the police to investigate. Listen, I’ll just keep ignoring them and I bet my teenage girlfriend will give up soon. I’m just over reacting, it will be fine.” Jensen slumped back against the couch and closed his eyes.

 Kane looked at his friends, he’d finally gotten Jensen to the police after Mike had begged and threatened to join Misha in sleeping outside his front door and now this was the result. “Jen, ya gotta understand, we’re worried about you. I get what you’re saying about the cops, but come on, how the hell did this guy find you? And how the hell does he keep finding you?” Kane’s voice rose in frustration. 

Jensen sat up straighter, “Kane, I really thought that would be your department. You know, geek central. I’ve just been damned unlucky. I get the only teenage girl in the world who doesn’t want to marry Robert Patterson. Look, we filed a report and one of the detectives said they would take a further look.”

 Misha turned his head, “Hang on, I thought the cops just dismissed you as a fruitcake?” Misha ducked out of the way of the pillow thrown by Kane. Jensen threw back his head and laughed, to the puzzlement of the others.

 “Thanks for that, Misha; at last one of you gets how it had to sound to the cops. No, Detective Murray was a little disappointed I wasn’t a hot chick, but his partner Detective Padalecki said he would take another look.” Jensen took a swig of beer as Kane’s jaw dropped open.

 “Hang on, would that be the Sasquatch? The one with the dimples? Holy crap, Jen! Hey guys, get this. Lieutenant Frank Drebben Jnr. only suggested that it was one of us writing to Jen. And this is the guy hunting down Romeo? Shit! Ya got no worries. Sherlock Holmes is on the case; you’re saved.”

 Mike choked on his beer when he heard that, “What! The cops think we’re behind what’s happening to Jensen? Crap! I couldn’t even come up with half of the hearts and flowers shit this guy writes. I mean, some of it is like a harlequin writer on acid! And could you imagine Tom writing that stuff? Misha I get, and I’m pretty sure Kane has his moments, but come on, there is no way we could get that romantic with ‘all the love of my life crap’.”

 Jensen just shook his head, “Oh dear god, don’t tell me I’m being pursued by a relentless romance writer. God, if this gets out of hand I could be beaten to death with a bunch of long stemmed roses. Damn, those thorns would hurt.” Jensen laughed at that thought and he ignored the thunderstruck looks from Kane.

 Tom sat playing with his beer bottle, slowly turning it round and round, “Jensen, do you think you should contact your publishers and delay the posting of that novella of yours? Only for a little while, just until we figure out who is behind this?” 

Jensen looked over at his friend and sadly shook his head, “No way am I doing that, Tom. I’ve worked so goddamn long on it and now it’s just over a month away from being published. If I do that then he’s won. Look, I promise to be careful and not talk to any strangers. Anyhow, you guys have got my back. What have I got to worry about? Come on, let’s talk about something else. I’ve had enough of Acolyte for tonight, please?”

 Mike pulled Jensen into a bear hug, “Ahh sweetheart, let me hold you in my arms until the pain goes away. I tell you what. I think we should sit and watch romantic movies for the rest of the night. Hey Kane, can we straighten your hair? Misha, paint Jensen’s toenails, me and Tom will hold him down. So then, tonight’s romantic movies are.......”

 Misha and Tom gave a drum roll as Mike reached into his jacket and pulled out a boxed set, “Yes gentlemen, the height of romance - all four Die Hard movies!” As they laughed Mike rested his hand on Jensen’s knee and looked at him seriously, “Jensen, I promise that all of us will be here for you, and if Acolyte bothers you anymore, me and Tom will hunt him down and set Kane on him. So then, ladies, are we all ready?” 

Mike leapt to his feet and walked over to Jensen’s television and loaded up the first disk. As Mike prepared to turn the movie on, he called out....”Ok, after three! One, two, three...!”

 They all chorused together, “Yippee kayee motherfucker!” Mike dropped back down by Jensen, and for the rest of the evening Jensen’s problems melted away. 

After his friends had gone Jensen sat staring at his unopened lap top, biting his lip. He was trying to summon the courage to just switch it on. He gently rested his hand on the case and his heart pounded with nerves, he drew back his hand. His head fell forward and he rested his arms on his knees then he began to get angry. He was angry with the unknown person who’d invaded his life and was in the process of tainting the thing he loved.

 Jensen sat up straight, opened the lap top and quickly switched it on. His hand hovered over the keys as he opened his emails. As always, there were messages waiting for him from Acoylyte0301, he clicked on a random message. There were the words he hated, Acolyte0301 telling him he was adored and all they wanted to do was take care of Jensen and protect him from a world that wished him harm.

 Jensen began to type....


I don’t know why you think that I’m worthy of such love and devotion, but I’m far from the man you picture me to be. Alec Cale has never existed, and I’m just a man with all the faults and flaws of a man. I’m not perfect or a ‘shining soul’ as you call me. Do you understand what you’re doing to me? I have become afraid of what I will find whenever I open an email. I don’t know who you are or why you’ve chosen me. 

 What right do have you to invade my life like this? This is not a relationship as I understand it. I don’t want you to contact me again. I’ve contacted the police and with that in mind I want to be left alone. 

 Jensen stopped typing, his shoulders slumped in defeat; he deleted both the email and his response. No, if he engaged with Acolyte0301 he would only be playing his game. He shut down the lap top and sat staring at it, and again he felt anger flowing through him.  

He glared at his lap top, “Ok, that’s just about fucking it! You know what. Screw you! You can keep on writing me as many love letters, poems and shit as you want to because you are not ruining my life! Do you hear me?” Jensen dragged his hand down his face and he laughed bitterly. “Great! Now you got me talking to myself. Sorry Acolyte, but I have wasted enough time on you. My friends think I needed protecting from you. Well, I don’t. I can look after myself.” After that outburst Jensen felt a little lighter. He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out the card detective Padalecki handed him. 

He was just about to tear it up when he paused. No, he’d keep the card; there was something about Jared that appealed to him. He remembered hearing Chad’s whispered comment to Jared about the hot porn writer. He gave a slight smile; it was such as shame that he’d met Jared under those circumstances and he really didn’t expect to hear from Jared again. It was just something else Acolyte had cost him. With that, Jensen went to bed.


 That’s what I admire about you, Jensen, it’s your spirit. I feel guilty at doing this to you but you need to understand that I’m the only one you can turn to. I will be the one who protects you; your friends have no idea what to do and the police? Well, they are useless as you’ve realized. No, I must be strong, my love. You will have to endure this trial by fire. And only then will you be able to see I’ve always been there for you, and then we can be together forever.

 The screens in front of me give me a window on your life, and I can pretend to be near you, like now. I’m watching as you take a shower before you go to bed. Your body is beautiful, Jensen, and I long to be able to touch and hold you. But for now I must be patient.

 I feel sorry because soon I must increase the pressure on you. It gives me no pleasure, my love but we must be together and this is the only way. Forgive me, my Jensen, and soon you will understand how much I love you. Never forget that I’m watching over you.


 The next morning Jensen got ready for work, happier than he’d been in weeks; he was ready to face the world again. As he drank his coffee he was blissfully unaware, that his Acolyte was putting plans into motion, which would send his life spiralling into a chaotic nightmare.






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  • I'm a little pissed off!

    Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, please excuse this little drive by spleen vent. I was scribbling away at my story, but I feel the urge to whinge.Earlier…

  • Grabby Hands!

    Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, pray excuse yet another rude interruption to your week. I can’t help myself I’m in full squee mode here,…

  • On a grey miserable Tuesday, I have a question.

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