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Crawls Out From Beneath Rock!

Friends,. Romans, F* before you all start running for the hills screaming, this is just a little post to wave at you and then vanish.  If I owe you comments, feedback, or just moral or even better immoral support I will get back to you soon.  The purpose of this little ramble, is to fill in anyone who is vaugely interested in the state of my scribbles (And belive me they are a state *G*).

Yes while away on holiday, I reworked chapter 3 of Acolyte0301, started chapter 17 of hell is other people, put down 3000 words of a h/c bingo card prompt......And oh yeah over 5000 of my Gen Supernatural Big Bang.  Now it dawns on me the dead line for the rough draft of the last one is next week, and I'd like to try and complete this, so I may go missing for a little while, to see if I can hand something in an artist to laugh hysterically at.  I'm not sure I get the Winchester voices down, but hell why should that stop me beating the crap out of, and generally abusing Dean (naked Dean at that).

In other writing news, and yes please feel free to try and stop me, that bingo card is a little gold mine of abuse...err I mean inspiration.  So far it has given me time stamps for Coming Home, Strangers in the night, and at least three time stamps for the Fic O Doom!!! Hell it even gave me an idea for a new part of the Bracelet verse!  Now all I need is to win the lottery, give up work and sit and write *G*  Failing that it will be a case of real life permitting and keeping that little bugger of a muse still long enough to complete something, there was also that piece of porn inspired by the Christian Kane song Permanent 99, no I'll be strong I'll finish something if it bloody kills me.

So to conclude (what do you mean thank god for that)  I will be scribbling away and torturing poor innocent green eyed. frackle faced bow legged wonder, wish me luck... better yet wish my poor long suffering Beta luck!  Poor Judy she'll never speak to me again, if even half of these get to see the light of the way did I mention the Wing Fic that popped into my head with the mutation prompt? No right forget I mentioned that then. When do fandoms? keel over? only with the speed I write the whole thing could've shut down by then.

See you soon folks, or better yet does any one know where I can buy a second hand TARDIS?
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