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Acoylyte0301, (3/?), PG-13, Jared/Jensen

Title:  Acolyte0301
Word Count: 6140
Rating: This chapter PG-13, (but it will get higher in later chapters)
Summary: Jensen Ackles works a nine to five job, along with his friends he’s a cubicle captive but he has an escape, he writes. Now his hobby has become something more, he’s become an internet author and now his writing has a fan following. Unfortunately for Jensen one particular fan wants more than just his autograph. Can detective Jared Padalecki stop Jensen’s devoted acolyte, before it’s too late.
 Pairing: Jared/Jensen.
Disclaimer: Once more I proclaim with great sadness that I neither own, nor know the men I have generally abused during the writing of this story. All ideas are pure fiction and I meant no harm, ok mostly no harm, and Jensen I’m really sorry.

Notes:   This story was supposed to be my entry for this year’s Big Bang, but real life mugged me and now I’ll be posting as and when I finish more chapters. As always many thanks go to bigj52, my beta and all round awesome woman, who puts up with my rambles. Feed back is always welcome.


Life had settled down into a strange kind of routine for Jensen. Every morning when he got up he checked his email but instead of the stomach churning sense of dread he’d felt every time he’d looked, now he was calm and fairly happy to see his emails from Acolyte0301, “Good morning to you my friend, I’ve missed you.  What’s this? Only twenty this morning? Ahh, don’t you love me anymore? I’m crushed, dude. Did our love burn out so soon?  Damn, they don’t make stalkers like they used to.”  As he was talking he was downloading the unopened emails onto a memory stick, for the guys to read later, it had been a suggestion of Misha’s. 

It meant now Jensen no longer had to read the emails if he didn’t want too, but instead he could just store them for future reference.  Just in the words of Mike, “Your creepy assed stalker breaks into your apartment and does unmentionable things to you, and then we can sue the cops.” This had led to Mike having to apologize for not engaging his brain before speaking, as well as preventing Tom from carrying out his threat of cuffing him, naked to the board room table.  Just before the monthly accounts meeting and let Kripke, Fuller and Beaver find him like that. 

  Jensen smiled as he finished his early morning task, in some ways his Acolyte was helping him get fit again.  He’d always been a runner and when he’d joined the firm of Kripke and Fuller his running had fallen by the way.  Now as part of his new routine he was getting up early, downloading the emails and then going for a run. It was Saturday, and he was about to go for a longer run then he was going to sit down and do some writing.  Running helped to clear his mind, the repetitive rhythm of his feet pounding the sidewalk let his imagination run free.  Jensen picked up his water bottle, finished his stretching and let himself out of his apartment.

 Jared switched off the engine and sat, looking at the apartment building; his thumbs drumming a staccato rhythm against the steering wheel.  He wasn’t actually sure why he was sat outside of Jensen’s building on a Saturday morning when he could still be lying in bed.  But he wanted to share what progress he’d made with Jensen. As he got out of the car he could hear Chad’s voice mocking him. “Progress....right. You just want to talk to the hot porn writer.”  No, he really had some more questions for Jensen. It was nothing to do with his eyes, freckles or that ass he’d ogled as Jensen walked away from the station.  Jared shook himself at that. Crap! Now he was beginning to sound like Chad, he really must talk to Morgan about another partner, naw he’d miss the douche bag too much. He’d just have to behave more responsibly.  As Jared reached the doors of the building and checked the number of Jensen’s apartment, another occupant was leaving.  Jared held the door open and went inside the building.

 Jared walked upstairs, and he rang Jensen’s door bell but there was no sign of life from within the apartment. Jared cursed himself; he should have realized that Jensen would be busy on a Saturday.  He was just about to ring and leave a message for Jensen when he heard the sound of footsteps.  He turned and tried not to drool. Jensen was just rounding the corner; he’d been running. His T-Shirt was darkened with sweat and clung to broad shoulders like a second skin; he was wearing three-quarter length running pants.  Jared was desperately trying not to stare at Jensen’s well muscled legs; instead, he impressed himself by managing to keep eye contact as Jensen walked towards him.

 “Hi Jared, have you found out who my secret admirer is yet? Because if you have, then damn, I’m impressed with the speed of your investigation.  Sorry about this. As you can see I went for a run. Would you like to come in? I’ll get cleaned up a little then we can talk.”  As he spoke Jensen was unlocking his door. Jared let him walk past and he had to admit that the back view was damned spectacular. Not as stunning as the front, but that ass in those pants should carry a health warning.

 Jared suddenly realized Jensen was waiting for an answer, “Oh sorry, Jensen, I should’ve rung ahead. I never gave it a thought. It’s your weekend and I’m crashing it.  I can call back if you like?” 

Jensen just grinned at the blushing man, “Hell no, thanks for making the time to come. Well, don’t just stand there, come and make yourself comfortable.”  Jared walked into Jensen’s apartment; he looked around, the apartment had a warm feel to it.  It was tidy but not obsessively so; there were magazines strewn across the coffee table, and Jensen’s lap top sat in the middle of it. 

“Sorry about the mess but it’s the maid’s day off, actually I haven’t tidied up yet. God, if my little Acolyte could see me now, I’m sure he’d leave me.  By the way would you like a coffee?”  Jared turned to watch as Jensen walked into his kitchen. He followed him and waited as Jensen opened the fridge, grabbed a bottle of cold water and took a long drink.

 Jared found the floor fascinating, rather than watch Jensen’s throat as he drank the water. Shit! This was a bad idea; he’d got the hots for a victim.  He really was screwed.  He was just about to make his excuses and leave when Jensen turned to look at him, and Jared felt as if he was rooted to the spot.  Jensen gave a half smile when he saw him standing there, and he knew he was trapped. He cleared his throat, and “Yeah, coffee would be great, thanks.  Listen, I’m sorry I don’t want to get your hopes up, but I wanted to tell you what’s been happening and to check that you’re ok.”

 Jensen watched as Jared shuffled awkwardly, and he felt lighter than he had in days.  Thanks to Misha’s suggestion, it meant his life was approaching something close to normal, and maybe Jared had some good news.  They stood in silence as the coffee brewed. Finally Jensen handed Jared a mug of coffee. “Help yourself to milk and sugar. Like I said, make yourself comfortable and I’ll just grab a quick shower. I stink.”  Jensen moved past Jared, and once again he tried very hard not to stare at that ass in those pants, he really did. But in the end he admitted defeat and took the chance to enjoy the view. 

Jared moved back to the lounge area and sat down on the couch. It was true he didn’t have much to tell Jensen.  He wanted to make sure that Jensen was doing fine, and to ask if he’d had any more thoughts about the identity of his Acolyte. 

As he sat waiting for Jensen he went through what he’d learned in the past week.  After Jensen’s visit to the station, Morgan had been true to his word in letting Jared look into the case.  This had meant contacting Jensen’s publishers; after an initial phone call Jared had arranged for a video conference.  He’d just been getting ready to take his lap top down to a quiet spot in the canteen when Morgan had called him over. 

“Jared, listen, I’ve got a budget meeting. If you want to make your private call in my office you’re more than welcome.  Don’t worry about being disturbed. I’ve primed your guard dog to watch the door.  I’ll feed Chad a bone when I get back.” 

Jared had grinned, “Thanks Lieutenant, I’ll make it quick; you never know I might even be able to put this to bed.” 

“Jared, take your time. I’d rather you did it right than quickly. Besides, I get the feeling it won’t be that easy.”  Morgan picked up his files and left Jared alone in his office. 

Chad stuck his head round the door and grinned, “Don’t get too comfortable there, Jay, my man, Morgan’s only loaning it to you. The only way to that desk is through hard work, although you might be able to sleep your way to the top.”

 Jared laughed “I’ll work hard. Have you seen Chief Ostroff? She’s got a better moustache than Morgan.  Now scoot, I need to concentrate. Thanks for this, Chad.” 

“Don’t mention it, Jay. All you gotta do is get me a date with Kate in Vice and we’re even.” 

“I’ll do my best, man but I ain’t a miracle worker.”  Just then his screen bleeped and there was an incoming web call. 

Jared was surprised by the face that appeared on his screen. He been expecting a smooth operator, instead Richard Speight Jr had a face that was more beard than skin.  Jared assumed he was smiling, judging by the way his ears moved upwards as his beard moved. 

“Good morning, Detective Padalecki, I’ve been looking forward to talking to you.  I need you to look after one of my most promising authors.”  Jared was taken aback by the comment. 

“Don’t look so surprised. Jensen has already apprised me of the situation and I’m more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep him writing.  Detective Padalecki, Jensen is very valuable to my publishing house.” Richard went quiet and waited for Jared’s questions. 

“Ok then, Mr Speight. As a matter of interest, how valuable is Mr Ackles to you and what would you do to ensure he continued writing for you?” 

The bearded man threw back his head and roared with laughter, “Oh, that’s marvellous, you have me in the evil Svengali role, forcing that poor fragile boy to slave over his lap top, pouring his soul into his every word. To be truthful, my interest is financial.  Jensen is an untapped goldmine for me. Let me explain.  The world of internet publishing is still in its relative infancy, we’re expanding all the time.  Yes, most of our titles deal with erotica, but we want to expand into all the genres.  And sometimes we find a rare talent, an author who could be published on paper.  Jensen is one such talent and believe me, I don’t want to lose him, but I’d never threaten or scare him into writing for me.  It’s counterproductive. What use is a writer who’s too scared to write? Besides, I like Jensen and this whole thing is bad for business.” 

Judging by the man’s reaction to the question Jared had been inclined to believe him. Why scare a man who made money for you. Jared decided to move onto his next question.  “Thank you for your honesty, Mr Speight. I’m concerned about Mr Ackles’ anonymity. He says that he only writes under the name ‘Alec Cale’, so how did Acolyte0301 get his details? Did someone in your company leak it? Or is there a chance that Acolyte0301 is a member of your staff?” 

The man relaxed back into his seat, “Hmm, I like the way you think. Have you ever considered writing crime fiction?”  Jared shook his head, “No? You can’t blame a man for trying. First of all, you must understand that we take our author’s wishes for privacy very seriously.  As I say, we mainly deal in erotica.  Let me give you an example of what that entails... ‘One’ of my best dungeon authors, a mistress of the BDSM and dark romance, is an Elementary schoolteacher by day.  And trust me there isn’t a member of my staff who would give up her identity. We have a very strict confidentiality rule here.  Any breach results in instant dismissal and a very punitive lawsuit. 

 I’m also editor-in-chief, and I ensure many of my writers are only known by their pen names by way of protection.  As for it being a member of staff, they all know I’m conducting an internal investigation into the matter, and if it’s one of them I will find out.  Also I’ve got our I.T. team attempting to track down Acolyte0301, so far without success; he’s either very good or very lucky.  We’re leaning towards the former, but I promise you if we find out anything I’ll inform you.”   

Jared cursed under his breath. He’d been hoping that it might be one of the employees at Gabriel publishing. Hell, it still might be.  But without this escalating there was little more he could do. Jared sighed. He was just about to sign off when he thought about something Jensen’s publisher had said.  “You mentioned authors being talented enough to be published on paper? I’d have thought the internet and the electronic books were killing that?” 

“Well, possibly in the future, but even now most internet publishers dream of discovering an author we can see published in dusty old fashioned print.   Jensen is my pride and joy. Not only are we publishing his novella on-line very soon, and I must ask you to keep this strictly confidential detective Padalecki.   Jensen’s written his first novel and I have several publishing houses vying for it, and he’ll be able to publish it under his own name if he so wishes.   

As I’ve said Jensen is very talented, he can write both erotica and mainstream literature with ease.  I have authors who can’t come up with a plot without substantial rewrites from my editing team, but the sex scenes are amazing.  On the other hand I have mainstream authors, who can’t write a bedroom scene if their lives depended on it.  That boy has a bright future, and I really don’t appreciate some stalker freaking him out. So Detective Padalecki, it’s in my best interest to see the whack job caught.  Sorry I couldn’t be of more help.” 

“No, thank you, Mr Speight; you’ve given me plenty to think about. If I have any further questions concerning Mr Ackles would it be alright to contact you again?”  Man and beard nodded their agreement and the connection was broken.  Just then Chad stuck his head round the door, looking hopefully at Jared. 

“Well, are you gonna be able to swoop in with the news hot porn writer wants to hear?  Or is it a case of ‘the longest dry spell in the history of dry spells’, is gonna continue for you, Jared?” 

“Chad, I say this with the greatest of affection.  Fuck off! Shit! This is impossible. I can’t use any leverage because this isn’t an official investigation.  I’ve got no idea what to do next.  Come on, say it.”  Jared sat forward and put his head in his hands. 

“What? Me say I told you so? Naw, not yet my friend. I think you have a few more blind allies to run down, and then I’ll claim crowing rights.  But look at it this way, Jay - you’ve managed to discount his publisher. How is the ex stacking up as your mysterious stalker?” Chad’s word both cheered and frustrated Jared in equal measure. 

Jared sighed, “No go, he’s either ducking the calls or out of town. I’ll have to pay him a little visit soon.” Jared closed up the lap top and returned to his ‘official cases’. 

Jared was disturbed from his musings. He’d heard the sound of the shower running and now it sounded like Jensen was heading out to the lounge.  He turned to the sound and saw Jensen. If he’d thought he’d looked sexy before, Jared now considered it was getting ridiculous.  Jensen was wearing a pair of worn old jeans - they fitted him perfectly, not too loose or too tight, and the frayed hems on the legs of the jeans just accented his bare feet.  Jensen was wearing a pale green T-shirt that fitted him to perfection, and Jared wasn’t staring at his shoulders as they moved within the soft material. God damn he was developing a kink for Jensen’s shoulders, and seriously, the guy didn’t need product in his hair.  Jared just wanted to run his fingers through the soft, short spikes.  That was it! Damnit, he had to get laid, and soon, before he did something stupid like jump the traumatized stalker victim. 

Jensen stood watching as Jared was attempting to arrange his face into what he hoped was a professional but sympathetic expression. Sadly he was failing, and Jensen was secretly enjoying the inner struggle between cop and man that was obviously going on.  When he’d taken his shower he’d considered just what to wear and judging by the reaction he’d pitched it just right. A little harmless flirting was good for his soul at the moment, a reminder that his life didn’t solely revolve around his stalker, besides Jared was one of the hottest guys he’d seen in a long time, and it was nice to know he could still have an effect.  He picked up Jared’s now empty mug, “Refill? Then you can tell me all about your stunning detective work.” 

When Jensen returned with the coffees he noticed that Jared looked serious, he sighed to himself.  It seemed Jared wasn’t here to bring him good news after all. He hadn’t really expected Jared to get anywhere but there had been hope.  “I take it you’re not here to tell me you’ve caught him. What can you tell me then, Jared?” 

Jensen sat in the armchair and watched as Jared considered what to say. The writer in him was carefully cataloguing his expressions, Jared had very expressive face, and he was enjoying Jared’s company it was such a shame about the circumstances they had met under. Jared shrugged then he smiled at him and it was like the room had suddenly gotten brighter. Jensen fought hard not to just get up and sit by him. No, he had to try and keep this on an impersonal level, but if Jared kept smiling like that then to hell with it, he was going over there and getting up close and personal.


“Ok, progress or to be honest, lack of progress report. I’ve spoken to your publisher and it doesn’t appear that your stalker comes from there.  But I just need to know who your main point of contact is? Or better still, how many members of the publishing house do you deal with?” 

Jensen took a sip of coffee and let the rich, dark liquid warm him, “Well, when I sent my first stories, my editor was David, he’s Richard assistant. Then after my third short story Richard took over editing my stuff, and now he’s my main contact. He’s trying to become my agent and the man’s determined I’ll give him that.” 

Jared thought about that, “Is there any chance David is resentful that Richard took his discovery off his hands?  Or could it be Richard pressuring you into signing a contract with him, by creating your stalker?” 

Jared watched Jensen mull this over, and no, he wasn’t freaking adorable sat there, biting on his bottom lip.  “Well, David still helps with my stories, and he does a lot of editing in his own right.  It was him who took my stuff to Richard, so I don’t think he has a problem with my being Richard’s pet project.  As for Richard turning all Phantom of the Opera - no, he’s given me some alternative names, and I think he’s prepared to share me with another agent.....God, could you just imagine me in a long white nightgown swooning all over the place? Now there’s an idea for a story.”  Jensen threw back his head and laughed at the image, forcing Jared to desperately try and think of ways to get the picture of Jensen wearing nothing but a long piece of some filmy white material out of his head. 

Jared surrendered and enjoyed the moment. Finally when he pulled himself together he asked another question, “No one springs to mind at the publishers, but how about where you work? Do you have any enemies there who might see this as the perfect opportunity to put you under pressure?” 

Jensen shook his head, “I suppose I could say Jim Beaver, my supervisor, but the guys and me think he hates all carbon based life forms.  And he’s just working out how to get numbers to take over the world, then again Beaver would have to show interest in our private lives.  Which is somewhere he never goes, he has a hard enough time say good morning some days.... Actually I’m being a little unfair; he just likes to keep his distance from his cubicle captives.  But in the end we go back to the fact that there’s only Chris, Misha, Mike and Tom who know about Alec.  And before you ask, there is no way they’d tell anyone; our firm can tend to be a little conservative.  The prospect of a porn writer handling a church account, would likely give Mr Fuller a heart attack.” 

Jared grinned at that, but again he was frustrated by the fact his hands were tied. If he could investigate properly, then he might be of more help to Jensen.  “Hey Jared, don’t look quite so worried. Listen, it’s great you’ve even looked into it this much.  I know you can’t do much more but I promise everything is under control.” 

“How’s that? Has Acolyte stopped emailing you or have you changed your address again?”  Jared enquired. 

Jensen looked embarrassed, “Sad to say, no, he’s actually sent another couple hundred or so. But thanks to a brilliant suggestion from Misha, I now just download them straight onto a memory stick, and before you panic, I do check them.   I promise there has been no mention of him turning up in the dead of night and cutting me into little pieces.  I think if that had happened then Chris would’ve carried me back to the station and chained me to your desk until I talked.  Plus, the guys have now set up a rota, and take turns reading them just to keep on top of them.”  Jensen gave a slight smile, as he flushed at the admission.

 Jared decided not to give the last comment about Jensen being chained to his desk time to settle down and get comfortable in his head.  He quickly changed the subject, before his imagination had chance to get him in trouble. “Your friends are close then. You’ve known each other a long time?”   

“Well, I’ve known Mike and Tom since I joined the firm, and I met Misha three years ago when he started working with me, and I’ve know Kane forever.” 

“You and Mr Kane are very close then? Like I said, he seems very protective of you.  And how did he come to be working with you?”  Jared tried to keep the enquiry casual, but Jensen detected an edge to Jared’s voice. 

“Kane is not a natural office worker, his heart is in music.  He and Steve who he shares a house with have a band.  They’re still trying to be discovered, and to make sure he didn’t starve to death in the meantime; I managed to get him the gig at Fuller and Kripke.  Kane is brilliant with computers and I.T suits him, he’s almost his own boss, hell even Beaver shows him respect.  To be honest, Kane is more like a brother than a friend. Even if he was gay there’s no way I’d ever think of him like that. The only wrestling we’ve ever done was when Kane taught me to fight.” 

Jared looked surprised at that, “Why did he teach you to fight? You don’t seem like the type to start fights.” 

Jensen quirked an eyebrow at him, “Well, I got bullied at high school, and after the fifth time I staggered into the nurse, Kane decided enough was enough.  Except he didn’t wade in, he taught me to look after myself.  I don’t start fights, but I can finish them, thanks to him.”  Jared looked at the other man, and gauged what Jensen had said. Yes, he could imagine if Jensen was pushed too far he could take care of himself. 

“I have to ask, why do you call him Kane and not Christian or Chris?”  Jared was intrigued by the Jensen referred to his best friend. 

Jensen laughed at that, “Oh that! That’s easy; Kane’s isn’t overly fond of his first name.  He always says that Christian sounds like some kind of saint. And he’s always seen himself as more of a sinner. Just about everyone calls him Kane, and I have never had a better or closer friend.  So I indulge him by calling him Kane.”  Jared nodded at that, he could appreciate the bond the two men shared.   He was glad to know that Jensen had somebody like Kane to be there for him. 

Jared drained his coffee and was prepared to stand up, “I should let you get on. Do you have anything special planned for the rest of the day?” 

“I’m going to be writing. Actually, I’m going to be working on my novel.  Richard wants me to tidy up some areas and then he’s taking it round to some publishers.”  Jensen paused after he said that. 

“What’s up, Jensen? Did I say something wrong?”  Jared looked concerned. 

Jensen gave him a smile, “No, it’s just no one knows about my novel. You’re the first person I’ve told about it.  Even Kane doesn’t know about it yet.  Jared, I don’t suppose you’d like to stay for another coffee? It’s just that I have some questions concerning law enforcement.”  Jensen looked nervously at him. 

Jared sank back against the couch and he returned Jensen’s smile, “I’d love another coffee. If you’re gonna ask about how many donuts we eat on duty then I’m afraid I’m bound by the cops’ code of honour to lie to you.”    Both men had laughed at that, and Jensen fetched some more coffee, then they sat talking for a couple of hours. 

After Jared had left Jensen sat down and started work; he was relaxed for the first time in what felt like forever.  He couldn’t help but like Jared, he had an easy charm and that smile. He had a feeling that one of his next characters would have hazel eyes and a smile that could blind you at twenty paces.  Also he was surprised that he’d told Jared about his novel. As he’d said no one knew about it, it was his secret.  Only Richard knew about it and had read it, and yet he’d told Jared without a second thought. Perhaps his Acolyte hadn’t cost him his friendship with Jared.  There might be some good to come out of this situation after all. 


 I open my front door, it has been a very good day; my preparations are going well. Today has lifted my mood, as I know  all my hard work will soon be rewarded, I feel I owe myself a small treat for all I’ve achieved today. I’m anxious to see you again my love.  My preparations have meant I’ve been absent most of the day and I’ve not had chance to see you yet. Now I will have the time to sit down with a cold beer to see what you have been doing today. 

I look at the screens in front of me and good, you’re watching television and relaxing. I think you push yourself too hard at times, Jensen. Working in a demanding position and writing by night, you must be careful not to exhaust yourself. Now it’s time to review the rest of the day’s footage, first of all I will take this chance to admire how beautiful you look today; I like those jeans on you, and the T-shirt.  When we are together, you must wear those jeans for me.

 I scroll back the disc to earlier in the day, and I see you’ve been writing again.  Once everything is ready, I will be the only one to read your words. I know they will be amazing; after all, your novel is brilliant. I enjoyed reading it.  That idiot who is editing it may spoil the flow if he’s not careful with his cuts and suggestions. 

Relaxing back into my seat I feel content watching as you write, knowing that soon I’ll be able to sit beside you as you write.  Later I will remotely connect to your lap top, and read your latest work.   The house is nearly ready and everything is going according to plan.  I feel saddened by the knowledge that soon I must hurt the one I love, it is an unpleasant thought but it is unavoidable.  I need to make you understand, that I’m the only one who truly cares for you, Jensen. My mood is becoming melancholic; I need to distract myself from such unpleasant thoughts.  Let’s see what else you’ve been doing today. 

What’s this? What’s he doing there?  I wind the footage back to his arrival.  How dare he look at you like that? I can see the lust in his eyes. No, detective Padalecki, he is not yours.  Jensen is mine and he has been since the first time I saw him.  You sit there laughing with him, and all the time I can see you just want to take Jensen in his bedroom and fuck him! NO! That will not happen, I will not allow it! You will not defile him. Not after I worked so hard to rid Jensen of that cheating bastard Matt, now you think you can just move in and take him from me?  No Detective Padalecki I will never allow that,  it will never happen. 

I feel sick watching as he tries to seduce you with his sly smiles and slick charm.  I listen to the conversation, and I feel the warm splash of a tear upon my wrist.  How could you, Jensen? How could you tell that man about your novel? Our precious secret. How dare you betray me with that man! The empty bottle smashes against the wall as the rage builds inside of me. 

You must learn, Jensen, I didn’t want to have to hurt you. But now you have to understand that you are mine and mine alone.  You must be punished for this, I must be strong now. It will hurt me to cause you pain but you have to be taught that there can be no one else but me. 


Blissfully unaware that he’d inadvertently crossed an invisible line with his Acolyte, Jensen settled down for a good night’s sleep. It would prove to be the last peaceful night he would have for some time to come. 

Monday morning rolled round again way too soon, and Jensen stood, drinking his first cup of coffee. It was a beautiful morning, he’d been for a run, checked his numerous emails, and he felt everything was good with the world. He was just fastening his tie when his mobile rang.  He answered, “Hello...hello?” There was silence on the other end of the line.  Jensen cancelled the call; it had been from a blocked number, “Hmmm, must’ve been a wrong number.”  He’d put his jacket on when his other phone rang, it was the land line.  He reached over and answered it, “Hello.”  Again there was silence; he frowned at the phone in his hand “Weird!”  He glanced down at his watch, “Shit! I’m gonna be late.”  With that he left for the office. 

It had been one hell of a long day, and Jensen was just relieved to be home. He was working on a special project for Beaver, and had been for the last few months. Now it was getting close to fruition, which meant that Beaver was even more like a bear with a sore head than usual.  It was killing him, as he had to deal with the extra work combined with his usual work load.  And the fact it was so top secret he couldn’t tell the guys what he was doing, plus Beaver had been breathing fire all day concerning a mistake he’d found on another account.   

 It had gotten so bad that he’d hidden in the gents to take a break, until he’d been tracked down by his so-called friends.  He’d been crouched on a toilet so his feet couldn’t be seen when he heard the door open.  There was the sound of footsteps and Jensen froze in place, his breathing shallow to keep it quiet.  Suddenly there came the sound of someone pounding on the door and a growl of “Ackles, I know you’re in there.”  Jensen’s heart nearly gave out in fright at hearing Beaver’s voice. 

Just then he heard laughter. He looked up and hanging over the top of the cubicle was Tom on one side and Misha on the other. Then he heard Mike laughing outside the door, “You bastards! You nearly gave me a fricking heart attack.” 

Misha just grinned, “In that case may I be the first to offer mouth to mouth? I’ll use breath freshener. Don’t let Mike do it, he’s just had chilli dogs for lunch.” 

With that the door swung open and Mike leant against the frame. He smiled at Jensen, “Where’s the patient, then? I hear mouth to mouth is required.  Pucker up, baby, here I come.”  Jensen tried to escape Mike’s clutches as he breathed onion and chilli all over him.  He was only saved from suffocation when the door opened and David from the next set of cubicles along came in. David took one look at what was going on, shook his head and continued to the urinals.  Jensen took advantage of the distraction, ducked under Mike’s arm and ran back to the relative safety of the office, and Jim Beaver’s tender mercies.  The rest of his day had been one long round of having Beaver breathe fire down his neck, while he tracked down the mistake someone else had made. 

Now free of the constraints of the office he stripped off his jacket and tie, undid the collar of his button down, opened the fridge and grabbed a beer.  Under normal circumstances he wouldn’t have started drinking this early, but damn, he deserved it. 

Then his land line rang. Jensen answered it and once more there was silence; he put the phone down and walked over to his couch.  Then his mobile rang and once again there was silence. He hung up.  Then the land line rang again, and so began a barrage of calls alternating from one phone to another.  Jensen barely had time to answer them. Finally he turned off his mobile but the land line kept ringing.  He was just getting ready to unplug his phone when it stopped ringing. Cautiously he switched his mobile back on then Jensen glanced heavenward, “Oh, come the hell on! What the fuck was all that about?” He glared at the phones as if daring them to ring again. 

There was silence in the apartment. Jensen started to relax. He thought about calling the phone company but then changed his mind, “Probably a glitch, it’s stopped now.  Pull yourself together, Ackles. If you keep this up you’ll be letting Misha sleep outside your front door the way he wants to.” 

Satisfied that whatever was happening was over Jensen went to get changed.  So he could just slob out in front of the television. 


Jensen that was only the start. You have to be taught that I’m the only one you can turn to.  You will come to me for comfort, and so I must increase the pressure on you. But you must learn that Detective Padalecki can never look after you the way that I can, neither can he protect you.  It is time for you to understand this, Jensen. I’m sorry but I have no choice but to do this to you. 


Jensen was sleeping peacefully, when his phone rang. He squinted over at the clock. Shit! It was three o’clock in the morning. Who the hell was calling? “Hello, Hello, who is this?”  Once again there was silence.  Jensen hung up and contemplated switching his phones off, but he couldn’t risk it.  His grandmother had been unwell and his mom had promised to call him if anything happened, so he was faced with having to leave at least one phone switched on.  He looked at the ceiling, and waited for the phone to ring. Nothing happened.  He started to relax and he was just drifting off to sleep when the phone started to ring again.



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  • Heaven (1/1), Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

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