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Drive by squee! and generally gibbering about fic!

Greetings my dearly beloved Fl*st, just a quick ramble before I vanish once again to do battle with my spn_gen_bigbang Well it's official now, my very rough draft of the prologue and the first two chapters have been accepted.  That now means I've got to finish the bloody thing *G* but I promise to return to abusing poor Jensen very soon.

The other reason I'm here is to be ridiculously girly and bouncy!  Now despite threats from various readers of my fic, R/L does get in the way of my writing, and today has been no exception.  I had to go out shopping and pay the odd bill (and some of my bills are very odd).  But I digress, my little tale of joy begins several months ago when I wandered into our local branch of Blue Banana (yes I know I'm too old for the clothes...but who cares *G it can't hurt too look) well, there were these pair of boots, and I'm talking lust at first sight here.   Months pass and then we have two little lottery be precise eighty quid split between me and the long suffering other half.

He knew when I got my sweaty paws on the cash what I was going to there we were in Blue Banana with me lusting at said item of footwear, I picked the one up and nearly fell over! Ok a tad heavy, but I could work with it.  I looked at the size and felt disappointed size 6! crap, I thought and then rugby tackled a young male assistant to the floor, "Excuse me please, do you have these in a 3?"  He looked at me dumbstruck but bless him off he went.

I stood looking at the boot on the shelf, and then said to Steve, "You know this is a bloody small size 6 if you ask me."

Steve looked at it solemnly "Yeah it does look a little tiny, but I bet they're out the back having a laugh trying to find your size." I smiled sweetly and then stood on his foot.

Lo and behold the assistant comes back, and he looks at me in wonder, "This is the last pair and they are a three!"   I looked at him in shock and muttered but it says six on the boot, when I spotted the box.  Who knew that a size 6 in the USA is the same as a size 3 in the UK? well I do now!

So came the moment of truth trying the buggers on,and as usual the bloody zip wouldn't budge above half way.  Now look just cause I have small feet, does not mean I have twigs for legs! Then that dear sweet darling boy, pointed out there were laces I could undo along with all the bloody buckles.....and you know what  THEY FIT!!! they damn well fit.  Ok it took twenty minutes to put them on, but who cares!! so what if I have to get up at six O' clock in the morning just to put them on!

I got them off and I was at that counter so fast I over took the assistant.  When I got them home there was the final obstacle my darling mother.  She looked at them her jaw dropped, and she said the same as Steve I better get up very early when I want to wear em.  So for the first time since I brought them, I got of them on and stood right by Steve and ye gods I looked right in his eye!  this prompted him to comment. "Good God, just give her a spear and a horse and she'll be off re-enacting Game of Thrones, they look great on you though, we'll have to find you a nice skirt or dress now."

And if you're wondering just what they look like........

Yes I know! I've got a pair of Steam Punk Boots *punches air* and yes I am old enough to know better, but I don't care I love them.This life is way too short and serious, and you know what I can't wait to wear them to the office, god it's gonna be fun *G*

So thank you for putting up with this ramble, i'll just go cook the tea feed the tribe and then start writing again *G*  Oh Dean sweet heart, stop hiding under the bed, I won't hurt you.....much.
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