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A drive by post, and a question or two!

Salutations oh long suffering members of my F*list! If it's a Saturday it must be ramble time. So not one to disappoint here we go, well the old scribbling of the spn_gen_bigbang  is going ok-ish!  Well if you can call over twenty six thousand words, and I still ain't got to where I want to beat the crap out of Dean ok (well there might be a bar fight and possible shooting first, but still ain't got to the main whump here).  Also I have an artist! a lovely lady by the name of roselani24 .. (Check out her angel Dean).who is being awesome and helpful and really, really knowledgeable about Native American history (she has Cherokee ancestery) and still she puts up with me! I can't wait to see the art, and she seems to like what I've done so far *bounce*.  Just got to make some adjustments and then look outbigj52 , there is more fic heading your way.

Oh yeah there was another reason for this ramble, I foolishly signed up for a little challenge on hoodietime , yes I know some folk never learn.... and I got a choice of three words....

gunshot wound

so what do you reckon? A hangover brought on by a devastating hunt? or even just a drinking competition with Ellen? Dean being shot while protecting Sam, or even by Sam(think the scene in Speed, not evil Sam...then again). As for stress, well give me the symptoms and I'll see what I can do!You can just see Dean sat breaking down in a bar and a random stranger helping him....or even stressing out about my cruel H/C writers being on the hunt for him and wibbling in a corner with Bobby trying to coax him out of the panic room!  I promise to write just a short piece to amuse myself.

Who knew that beneath the veneer of a happy little slash writer, lurked a gen fic writer to scared to sneak out and leave fic!

Thank you for your time, now excuse me there's this rather gorgeous green eyed hunter just begging to be whumped.
Tags: ramblings, spn-gen bigbang 2011
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