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It's Saturday, so it must be ramble time..oh and I need talking off the ledge!

Salutations my dear long suffering friends!  Once again it's Saturday and I feel a ramble coming on.  And you may ask why am I rambling today?

Tis simple the spn_reversebang is up and running and asking for sign ups, god I so want to sign up, after all it prompted Forever Mine.  But I have so much still to write, there my spn gen bigbang, and then I will finish the Fic O Doom.  Also Acolyte0301, then of course there is the h/c bingo card I got.

Of course that little gem is gonna provide with with a load of time stamps to the Fic O Doom, Coming Home, Strangers in The Night.  Then there is an original idea concerning a hostage situation with J2, the cast of Leverage as a sort of follow up to Thinking of you.  Then there are the usual snipets of porn, and Jensen whump that bounce round my disturbed little mind *G*.

Also I keep thinking about writing that bloody pirate fic I mentioned in The Rack! as a possible Big Bang for next year *heads desk* I mean the sodding thing keeps writing itself!  I'm talking swash buckling (I blame my dad he had a thing for old Swash buckling films, ah Saturday and Sunday afternoons BBC2, I thank you and Errol Flynn).  Not only that but a seduction scene between a pirate Jared and a shy virgin Jensen, is turning up in glorious high definition with surround sound and flashes of 3D *hits self over head with rolled up news paper* No, bad Ali...other fics... other fics.

All in all HHHHHEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!  so many ideas, so little time to write.  For the love of god please will somebody stop me!  I have to have some sort of real life! Or else I'm talking a husband who only ever sees the top of my head, and the sound of keys being tapped at warp speed.

Thank you for putting up with me and I'll now return you to your Saturday!  I shall creep back under my rock, and later try to write some more of The way of the warrior.

P.S Anyone know where I can get my hands on a Pirates of the Caribbean sound track? i write better to music *G*
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