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Please note above picture! this has been the source of mirth and amusement for a little while now! The first incident came about whilst discussing the show! the latest convert was being given the pod tour with me explaining my pics from Asylum, when a previous victim said to me " hang on i thought that was you with your husband!"

For a second there was silence followed by a choking, wheezing laugh and a gurgled "I wish" from me! yes I know i've professed undying lust for Jensen, but come on i'm only human.  Then came a growl from Barbara! our Cas girl in residence, so I pointed out it wasn't me who said it and could she please put down the stapler as it was loaded.

Time has passed and today one of the lads lurked by my Pod and said "whose the funny looking guy!" several of us leapt up armed and ready to defend our loved ones! Jensen for me, Jared for Karen and Misha for Barbara.  Andy continued to point and said "him with the tan!" I followed the finger and spotted he was pointing at Misha!  Will then joined in and said "Bloody Hell Al I didn't know you'd had your picture taken with donny Osmond!" Will is our resident lookalike expert.  this led to Will printing a picture of Donny and claiming this was absolute proof. 

So now when I look at this, I keep on humming bloody puppy love! 

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