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24 August 2011 @ 01:31 pm
If it's Saturday...sorry if it's Wednesday it's time for a ramble.  
Yes I know it's not Saturday but I feel I ought to bother the hell out of my fl*st with this.  Well I'm bored and short of finding you and interesting ways to torment Jensen (what do you mean situation normal for you?), I thought I would share what happened this morning in my home.....Relax nothing like that, I'm respectable I tell you.....*waits for hysterical laughter to die away*

So as I was saying, me and the other half were sitting in the inner sanctum (The Batcave is being cleaned at the moment) eating breakfast.  Ok I was eating, Steve was drinking coffee, and we were listening to the radio.  I'm not allowed television of a morning, due to in the words of my long suffering other half.  "I don't bloody care what you say, we're not watching Supernatural before eight in the morning.  it's too sodding early to be looking at those two good looking gits.  And Jensen's bow legs would send you funny for the rest of the day." Personally I think there is no such thing as too early, but I love my other half, he puts up with fan girling, squeeing and me bouncing in place like a muppet whenever I hear the words Dean Winchester, (There is a much more comprehensive list of stunning men, that have the same affect and if requested I will happily provide it).

Look if you're here for a sensible discourse about the universe, the state of the economy, or why the hell is that talentless danm woman Jordan always on the TV....then in the words of the great Obi-Wan-Kenobi *Ahem* this is not the journal you are looking for.

Just then an advert came on the radio (see I knew I'd get back to the point of this eventually)  It was from Best Buys, all about the Summer sale and how cheap TVs are at the moment, so as I sat there mourning the loss of John Barrowman's dulcet tones from the ad's Steve says to me.....

"You know you can buy a HD, 3D telly for less than we brought ours for."  I looked over at our telly and thought damn just imagine My Bloody Valentine in 3D, when he carried on, " Your mum asked if she would need glasses to watch it.....but I told her it was only certain shows."

For a second I had an image of my mum sitting watching Emmerdale, and Casualty (English soaps) in a pair of 3D glasses complaining the bloody 3D didn't work.....And then I got a much better image, a clearer brighter, leather jacklet clad image. And I damn near chocked on my Shreddies, at the thought.

And I swear, on my Asylum photo with Jensen from this year (I like that one, he's gorgeous in it and I don't look too scary), I never said a bloody word out loud.  But I think the expression on my face may just have given it away.

Steve looked over rolled his eyes and said...."Naw it would never work, his bow legs would end up either side of the screen, and you wouldn't get to see him at all."  Oh how I laughed as he left the room, and then winced when I bounced my spoon off the back of his head.

so that was my morning, brightened by the thought of Sam and Dean in 3D telly! I was useless for the rest of the day *G* And how was your day?
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     Mandy: Eleven - Stop it; Make Mea_phoenixdragon on August 29th, 2011 06:40 am (UTC)
LOL!! Smart advertisers - hiring that hawtness, lol!!

Hmmm...did it happen to look anything like this:

- cause if so, the distractedness was TOTALLY understandable, lol! This is the shit that happens to me all the time. But you can see why I don't complain and throw chum in the water instead to see if actual sex ensues guhhh - whut? Sorry! damn brain...

Hmmm...could it be because the idea is compelling? And appealing? and hot? And better be written out by you right now?!

LOL!!! I adore you...