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Twas my wedding anniversary, yesterday!

Greetings oh long suffering memebers of my fl*st,  Yesterday me and my poor abused other half Steve, celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary! and yes we still talk to one another, well it's that or watching Big Brother on the T.V.

As the tradition goes he sent me some flowers, I get flowers three thimes a year, Valentine's day, my birthday and said wedding anniversary. So I was sat at my desk contemplating new and exciting ways to get Jensen naked.....I mean concentrating hard on my job and my loving husband.  When I got the call to tell me the flowers were here. I trotted downstairs and took delivery, and I have to say despite the fact he says he isn't romantic there are times when Steve surpasses himself..........

Yes a dozen red roses! and I'm a sucker for roses, and they were beautiful, the florist had sprayed them with silver glitter as well! such a wonderful colour as well.  Bless my loing suffering other half, the things he puts up with off me *G*

Well I went out today and brought him a new football shirt, a Wolves shirt, and yes he does look cute in the old gold and black, bless his cotton socks!

An even better we're off to Strafford Upon Avon on Monday, and we're both looking forward to that.
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