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A drive by post to say hi.....and I'm gobbsmacked

Salutations my dear long suffering Fl*st

Well after surviving the end of the world again! Yes apparently the world should have gone Kaboom again yesterday, according to our local friendly prophet, who keeps banging on about the Rapture.  Now when I heard that on the radio Friday morning, two things came to mind, first of all was crap! not before the next episode of Supernatural airs....yes I do have my priorities right.  Then secondly I realized I hadn't worn my new boots, again priorities people, priorities.

So I decided if my TARDIS is knackered and I ain't gonna get to see the boys again, then at least I can wear the boots.  Now someone made a request, I do believe it was si_star, she asked for a photo of me wearing said boots.....

Just as a reminder the boots look like this!

So yesterday I went to work looking like this, and I do apologize for both the quality of the picture and the person modelling the boots!

To put it bluntly the damage was thus, Andy my little pod mate suggested I was ready for Camelot and the round table, then he followed it up by calling me Xenia Warrior Princess (Steve wishes, he had a thing for Lucy Lawless). And oh yeah, I may have given one of our accountants our Eric, the one with the dicky ticker , a possible heart attack when he saw me in the boots! bless he doesn't get out much.  So by five O' Clock no Rapture and joy it meant I got to see Sam and Dean again...yes I loved the episode, way too much fun all round (especially after the out take clip).  And it means I get to wear my boots again so it's a win all round!

Now onto the other reason for this ramble, now I don't know if any of you brave souls possibly reading this read my little Supernatural tale  Way of the Warrior.  Well the author whose Trial By Torture I borrowed, and then thanked for the use of her awesome idea in my notes contacted me again, after I sent her a copy of it as she requested.

The email read thus......

I loved the story!  Great job!  It was amazing.  Such a good read.  And, if you'd like, we'd be delighted to publish it was a paper zine for Media West in May 2012!  It was truly a delightful read.  Thank you for letting me read it! 

Wow! I mean holy crap! I keep checking the date to see if it's April 1st, April fool's day, I'm sure she's made a mistake, but she seems like a nice lady so I said yes!  So after thinking the the world was going to end, I got to wear the coolest pair of shoes I've ever owned, got told someone liked my story enough to consider printing it, and I got to drool over Dean again today! yup not a bad Friday/Saturday all in all.

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