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Is this the best Winchester Song you've ever heard? And please the venting of a spleen.

Friends, Romans Fl*sters! I'm here for two reasons, the first is joyful and squeeing and the second is down right pissed off and ratty as hell, which might lead me to doing something about the first part....bear with me I will start making some form of sense soon!

Right then last week my dearly beloved, long suffering other half Steve, brought himself a CD.  Now I can see you all sitting there, thinking with how old those two are we're talking Michael Bubble, Susan Boyle...Steps!  But no he brought Set The World on Fire by The Black Veiled Brides!! Being the loving concerned wife I am I snatched.....errmmm I mean borrowed said CD to try it out and make sure it was alright.  One quickly ripped off CD on my lap top later, and I then informed him it was working perfectly, so there I was head banging away happily while writing....yes chapter 17 of the fic o doom is now at 6,600 words...and I can't see where they've all come from, and there isn't much in the way of exciting action but it's progressing. When I listened to one of the tracks and it just screamed Supernatural! the relationship between the brothers and what it costs fact and I'll put this is very small letters Cas and Dean's relationship as well!!!!

And I wished I knew how to vid! hell some days I just wish I could use my bloody computer properly, and I wondered if there were any talented souls on my Fl*st who agree with me and would consider making a vid.  Be it Sam about Dean or Dean about Sam (that's my fav!)......or Dean about.... look let's leave it there shall we? In fact it even plays into some of my theories about Dean's secret....yeah let's leave it now.

Or even a fic! look it's a bloody brilliant song....don't take my word for it listen to it........


Yes*punches air*  I only managed to upload the bloody thing *does happy dance* ok so it took half an hour, but the point is I did it!

So my squee was on a high, and it was only gonna get better, after a little negotiation ok grovelling,  I managed to press gang Steve into a day out with me.  You know have a nice walk see some culture.....oh alright I'm talking the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition at the National Gallery London.  I was going to pay for the tickets sixteen pounds each, and I was just about to start pressing buttons.  When I thought I better check how much it would cost to get there by train from the Sunny West Midlands.

Now I admit I was thinking perhaps forty quid tops,  and I do mean each, yes it shows how long it's been since I traveled to our fair capital city.  Then I checked the prices......the cheapest ticket I found? NINETY SODDING POUNDS!!!! NINETY!!!!
The dream of standing gazing on some of the most beautiful works of art ever created.....crumbled round my ears.

Now mum was actually being helpful, she said watch our local paper as sometimes the local ladies run trips and that just maybe if they can't fill the coach we might get our foot in the door.  To be honest I've given up, it's not worth the angst, but then bless her she returned to form.......

"Look at it like this even if you went, it's not as though you can bring anything back with you is it? It's only some paintings."

Oh that did make me feel better, and I know there are much worse things out there to be pissed off at, trust me I know.  But it really wound me up, I can afford the tickets, I just can't afford to get there *G* such is life and our rail net work.

Now I'm spitting feathers,and that means someone is going to get it! What was I saying about fic?  Ok bow legged wonder, my dander is up and I need to won't hurt much.

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