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Sleeping take on it....or the fairy tale had it coming!

Friends, Romans Fl*sters look out I’m back! I’ve had this idea running round my demented little head for a while (it all started with Jared getting married....don’t ask alright?), and recently a challenge appeared on LJ that just begged me to have a go at it. I took it as a sign form the gods or finally the crossroads demon finally had enough and caved.   Yup watch out boys I’m taking on Sleeping Beauty for j2_fairytales.....After checking rigorously that I don’t have to stick religiously to the original or Disney tale *rubs hands together gleefully* know what that means?  It means I can play *G* Look after my last little piece of fluff, you all know what my sense of humour is like, I say run now!
So then we’re talking a cast of thousands....ok at least a mention of Chad and JDM then! And of course this tale is nothing without our fair Sleeping Beauty.
Starring as Sleeping Beauty, A creature of elegance, poise, daintiness, and a looker in an under wired nightie.... Jared Padalecki!!!!!!!!! Yes I know it’s gonna be a bugger to find a nightdress big enough but I’m game *G*
Also starring as the dashing heroic....BAMF Prince Charming....Jensen Ackles (Yes I know I usually go with damsel in distress Jensen, and big hairy caveman Jared, but just sometimes you have to try something new right!)
Of course no fairy tale is complete without a bad guy, villain, kick ass bitch with an attitude problem, and here I wish to state the lady I have cast in the role is rather sweet in real life.....But goddamnit I write slash, so I’m really sorry, but I promise there will be a really hot black dress in it for you.  May I present Genevieve Padalecki as the evil fairy.
Also in this tale of daring do, glitter and all things magical.  There will be a special cameo appearance by the magic mirror from Snow White (Listen if you are gonna beat the crap out of fairy tales; I say take as many down as you can.)
Finally before I go I must announce my special guest star for no fairy tale would be complete with the fairy godmother.  And ladies, gentlemen, fan girls of all ages, in the very special role of magical advisor, may I present the most bad ass Fairy godmotherfucker of all time.... Christian Kane!
Of course we won’t mention that his weapon of choice is the guitar and some wicked riffs....and oh can no one point out his wings are pink and sparkly (listen it was a bad break up back from the time of the black death, and Genevieve can get really pissy about wood nymphs and frolicking in the woods.)
So what do you think?  Should I turn away now tell the lovely mods at the community that sanity has returned to me, and I will no longer beat the hell out of an unsuspecting innocent fairy tale.  Or should I say to hell with it, and cut loose in the Christmas break, in between writing the Fic O Doom and Acolyte0301? I’ve only got till the first of Feb next year, damn who needs to sleep right?
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