sasha_dragon (sasha_dragon) wrote,

For the love of god someone stop me!

Friends, Romans, fl*sters, I need your help......I'll wait for the laughter at the back to die down.

Look my bloody muse has gone into overdrive the little sod, and she won't stay still.  Not content with having to finish the Fic O Doom, Acolyte 0301 and a fairy tail challenege by the 1st of Feb (over two thousand words and I'm still at the set up *heads desk*).  What does the little bugger go and do?

Yes she strikes again, while sitting posting cash this morning (ah the glamorous life I lead)  A plot bunny arrived, not only didi it arrive, it unpacked it's bloody suitcase and is now making itself at home in my head.  I think it needs adopting or shooting I'm not sure which, just in case your wondering it goes like this.......

Dectective Jared Padalecki has been hunting a serial killer for months, and one night he is the closest he has ever been.  In fact he is chasing the man through the streets, when suddenly he loses him.  Move forward three months and the killings have stopped and Jared is convinced he is still out there waiting, finally in desperation he retraces his steps from the night he lost the killer.

He stumbles upon a church, findling it open he goes inside, there he meets the priest a Father Jensen Ackles, convinced he has found his killer, he begins to investigate.  But Jared is wrong about Father Ackles, very wrong, the killer did stumble into the church that night and he confessed to the priest he also told him he would never stop killing until he was caught.

Unable to break the seal of confession, Jensen makes a deal, whenever the killer has the urge to strike, he tells the killer to come for him instead.  Although Jensen is not his prefered kind of vicitm, he likes the idea of being able to terroize him, Jensen never knowing when the next call will come, or what will happen to him when the killer calls.  Even better the killer is aware Jensen is being watched by the police, and enjoys knowing help close at hand for his victim but with the threat of more deaths there is nothing he can do.

Can you just imagine all the angst? the hurt? the chance to beat the crap out of Jensen?  No I can't do it, I've got too much on, even if I know who the killer is, and how Jared finds out what is happening to Jensen. Then seeing him arrested for obstruction of I think I should offer this to another more talented writer to have a go at, or at least I've got this damn idea out of my system ...then again just think of all that sexual tension simmering between priest and cop.  Should Jensen give into tempation or not?

No this is too much like some of my other  fics, but it was fun to consider, I will now return you to the rest of your day, I promise I feel better now *G* And Jensen can relax....well for a little while at least *Evol G*
Tags: fic, ramblings
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