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See Someone is listening!

Last night after finding a link I fired off an email to my MEP's registering my feelings on ACTA.  It's not my best writing (no beta) but I think it made my point and so far one is out of the office, two others have yet to respond, but I did get this.........

Dear Alison,
SOPA, and PIPA that are currently being debated in the United States would effectively close down the free internet entirely, using the excuse of protecting Copyright. Nikki Sinclaire MEP does not support the American Government  making this more and more questionable move and is completely against any similar legislation in Europe.
The EU soon will be debating the ACTA Treaty which like the SOPA and PIPA threatens the exchange of knowledge and information on the Internet; in any and all circles where the information could be deemed to be someone else's 'property'. We believe itself should not exist in any form. It is a catastrophic violation of individual private property, and so we will oppose ACTA when the final bill comes up for vote in the European Parliament. These proposals only adds to the growing already very BIG list of reasons why'd we'd be better off out the EU !!
No-one would disagree with the need to oppose and control infringement of IP/Copyright, but ACTA is not the way to go about this.  ACTA like SOPA and PIPA criminalises the general population and strangles innovation and freedom of speech and expression.
Kindest Regards
Josh O'Nyons

This message was also sent to: Mike Nattrass MEP, Malcolm Harbour MEP,
Anthea McIntyre MEP, Michael Cashman MEP, Philip Bradbourn OBE MEP, Liz
Lynne MEP

                                    Monday 23 January 2012

Dear Malcolm Harbour, Mike Nattrass, Anthea McIntyre, Michael Cashman,
Philip Bradbourn OBE, Nicole Sinclaire and Liz Lynne,

I'm writing to express my utter horror at the proposed ACTA bill.  Not
only will it damage all our right to privacy and freedom of expression
on the web from an unelected body with  more power than the United

 But from my understanding of the bill, it will allow pharmaceutical
companies to stop the production of generic medicines, this is not a
copy right protection bill, this is a way for large corporations to
increase their profits.

I object to the way this bill has been put together in secrecy, we are
not idiots, I don't want to pirate films, but I do want the right to
speak to my friends all over the planet, without the fear my
interactions are being monitored.

I hope when the time comes you will vote against the act, it will not
stop piracy, but it will make a criminal of ordinary people like me,
please don't let this happen, thank you.

Yours sincerely,

It's good to know there is someone out there listening to us and getting ready to fight back, I say we keep up the pressure, keep fighting, show them we will not go quietly into the night!  And yes I am building my very own portable barricade, and have been practicing songs from Les Miserables!
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