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Happy Birthday Dean Winchester!

Let us forget the dramas and the perils of the world for a moment, and pause to remember why a lot of us are here!  Yes we love our show, applaud it's drama, laugh at it's comedy, feel our hearts break when the odds stack against our brave Winchester brothers.  Let us celebrate the wounded warrior we all adore, a man weighed down with the woes of the world, but who even now doesn't know when to lie down and give up.  Whose whole world is family, John, Castiel, Bobby and of course no one compares to his little brother, Sammy, our Sasquatch, geek extraordinaire, man with the fly away hair.

Dean Winchester a man who when a single tear slips down that beautiful face, hears the sound of a million hearts breaking.  When he kicks ass, the sound of fan girls hitting the floor must deafen him.  And when he smiles.....oh when he smiles really it is like looking into the sun and will someone pass my sunglasses...but why do we love him so much?

Really do I need to say more?  Happy Birthday Dean.
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