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Boycott The Oscars!

Friend, Romans, Fl*sters lend me your ears for a moment or two.  Now in light of what is happening in the big bad world I had a thought.

If the media industry wants to take away our voices and our right to freely express ourselves on the internet, I feel we should say something back.  On the 26th February this year the Oscars will be with us again.  I urge you to boycott the ceremony, just turn off your television, your computer, hell even your apps!  It might not be much, but if we the global viewers turn our backs on them, then perhaps they will realize we resent being treated like criminals.

I don't want to see the ceremony disrupted, that will just give them the moral high ground.  But if we go 'dark' perhaps, just perhaps those in power will start to understand what is at stake.  We are the consumers, we provide them with their revenue, and what better way than to see all that lovely advertising go to waste?

We aren't lone voices in the dark we are a community or to paraphrase something I read somewhere......One nation within the net, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

I don't want to lose any of you, I have made friends and spoken to people from all over the world, and all because of the little show that could.  This place has given me the courage to find my voice, to try and be creative. And I don't want that to end, who knows maybe we will lose, maybe we will win, but whatever happen at least I know I have stood up for something I believe in.

In 1927 Hollywood released The Jazz Singer and gave the world a voice. Now in 2012 Hollywood releases The Artist  and Hollywood wants to silence our voice!

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