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A Man's Best Friend Is his Trash Can. Part 2.

Title: A Man’s Best Friend is his Trash Can.
Word Count:  12130......this was supposed to be a quick drabble!
Rating: PG-13.
Summary:  When Jensen is taken ill on set, Jared has to come to terms with Jensen forming a new and very close relationship.
Pairing: Jared/Jensen.
Disclaimer:  Here be fiction, folks. This isn’t real nor is it meant to reflect the relationship between the two men, whose names and faces I’m borrowing.  This is my very own little take on reality or as I like to think of it now, the wrong trouser leg of time, where our universe and this one split apart, and this universe is bathed in a rosy pink hue.
Warnings: If you’re looking for a fic with a plot, then this is not the fic you’re looking for.  Here follows a tale of puking, stomach rubbing, and general abuse of my long suffering muse, Jensen.
Notes:   First of all my thanks go to my awesome and long-suffering beta, bigj52, a woman with the patience of a saint, and a goddess-like skill in her ability to turn my scribbles into English. This piece of wanton and gratuitous Jensen whump was written as a birthday present for my good friend, spnkinkfan.  And because I can’t write faster than a speeding snail, I missed her birthday by miles!  So happy belated birthday, hun!  I hope this is what you wanted. Also many thanks go to denig37 for her awesome banner for this story.

They pulled up outside their house, and Jared reached over and gently shook Jensen to wake him.  Jensen stirred slowly, wincing as he felt the start of fresh stomach cramps. He sucked in a deep breath and tried to fight his way out of the blanket.  Jared ran round to the door and pulled it open, releasing Jensen’s seat belt and helping him out of the car.

They made it just in time for Jensen to throw up on the road by Jared’s feet.  Jensen was bent double and it felt as if his stomach was tearing apart.  He felt Jared’s hand on his back, and at last he was reduced to dry heaves.  He heard a voice, “Come on, Jen, let’s get you inside and up to bed. You’ll feel better when you’ve had some rest.”  Jared’s calming voice helped to ground him, and then he felt Jared’s arm wrap round his shoulders, slowly helping him to straighten up.

Cliff was stood by Jared, holding his trash can. He held it out to Jensen, “Here. I’d hate for you to go without your new best friend; the crew told me how close you had become.” Cliff smirked as Jensen groaned hearing that.

Jensen took the can from Cliff, and nodded his thanks. He turned towards the house and as he stepped forward his legs shook and felt like lead.  Then he felt another hand grab his elbow gently, and Cliff stood beside him. The three of them walked towards the house. By the time they reached the front door, Jensen was sweating and shivering and he knew he was done.

Jared got the keys from his pocket, and managed to open the door. He helped Jensen through the door and looked gratefully at Cliff, “Thanks, man. I’ll see you soon, and if Jensen gives me too much trouble I’ll call you and you can deal with him.”

“No problems, Jay. Good luck looking after stubborn ass there. I’ll come by tomorrow and bury the loser of the battle of wills. See ya, guys.”  Cliff waved and left them at the door.

Jensen leant against the frame and muttered weakly, “I ain’t that stubborn. Why does everyone think I’m stubborn?”  Jensen whimpered softly as Jared helped him into the lounge.

Jared rolled his eyes and guided him towards the couch ignoring the dogs as they bounced round excitedly, “What! You stubborn?  No. Never in a million years. Would this be the same guy who came on set with a migraine so bad he couldn’t see. The man who had to be guided round by Misha, the world’s weirdest guide dog.  Or how about when you had the flu and you passed out in the middle of the set, scaring the crap out of Lou?  Or my personal favourite - the end of Season Three when you were hanging from the wires.  That damned harness nearly cut you in half, and you said nothing in case you disturbed Kim’s creative flow. You couldn’t get out of bed for two days afterwards.”  Jared’s tone was light as he listed Jensen’s past crimes.  He stood staring down at Jensen with his hands on his hips.

Jensen looked up forlornly at him; he was beyond pale now. The only colour he had were two spots of red high on his cheeks, and dark purple smudges beneath his eyes.  He squinted, which told him that Jensen was developing the headache from hell. Then he spotted the tell-tale clench of the jaw which indicated that Jensen was hurting.  Jared crouched in front of him and put his hands on his knees, “Can you wait here for a couple of minutes, while I let the kids out? Then it’s time for bed.”  Jared asked softly and Jensen nodded slowly.

Jared ushered the dogs outside and watched them as they ran round the garden. He was running down a checklist of things he’d need to make Jensen comfortable.  Water, Gatorade, cool wash cloths, as it looked like he was developing a fever.  He decided to try and convince Jensen to take some Tylenol to help with the headache then it was just a case of waiting for him to get over this. He let the dogs back in and walked back to the couch, “Ok, then let’s get you......oh, for fuck’s sake!  And the idiot says he isn’t stubborn.”  The couch was empty. Jared gritted his teeth, and set off in pursuit of Jensen.

Jared bounded upstairs, impressed that Jensen had managed to get that far so quickly. He tracked his errant other half down to the bedroom where he was sat on the edge of the bed.  It looked like the energy it had taken to get up there was gone. His head was bowed and the shivering was back in full force.  Jared gave a sigh. Time to deal with the patient.

  Jensen had heard the sound of an approaching herd of wildebeest, sorry Jared, and braced for the impact. He lifted his head and gave his best winning smile, but the effect was ruined somewhat when he winced as his stomach cramped again.

Jared walked over to the bed, “Not stubborn, huh! Well, don’t you worry, I’ve got the whole lecture worked out in my head.  But considering you look like you’re about to pass out, why don’t we take a rain check on it?”  Jared smiled as he spoke and moved closer, taking the trash can off Jensen. He helped Jensen out of Dean’s jacket; they would take the clothes back in a couple of days.  Jared expertly manoeuvred Jensen back and forth, stripping his button-down off. He decided to leave the T-shirt on then he reached for Jensen’s belt.

Jensen couldn’t help but smirk up at Jared, and he watched Jared’s eyes narrow in suspicion.  “As much as I love you, Jay, can I take a rain check on the whole removing of clothes and you getting me into bed? I don’t think I’m up for being passionate.  And I think my breath might be toxic. I don’t want you getting sick as well.”  Jensen was rewarded with Jared huffing at him, deftly pulling his belt free with one hand, and undoing his jeans with the other.

“Up!”  Jared ordered and Jensen lifted his hips off the bed, allowing Jared to pull his jeans down rapidly.

“Admit it, the moment you have me in bed, you’re going to take advantage of a sick man when he’s too weak to fight back. “   Jensen let his voice tremble a little as he spoke.

Jared was trying not to laugh as Jensen flopped back on the bed with his arms outstretched; he ignored him and continued to work.  The boots were the next to go and he finished stripping him. Jared stood up and moved to the top of the bed, pulling the bed clothes back.  He was just about to move Jensen when he noticed him swallowing convulsively.  “Jen, are you alright?”

Jensen shook his head, “Dizzy....gonna be...”  His words were slurred and Jared moved quickly to the trash can, and helped Jensen to sit up.  He rested Jensen against his chest while Jensen tried to throw up again, but there was nothing in his stomach to bring up.  Jared held onto Jensen while he retched, waiting for the painful dry heaving to stop.  At last Jensen lowered the trash can and he let his head fall back against Jared’s shoulder.

Jared felt the heat rolling off Jensen; he gently placed his hand on his forehead, trying to comfort him with a gentle touch.  Jared felt him shiver again, and saw goose bumps appearing on his arms.  Jared carefully eased the both of them back up the bed and covered Jensen with a sheet.  He climbed off the bed and moved round the room, picking up the discarded clothes. Jared went into the bathroom, and returned with a cool damp wash cloth.

Jared perched on the edge of the bed and then lightly wiped Jensen’s warm face, hearing a soft moan at the cooling touch. Jensen’s eyes fluttered open. They were glassy and he seemed to be having trouble focusing on Jared. “Hey, you just get some sleep but before you do, try and have a drink for me, please? “  Jared waited to see what Jensen’s response would be. At first he shook his head then he ran his tongue over dry cracked lips, and then he nodded slowly.  “Now you stay here and don’t go running off. I’ll be back in a minute.”  Jared stopped moving the cloth; he leant forward and placed a tender kiss on Jensen’s warm forehead.

Jared grabbed the trash can and headed down to the kitchen.  There he rinsed out the trash can, and grabbed a bottle of water.  Jared broke the seal on the water, crushed a couple of Tylenol tablets and tipped them into the water, swirling the bottle to dissolve the powder.  He knew that Jensen would never be able to swallow the tablets right now.  He just hoped the laced water would help a little; he returned to the bedroom and saw that Jensen had burrowed into the duvet. All he could see was a lump shaking in the middle of the bed.  Jared resumed his position from earlier, and he touched what he hoped was Jensen’s shoulder. Slowly a tousled head appeared.  Jensen blinked blearily at Jared, his cheeks even redder than before. Jared opened the bottle of water and put it on the bedside table ready.

Jared cupped Jensen’s face with his hand and lightly stroked his heated face with his thumb. “Hey, you trying to barbeque yourself?  Come on and have drink for me.”  Jared slipped his hand behind Jensen’s head and lifted it slightly; he grabbed the bottle and carefully brought it to Jensen’s lips.  Slowly tilting it, waiting for Jensen to start drinking, he was hesitant at first due to the slightly bitter taste, but then he took a deeper drink when his thirst drove him.  Jared lowered the bottle, “Hey, slowly, don’t go too fast.”  He lifted the bottle again and Jensen managed another drink.

Finally he turned away from the bottle and shook his head slightly, “That’s it, thanks, Jay.”   Jared looked at how much Jensen had drunk. He’d managed half the bottle. He lowered Jensen’s head to the pillow, letting his hand rest on top of the duvet.

“Try and get some sleep. I’ll be here if you need me.”  Jared watched Jensen’s eyes close and he sat watching him until he was sure he’d gone to sleep.  Jared stood up cautiously, trying not to disturb the fitful slumber Jensen had fallen into. His stomach rumbled and he patted it, giving a rueful smile.  “Damn, I better go and feed the ravenous beast before it’s growling wakes Jen up.”  He took one last look to be sure that Jensen was comfortable. Happy he had some time to himself Jared sneaked quietly from the room.

He went into the kitchen and spotted the trash can. He considered taking it back upstairs, but he decided against it; he’d let Jensen rest.  Then Jared went over to the fridge, pulled open the door and started to pull items out to make a sandwich or four with.  Soon he was happily munching away on his meal. He heard a crash and looked up in shock, “Jensen?  Oh fuck!”  He tore out of the kitchen and ran for the stairs.

Jensen had woken up feeling sick and disorientated; he looked round the room, “Jay? Where are you?” He rasped out, and then a pain had cut through his stomach that felt as if Alistair had just taken a red hot poker to Dean’s guts.  Jensen gasped and curled up on his side, looking for the trash can. It was nowhere to be seen. He threw back the bed clothes and got to his feet quickly, the sudden change of altitude made the nausea and pain worse.  He staggered unsteadily towards the bathroom; he made it just in time and crashed to his knees in front of the toilet.  Once again he was throwing up. He brought up the water, coughed and gagged at the bitter taste of it.  He had no idea how long it continued for, but it felt like hours. He knelt there, his right arm curled tightly round his middle.  He rested his head on his left forearm. He knew he couldn’t stay there so he attempted to get back to his feet, but his exhausted body wouldn’t co-operate.

Jared arrived at the bathroom door as Jensen tried to stand up, “Crap, I can’t leave you alone for five minutes without you getting into trouble, can I?”  Jared moved to his side and Jensen hiccupped, looking pitifully at him. Jared smiled, “Although you’re kind of adorable when you get sick, you get all clingy. Come on, back to bed with you.” Jared put his arm round Jensen and helped him back into the bedroom.

Jensen managed to turn to face him and he squinted tiredly at him, “Adorable when I’m sick? Is this some new kink you’ve not mentioned?  Am I gonna have to confiscate your lap top again to keep you away from the fan fiction sites? I’m not clingy. I’ll have you know I’m stoic and ooohhhh God.”  Jensen’s legs buckled and Jared decided enough was enough; he picked the other man up and carried him back to bed.

Jensen gripped the sheets tightly as the room spun. He heard movement as he felt the cool touch of a wash cloth and heard Jared telling him to breathe.  He squeezed his eyes shut, the soothing touches and constant talking helped him to focus and the spinning slowed to a manageable speed.  He felt the bed move as Jared stood up. Without thinking he reached out and grabbed Jared’s wrist, “Don’t go, please?”  Jensen’s voice cracked as he spoke.

Jared smiled down at him and climbed back on the bed. He lay down beside Jensen and pulled him close; Jensen rested his head on his chest.  He ran his fingers through Jensen’s sweat soaked hair, and hugged him tenderly when Jensen burrowed into his side, “Right, of course you’re not clingy when you’re sick.”  Jared began to rhythmically stroke Jensen’s arm, the repetitive motion lulling Jensen back to sleep.

After a few minutes Jensen had gone to sleep so Jared slowly extracted himself from the other man’s arms. He left the room and went down the stairs, retrieving the trash can from the kitchen.  Jared grabbed more water and Gatorade for later, and some snacks for himself.  He fed the dogs and turned out the lights, going back upstairs to check on how Jensen was doing.

When he walked back into the room, Jensen was still sleeping but he was shivering again.  He sighed and sat back down on the bed, lightly brushing his fingertips over Jensen’s forehead.  At least he didn’t seem any warmer, he was thankful for small mercies.  Jared moved higher up the bed, reached over and picked up the book Jensen had been reading.  He flipped it open, and settled down to read.

A little while later, Jensen groaned and threw back the duvet. His T-shirt was darkened with sweat and he licked at his lips.  His eyes flickered open and Jared stroked his forehead, “Hey there, sleepy, do you want a drink?”  He waited for a response.

Jensen was miserable; his guts were in knots. One minute he was burning up and the next he was freezing.  His whole body ached and his head was pounding. He desperately wanted a drink, needing something to calm his raw throat.  But he knew that almost as soon as he’d drunk the water it would come back up; he shook his head weakly.

“Come on. I know it’s crappy, but you have to try. Please, for me?”  Jared unleashed the full force of the puppy on him, knowing Jensen wouldn’t be able to resist.

Jensen gave a resigned sigh, and held out his hand for the bottle; he took a drink then grimaced when his stomach lurched.  He handed the bottle back to Jared, settled back and closed his eyes.  As he lay there he felt sweat running down his body, and into his eyes, making them sting.  Suddenly he twisted sideways and leant over the edge of the bed aiming for where he hoped the trash can was.

The move took Jared by surprise and he just about managed to grab him to stop him falling off the bed.  Jared heard coughing and saw Jensen struggling to get himself back up.  Jared slipped his hand beneath his chest and hauled him back.  He pulled Jensen to his chest, letting his hand drop to his stomach, feeling the muscles flutter as he caressed them. He held Jensen close, letting his body warm the other man as he shivered from the chills his fever caused.

Finally Jared gently lowered Jensen back down, covering him with the duvet. Blood-shot green eyes closed slowly then he turned on his side, curling up into a ball.  Jared let Jensen get some rest, but he knew he would have to coax Jensen into drinking either water or Gatorade. And every time he did, a few minutes later Jensen would grab the trash can and bring it back up.

 Jared did his best to help the other man, but really there little he could do except try to keep him cool and as comfortable as possible. On one of his trips back from the bathroom when he’d rinsed out the trash can once more, Jared paused and studied Jensen.  He was lying on his side, moving constantly as he tried to ease the pain from his stomach, showing Jared the toll this sickness was taking on him.

Jared sat down and began the familiar routine of trying to cool Jensen down.  Jared gently eased Jensen onto his back and slowly wiped his face with a cool wash cloth.  As he worked Jared lost track of time, his attention fully on the man lying next to him as he tried to ride out the effects of the illness.  Jared yawned and his eyes felt heavy, his head nodded forwarded. He snapped his head up and shook it, but it wasn’t long before it happened again, and despite his best efforts slowly but surely he drifted off to sleep.

Jared jerked awake, blinking rapidly. Shit, it was light! He was supposed to be looking after Jensen.  It was then he noticed he was covered with the duvet, and when had he taken off his shoes?  He looked and saw the other side of the bed was empty.  That woke him up better than five espressos; he shot out of bed and ran for the door.  When he heard a soft moan from the bathroom, Jared changed direction.

Jared walked into the bathroom to find Jensen sat, curled around the toilet. On the floor by him were a partially drunk bottle of water and Gatorade.  Jensen trembled with fatigue; he heard a sound and looked up slowly. “Morning, Jay, you get some sleep?”  Jensen croaked out and shifted, trying to ease stiff muscles.

Jared walked over and knelt by him. He reached out a hand and felt Jensen’s forehead. The fever seemed to have burnt itself out but Jensen looked exhausted.  The dark smudges beneath his eyes were deeper, his skin was grey, his lips were cracked and his tired eyes were rimmed with red and bloodshot.

Jared gave a resigned sigh, “Damnit, Jen, why the hell didn’t you wake me?” He said softly.

Jensen shrugged slightly, “Jay, you were exhausted, and what could you do? Hold my hair back while I puked?  No, I saw you’d gone to sleep and moved the party in here. Don’t worry, I’ve tried to keep on drinking.”  He gestured to the half-empty bottles round him.

Jared put his hands on Jensen’s shoulders. Feeling how tight they were he started to massage them gently.  Jared wrinkled his nose at the smell of stale sweat and vomit, “Dude, I love you and everything, but you smell rank. How long since you last threw up?”

Jensen rubbed a hand over his face, “I don’t know. It’s been a while. I drank some water and it seems to be staying put for now. God, I’m shattered.”  To prove a point he gave a long yawn and his head drooped forward.

Jared moved his hands lower, continuing the massage, easing out knots and soothing sore muscles.  “Ok, then we need to get you back to bed, but I want to get you cleaned up first. It will make you feel a little better.  Come on, stand up.” Jared wrapped his arm round Jensen and helped him to his feet.  He lowered the lid of the toilet seat and sat Jensen down on it. Then he left the bathroom and returned with a blanket. Wrapping Jensen in it he smiled.

Jensen looked up, puzzled. Jared put his hand on his shoulder, “Now if you’ll do as you’re told for once and stay here a minute, I’ll change the bed and let the dogs out, then I’ll be back.  Promise you’ll stay put and not try to drown yourself in the shower.”  Jared waited and Jensen nodded slowly.

“Knock yourself out, Jay. I don’t think I could even walk over to the shower, let alone jump in it. I promise to behave.” Jensen pulled the blanket tighter round himself.

Jared went back into the bedroom and got to work. He stripped the bed quickly and remade it. Yes, he could put Jensen back to bed now, but he knew how to make him feel a little better. He opened the wardrobe, pulled out a clean T-shirt and boxers then dropped them on the bed.

Jared grabbed the dirty bedclothes and ran downstairs; he let the dogs out as promised, fed them and threw the bed clothes into the washing machine.  He could clean up later, now he had much more pressing matters to attend to.  Jared went back upstairs and walked back into the bathroom.

Jensen was where he’d left him swaddled in the blanket, his hair sticking up all over the place.  His eyes were closed and he seemed to be dozing. Jared smiled warmly, his dimples appearing.  Jared started to get undressed, pulling off the button-down he was wearing and then the T-shirt.  As he was undoing his belt Jensen jerked awake. He blinked as Jared continued to strip, and slowly a smile appeared on his pale face.

Jensen whistled, “Of all the damn times you pick to give me a lap dance, you choose when I’m too damn sick to fully appreciate it.” 

Jared threw back his head and laughed, gyrated his hips then slid his jeans down his long muscular legs. He stood there in just his boxers and socks and struck a muscle pose, making Jensen burst out laughing, “Not funny, dude. If I keep this up I’ll be throwing up again.”  Jensen gasped out.

Jared bent over and took off his socks; he reached out and pulled Jensen carefully to his feet, “None of that now. How about we take that shower?”  Jared tugged at the blanket, making Jensen let go of it. “Arms up.”  Jared watched as Jensen lifted his arms slowly, the effort of raising his arms proving to be an epic task.  He took hold of the sweat-stained T-shirt, and quickly pulled it up over Jensen’s firm body, making him stagger forward as the garment was pulled over his head. Then he took hold of the waistband of Jensen’s boxers next, and with a sharp tug pulled them down, letting them fall to the floor, pooling round his feet.

Jensen shivered as the thin material was stripped away, leaching his body of the little warmth the garments offered. He felt himself being eased towards Jared, and he felt a strong pair of arms wrap round him, engulfing him in Jared’s familiar presence.

Jensen rested his head against Jared’s shoulder and put his arms around the taller man’s waist, enjoying the soothing touch of Jared’s finger tips as they moved slowly up and down his aching body. Jensen sighed softly, closing his eyes as Jared held him. The heat from the strong body made him sleepy; he yawned and nuzzled Jared’s neck.

Jared smiled when he felt Jensen’s lips graze his throat. He slowly moved towards the shower, taking most of Jensen’s weight as they went. When they reached the shower Jared twisted round and turned the water on, ensuring the water wasn’t too hot, and the pressure wasn’t too high.

Together they stepped under the warm spray and Jensen felt the warm water flow over him.  He felt Jared behind him, his large hands resting on his hips. Jensen lifted his face and the gentle spray cascaded down, the shower reviving him a little.  Washing away the smell of sweat and sickness from his body, he felt weak and he knew if Jared hadn’t been in the shower with him, he’d never been able to manage.

Jared leant in close and spoke into Jensen’s ear, “Just relax, I’m gonna take care of you.”  Jared reached over and grabbed a bottle of shower gel. He let go of Jensen’s hip, making sure he was able to stand unaided.  Jared flipped open the bottle and poured the gel into his hand.  He put the bottle back, rubbed his hands together, and began to slowly wash Jensen.

He massaged his shoulders and worked his way down his back, listening to the soft breathy moans Jensen gave as he worked on tired muscles.  Jensen rolled his head and let it fall forward. Jared moved his hands back up, and deftly massaged stiff neck muscles teasing the tension from them.

Jared reached for more gel and continued to work his way down Jensen’s back, spending some time soaping Jensen’s ass, making him laugh, “I thought you were getting me clean, not groping me.”  Jensen said, and then yelped when Jared gave his ass a squeeze.

“What? Can’t I multi-task?  I can do both and besides it’s more fun this way, taking advantage of you when you’re too weak to kick my ass.”  Jared was soaping Jensen’s thighs taking the time to enjoy his work.

Jensen bit his lip and tried to stifle the moan that threatened to escape, “Too right. I won’t forget you taking advantage of me when I’m weak.... God, Jay, are you trying to kill me?”  Jensen gave a low moan, as Jared’s talented hands slid sensually down his chest, stroking and caressing leisurely as they went.

Jared’s hands came to rest on Jensen’s stomach, and his touch became soothing as he gently rubbed strained muscles, not putting too much pressure on them.  Jensen Let his head fall back so it came to rest on Jared’s shoulder.  Jared leant forward and placed a row of kisses down his neck, licking at the drops of water glistening on his skin. Jared lifted his head and whispered, “Let me wash your hair and then we’re done.”  He reached out for the nearest bottle of shampoo, opened it and poured some in his hand then he lifted his hands to Jensen’s short brown hair.

  Jensen sighed with pleasure when he felt Jared massaging his scalp. It was strange but Jared washing his hair was one of his guilty pleasures. Just the way Jared touched him, the care he took, the light pressure of his fingertips mixed with the gentle massage, always made his pulse race.  Jensen shivered with pleasure as Jared continued.

Jared smiled when he felt the full body shiver; he knew what he was doing turned Jensen to jelly.  He finished and slowly trailed his hands back down Jensen’s body before letting them come to rest on his hips.  He watched as the water rinsed the shampoo from the man in front of him. He frowned a little when Jensen swayed; it was time to get Jensen to bed.

Jared turned off the water, and stepped out of the shower then he helped Jensen out. He grabbed a fluffy towel from the rail beside them.  He wrapped it round Jensen’s waist, then picked up another and began to dry him; the soft material travelling over freckled skin.

Jensen’s eyes were closed and there was a half-smile on his face as Jared rubbed the towel over him. Every touch was helping to sooth the aches and pains he’d gained from spending most of the night hunched over the toilet. He noticed the towel had stopped, and he opened his eyes to see Jared drying himself. He grinned at the taller man, and then he yawned.

“Ok, there’s no need to suck all the oxygen out of the room. Come on, clean your teeth.”  Jared guided him to the sink, picked up his toothbrush, squeezed some toothpaste on it and handed it over.

Jensen took it from him, “Yes, mom, and did you make sure that behind my ears was clean as well?”  He watched Jared pick up his toothbrush, ready to clean his own teeth.

“Trust me. Behind your ears was very clean, along with the rest of you, sexy. Now come on, I want to spend my duvet day in bed taking advantage of you.”  Jared winked and started to brush his teeth.

Jensen just rolled his eyes and cleaned his teeth. The shower had made him feel better, and now the foul taste in his mouth was fading.  Jensen rinsed his mouth and stood waiting for Jared.

“Gotta take care of my teeth. The fan girls would never forgive me if I let anything happen to my dazzling smile.”  To illustrate his point, Jared unleashed a full power Padalecki beam right at Jensen.

Jensen staggered back and put his hands over his eyes, “Arrggh! Shit, I’m blind!  Jay, help me. Where are you?”  It came out in a pathetic whine, as Jensen reached out blindly for Jared.  When his hands found his muscular body, he took the chance to run his fingers over Jared’s torso, mapping out the well-defined muscles.  Smiling when he felt them twitch at his touch, he heard Jared snort with laughter.

“Ok, doofus, now I know you’re on the road to recovery. Bed, now!”  Jared grinned as Jensen opened his eyes and winked at him.

“I’m getting all tingly again. If I misbehave will you spank me?”  Jensen turned to leave the bathroom.

Jared grinned mischievously and stepped behind him, sweeping Jensen up into his arms, making him squeak in surprise.  “Come, my beloved, since you’ve been weakened by your illness, let me carry you to your rest.  And if you misbehave you better believe you’ll end up over my knee.”  Jared bent his head and kissed Jensen on the lips, pulling away, smiling.

Jensen returned the smile and wrapped his arms round Jared’s neck. Normally he’d complain and call Jared a caveman and tell him to put him down. But just this once he’d indulge Jay and his momma bear instinct. He stared up at Jared with large, helpless eyes.  “Well, come along then, you don’t want me catching cold, do you?  Giddy up there, Jay.”  Jensen ignored the scowl and jutting bottom lip from Jared, and soon he found himself being dumped unceremoniously on the bed.

Jared stood with his hands on his hips, “Like I said, behave yourself. Sick or not, I will tan your hide. Let me get some clothes on you to keep you warm.”  There was a twang of home in his voice and a determined look in his eye, waiting for Jensen to do as he was told.

Jensen smirked and stuck out his tongue. He lifted his arms obediently, waiting for Jared to help him get dressed. He sat meekly, allowing his boyfriend to dress him. Despite all the jokes, he appreciated the way Jared took care of him.  Jensen lowered his arms. God, he was tired! He just wanted to get into the clean bed and go to sleep.

Jared spotted Jensen eyeing the bed longingly; he just had to be patient for a little longer.  The boxers were next to go on; he knelt in front of Jensen and pulled them up over his feet and legs. Jared stood up and got Jensen to his feet. He took the towel from around his waist and finished pulling the boxers on, stroking Jensen’s ass while he did.

Jensen smirked at that. He cupped Jared’s face with his hand and kissed him, moaning softly as Jared continued to feel his butt.  Jensen broke the kiss and rocked back a little, his head spinning. He felt Jared slip his arm round his waist, and he leant against him, getting his equilibrium back.

Jared ran his fingers through his hair gently, “Hey, come on, that’s it. You’re doing great. I think you’ve overdone it a little, though.”  Jared didn’t wait for Jensen to complain. He picked him up, carried him around the bed, lowering him gently and covering him with the duvet.

Jensen blinked up at Jared, the dizziness fading a little, “You might be right about overdoing it. Thanks for looking after me, Jay.” Jensen blinked blearily, following Jared as he walked round the room tidying up.

Jared came back to the bed and climbed in beside Jensen, curling round him protectively.  Jared bent forward and kissed the top of Jensen’s head, “Now you’re going to get some sleep and then we’ll go downstairs, sit in front of the TV and watch crap all day.  And maybe a little later, you can even try to eat a little something.”

Jensen grimaced at the mention of food, but his empty stomach disagreed and rumbled.  That made both men laugh, “We’ll see. So far the water I drank earlier is staying put but I don’t want to push my luck.”  He snuggled closer to Jared, enjoying the feel of the solid body wound round him. Jared’s hand slipped over his hip and rested on his stomach, the tender touch warming him.  Jensen sighed happily, “Thanks for the hot water bottle on my stomach, it’s really helping.” He gave a happy little groan when Jared’s large hand began to move in a slow circle.

Jared grinned at the sound; he leant a little closer and said, “Glad to be of help and when we go downstairs later I’ll make sure that your best friend keeps you company, although you might have to watch Harley and Sadie, they might get jealous.”

Jensen turned his head and squinted at Jared, “What the hell are you on about now, Padalecki. What best friend?”  Jensen looked puzzled.

Jared grinned at him, “Well, they say a man’s best friend is his dog, but after today I’d say a man’s best friend is his trash can.  So I’ll make certain it gets a comfy seat on the couch with us.  I promise not to get jealous.”  He laughed and ducked out of the way as Jensen threw his pillow at him.

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  • Heaven (1/1), Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

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