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I'm so going to special hell!

Friend, Roman's Fl*sters, please feel free to ignore this ramble, only I'm struggling with a bad...dirty...wrong plot bunny and if I don't do something about it I'll end up writing the bloody thing.  So if I vent I might not write it....

Ok ever since the start of season 7 and the appearance of Hallucifer, I have had this idea bouncing round.  Well actually it started in season 5 after Mark's awesome appearances as Lucifer, but now it has just sowed the seed of something wrong, and wicked and bad and porny!  Right we all know Sam has a little devil on his shoulder.....*headsdesk* Oh alright here it is..

Dean wakes up and finds he's been handcuffed to the bed naked,  he doesn't know how it's happened and he's scared.  He spots Sam sat in the corner of their motel room and he's relieved, but unknown to Dean, Sam is being influenced by Lucifer and he walks over to the bed.  He climbs up Dean's body and  touches him all the while Lucifer is giving him instructions, telling how to touch Dean, and that this is what Sam always wanted down in the cage, and now he should just take what he wants.

Dean is freaking out knowing who Sam is listening to, but he can't get through to Sam, he can't fight back, and he just pleads with Sam not to do this.  Sam tells him to just relax that Lucifer told him about what Alistair did to him while wearing a Sam suit and how much he enjoyed it. Finally Sam fucks Dean all  while Lucifer talks to him, telling him what to do.

Finally after Sam is done he climbs off the bed leaving Dean a shivering mess, he takes a breath and says "Impala" and suddenly we realize that it's not Sam and Dean but Jared and Jensen, acting out a fantasy, and they are not alone, Mark is there with them, all part of the fantasy.

Jared moves to the bed and releases Jensen, and covers him up,  Mark asks if that's what they were looking for. Jared says yes, and he thinks they have got the whole Sam and Dean fantasy out of their system.  Mark leaves them and  Jared takes care of Jensen, they talk to one another about the issues this has raised, that it wasn't the brother thing that turned them on, but being watched and having someone tell Jared what to do.  Maybe even considering doing it again, with someone else watching them.

Ok so that's the bunny, I am so going to hell for this, there is no excuse or hope for me, maybe there is another way to write it, but with the dynamic going on it's seems to be the only option. Just remember dear sweet friends, you are safe you are only here for the ride, I'm the one who thought of it *G*

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