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July 12th 2012, my heart breaks for fandom.

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, today has been a dark day for everyone in fandoms.  Not just our Supernatural family, but every TV show, film, musician.  It has been announced that all US internet providers will screen all downloading acting as the copyright police for the music and film industry.

Right first of all I want to say I understand that piracy costs both industries millions, and I accept that something has to be done, but this? Soon we will lose forever the wonderful art and gifs we all love and enjoy.  It seems to me as if fandom is being targeted for having the sheer bloody nerve to show its own creativity, and god forbid we enjoy a show and make it our own.

We Fans buy the merchandise, the books, the DVDS, hell even the soundtracks (I own a legal d/l of the Supernatural Soundtrack), and I will own up to sneaking episodes of my favourite show, simply because I'm too bloody inpatient to wait almost a sodding year to see the new series. Then what do I do? I watch it on television (Supernatural was the reason I got Sky) when it screens, and you guessed it buy the DVD!

We fans can be allowed to enjoy their shows as long as we do it in a well behaved manner, no thinking for ourselves, or indulging that disgusting thing called imagination and talent, the well know enemy of corporations everywhere. I'm sure I read somewhere a suggestion of almost state sponsored web sites where we fans can gathered together, watched closely to ensure we do not think too loudly, or enjoy ourselves too much in case we upset Hollywood!

So in America you get six strikes and you’re in trouble, over here in the UK we are getting perilously close the three strikes and your household loses the internet for a year!  BT and Talk Talk are fighting, but they have just lost another round, they said they will consider their options, I want them to carry on fighting, I do not want my privacy invaded.  Make the bloody media easier for us to access, I mean for god’s sake, look at the difference between region 1 & 2 DVDS the American version gets all the cool extras, while we in Europe get crap.  It’s come to the point I’m thinking of saving for a multiregional player just so I can indulge my inner geek!

And it’s also tragic in having read an interview with Misha recently he said he would love to engage in a mass art project with fandom due to the talent out there....well Misha good luck with that because by the Summer we’ll be gone and all that will be left is memories.

So congratulations Hollywood you have succeeded in killing fandom, wiping out any trace of passion from those who watch your shows, films, listen to your music!  But then what? Without us there is just the bland leading the bland, but that’s what you want isn’t it?  No quirky off beat shows, or little shows that could.  We fans have a nasty habit of standing up for those we love, making loud and horrible noises when you mess with us.  You don’t understand the love of friends and family we create within our fandoms and if you don’t understand it, it must be destroyed. So as you sit there congratulating yourselves on a job well done, remember this.  We can live without you, it will be hard but it can be done.

You know I would love to see happen?  I know it won't happen, but just indulge my little flight of fantasy for a moment folks please....

All the fandoms should unite and produce our own bloody show!  Raise the funds, find the writers and actors, come on with the talent we have out there surely we could manage it.  And with today's video equipment there is every chance the finished product would be up to the standards of some shows on television.  All I'm going to say is remember classic Doctor Who with the wobbly sets!  Did we care? Fuck No!  We had great scripts, awesome actors and the love only fans can give their show.

Then say to hell with Hollywood post it on the net, build our own fandom, devote our time and talents to something that won't land us in either jail, broke, or bloody netless!

I know it won't happen but wouldn't it just show all those suits out there, that we fans are the ones who earn them their money, and you should stop treating us like we're bloody war criminals!

Why yes I'm pissed, and I don't want to lose any of you, I love you all too much.  But I’ll keep on fighting until they drag me away kicking and screaming, proclaiming my love for a pair of broken wounded warriors, because anything else would be letting the faceless, mindless, suits win.......

*Coughs....warbles*  Carry on my wayward son!

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