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Drive by wibble...yes I'm trying to write a Big Bang!

Here be wibbling rant, feel free to run like hell!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, yes it's that time of year again when I test....nay turn on the panic alarm, normal wibbling will resume shortly....


Right why did I think this was a good idea? even worse, why did I not attempt an J2 AU epic....hang on Acolyte0301 springs to mind here (really must get back to that)  No I decided to spruce up a little H/C fic I was writing staring Jared and Jensen on set!  Twas meant to be simple, but muppet here decided  there was too much of the bad guys in it (yes I have villians, and they even have a personality...well they are there) Scenes have been added, extra battered Jensen is being added....have I finished the bloody thing? Have I crap!  Now there is less than two weeks to the dead line, and I have realized this pile of steaming drivel shouldn't be allowed in the rareified company of other BB fics.  Waffle! My god I've taken my waffling to new depths......

Here is a snipet, unchecked and as rough as a badger arse...

Jensen sat on the edge of the bed and wondered what Jared was up to, he shivered slightly and then he winced as stiffening muscles protested.  He yawned he was so tired he just wanted to curl up and close his eyes, but every time he closed them he saw Will’s sneering face.  Jensen wrapped his arms round himself and he took a calming breath, he jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder.  Jensen looked up to see Jared standing beside him looking concerned his forehead furrowed making Jensen smile slightly.  “Jay you keep that up I’m gonna have to take you to get botox, the fan girls would hate to see their ‘Sammy’ with wrinkles.”  He laughed and was rewarded with a bright smile from Jared, he looked at the bowl in his hand.  “Dude I ain’t drunk and I don’t feel sick so what’s the bowl for?”  He squinted up at Jared feeling the start of a headache behind tired eyes.

Jared reached out and gently brushed his fingers over Jensen’s forehead, “You take it easy I said I was going to take care of you and I meant it, I’ll be back in a minute.”  Jared bent over and placed a tender kiss on his forehead.

Jared walked into the bathroom and turned on the taps, he let the bowl fill while he rummaged around in the bathroom cabinet.  Jared grinned when he found what he wanted, it was a of bottle of bath and shower gel, he opened it and managed a rueful smile as the scent brought back memories.

  Jared had brought the gel on a whim when he’d been in England after a convention, it was from a place called Crabtree & Evelyn, the shop sold bath and beauty products made from natural ingredients.  The gel was Citron, Honey & Coriander, Jared had thought it smelled wonderful.  That was until a night spent with Kane and Carlson, when Kane had sniffed the air took a swig of beer and said, “Jay that’s a great smell reminds me of the sauce I made to go with the chicken I cooked the other day, damn I’m hungry now got anything to eat?”  This had been accompanied by roars of laughter and Jensen nearly choking to death on a peanut, ever since then it had been gathering dust in the cabinet.

See what I mean? God alone knows how much waffle there is, why did I think I could actually produce something worth reading?
So I'd like to appolgise now to anyone I owe comments to, promises of fic being read (You know who you are and I'm really sorry), and just in general I will be back by May if I can manage to do anything worth bloody while with this dross *heads desk*

Tags: big bang 2012, fic, ramblings

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