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Big Bang Summary reveal..

Friends, Romans, fl* know if I keep this up, you guys might start to think I like it here *G* I have noticed several of my favorite authors have reposted their Big Bang summaries on their journals, and being something of a lemming I thought why not?  If only to show you why you should avoid my scribble like the plague.  But I do insist you give all your love and support to my poor beliwidered artist, who bravely volunteered her art work without having seen this pile of drivel!!!! 

So without further ado may I present my poor attempt at a Big Bang!

JaredJensen 66
Title: Not such a damsel in distress.
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Summary: When a flu virus hits the crew of Supernatural, they are forced to employ emergency crew.  Unfortunately for Jensen two of the new crew memebers have a more than unhealthy interest in him, and very soon he finds himself face to face with a dangerous predator.  Will he be able to escape, or will Jared his knight in shining armor come to his rescue.

Warnings: attempted non-con, violence

*Shakes head*  I know, I know, well onto the important stuff the name of the brave soul who wants to help out and supply art, it is sillie82, and I urge you to go and check out her art! there are some stunning pictures believe if I can only turn this into something worthy of her work!

Tags: big bang 2012, wibbling
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