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Memo To Self!

I'm pretty sure we've all heard the phrase TMI right? well on Saturday due to a hangover my poor long suffering other half has probably been scared for life.

So there we were shopping in Asda, we had reached the Freezer section and I was babbling on. concerning life the universe, telling him about all the fun i'd been having on Live Journal lately and the next comment leapt out at an unsuspecting hubby!

"Well some of them seem to like the J2 stories i've written!" now common sense says I should have stopped there right? nooooo hangover remember! Steve made a "Huh" face and my usual fangirl filter had nipped off for a coffee and I replied...

"oh just a little gay porn!"

After several members of staff helped me to retrieve him from the Frozen Veg i'm sure the frostbite on his ears will have cleared up by christmas he staggered off towards bread muttering...

"That's it i'm confiscating your Christmas Present!"

Him and mum gave me some money towards a shiny new Lap Top where funnily enough i'm writing yet more J2!

So last night as I sat reading "Force Of Nature" Steve kept shooting worried glances at me as if I was describing a naked Jensen having chocolate sauce licked off him by Jared whilst handcuffed to the bed! I was only leaving a comment!...In fact that isn't such a bad idea..........
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