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Not Such A Damsel In Distress, (2/6), R, Jared/Jensen.

Title: Not Such A Damsel In Distress
Artist name: sillie82
Genre: RPS, (non-AU)
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Word count: 7193
Warnings: Violence, shameless Jensen whump, attempted non-con, homophobic language.
Summary: The cast and crew of Supernatural are one big happy family; they care for and protect one another. But after an outbreak of flu, there are outsiders on the set.  Amongst those outsiders is a dangerous predator and his partner, and they have set their sights on what they think is an easy target. Can Jensen prove them wrong, or will he need Jared, his knight in shining armour to come to his rescue?

By the next morning Bob had been pleasantly surprised by how well the emergency crew was meshing together with the regular crew; they were managing to keep up with their hectic schedule. There hadn’t been too many disasters just yet; they were finished with the location shoots.  Now all that was left were the studio scenes.  Although a couple of the newbies had been traumatized by Misha already, but he considered that to be acceptable collateral damage.  Now he was busy setting up his next scene, “Ok guys, are we ready to roll?  Get ready to clear the set.”

Bob waited for the crew to move out of camera shot; completely unaware that one of the new crew members had an unhealthy interest in one of his leads.

Will had been helping to set up for the scene and now he was standing just behind Bob Singer.  If anyone looked, he was watching filming but mostly he was watching Jensen with interest as he worked. He was trying to decide if the man was his kind of playmate... then his train of thought was derailed by Bob’s voice....

“Now remember, guys, this is a stand-off. Crowley has sent a demon to remind the brothers of their debt to him.  Jensen, don’t forget you weren’t sure that Robo Sam would come to your rescue, so relief, and hope that there is still something of Sammy in there somewhere.  And Alex, feel free to get as physical with Jensen as you want.”

Jensen grinned at his friend, “Gee thanks, Bob, I love you too.”  

Bob smiled unrepentantly, “Don’t worry, Jensen, if Alex hurts you I’ll send Misha in to kiss it better.”

Jensen looked at Alex and pleaded, “Kill me now, please. For the love of all that’s holy, kill me now.  Misha uses his tongue. Why the hell did Cas have to be a guy?  What was wrong with mine and Jared’s suggestion?”

Bob shook his head, “We told you, Scarlett Johansson was busy, and we would’ve had to sell Jared’s body and the Impala to afford her.”

Jensen rolled his eyes in sorrow and squared his shoulders, “Good point. I would’ve missed my baby. But I’m sure we would have found a good home for Jared. OK Bob, get Misha on stand-by.  And tell him to use more chap stick this time. I’m ready, bring it on Alex.”

The crew roared with laughter and the air was filled with good-natured insults, several cries of ‘pucker up, princess’, had Jensen blowing kisses to the crew. Will watched the banter, narrowing his eyes and licking his lips when Alex tightened a well muscled arm round Jensen’s neck.   Jensen leant back against Alex’s firm body, ready for the scene.

“Ok, ready....Action!”

Sam moved purposefully towards the demon that held his brother captive, eyes cold and emotionless.  “Let him go, you son of a bitch, we’re doing everything that Crowley wants us to. Hunting high up the food chain.  We’ll get you a goddamn Alpha, now let him go.” 

The demon curled its arm tighter round Dean’s throat, Dean grabbed the arm cutting off his air supply, pulling at desperate to breathe. A knife appeared and the cold metal pressed into his skin, stilling his struggles, its keen edge nearly breaking the skin.  Dean was bloodied and bruised but his eyes glowed with pride as Sam stood his ground.

The demon sneered, “Now don’t be like that, Sammy, this is just a piece of friendly encouragement. Crowley wanted to remind you of your obligations. How about I cut smart ass here another mouth....Crap! What the hell is that smell?”  Alex’s grey eyes started to water and he coughed, as the toxic fumes nearly drove him to his knees.

Bob threw his hands up in the air “Cut....oh for the love of crap, somebody get the poor guy some oxygen.”

Jensen shrugged free of Alex and patted him on the back, “Breathe through your mouth Alex, it gets better after the first two years.  Jay, how many times have we got to tell you?  Lay off the refried bean burritos when we have guest stars on set.” 

Jared walked over with a sympathetic expression, “Sorry about the timing, dude, give it five minutes and the smell fades a little.  I wonder what we could do till then?” 

Jared suddenly spun round grabbed Jensen and started slow dancing with him; Misha, who was watching the scene put an invisible harmonica to his lips and accompanied them.  Jared dipped Jensen down low, as he pulled him up he looked into his eyes, and for a second they exchanged a look full of heat. Then Jared let go of Jensen, spun round and started to tango with the now laughing Alex. Jared stared deep into his eyes and blue steeled at him.

Jensen quickly moved back out of the way, everyone knew what Jared was like when he was dancing.  He was a danger to life and limb. Jensen bumped into someone, turned round and found he’d just stepped on one of the new crew members. The man was as tall as him but stockier with dark brown eyes that reminded him of Jeff Morgan, “God, I’m so sorry, man. I didn’t hurt you, did I?  The further away from Jared you stand when he’s doing that the better.  Hi, I’m Jensen.”  He held out his hand in greeting.

“Don’t worry, it’s fine. I can see what you mean. Should we call the medic for Alex?” The man gave a friendly smile, “I’m Will, pleased to make your acquaintance, Jensen. Now if you’ll excuse me - a crew member’s work is never done.” 

Will nodded and walked away, his full lips curled into a cruel smile; he’d seen the fleeting look that had passed between the two men.  That made his day. The rumours about those two were true then. Well, he wouldn’t mind a piece of that sweet little ass. He was sure Jared wouldn’t mind sharing.

Actually who cared if he minded?  Will knew from experience that all actors and actresses were sluts; he’d worked in the business long enough now. Plus he knew there were certain things actors needed keeping quiet, and Ackles and Padalecki had just that kind of secret. Ackles was looking more and more like his kind of bitch; he whistled a jaunty tune as he went to find Andy, the pretty blonde PA fading from his mind.

Later on the two friends sat in Craft Services eating lunch, “I’m telling ya, Andy, they’re a pair of screaming queens. That Ackles is just fucking beggin’ for it.”

“Dude, they were screwin’ around on set, everyone I’ve talked to says they’re always like that. Dancing is the least of the shit they get up to.  Ellie, one of the PAs was tellin’ me that the other day they taped Collins in his trailer.  In the end he had to climb out of the skylight they used that much tape.”  Andy took a bite of his food, and Will just stared at him.

“Trust me; I didn’t imagine the fuckin’ look the moose shot pretty boy when he dipped him back.  Come on, man, how about we have a little fun? It’s been a while; I bet Jensen’s the bitch in the relationship.”  Will spoke softly, encouraging his friend to join him for a little party.

Andy snorted and shook his head. This was exactly what he’d been worried about. Shit he should’ve made sure Will got plenty of tail, now he was fixated on Ackles. Fuck, this was gonna get rough. They didn’t have their usual bolt holes to run to, he enjoyed his adventures- with Will. But they were a little too far from home for comfort. Perhaps he could convince his partner that Ackles was too much trouble, likely to break Will’s neck if he tried anything funny.

At that moment the object of Will’s obsession came into Craft.  Jensen and Misha were chatting as they went past; unaware they were being watched by the two friends.

“So where is Jared, man mountain, and body double for the Incredible Hulk?  Only there’s food left, which indicates he hasn’t been through here yet.”  Misha grinned as Jensen started to load containers with food; he picked up one of his own and began to fill it.

“He’s filming with Alex, and I’m on a food run for him. You know what he’s like, Misha.” Jensen smiled, “Kept fed, watered and exercised, Jared is very low maintenance. I’m doing this to protect the crew from a ravenous Sasquatch.”

Misha watched transfixed as Jensen crammed enough food into two Styrofoam cartons to feed a family for a week, “Well, that should keep him going for a couple of hours. What are you getting him for lunch?”

Jensen threw back his head and laughed, “I’ve sent Cliff out to shoot us a bear for later, and I said I’d get this so he can chill in his trailer for a while.”  Jensen managed to cram even more food into the container.

“You know one day you’ll make someone a lovely wife. If you like you could borrow my dress from my blessing to Vicky for the ceremony.  That is, unless you’re no longer a virgin.”  Misha dramatically slapped a hand to his forehead, “Good God! Padalecki the bounder, how could he despoil you like that?  Don’t worry; the crew will stand by you. We won’t see you thrown out on the streets, destitute and abused because you’re no longer unsullied.”

Misha put his arm round Jensen and squeezed, giving him a sympathetic look.  Jensen sighed and shook his head.  He managed to close the containers and turned to leave.

“It’s ok, Misha, Kane has promised to stand by me. He’ll make sure my honour’s intact and if he has to he’ll get Jared to the altar.  He’s got a shotgun and he ain’t afraid to use it.” As he spoke Jensen slipped into his Texan accent, grinning. “Look, I better get back with the food before Jared collapses in a heap, and he has to lie with his head on my lap while I feed him to get his strength back.”

As they walked past Will and Andy, Misha roared with laughter and they heard, “But that’s a normal Monday for you two, isn’t it?”  He ducked out of the way, as Jensen tried to smack him across the back of his head.

Will looked over at his friend and raised an eyebrow, “Now do ya believe me?”

“Oh, come on, Will, that don’t mean a damn thing. You know what everyone says about those two being best buddies. All it means is Ackles is looking out for a friend, plus I heard Collins telling one of the camera men he’d been playing Strip Scrabble with Jared.  And he’d got the Sasquatch down to his boxers, and then he was called on set. So if you ask me, it’s more likely Collins and Padalecki are at it, than Ackles and Padalecki.” 

Will didn’t look convinced by his friend’s argument. He gave slight smirk. He knew Andy’s protests were hollow, that he enjoyed himself plenty whenever he took Andy to a ‘party’.  Now he’d just have to convince him it was time for another, and that Jensen Ackles was going to be the guest of honour. “Ok, I’ll tell you what. If I’m right about those two, how about you and me have us a little party with the pretty boy?  Be just like old times. Whaddya say?”

Andy rolled his eyes; he’d hoped that they would lay low, stay off the cops’ radar.  Now that was in jeopardy. He’d been talking to some of the PAs and they all swore that the two leads were straight, close like brothers but straight.  He knew that wouldn’t bother Will if he really had set his mind on Ackles’ ass, but it might slow him down long enough for Andy to talk him out of it.  

Andy knew that Will always tried to make sure his party guests wouldn’t go squealing to the cops - his usual targets were what he liked to call ‘closet cases’. He was confident that he could prove Will wrong about Ackles, “Ok, you’re on, man, and while we’re at it I’m so damn sure you’re wrong.  I’ll put fifty dollars down, sayin’ he’s banging half the women on set.”

Andy held out his hand and Will grabbed it, shaking it with a smile, “My man, we have a bet, and I’m looking forward to my winnings.  Ok, Andy, time to get back to work and I think we should keep a friendly watch on Jensen.  After all, we don’t want him to come to any harm, do we?”

Will laughed softly as they stood up and walked out, the two men heading back to work. Jensen blissfully ignorant of the fact; he now had two extra shadows trailing him as he worked.  Whenever he filmed either Will or Andy was close by, watching, and every time either Jared or Misha grabbed, hugged, or pushed and jostled him. Jensen’s easy going laughter at his friends antics, just confirmed Will’s thoughts that Jensen was easy prey.

The next scene they filmed had Sam helping a wounded Dean back to the Impala, Dean grousing every step of the way.  When Bob had called cut, Jared had lifted his ‘brother’ up into his arms looked at Bob, “Are we done yet? Sleepy here needs his power nap, only Misha nearly passed out earlier from all his yawning and emitting of Z radiation.”

 As Jared had said that he blew kisses at the thoroughly pissed off Jensen who managed to escape his co-star’s arms and stomp on his foot as he did so.  “Ow!  You bastard, that hurt!”  Jared wailed, hopping on his uninjured foot.

Jensen just grinned and sprinted off set laughing. Andy sidled up to Gina from make-up; he had a question he needed the answer to, there was money riding on it. “Are they always like that? Or is it just for us new guys?  You know, keep up the myth they’re the best of friends.”

Gina watched as the two men chased each other round the set before attacking Misha, and then she turned to Andy.  There was just something about him and his friend Will that made her uneasy. She had noticed they seemed to spend a lot of time on set when they weren’t needed, and she was sure she’d seen Will watching Jensen. And there was just something about the way Andy had asked the question that sent a tingle of anxiety down her spine.

  The whole crew knew about Jared and Jensen’s relationship but they kept it quiet, they watched out for outsiders. Gina cast her mind back over the last few days to see if there was anything that could ‘out’ the boys. 

  “Yeah, this is pretty normal for them; just keep out of their way when they’re like this. They have water pistols and they ain’t afraid to use ‘em. In fact I better get to wardrobe and warn them to get some fresh clothes ready.  They’re always like that unless they’re so tired they can’t remember their own names, let alone how to misbehave.”

Andy’s pale blue eyes narrowed slightly, “Does Jared make a habit of that?”  He nodded towards the two men, “You know, picking Jensen up every chance he gets?”

Shock jolted through Gina, she’d been pretty happy that any goofing around by the boys could be seen as just that and nothing more.  Were the hell had that come from?  She took a breath and forced a bright smile on her face, “Yeah, that’s Jay for you. Yesterday he walked round set carrying one of the PAs on his shoulders.  And she’d been one happy girl for hours after, and did you see him pawing at Misha? He was threatening to kiss him after an intense scene with Cas.  One of these days there’ll be a restraining order.” She managed another weak smile, wondering how to deflect anymore probing questions.

Andy nodded looking deep in thought, “So Jared really is that friendly. I gotta say it’s one of the most relaxed sets I’ve been on, everyone getting on real well.”

Gina laughed nervously, “Stick around; it does get tense if we don’t feed Jared enough, or Jensen doesn’t get his coffee fixes.  But most of the time we’re all pretty chilled. Now if you’ll excuse me, Andy, I better get back and grab some more fake blood.  We get through gallons of the stuff.”

Gina smiled at Andy and walked away. As she made her way to make-up, she spotted Lou, the stunt co-ordinator. Gina went over to him, her conversation with Andy playing over in her mind, a lingering image of a pair of pale blue eyes boring into her, “Lou, what do you think of Andy and Will? Is it me or do they give you the creeps?”  

She was hoping it was just her being paranoid about all the strangers on the set; Lou looked at her and then over at Andy noticing how he was watching Jared and Jensen.

“I haven’t paid too much attention to them. What’s the problem?  Do you think we got a couple of undercover tabloid journalists snooping around, looking for a nice juicy expose?” He frowned at the thought and paid attention to what he was being asked.

Gina shrugged her shoulders, a feeling of relief washing over her. That’s what had been bothering her, “I don’t, maybe they could be, Andy was asking some weird questions about the guys’ relationship, and that’s never a good thing.”

Lou reached out and patted her on the shoulder, “I hear you, Gina. How about me and the guys keep an eye on them?  Don’t worry. We’ll make sure the boys’ secret stays a secret.”  

Gina walked away a little happier, knowing that the boys would be looked after.  Lou continued to watch Andy, and then sure enough his shadow ‘Will’ join him.  Lou couldn’t help the sense of unease that built within him, as the two men finally melted away into the distance. His musings were interrupted when Bob called to him, asking about the blocking for the forthcoming fight scene.

After filming Lou and Gina gathered their colleagues together in the bar the crew frequented. Lou called the unofficial meeting to order, “Ok boys and girls, I’m sure we all know why we’re here tonight...

“Yeah, the impossible is about to happen, Lou’s buyin’ us all a drink.” Cliff called out, raising his empty beer glass.

Lou grinned, “God no, I’d like to be able to pay my mortgage this month.   It’s about the situation we got on set.  What do you think we should do about it?”

Cliff put down his glass, “Well, the way I see it, the best thing we can do is run interference between the boys and those two.  Make sure they don’t take any pictures, and remember to be careful what we say around them.”

Gina broke in, “Should we tell the boys after all, it’s their necks on the line if those two out them. Perhaps get them to watch their behaviour?”

Lou shook his head, “No, that’s the worst thing we could do; it would just confirm their suspicions.  No, we’ll just make sure they don’t see anything too incriminating, but we’ll be on our guard just to be safe. Now Cliff, about that drink you promised us.”

 As they left the bar later that night the crew agreed an unofficial watch was placed on the boys, they felt it wasn’t worth bothering the powers that be with their suspicions.  Besides they could keep a much better watch on Jared and Jensen than anyone else, and suddenly the boys gained a fleet of unpaid body guards.

Lou was back on set very early the following morning, it was time to film the big fight scene between Dean and the demon. They were filming out of sequence; this was going to be the scene directly before the stand-off they had filmed the other day.  As always the action sequences were scheduled towards the end of the shoot, in case of accidents.

Lou was going over the fight with Alex when he spotted something out of the corner of his eye, and yes, there they were, Woodward and Bernstein. Lou smiled. He knew the men were being watched; he was happy that so far they had nothing to take back to whatever scandal rag they were sleazing for.

Content that for now Will and Andy were actually doing their job as crew members, he concentrated on putting Jensen and the guest through their paces.  Lou loved working with Jared and Jensen, although they goofed around almost continually.  They always took the fights and stunts very seriously, as they tried to do as many stunts as they could.  Jensen in particular spent a lot of time rehearsing, coming in early like now. What that meant was the stunt men could afford to throw punches closer, and work faster and harder than with some actors he’d worked with.

Lou put the two men through their paces at half speed, to ensure they knew exactly where they would have to be. “Ok fellas, that’s it, Jensen. Go for Ruby’s knife...Alex, grab Jensen’s jacket and throw him against the wall. Yup, that’s perfect.  Now Jen, kick out, taking Alex down. Good sweep, Jensen.”  Lou admired the skill of his actor as he sprang to his feet; Jensen sprinted towards where the knife was going to be kicked during the scene.

“Right Alex, you can see he’s about to come at you with the knife, now pick up that metal pipe and swing hard.”

Alex had also scrambled to his feet, spotting the hunter was about to reach his weapon. He picked up a piece of ‘pipe’ and as Lou told him and swung it hard. He pulled the blow at the last second, watching Jensen curl over gasping for breath.

“That was brilliant, guys; now remember where all your marks are for the fight. Alex, don’t forget, you must be right on the mark otherwise you risk hitting Jensen.  Same goes for you, Jen. You move too close and you could end up with a smack in the ribs.”

“Ahh, Lou, I didn’t know you cared, and there was me thinking you spend all your time trying to kill me.”  Jensen put his arm round his friend’s shoulder, smirking as he twirled the prop knife between his fingers.

“Do I look like I got a death wish?  I get you mangled and I don’t know who would kill me first, Sera or Jared.  And I don’t trust Misha not to call that psychopath you call a friend.”

“Kane ain’t all that bad; he apologized to that stunt man, didn’t he?”

Lou rolled his eyes, “Yeah, Kane apologized eventually, although I hear the stuntman still sleeps with the light on. So no way am I trying to kill you, I value my own cowardly skin way too much.  Now run along, sweetheart, and make yourself pretty for the cameras.”

Jensen gave him the prop knife and smacked Lou on the back, “I hate it when they make me pretty, and the other guys get so jealous. I better go and get covered in blood for my close-up.  See ya, Lou.”

Jensen went towards make-up and Lou continued to get the props ready for the fight scene.  He picked up the pipe and placed it ready. There had been two for the scene, a metal one for close-ups and a much lighter plastic one to be used in the fight.  They had already shot with the metal one, now it was the turn of the plastic one.

As Lou straightened up Ellie, the PA walked over, “Hey Lou, Bob wants a quick word with you.”

Lou went to walk away and he realized he was holding the metal pipe, “Ellie, can you take this back to the prop guys, we’re done with it. Thanks, sweetheart.”

Will watched the exchange with interest; this was the perfect opportunity to prove what he was saying to Andy about Ackles and Padalecki. Time to arrange another little accident, “Hey, Andy, you got your eye on that sweet little ass, now go over there and be a gentleman.”

Andy looked bemused, “What the fuck are you on about, man?”

“I want you to offer to carry that heavy pipe for the young lady; I’m sure she doesn’t want to break a nail. Now go on, Andy and help her.”  Will motioned with his head, “Take your time, chat to her. Arrange to meet her, and find out what’s going on round here. Right, Andy?”

Andy licked his lips and wondered what his friend was up to. He moved towards the PA and started talking to her. 

Will looked round the studio - everyone was working; no one was paying attention to what they were up to.  There had been a few looks over to where Andy was stood talking to Ellie, but beyond that...he picked up some cable.  He walked over to where Lou had been pointing out the marks to Jensen and Alex.

As he reached the taped marks, Will slipped and the cable spilled out of his hands, “Damnit! Sorry, folks, I’ll soon have this cleared up.  Only be a couple of seconds.” 

Will dropped to his knees and began to loop the cable back into his arms as he worked, “Hey, Andy, how about a little help here? This stuff is alive.”  As he struggled with the cable he grabbed Alex’s taped mark and he moved it forward, and then he did the same to Jensen’s mark. It wasn’t enough to be noticeable, but it was enough to throw the distance of the swing out.  He quickly finished gathering the cable up; walking past Andy who was still talking to Ellie.  He winked at her as he went by, “Gee, thanks for all your help, Andy; get him talking to a pretty lady and he’s useless.”

Will wandered over to where the cable was stored, and began to pack his cable with the rest.  Andy appeared beside him, “What the hell was all that about? Ellie wouldn’t let go of the damn pipe. Saying Lou had told her to take it, and that’s what she was gonna do.”  He sighed in frustration.

Will looked over his shoulder and grinning, he saw Jensen and Alex approaching the set, both men ready to do battle.  “Oh, it doesn’t matter about that, the real fun is about to begin, I hope you got that fifty dollars on you.  Now why don’t we go and stand somewhere quiet?”

As they walked Andy looked round nervously, “What did you do when you were fucking around with that cable, man?” Andy tensed, ready to get the hell out of there, “And why will I need the fifty dollars?”

Will’s smile lit up his face, “What? Tell you and ruin the surprise? Get ready to move a little closer. This is gonna be fun.”

Lou went over to the two men on set, “Ok, guys, I’ve spoken to Bob, and he’s happy to let the fight run its course.  We’re going with one break to put the knife in position. You alright with that?”

 “Yeah, that’s fine, Lou.” Jensen smirked cockily at Alex, “You ready to get your ass kicked by Dean Winchester, you black-eyed son of a bitch.”

“Right. Just remember who’s got the pipe, beating the crap out of your ass at the end, sweetheart.”  Alex blew kisses at Jensen and went to hug him. 

 Jensen laughed, ducked out of the way and danced round Alex, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”  He bobbed and weaved, throwing shadow punches.

Bob stood by the camera, waiting to start filming, “More like float like a bee, and sting like a butterfly.  If you two ladies are ready, we can start the dance.”  

Jensen took a deep breath allowing his mind to clear, focusing on the job in hand.  Fight scenes always made his adrenaline spike, the thrill of preparing for the fight, learning the choreography.  It was a welcome break from the emotional turmoil that was wrapped around Dean all the time, exhausting him body and soul.  The physical scenes worked his muscles, and gave his bruised heart a break.  Jensen rolled his neck and shoulders, shaking his arms to work the tension out of them, looking up winking at the actor, “Ready when you are, Alex. Remember, I’m gonna whup yo ass.”

Alex shook his head and smirked, “You keep on dreaming darling, you’re way too pretty to whup ma ass, unless you have help from li’l bros....Where is Sammifer by the way?”

Jensen grinned, “I think he’s pressing his white suit, he wasn’t using an iron.  He said something about his own personal hellfire doing the trick.”

Bob finished setting up the cameras, “Ok, ready to roll and....Action!”

The two men facing one another changed as Bob called out to them. They were no longer Jensen and Alex, joking and laughing. Now they were Dean and a demon getting ready to fight to the death.  They moved together rapidly, and began to go through Lou’s carefully choreographed moves.

Jensen concentrated on hitting the marks placed on set for him; he whipped out the knife from the waistband of his jeans, and brought it to bear on Alex.  Alex countered, blocked the move by grasping Jensen’s wrist twisting it hard forcing him to ‘drop’ the knife, then he grabbed Jensen by his jacket. Alex turned and swung him into the wall as rehearsed, or to be more precise Jensen swung himself round and threw his body hard into the wall.  Alex moved with him like a dance partner, holding on and spinning with him. Jensen felt his back make contact with the wall; he let his legs go limp as if they couldn’t hold his weight. As he hit the floor he kicked out and took Alex down.

“Cut! Great, fellas. Can we just run through it again for some close-up shots? And then we’ll place the knife.”

Alex stood up and held out his hand to Jensen; he let Alex pull him to his feet, “I admit it. I’m impressed. I barely managed to hang on when you swung round like that. Is your back ok?”

Jensen rolled his shoulders and grinned at his worried co-star, “Yeah, I’m fine. I’ve had plenty of practice at bouncing off walls, six years so far.  I’m immune to it now, like Jared is with being choked or beaten around the head.”

“Well, that would explain it. All that oxygen deprivation and blows to the head.  No wonder Jared bounces round the set like the Easter bunny on a sugar rush.”

Jensen roared with laughter at that description of his other half, “Oh man, I’ve got to tell him and Misha that one.  Misha will have all over twitter in a minute. No more Sasquatch, from now on I think Thumper is much better, don’t you?”

Alex was giggling helplessly at the thought of Jared with bunny ears, and a basket full of Easter eggs. The men were brought back to reality when Bob called them to order.  They took their positions again and started to work through the fight sequence.

“Cut! That was perfect, guys. Now is the knife in position? And Lou, have we checked the pipe is the right one?”

“No, Bob. I left the metal one on set, so when Alex smacks Jensen the way, Alex, the cheque’s in the mail.  I will be sadly forced into stepping into Jensen’s shoes as a more mature and rugged Dean Winchester.  Do you think I’ll pass?”

Lou struck a heroic pose, and stood with his lips pursed together attempting to pout, fluttering his eyelashes at everyone on set.  The crew stood laughing at his antics, and Jensen stood with his hands on his hips.

Jensen quirked an eyebrow at him, “Hey, stop that. You’re giving away all my trade secrets, and when I get to your great age I want to be as gorgeous as you.  By the way, considering your great age, you did swap the pipes, right? It’s just that I like my ribs unbroken. I’m picky like that.”

Lou stuck his tongue out and flipped Jensen the finger, “The pipes were swapped; I don’t care how much Misha offered me to put you out of commission.  Now get your ass in position, so Bob can continue to film his latest masterpiece.”

“Thank you, Lou and despite your glowing words of praise, I still can’t get you a raise. Now if we’re ready...Action!”  Bob set the scene rolling once more.

Jensen had dropped to the floor ready to move, when he heard the word action, he sprang to his feet, avoiding Alex reaching for his ankle.  He reached the knife and grabbed it. Standing straight he spun back to face his opponent.

Alex had gotten to his feet as well, reaching for the metal pipe, picking it up and hefting it ready.  He dropped his eyes quickly to check his position.  He’d hit his mark, and saw Jensen had stepped perfectly into position as well.  Alex swung the pipe forcefully as it travelled towards Jensen’s unprotected ribs.  Alex realized with horror that he was much closer to Jensen than before...fuck, he must’ve overstepped his mark.  Desperately he tried to pull the blow, but he was unable to and there was a sickening thud. And a cracking sound as the pipe stuck Jensen right in the ribs.

For a split second nothing happened. The pipe broke and Jensen curled over almost in slow motion, his knees buckling.  He fell onto his uninjured right side his arms wrapped round his body, struggling to draw breathe, pain pulsed along his ribs.  Jensen swallowed hard nausea rolling over him in waves, as he concentrated on getting air into his lungs.  He was faintly aware of chaos erupting over his head, and there were voices babbling just above him. He just focused on getting his breathing under control for now, the rest would follow.

When the pipe had hit, Alex screamed in shock, “Get the fucking medic now!  Christ, Jensen, are you alright? Talk to me please.”

Alex dropped to his knees beside the man on the floor; he reached out and touched his shoulder. Jensen flinched and groaned, his breathing fast and shallow.  Alex dragged his fingers through his short sandy hair, and looked around wondering where the hell the medic was.  Suddenly he heard the sound of people running towards him.  He looked up hoping for help. What he saw made his blood run cold.

Jared was running at him full tilt, and instead of the usual sunny expression, his face was grim.  There was a look that threatened violence in the very near future.

Jared had been shooting with the second unit, when the call for the medic went out.  His spidy sense or as Misha put it his ‘Ackles alert’ hadn’t so much tingled, as sent fifty thousand volts right through him.  Jared had taken off in a run towards where he knew Jensen was filming, hoping he was wrong, but he was sickened to be proved right when he saw Jensen curled up in a ball on the floor, surrounded by crew and a hysterical Alex.

Jared pushed his way through the crew members surrounding Jensen; he knelt down, “What the fuck happened?  Did the fight go wrong? Come on. Back up. Let him get some air. “

Jared tried to sound calm but there was an unmistakable sound of panic in his voice. He shot an unfriendly look at the ashen faced Alex then looked back down at Jensen.  Jensen was trying to push himself into a sitting position; Jared considered forcing him to lie still. Instead he gently eased Jensen up into a sitting position resting him against his chest; the change of position seemed to help him with his breathing.

Alex started to stutter, “The fight was going great....I got the pipe, and I swung it like I was supposed to...I must’ve gone over my mark. I was sure I was right on it....Fuck, Jensen I swear I was on my mark...Christ, I’m sorry.”

Jared’s face darkened with anger, “Jesus Christ! Didn’t you two rehearse? Surely you could’ve pulled the swing.  I thought we employed professionals here.”  Jared went to continue with tearing Alex a new one when he felt movement.

The searing pain shooting along his ribs had abated a little now, and there was a deep ache throbbing in time with his heartbeat.  Leaning against Jared was helping in more ways than one; it eased his breathing and he took comfort by being close to his partner.  But that partner was about to announce to the world, or the new crew members and guest that they were a couple.  In a perfect world that shouldn’t matter. But the world was far from perfect, so Jensen moved and gave a desperate wheeze.

It did the trick. Jared stopped in mid rant and looked down at Jensen, “Jen...can you breathe?  Where the hell is that you need the emergency room?”  Jared was starting to sound a little shrill with fear.

Jensen moved again and accidentally elbowed Jared in the stomach, “Alright Dr Sexy, I was just winded. I think my pride took the biggest battering. “He looked at the broken pipe and smirked, “Although I think the pipe may be a fatality. Do you think there is any chance we can save it?”

Jared was stunned and was about to start raving when he caught Jensen’s eye, the green eyes which telegraphed a warning for him to chill. He took a breath and smiled shakily at Alex, “Sorry about that, man. I tend to go all cavemen whenever a fight screws up.  We don’t get much time off as it is, and if we fall behind due to injury we get even less. Are you alright? “

 Jared managed to project his usual calm and relaxed self, all while his heart hammered in his chest. He got what Jensen was trying to say. If it had just been their crew, they probably would have needed an ambulance for Alex after he’d accidentally throttled him.  But Jensen was right; there were too many new faces on set.

Alex waved a dismissive hand, “No, don’t worry, Jared. I get it.  It’s my fault. I should’ve paid attention to what I was doing; I’m so fucking sorry, Jensen.”

“Listen, now we’ve all gone Oprah, how about we take a little break? Spend a few moments mourning our fallen comrade.” Jensen pointed to the broken plastic pipe, “And then we’ll take it from the top. That ok with you, Bob?”

Bob bent over and smiled at his fallen actor, “Why that’s very generous of you, Jensen, but all you’re gonna do is go with our lovely set medic and get yourself checked over.  Now we’re switching up the scenes. Ellie, go and get Misha. We’ll move over to Sam and Cas. You ok to go, Jay?”

Bob spoke softly; he knew that Jared would normally go with Jensen, but they were still behind schedule.  Jared looked up and nodded.  Bob stood back up, “Hey, Alex. Listen, kid, these things happen. Even with the best planning, fights go to hell.  Just ask any of the stunt guys.  You take fifteen, and we’ll film some of your close-ups, ok?”

“Yeah, are you sure there is nothing I can do?”

Jared was about to say, ‘yeah, next time try not to kill my boyfriend’ but he restrained himself.  He watched the dejected man as he left the set with a PA.  Bob dropped down beside them, taking a good look at Jensen who was pale but seemed to be breathing a little easier.

“Tell me you can use that because I don’t think I want to re-shoot it.”  Jensen groaned.

“I have to say, it was pretty amazing until Alex hit a home run.”  Bob grimaced, “Sorry, bad taste. Look, Jay, we get this scene done quick and you can go and soothe your boy’s fevered brow, alright?”

Bob’s quiet words helped to calm Jared down even more; he could feel Jensen trying to get up.  Jared leant in close, “Ok, I know you think you’re Dean Winchester but oddly enough you’re not.  Just let me help you to your feet.  I promise not to sweep you into my manly arms, and weep over your battered body.”

Jensen grinned at that and let Jared help him to his feet. He patted the taller man on the chest and slowly made his way off set with the medic.  As Jensen walked past, two men were watching him closely; Will turned and grinned at his friend.

“Now do ya believe me?  The way Padalecki came charging in to look after his girlfriend.  Fuck, I thought he was gonna take that poor bastard’s head off.” 

Andy was still watching Jensen as the medic helped him out of the studio, “Ok, you got a point. The way Jared was behaving, I thought he was gonna bust into tears and start hugging Ackles. But like I said, they’re best friends; he’s a typical actor - always over the top. ”

“Oh, come on, man. You know as well as I do the only thing he didn’t do was start kissin’ him.  And did you see the way the crew acted? Damn! I thought they were all gonna start wailin’.  I’m tellin’ you, he’s the bitch, and they all know it.”  Will glared at his friend, daring him to disagree.

“Ok, so you were right. But come on, man, if you’re right the crew will be keeping a watch on him. Look, you got your fifty dollars.  Let’s get out of here before they notice we’ve been watching them.”  Andy glanced round skittishly from where they had hidden to watch the fun.

Will started to walk and soon they were outside, he smiled joyfully at Andy, “No, you keep your hard-earned cash.  After all, you’re gonna need it tonight.”

“Why will I need the money?” 

“Because you are gonna ask Ellie out, and while you’re giving her at great time. “ Will leered, “You’re going to ask a few questions about set security, and when they lock the studios. Got me?”

Andy bit his lip and looked into his friends cold brown eyes. It was then he knew that Jensen Ackles fate had just been sealed; he was exactly Will’s type, “Ok, man, I’ll talk to her. See what she tells me.”

Will turned away, and as he walked he was making plans about exactly what he intended to do with Ackles. He’d show the faggot what a real man was capable of.

Chapter 3.

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