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Not Such A Damsel In Distress, (3/6), R, Jared/Jensen.

Title: Not Such A Damsel In Distress
Artist name: sillie82
Genre: RPS
Pairing: Jared/Jensen (non-AU)
Rating: R
Word count: 5306
Warnings: Violence, shameless Jensen whump, attempted non-con, homophobic language.
Summary: The cast and crew of Supernatural are one big happy family; they care for and protect one another. But after an outbreak of flu, there are outsiders on the set. Amongst those outsiders is a dangerous predator and his partner, and they have set their sights on what they think is an easy target. Can Jensen prove them wrong, or will he need Jared, his knight in shining armour to come to his rescue?

It had been a long-assed day and Jensen was more than ready to get out of here; he was carefully threading his jacket up over his left arm. Biting his lip as his ribs complained when he twisted slightly, the door to his trailer knocked and before he could call out, Jared walked in.

“And how is my wounded hero?” Jared went over and helped Jensen on with his jacket, happily ignoring the stink eye Jensen was giving him, “The funny thing is I’m sure they told you to take it easy. So can you explain how they managed to finish shooting your fight scene with Alex? On schedule.”

Jared fastened the jacket and then rested his hands lightly on Jensen’s shoulders, staring into his eyes. Jared’s brow was furrowed, and he looked as if he was about to launch into a full-on Sam-inspired chick flick moment.

Jensen blushed and lowered his head slightly, his eyes flicked to one side as he considered his options. He could lie and say Todd had done it, but knowing Jared he’d already interrogated his stunt double. He could possibly downplay how badly his ribs hurt, and how shattered he was after finishing the demanding scene. But Jared would just ask to see the dailies, and then he’d know just what the fight had taken out of Jensen. Instead he went with attack being the best defence.

“Relax Jay, it’s just some bruises. It’s not as if we haven’t had to film like that before. We’re always getting banged up. It’s no big deal. How about we get a pizza tonight and pig out in front of the television?”

Jensen was praying the thought of two family-sized meat feat pizzas, would deflect Jared from taking care of him tonight.

Jared’s eyes narrowed. He pursed his lips and folded his arms, and Jensen sighed softly and prepared to meet his fate - being wrapped in cotton wool for the foreseeable future with Jared probably holding his hand when he tried to cross the road.

“Oh no, you don’t. Knocks and scrapes, yeah fine. We’re used to working like that. Jen, that pipe could’ve broken your fucking ribs! Now tell me you can take a deep breath without feeling as if you’re being turned inside out.”

Jensen smirked and winked at the taller man. “Jay, come on. It was only plastic; I swear it’s just bruises, no broken ribs or internal injuries.” He saw Jared blanch at thought and hurried on. “Look. All it will take is a hot bath, some ice, and ice-cold beer and that pizza. Can we get out of here now, Jay? You can pamper me senseless and gently stroke my fevered brow when we get home. Alright?”

Jensen started to walk slowly towards the trailer door, his shoulders hunched and his right hand pressed lightly against the left side of his body. Jared shook his head at Jensen’s retreating back; he gave too much to Dean. Both physically and mentally, and it made him well... as Misha had put it so colourfully a mama bear with rabies. Jensen tended not to take care of himself, which meant he had to pick up the slack; he wasn’t over-protective at all. But he was definitely telling Lou; in future he wanted extra padding on Jensen. He didn’t care if they had to start wheeling Jensen onto set in a wheelbarrow because of it, there was no way was this happening again.

He started to follow, wincing slightly when Jensen jarred himself going down the trailer steps, hearing a sharp intake of breath. Well there were several ways this could go, he could brood magnificently behind Jensen’s back, or he could pick him and carry him to the car (which would no doubt cause a fit, and the possibility of sleeping on the sofa for a week), or he could mock him without mercy. Jared grinned as he made his decision, closing the trailer door then picking up speed to chase Jensen down.

As he over took Jensen’s slow progress he started to talk, “Are you alright there, old man? I’d like to be home before midnight.”

Jensen rolled his eyes, “Laugh it up, Sasquatch. Next time you get your ass kicked don’t come to me for sympathy. I’ll tell Misha he can practice his healing meditation on you.”

“Ahh, diddums. You know the way you’re walking all you need is some brightly coloured pants and you’re set for the retirement home in Florida....that or a round of golf! That’s why you love the game. It’s a sport old men can play.”

Jared grinned cheekily as Jensen flipped him the finger; he’d reached the car and Cliff. Jared opened the door and stood to attention by it, saluting when Jensen finally reached the car. He gingerly slid inside, trying not to jostle his ribs too much. Jared slammed the door and ran round to the other side. Leaping in he ordered, “Home, Cliff, and if you can get us back in under half an hour I’ll buy you all the caramel macchiato you can drink for a week.”

Cliff grinned over his shoulder, “Jay, for that I’ll be there in twenty. This is your captain speaking. Please fasten your safety belts, extinguish all cigarettes, and return your seats to the upright position.”

Cliff gunned the engine and the car screeched off the lot, Jared’s laughter floating out of an open window with Jensen gripping the back of Cliff’s seat, muttering a prayer.

Their departure was witnessed by a lone figure; Will followed the vehicle’s progress and smiled. He’d sent Andy off on his date with Ellie. He liked Andy; he did as he was told. He also came in very handy when it came to fencing any little souvenirs they picked up but he had to admit that Andy wasn’t perfect. For one thing he had a tendency to worry too much.

Also Andy never really appreciated the ground work that had to be put in, when you went after a princess like Ackles. Before he left tonight he had a couple of locations he wanted to check. Usually when he planned a party, he preferred the comfort of his playmate’s own home. Nice comfortable bedrooms and rooms packed with valuable souvenirs that could be taken, after all a man had to eat. And best of it gave him plenty of time and privacy to enjoy the company of his playmate.

But there were times when it wasn’t practical, like now with pretty boy. He knew that Padalecki had two mutts and if they were anything like their master, they would be huge and hairy. He doubted if they were vicious, but dogs always caused headaches. Meaning even if he got Ackles alone in the house without the moose they would cause grief. People always got real bent out of shape if you killed dogs. No, there were plenty of quiet places on set he and Andy could take Ackles, and have a little quick and dirty fun.

A wave of anticipation ran through Will’s body; he liked to watch his playmates for a time. Usually it took a couple of weeks before he was happy he’d gotten the perfect playmate. But they were finishing here tomorrow, and for once the thought of quick and dirty excited him. It had been too long since he’d had the chance to show a bitch like Ackles what a real man was like. Not some pansy-assed fag like Padalecki. Yeah, he might be a damn moose but the way he simpered over Ackles just made him sick.

Resentment bubbled under his skin and Will’s mood darkened. Men like Ackles were all the same - pretty and popular. There had been plenty of men like him; there was one on every set he’d ever worked on. They preened and thought they were God’s gift to mankind, but he knew how to bring them down, show them they were nothing special.

He’d seen that when he arranged Ackles’ little accident. Pretty boy wasn’t the first bitch he’d made sure had got a little smack to bring them down a peg or two. Then he’d watched the crew fawning over Ackles like he was something fuck he was. All that was special about him were those cock-sucking lips and his big green eyes; that would look so pretty when he made Ackles cry.

Will licked his lips at the thought of pretty boy writhing beneath him, begging him not to hurt him. God, he hoped he was a fighter; he hated it when they just lay there and cried. They were no fun unless they fought back; he loved the feeling of power he got when he put those little bitches in their place. They all tempted him with their pretty faces. He’d show Ackles. He’d show him what a real man could do, not that piss poor excuse for a man Padalecki. He bet Padalecki couldn’t even fuck him properly. Well, he would. Ackles wouldn’t forget being fucked by him for a long time.

Will let that thought warm him as he turned and walked further into the studio to finish his recon. A cruel smile played on his lips. “Sleep well, Jensen. You’ve got a busy day tomorrow.”

True to his word Cliff arrived at Jared and Jensen’s home in twenty-two minutes. Jensen knew that’s how long the journey had taken, because he’d been counting the seconds since they had left the studio. Cliff had taken short cuts on roads Jensen hadn’t even knew existed, and he was pretty sure they’d gone the wrong way down a one-way street. He willed his racing heart to calm down and he managed to pry his white-knuckled grip from round his seat belt. Jensen licked his lips, relieved to be home; he wasn’t the best passenger most of the time. After Cliff’s Ryan Gosling impersonation, he was trying not to throw up.

Jared whooped with joy, “Cliff, you’re the man! Forget a week. You got free macchiato for a month for that. Now I better get Princess Fiona here into the house. See ya in the morning, dude.”

Cliff turned to look at the now pale and shaking figure in the back of the car, and guilt welled up. “Shit! Sorry about that, Jen. Are you alright?”

Jensen waved a hand weakly, “Yeah, I’m fine. I’ll just wait for my stomach to catch up. Thanks for getting us home so quick. Now I can die in my own bed instead of in the car. Cliff, you should be a stunt driver. Talk to Lou. See if you can get a gig.”

“Lou won’t let me. He says I’m too cautious. Don’t forget you got an early call, Jen.” Cliff winked at Jensen as the door opened and Jared leant inside. He undid the seat belt and before Jensen could complain, he was being helped out of the car and half carried down the drive.

Once in the house Jensen found himself being helped out of his jacket, with Jared hovering beside him. “Right. I’m taking the kids out for a run. You go and get that bath. Do you want me to run it for you?”

Jensen took one look at Jared’s worried face and he smiled warmly. He leant forward and placed a soft kiss on down-turned lips. Jared responded by slipping his arms gently round Jensen’s waist, pulling him closer. When the kiss broke Jared rested his head against Jensen’s forehead, looking into green eyes that sparkled with affection.

“Go take the kids for a run, and I promise not to drown in the bath. Go on, Padalecki git out of here.”

Jensen took the chance to slap Jared’s ass and laughed at the indignant yell he got in response; escaping Jared’s arms he went upstairs.

As the bath was filling with water, Jensen took his clothes off slowly, hissing softly as his tender ribs protested at the movement. He turned off the taps, and carefully lowered himself into the steaming water, moaning with pleasure as he relaxed. Jensen closed his eyes and let the hot water ease his sore, stiff, and bruised body. He knew that by the time he’d finished soaking, Jared would be back with the dogs and they could just relax together. Jensen smiled at that, and let the stress of the day float away.

By the time Jensen was done with his bath Jared was home. Jared ordered the pizza and was getting two cold bottles of beer out of the fridge. Then he heard the sound of footsteps and smiled calling out, “Hey, I was about to come and rescue you.” Jared opened the freezer and looked inside, “I thought you were about to turn into a prune, and that ass of yours is too cute to be pruned.”

Jensen came into the room smiling at Jared as he rummaged around in the freezer; he picked up a bottle of beer and opened it. “Pruned...that’s a lovely image. What are you up to now?”

Jared turned around, holding a bag of ice cubes pausing to deftly wrap it in a towel and holding it out Jensen, “Come on. You need to ice those ribs of yours. Yes, I know you’ve had a bath and you’re nice and warm, but we both know it will help.”

Jensen gave his other half his version of the stomped-on puppy look, his green eyes large and filled with sadness, his bottom lip sticking out.

Jared nearly relented; Jensen looked adorable standing there in a pair of sweats, and one of his old sweatshirts. Jensen’s freshly washed hair was free of the product they used to fuse Dean’s hair in place. Jared had to fight the urge to run his fingers through that soft hair, and then find some very non medicinal uses for the ice cubes freezing his fingers. Before the temptation became too great the doorbell rang, “Saved by the bell. Pizzas are here. You go sit down, and don’t forget that ice.” Jared walked past Jensen depositing the ice pack in his hand, and then he went to hunt down their evening meal.

Jensen made his way over to the couch and sat down sighing as he settled back; he glared at the ice pack in his hand. He put his beer on the coffee table, gritted his teeth and slipped it beneath his shirt. “Son of a bitch!” He couldn’t help but channel Dean, as the cold came into contact with his throbbing ribs. He reached out, picked up his beer, and took a long drink as he sank back.

Jared came back into the lounge and Jensen looked up at him, and quirked his eyebrow when he saw three family-sized pizza boxes, “What? I’m hungry. All that worrying about you getting your poor little ass kicked burnt up a lot of energy. Angsting takes it out of a guy.” Jared flopped down beside Jensen and opened the first box. He tore a slice free and started to eat.

Jensen smiled, “I’m touched my plight affected you so badly, now hand me a slice.” He said dryly.

Jared grinned round a mouthful of pizza, “Are you sure you don’t want me to feed you? I can take you in my arms and hold the slice to those luscious lips.”

“No. I’ll manage as wounded as I am. Now hand it over. I’m starving.”

Jared blew a kiss tore another slice and passed it to Jensen; they sat in silence close together, eating. Jared could feel the chill from the ice pack; he kept a careful watch on the other man, constantly aware of any movement or signs of discomfort, “Stop it! I keep telling you I’m fine. Now eat your dinner.”

“Yes, mom, and when I’m done can we watch TV?”

Jensen laughed, “Yes, as long as you eat your greens.”

They finished the pizza and Jared cleared away the boxes, taking them into the kitchen. When he returned he was carrying two more cold beers. Jared sat down and gently tapped his thigh; Jensen lay down lifting his feet onto the couch, and putting his head on Jared’s leg.

Jared gently rested his arm across Jensen’s chest, “Do you need more ice? How about some Advil?”

Jensen snuggled into Jared’s side, “No more ice. I feel like a Popsicle, and I’ll take some Advil later. I’m too comfortable to go and get it.”

There was a rattling sound and he looked up and smiled when he saw the bottle in Jared’s hand, “God, have I told you how much I love you lately?”

Jensen reached up for the bottle and flinched a little when his ribs twinged; Jared rolled his eyes and opened the bottle, “Not often enough. I don’t think you appreciate my stunning beauty, my endless wit and charm. But I’ll take your adoration whenever you’re ready.”

Jensen laughed and held up his hand, “But of course, my angel. Now please can I have my drugs?”

Jared tipped a couple of tablets into Jensen’s outstretched hand, then bent forward and kissed him on the lips.

When they separated, Jensen took the tablets and washed them down with a mouthful of beer. “Thanks, Jay. Thank god it’s the last day tomorrow. I swear when we’re done I’m spending the whole weekend in bed.”

Jared looked down and smirked evilly at him, “And if I’m feeling generous, I’ll even let you get some sleep at some point. What happened on set today, Jen? I know we have accidents, but seriously, Alex could’ve really fucking hurt you. I thought Lou was better than that letting you go off without enough rehearsal.” Jared stroked Jensen’s arm, trying to soothe himself.

Jensen shifted a little, his face scrunching up with discomfort; Jared went to speak but Jensen waved him to be quiet. He fetched the partially melted bag of ice from beneath his shirt, and dropped it on the table. He tilted his head back, “Honestly, Jay, we couldn’t have rehearsed more. We’d got it down, I swear we had it. Me and Alex had gotten a rhythm and we were working well. I’ve got no idea what went wrong.”

Jensen toyed with the bottle of beer in his hand, going through the fight in his mind and he frowned.

Jared watched him closely, “What’s on your mind, Jen? Did Alex screw up? Was he over his mark? Will I have to go in tomorrow and kill him slowly.”

Jensen scrubbed a hand tiredly down his face, “No, you will not go and kill Alex, or maim him. If it comes down to it, I’m pretty sure I overstepped my mark as well.”

“How do you know you did that?” Jared tilted his head to one side.

“I always pick out a point on set that matches my mark. When I hit the mark I look for that point.” Jensen paused and saw Jared understood, “Today when I hit my mark, I looked up and my landmark was out of place, so me and Alex must’ve both been off. Either that or someone moved the tape, and who the hell amongst the crew is gonna do that, right?

Jared frowned at the thought of someone on set deliberately hurting Jensen; he couldn’t imagine any of the crew doing something like that. Then he considered the new crew members, and what if one of them had screwed up?

Jensen reached up and patted the hand that rested over his heart, “Come on. Knock it off, Sherlock. You’re supposed to be pampering me, remember? Where are the peeled grapes? The soothing music to calm my tortured soul? The tender, loving, massage to ease my aching body?” He sighed with disappointment.

“How about some M & M’s, a pawn star marathon on History, and I’m sure there is something I can do to relieve your pain.”

Jensen moaned happily, “Damn! That sounds even better. Well, come on. You got the remote.”

Jared laughed and turned on the television, managing to ease himself alongside Jensen on the couch. It was a tight fit but he was sure they could make it work. Jared smiled as his hand slipped inside the soft worn material of the sweat shirt, his long fingers gently stroking silky skin before letting his large hand cradle injured ribs. Once again Jared’s lips brushed against Jensen’s, applying gentle pressure, until the plush lips beneath his yielded, and allowed his tongue to slip slowly between them, kissing him deeply and very soon Jensen didn’t care about how much his ribs ached.

Early the next morning Andy was looking for Will. He’d had some disturbing news last night and he wanted to talk to his friend. He wasn’t surprised when he found Will working close to Jensen’s trailer. “Dude, we got a problem. When I was with Ellie she let it slip that Gina and Lou think we’re reporters, and they got the whole damn stunt crew and make up girls watchin’ us.”

Andy glanced round as if expecting to find a posse of stunt men behind him.“I convinced Ellie it’s a load of crap, but we’re being watched. Will, don’t you think we should back away from this one? It’s really fucking risky. Let’s move on. There are other pretty boys out there.”

Will glared back at his friend and hissed, “No fuckin’ way, after all the work I’ve put in. I mean to find out just what that mouth of his can do. No bunch of pissant stunt men, and make-up girls is gonna stop me. Besides while you were out gettin’ laid last night, I was working.”

Will took a calming breath; he couldn’t afford to lose it and bring Ackles’ fucking angels running, “I’ve figured out how to get Mr Ackles alone, and exactly where we’re gonna take him. We’re finishing today; we grab him, have our fun and disappear.” A crooked smile slid across his face, “They ain’t even got our most recent aliases they were in such a rush to get bodies on set. Relax, this will be a piece of cake.” Will patted his friend on the shoulder. Andy still looked worried.

“Are you sure about that? I mean he’s kinda big. I know that’s how you like ‘em, but how about the angel dude instead? He’s smaller and weedy looking. There are plenty of other pretty guys out there. That mouth don’t look all that special to me, man. Let’s blow this joint now.”

Andy winced when the hand on his shoulder became a crushing grip. Will’s eyes burnt with a cold fire, his lips twisted into a sneer, “I said we’re goin’ through with this... I mean to try out more than those cock-sucking lips. Besides, you really think he’s gonna tell anyone? That little faggot won’t say a word, he daren’t. “

Will smirked cruelly, “After a few encouraging taps he’ll roll over onto his belly like a good little bitch. Come on, Andy, you’ve seen the way the crew treat the little Princess.” Will released his friend’s shoulder, Andy nodded in submission.

There were times when Will scared the shit out of him and this was one of them. He should’ve known once Will had set his sights on Jensen Ackles, nothing would stop him getting what he wanted. And what Will wanted was the man underneath him while he fucked him, willing or not. Actually Will preferred them not to be willing. Will liked it when the men he wanted put up a fight, he got off on it.

But Andy knew his friend was no fag, he’d got a girlfriend back in L.A. Andy had met her. But Will said men like Ackles deserved everything they got - too pretty, too rich, and just begging for it. That they needed to be taught a lesson and he was going to be the one to do it. He’d been lucky that when Will had wanted a partner he’d chosen him. There had been some great nights and the loot they took off Will’s little bitches had meant they lived well. It was just a shame one of them did squeal to the cops, but the bitch shouldn’t have bit Will - it just made him real mad. He didn’t know what happened after that, as Will made him go and get the car ready. But that night they left L.A., just to be safe and let the heat die down.

Will stalked away, muttering to himself. Finally Andy followed him. As he did he cast a look over his shoulder just as the door of Jensen’s trailer opened. Jensen stepped out and stood on the top step, smiling in greeting at a crew member who walked by, then he stretched slightly. Andy caught a flash of skin as his shirts lifted. Then Jensen winced, as his freshly injured ribs reminded him of their presence.

Andy paused and licked his lips at the sight, excited by the glimpse of flesh and the display of weakness from Pretty Boy. A jolt of excitement buzzed through him; he liked the parties and maybe Will was right about the guy - a pretty pampered bitch. Perhaps there would be time for him to have a turn at Ackles, when Will was finished with him. The bitches were always compliant after Will had finished with them, and the mouth on that guy. Andy licked his lips. On second thoughts that ass was worth it after all.

Andy was shaken out of his reverie by Will’s voice, “Come on, Andy. We got work to do.”

Andy turned and smiled as he followed his friend. He was ready to help Will with his work; in fact he was looking forward to getting his hands dirty.

It was after eleven o’clock on Friday night and Bob Singer was overjoyed. With a lot of extra work from the crew and his cast they’d managed to bring the episode in on time. They hadn’t long finished filming, and Bob had been in his office going through some of the dailies in case they had to come in tomorrow and do some re-shoots. He’d been getting ready to leave when a breathless PA came running over to him.

“Mr Singer, there are some men here to see you. They say it’s urgent.” Bob looked over the PA’s shoulder, and saw two the very official looking men in suits waiting for him. Just the kind of suits the boys wore as Feds, not too cheap and not too expensive. Bob grinned. Damn! He had to hand it to Jared and Jensen - they were getting more creative with their pranks. He remembered some of the stunts they’d pulled on Kim. It looked like he was about to rejoin the ranks of the pranked by Jared and Jensen. It was quite an honour; he walked over to the men smiling.

Jared hammered on Jensen’s trailer door, “Come on, man! We’re done for the night. Jen, we’re free! Let’s get out of here before Bob changes his mind. Cliff wants to get home before dawn, and the kids are getting restless.”

Misha was leaning against the trailer tweeting away, “Perhaps he’s run off with Jim. He’s finally come to terms with the fact that Jim is the love of his life. And you were a mere dalliance until he could be with the one he truly loves.”

Misha looked up and grinned, then he yelped in horror when the trailer door was flung open, nearly hitting him.

Jared laughed at the look of terror, “Damn, Misha! You weren’t kidding about karma. I just didn’t know it worked that fast.” He smiled up at Jensen, “At last, dude! Are you coming?”

Jensen looked frustrated, and irritated, “You guys go on. I’ve lost my damn phone. Tell Cliff I’ll be as quick as I can. Sorry Jay.” Jensen retreated into his trailer.

Jared sighed, “Come on, Misha. He loses that phone and it’s like cutting his arm off.” He called out, “Jen, hang on. I’ll call you.”

“Don’t bother. That’s the reason my phone wasn’t in my pocket. The battery died, and yes, I know I should’ve charged it. Go on and I’ll catch up as soon as I can.” Jensen’s voice came from the depths of his trailer.

Jared shook his head in resignation as Misha grabbed his arm and pulled him away. In the shadows two men stood waiting.

Will grinned. He knew exactly where Jensen’s phone was - it was in his pocket. Earlier in the day he’d got Andy to distract Jensen; he’d slipped into Jensen’s trailer and managed to disconnect the battery. Then later on he’d returned and taken the phone.

Andy’s followed Jared and Misha with his eyes as they disappeared, his stomach churning with anticipation with thought of what they were about to do.

Will turned to his friend. “Come on, then. Let’s not keep the young lady waiting. It’s rude.”

The two men pulled down the ski masks that were perched high on their heads. Will adjusted the grip on the knife he was carrying, and they moved quickly towards the trailer.

Bob Singer stood listening to the two men with a faint smile on his face. They said they were the police, and they had a few questions for him concerning the crew. He studied them closely; they were the epitome of cops. The taller one of the two was bald, morose looking, and his hooded blue eyes seemed to bore into you. His partner was shorter, more heavy-set, with salt and pepper hair, and warm brown eyes.

The taller man spoke, “As my partner said, Mr Singer, it is very important we trace these two men. We’ve been to several sets but from what we’ve been told we think they may be here.”

Bob rocked back on his heels and his grin grew brighter. Damn! These guys were good. He’d have to congratulate the boys for this one, “So what have they done? Stolen the Craft Service Christmas money? Or have they been rifling the prop locker? I know the colt looks expensive but it’s not.” Bob beamed at the men, “Now, come on. Which one of the guys sent you? Jared, Jensen? Shit, not Misha? God, he’s getting as bad as those two.”

The shorter man looked baffled, “I don’t know what you think is going on here, but it’s serious. We’ve introduced ourselves once. I’m detective Catley and this is my partner, detective Stanway. We really need to find these men as soon as possible.”

While Bob was dealing with the two ‘detectives’ Jensen had been ransacking his trailer, “Aw, come on. Where the hell is it? I bet it’s sprouted legs and walked over to Misha’s trailer. I swear to God, Collins, if you’ve swiped my phone, I’ll pluck your goddamn wings.” There was a knock at the door. Jensen straightened up and groaned in aggravation, “Now what? Hang on. I’ll be with you in a second.”

A muffled voice responded. “That’s ok, Jensen. I think I found your phone. It was on set.”

Jensen grinned in triumph and moved swiftly to the door, relieved to be able to finally get out of here for the night. He opened it and stepped down towards the voice.

The second he took the step, the door was viciously yanked out of his hand, throwing him off balance. Jensen staggered forward and stumbled down the rest of the steps, landing on the man waiting for him. A hand grabbed his elbow to steady him. Jensen was about to thank the man for his help. Then he looked up and his gratitude turned to fear.

Chapter 4.
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