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10 July 2012 @ 06:50 am
Not Such A Damsel In Distress, (4/6), R, Jared/Jensen.  
Title: Not Such A Damsel In Distress
Artist name: sillie82
Genre: RPS, (non-AU)
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Word count: 7604.
Warnings: Violence, shameless Jensen whump, attempted non-con, homophobic language.
Summary: The cast and crew of Supernatural are one big happy family; they care for and protect one another. But after an outbreak of flu, there are outsiders on the set. Amongst those outsiders is a dangerous predator and his partner, and they have set their sights on what they think is an easy target. Can Jensen prove them wrong, or will he need Jared, his knight in shining armour to come to his rescue?

Jensen’s heart raced. The man stood in front of him was wearing a ski mask and dark non-descript clothes. But the most terrifying thing was the knife he was holding in his right hand with a practiced grip.

The mask moved upwards, and Jensen knew the bastard was grinning beneath the mask. The pressure on his elbow increased, making him hiss with pain.

A quiet voice growled at him, “Now we’re gonna take a nice little stroll. You play nice and I won’t have to gut you. Come on, Jensen; let’s take this somewhere a little more private.”

Jensen started to twist away from the one-handed grip then he felt another pair of hands grab his arms and pull them behind him. The man in front of him let go of his arm, and before Jensen knew what had happened, the man drew his fist back and punched him hard in the stomach.

All the air whooshed out of his lungs as he tried to curl forward, but whoever was behind him held on tightly. Jensen struggled to draw breath as the pain radiated out from where the fist had connected; sending shocks along bruised ribs, making him feel sick. Finally he managed to get his breathing under control; he slowly lifted his eyes to look at the man who’d punched him.

Will watched Jensen as he looked at him fearfully; it was a good start to getting the little bitch under control. Now the real fun could begin. Then Jensen started to fight to get free of Andy’s grasp. Will stepped closer to the struggling man. His hand shot out and gripped Jensen’s face tightly, fingernails digging in painfully, “I said play nice. That was just a warning. Now come on, we ain’t got all night.”

Will let go of Jensen’s face and took a firm grip on his left arm, as Andy moved around and held his right arm tightly. Before Jensen could start to struggle again, Will pressed the knife into his injured ribs.

Jensen froze when he felt the knife dig into him. He had to get away but the knife was too close as were both of the men. As they dragged him away from his trailer, he knew instinctively this wasn’t just a simple mugging, and God knew where they taking him. He hoped the men weren’t dragging him to a car, but whatever happened he was going to put up one hell of a fight.

Bob was still talking to the exasperated detectives when Jared, Misha and Cliff came round the corner. Bob waved happily at the three men and they walked over to him. Jared stood beside him and looked at the now fuming men; Bob reached up and clapped Jared on the shoulder.

“Damn, Jared. I got to say this may be the best prank you and Jensen have ever pulled. Where the hell did you get these two! They’re brilliant, although I’ve seen better badges from our props department.”

Bob stood there laughing, and Jared was perplexed by what was going on, “Bob, who do you, think these two are supposed to be?”

Bob had handed Jared one of the badges. He was still smiling but he was beginning to get a little concerned, especially when he saw the expressions on the detectives’ faces. He tried one more time, “Ahh, come on, Padalecki, own up. You’re pissed because I saw through your detectives. Although I gotta say, they’re plenty good enough to offer them a gig here.”

Jared’s eyes widened with shock and he ignored Bob to ask his own question, “I’m sorry about this, detective Cately. It’s just that we have a reputation for playing practical jokes. Bob, our boss, thinks you being here is one of them. What can we help you with?”

“We’re trying to trace two men who are wanted in connection with a series of attacks. And we think your set is the ideal place for them to blend in.” Detective Cately stared at Bob as he spoke.

Bob stopped laughing and looked over at Jared. Jared looked worried, frightened even, and for the first time since he met the men Bob began to suspect that they could actually be cops. “What do you mean ideal place for them to blend in?” His voice quavered, betraying the apprehension he was beginning to feel.

Detective Cately, answered, “We’ve been told your crew was hit by the flu. We’ve spoken to several agencies and other shows. They said you were desperately recruiting crew members to keep you on schedule.” He paused and slipped his hand inside his jacket.

“We think there is a possibility that these men probably haven’t been checked as carefully as usual. We have an E-fit of them, and a list of aliases they use. Can you tell us if you recognise any of the names on the list or the faces?”

The officer produced two pieces of paper from his pocket and handed them to Bob. As he took them from the detective he looked down and his breath caught in his throat. He muttered, “Oh shit.”

Jared leant over and took the pictures off Bob. He looked at them and Misha saw the color drain from his face. Misha looked over at the detectives and asked, “What are they supposed to have done?”

“They have been accused of several counts of sexual assault and battery. Have these men been on the set?”

Jared finally found his voice, “Holy shit! It’s Andy and Will. Crap! I was only talking to those two in craft services today. Shit, are you sure?” When the detectives expressions didn’t change he turned to Cliff, “Cliff, we need find out if all the girls are ok, and warn them we got a couple of scumbags on set.”

Bob managed to pull himself together taking his radio out of his pocket, “Guys, this is a warning. If anyone sees Andy or Will they are not to be approached. They’re dangerous, especially to the girls; we need to make sure they’re all safe....”

Detective Stanway coughed softly, “Excuse me, gentlemen, you didn’t let my partner finish. These men are wanted in connection with a string of serious sexual assaults...on men.”

Everyone froze when he said that. Cliff darted forward and snatched the radio from Bob. He bellowed into it, “Listen up. We got a problem. We need to find Jensen now. Lou, we need the stunt guys to start searching, and for Christ’s sake tell security not to let anyone off the lot. We’ll head back to his trailer....” Cliff stopped speaking and looked at Jared. The younger man stood there open-mouthed at Cliff’s reaction to the news.

Bob snatched the radio back and started to make frantic calls. Jared looked panicked and yelled at Cliff, “What the fuck are you talking about? Why the hell is Jensen in danger?”

Cliff licked his lips, “God, I’m sorry, Jay. Look, Andy and Will gave Gina the creeps. She thought she’d seen them watching the two of you. We all assumed they were a couple of undercover journalists after a scoop. We tried to make sure they kept their distance after that.” There was a look of devastation on the big man’s face, and his voice broke. “I swear we thought they were just journalists. It never occurred to us they could be more than that.”

Jared was as motionless as a statue, and then he spun round and started to run at full speed towards Jensen’s trailer. He never heard Misha’s explanation of why Jensen wasn’t with them; all he cared about was Jensen was alone with those two psychos. That he’d left him unprotected. He heard speeding footsteps catching him. He glanced over his shoulder to see Misha sprinting after him. Cliff followed behind with the two detectives keeping pace with them. He reached Jensen’s trailer, and was horrified to find the door open and the trailer empty.

He was just about to start running again when he felt a hand on his shoulder; he turned and shrugged it off. Jared’s face contorted in a mixture of anger and fear. He was about to threaten whoever was stopping him finding Jensen, when he realized it was detective Cately.

“Mr Padalecki, slow down. I understand you’re worried about your friend. But we need to think for a few seconds.”

Jared grimaced, “You tell me we got a couple of rapists on set, and you want me to stand here fucking thinking?” Jared roared and he took hold of the detective by the arms.

Just as he was about to push the man away he felt another hand rest gently on his arm. He turned to snarl at whoever had gotten hold of him, and he saw Misha’s worried face, “What he means is - where have they taken Jensen?” Misha hesitated, not wanting to voice his fears. ”That’s if he’s still here. Jay, this is a pretty big lot. Supernatural isn’t the only show filmed here. Come on. If we run round like headless chickens, we waste more time. Time Jensen doesn’t have.... come on, think.”

Misha relaxed a little when Jared let go of the cop. The last thing Jared needed was an assault charge. Besides, if Jared was going to hulk out he wanted it to be on the two bastards who’d taken his friend, not innocent bystanders.

Jared stepped back, his eyes drifting over to the numerous studio buildings. Misha was right - Jensen could be anywhere. Suddenly inspiration struck, “Listen. We’re all supposed to think Jensen’s looking for his phone, right? And those two will want to be somewhere private that’s fairly close by. What about the motel set?” The look of horror that crossed Jared face as he spoke made Misha’s heart ache.

“Fuck, it’s even got a bed. To be honest I wouldn’t even have dreamt of going back to the trailer because Jensen told us to go to the car and wait for him.” Jared dragged his fingers through his hair, a haunted look in his eyes, “We’re supposed to be safe here. Crap, I’ve given them plenty of time to do what they like to him.”

Detective Cately took control of the situation, “Show us the way to the set please, and then you need to stay back. These men are dangerous.”

As Jared led the way Misha fell in beside him. He thought about the detective said, and silently wished him luck with Jared standing back when they found them. Will and Andy might be dangerous, but they were nothing compared to how dangerous Jared would be if they’d hurt Jensen.

As Jared talked to the two detectives, Jensen was being dragged away from his trailer, his mind racing. He knew that voice. He’d heard it before - here at work, and then it dawned on him. It was one of the new crew guys...Dan...Ben...no, Will! That was it....Will, and he had a friend, Andy. Shit! They’d been on set all week. He looked at his surroundings, and he had an idea where they were taking him. At least they weren’t leading him towards the fence. Instead they were taking him towards the studio. As they got closer to the doors, he felt Andy loosen his grip on his arm, he tried not to tense. He’d already decided to try to escape. This was the perfect opportunity.

Jensen twisted sharply away from Andy, throwing him off balance. Andy let go of his arm and gave a yelp as Jensen swept his feet from under him, sending him crashing to the ground. As Andy hit the floor, Jensen turned and kicked Will hard in the shin. Jensen followed it up by punching him in the face. The blow made Will jerk back, giving Jensen room to spin away from the knife, breaking the man's hold on him.

Jensen turned and started to run. Unfortunately Andy had gathered his wits. He grabbed one of Jensen’s ankles and pulled hard. Jensen fell to the floor. Pain jolted up his wrists as they took the brunt of his fall, jarring his arms. As he tried to get himself together, Will delivered a brutal kick into his side. Jensen arms gave out, and he curled into a ball, wrapping his arms round his body, attempting to protect his injured ribs. As the pain coiled tightly round him Jensen heard a snarl, and his arms were gripped with bruising intensity. He was hauled roughly back to his feet by the two men.

Jensen found himself face to face with Will, his eyes flicking down to the knife in Will’s hand. He swallowed down his rising panic, trying to calm down, hoping to talk his way out of this. The knife was slowly brought up level with his eyes, and Jensen tried to pull away. But he backed into something solid, and once again he felt another pair of hands grabbing his arms. Will pressed the point of the knife into the fragile skin under his left eye. The point pressed in deep enough to make his eyes water, making it hard to focus on the man in front of him. Jensen blinked, trying to clear his vision, and a tear spilled down his face.

Will smirked as he saw the tear run down. He put his face right up to Jensen’s and growled, “You’re gonna fucking behave, or Dean Winchester is gonna be hunting, wearing an eye patch. You understand me?”

Jensen licked his lips, nodding, slightly frightened to move his head too much as the knife was still pressing into his flesh. He lowered his eyes submissively. Will nodded, giving him a nasty smirk and he drew the knife slowly across his face and let the tear run onto the blade. Will brought the blade up and looked at it, “Yeah, just like I thought. Come on, you fucking pussy. We ain’t got all night.”

Will pulled Jensen forward, and once again Jensen found himself sandwiched between two men. He had to get the knife off that bastard if he was to stand any chance. Jensen’s eyes darted round his surroundings and he knew exactly where they were going. They were taking him to the latest motel room set.

Jensen’s mind was working frantically. At first he’d hoped that Jared would realize he hadn’t caught up with him. Then a sick feeling washed over him as he realized no one would come looking for him for a while. He was supposed to be searching for his phone. By the time anyone noticed he was still missing.....no, he had to get himself out of this mess. Jensen forced himself to relax and allowed himself to be taken to the motel room, knowing that was where he would make his stand. He cleared his mind of all the warring emotions that were running round his head - the fear, anger and need for Jared to be here with him. They would just get in his way. Now he focused fully on the forthcoming fight - he was ready.

After Will had threatened Jensen with the knife, he’d been a perfectly well-behaved little bitch. He’d meekly allowed him and Andy drag him to where the bed was. Will was hoping that Jensen would put a fight; he always enjoyed it more when his playmates fought back. He looked over to Andy and nodded. At the unspoken command Andy let go of Jensen’s arm. Will shoved Jensen towards the bed.

Jensen stumbled forward towards the bed. Turning to look at the two men he stood and appraised them, assessing them for weaknesses and what tactic he should use. Will oozed confidence and menace, assured of his dominance over him. And Jensen knew that this wasn’t the first time the man had done this kind of thing. He was totally calm and in control.

But Andy, on the other hand was a follower. Jensen remembered how he was always by Will’s side on set. Andy seemed to be led by Will’s more domineering personality, taking his cues from his friend. As he watched the two men, he noticed that Andy was the more agitated of the two. He shifted from foot to foot, clenching his fists. Jensen saw him lick his lips in anticipation, and then Jensen decided that if he was to succeed then he’d have to deal with Andy first.

“Come on, sweetheart, we ain’t got all night. And you’re really wearing way too many clothes for my liking.”

Will’s taunting was grating on Jensen’s nerves but it gave him an idea. If he tried to run for the door they’d cut him off. His other option was to run further into the studio and further away from help, giving Will and Andy all the time they wanted with him. No, his only real alternative was to fight, and after nearly six seasons of playing Dean Winchester he was pretty sure he stood a chance. Besides he had a few tricks of his own. You needed them when you were friends with Chris Kane and Chad Murray. For some strange reason, things tended to happen when you went to bars with them.

Jensen barely acknowledged Will; instead he kept his eyes fixed on Andy. He was taller than Will, but not as tall as Jared. Andy was thinner and wiry, reminding him of Jay back when they’d first met. Jensen used the thought of Jared to spur him on; he began to unfasten his jacket. As he did he moved forward slowly, exaggerating the sway of his hips.

Jared tended to joke that Jensen’s bow legged walk was the sexiest thing about him. Now he played on that, moving seductively towards Andy, stripping off his jacket as he did. Jensen lowered his eyes, and looked up through his long eyelashes, running his tongue over his lips.

Andy was stunned as Jensen approached him. Shit! The guy was doing a fucking strip tease for them. Andy looked over at Will; he could see his friend grinning, “See. What did I tell ya! He’s a fuckin slut! Man, I’m gonna enjoy him.”

As Will was crowing Jensen had gotten close to Andy. He swayed in place and took off his button-down. Jensen felt vulnerable stood there in just his T-shirt. But it meant both men had been distracted by his display, and he’d been able to get close enough for what he had planned to work.

Jensen took a deep breath, moved his head back slightly and then he head butted Andy right between the eyes. Jensen heard the crunching sound of a nose breaking, and felt an explosion of pain behind his own eyes as Andy howled in shock. Andy reeled back clutching his bloody face; Jensen grabbed him by his jacket, yanking Andy quickly towards him, and drove his knee hard into his stomach. Andy crumpled into a heap at Jensen’s feet, whimpering; Jensen felt certain Andy was going to be out of commission for a while. Now all he had to do was deal with Will and the knife, and yeah, that was going to be a walk in the park, Jensen thought.

When Jensen had gotten close to Andy, Will licked his lips. Damn, the bitch was putting on one hell of a show for them. Then everything went to hell for Will. He stood rooted to the spot as Jensen struck out at his friend. Rage swept through him. How dare that little bitch do that? Will lunged forward, determined to get pretty boy back under control. It should be easy after all, he had a knife. As he moved Jensen spun round to face him; he crouched low and lashed out with the knife.

Jensen turned to face the threat Will and the knife posed him. His eyes widened with shock. Shit! The bastard was closer than he realized. Reflexively he jerked back but as he did he felt a stinging burn low across his stomach. Jensen bit his lip as pain flared down his left side as the blade flashed towards his hip. Jensen drew a ragged breath, then grabbed Will’s wrist and twisted it brutally.

Will grunted in pain, and landed a punch into Jensen’s already bruised ribs. Jensen gritted his teeth. He couldn’t afford to let go of Will’s wrist and allow him to use the knife again. He brought his foot down hard onto Will’s then followed up by slamming his elbow up under his attacker’s chin.

Will’s head snapped back and he saw stars but he managed to shove back against Jensen. The two men staggered back, and became entangled in Andy’s prone form. Jensen fell backwards, pulling both men to the floor. Jensen’s head made sharp contact with the cold concrete. As his head snapped back, Jensen bit his lip hard.

As he lay there Jensen tasted the familiar coppery flavour of blood on his tongue and his ears rang. His vision was shrouded in fog, and his head felt like it was stuffed with cotton wool. Adding insult to an already injured body, Will had landed on top of him. The man’s weight on his chest was crushing him, making it hard for him to breathe.

Will recovered from the rough landing first; he knelt over Jensen and grinned at the stunned man beneath him. His left hand began to move towards Jensen’s belt.

Jensen felt something tugging at his belt. It was better than a bucket of cold water to bring him round completely. Startled into action, Jensen swung a wild punch at Will’s chin. Jensen grinned bloodily when he saw the man’s mouth start to bleed.

Will snarled angrily, and put his hand round Jensen’s throat, squeezing slowly, enjoying the pain he was causing. Getting a thrill from the fear rising in dark green eyes, he watched the cock-sucking lips part in a desperate attempt to draw air. Will’s heart raced. Fuck! This was nearly as good as sex. Hell, this was better. Making the bitch suffer first.

Jensen felt his throat constricting. He reached up, trying to claw at Will’s eyes but Will just sat up straighter out of Jensen’s reach. Jensen’s was panicking. He couldn’t breathe but then the pressure on his throat lessened slightly. He drew a painful ragged breath, lungs burning as air rushed in. Jensen suddenly felt the cold of the knife against his skin once more, and he froze. Will started to methodically cut at his T-shirt. This galvanised Jensen into renewing his struggles.

Will stopped cutting, leant forward, squeezing the slender throat again and growled into Jensen’s ear,” I told you to play nice. Now we’re gonna have to do this the hard way.”

Jared had led the charge towards the studio and the set where he hoped...no, where he was certain Will and Andy had taken Jensen.

As they ran Misha kept a close watch on the younger man. He too was praying they had guessed right. If they were wrong and Jensen was somewhere else with those men, Misha shuddered. He didn’t want to contemplate just what it would do to Jared if they were too late.

They arrived at the studio and saw the door was open. Jared was about to charge inside. Detective Stanway placed a hand on Jared’s arm, “Mr Padalecki, slow down a little. Listen to me. We need to go in quietly, not burst in like Sam and Dean.”

Jared glared at the man, “What the hell are we waiting for? Anything could be happening to him while we’re out here dicking around.”

“We’re not dicking around; these men have been known to be armed when they attack. We run in screaming, and we could get your friend killed. Now I’d rather you stayed out here, but something tells me that’s not going to happen.” Detective Catley spoke calmly; Jared nodded and tried to relax,
“So if you do as you’re told we’ll all be fine. Now are you ready?”

They moved through the door, and the detectives allowed Jared to lead the way to the set. As they got closer they heard the sounds of a struggle. Jared tensed and moved them forward quicker. What he saw next made his blood run cold.

Jensen was on the floor with a masked man straddling him. One hand was wrapped round his throat, and then Jared saw a glint of metal. He realized the bastard had a knife and was cutting Jensen’s shirt off. He saw another man curled up on the floor who appeared to be out of it. The man’s nose was bleeding heavily, soaking his mask with blood. Jared grinned viciously; he knew Jensen’s handiwork when he saw it.

Jared was just about to run forward and kill the man on top of Jensen, when the detectives raised their guns ready to issue a challenge. The man on top of Jensen bent forward. He was whispering in Jensen’s ear and then.....

When Will made his threat to Jensen, he knew he was running out of time. Flashing lights were swirling across his vision and the world was greying out. He had one more shot at getting out of this. With the last of his strength, Jensen planted his feet on the floor and he pushed up hard. Powerful thigh muscles bunched as he drove upwards. The sudden movement unbalanced the man on top of him. He let go of Jensen’s throat, throwing out his hand to steady himself.

Jensen drew a rasping breath, becoming dizzy with the oxygen that filled his lungs. He grabbed Will’s shirt in his left hand pulling him forward. And with the last reserve of strength, he threw a right hook to his attacker's jaw. Will’s head snapped round and the man went limp in his grasp; slumping forward on top of him.

Jensen struggled weakly under Will’s unmoving weight. He was trying to push the man off him. His arms shook with the effort, unable to summon the strength to do it. He let out a desperate sob, and Jensen felt the weight moving off him. He started to panic, and lashed out wildly ready to defend himself against the next attack. He heard a voice trying to talk to him, but he continued to swing wildly at shadows. Finally he found himself being wrapped tightly in a pair of strong arms. Jensen continued to buck and fight against whoever held him.

Jared had seen Jensen fight back. A surge of triumph rushed through him when Jensen managed to punch the man out. That feeling of victory soon turned to fear when he saw Jensen’s desperate attempts to push the man’s body off him. He pushed past the detectives and went to the aid of his other half. Jared casually picked Will up, and dumped him unceremoniously on the floor. He moved to comfort Jensen.

When he gently touched Jensen, he started to swing at him; Jared realized Jensen thought he was still being attacked. “Jen, come on, it’s me. Relax, dude.” Green eyes stared past him wild and fuelled with adrenaline, fighting for his life. Jared ducked out of the way of a flailing arm; he knew he couldn’t reach Jensen with words. He moved behind Jensen just as he managed to sit up. Jared took the chance to get closer to the man he loved, and then he quickly wrapped his arms round him.

Jared held on while Jensen continued to battle. Finally Jensen’s strength ebbed away, and he waited for him to calm down. “Jensen, are you with me? Come on. You’re scaring me. You’ve already knocked two guys out. Are you trying for a hat trick?”

Jensen couldn’t fight anymore. He was exhausted and in pain, then he heard a welcome and familiar voice through the fog he was trapped in. Jared? It was Jared. It was then he recognized the arms that were holding him so tightly. He relaxed. “Jay? That you? I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

Jared winced when he heard how hoarse Jensen’s voice was; he smiled as he whispered in Jensen’s ear, “Yeah, it’s me, Rocky, and before you go all Dean on me, you managed not to hit me. I can’t say the same for Will and Andy though; I’m never pissing you off again. You might flatten me.”

Jensen couldn’t help himself; he started to laugh with relief at Jared’s words. Then he gasped when the cut on his stomach pulled, shooting jagged edged spikes of pain along his side. The sudden pain made him nauseous, and he tried to curl up in Jared’s arms.

Jared was relaxing his hold on Jensen when he heard him; he carefully lowered Jensen to the floor. With his head resting on his lap, it was time to check Jensen over for injury. Detective Catley walked into view and Jared looked up. The detective’s warm brown eyes were filled with concern. He crouched down by the two men; as he looked Jensen over he frowned. His hand went to his pocket and he produced his phone. He patted Jensen on the arm as he made a call.

“Yes, I’d like an ambulance please. Manners Studios. Someone will meet you at the gate. Thanks.” The detective stood up, “I want Mr Ackles to stay exactly where he is. My partner and I will tidy up the trash, then we’ll go and wait for the ambulance. They’ll be here soon.”

Jared’s mind whirled as the cop spoke to him. Why did Jensen need an ambulance? At last he took his first proper look at his other half since he’d held him. Jensen’s mouth was bleeding, and he could see finger-shaped marks round his throat. That was bad enough. As his eyes travelled lower he took in the torn T-shirt. It was then he noticed Jensen had his right arm curled tightly across his stomach. For a second he was reminded of Dean, it was his reaction to injury or vulnerability. At first he thought Jensen was just bruised, and then he moved his arm slightly.

“Shit, Jensen! You’re bleeding. Why didn’t you say something? Fuck! What did that fucking bastard do to you?” He called out to detective Cately, “How long is that ambulance gonna be?”

Jared was becoming increasingly agitated; he stripped off his jacket and covered Jensen with it. He looked round, desperate to find something to stanch the flow of blood. A handkerchief, bandages, a fully stocked first aid kit would be nice. He was just about to start tearing off his shirt to make a bandage....

“Jay....Jay...JAY!” Jensen tried to get Jared’s attention. As he yelled his stomach protested violently and pain zigzagged across the cut. Jensen gritted his teeth, his eyes squeezed tightly shut. He breathed slowly, to try to control the pain, setting off a firework display behind his eyelids. He felt a hand gently squeeze his shoulder; Jensen slowly opened his eyes and saw Jared’s worried face just inches above his own.

“You were going to say something?” Jared asked sweetly, watching Jensen closely. “Would it be along the line of - It’s nothing. It’s only a scratch. Please enlighten me, Jen.” Jared’s voice was level, but his eyes were frantic with fear.

Jensen licked his lips, managing a half-smile, “Honestly, Jay, it’s fine. He didn’t stab me. It’s only a cut.” Jensen saw Jared narrow his eyes; he gave another weak smile hoping to distract him.

“Oh, it’s only a cut. That’s alright, Jen. For all I know you’re holding your guts in with your arm. But at least he didn’t stab you. And before you start whining, you are going to the hospital if I have to carry you there myself.”

As Jared stared down into his eyes, he realized there was no chance of mercy now Jared had seen the blood. It looked like there was a trip to hospital in the near future for him.

Then they heard a commotion. Will was coming around, and he was protesting at being arrested. He was also complaining about the none too gentle way he was being handled by the police officers. When Jensen heard that voice, he couldn’t help but flinch away from it. Jared placed his hand over his heart. It was both a gesture of comfort and support and just the feel of it helped to calm Jensen.

“It’s ok. No way is that bastard getting anywhere near you again.”

Misha appeared and knelt down in Jensen’s eye line to distract him from the men who had brutally attacked him. “I’m impressed, Jensen. The next time they want Cas to go all macho, I want to go up against Sam. Jared’s a pussycat compared to you.” Misha’s smiled gently at his friend, worry radiating from him.

“Come on, guys, let me up. This floor is fucking freezing. I swear it’s not as bad as it looks. I just want to get out of here. Please, Jay.”

Jensen was pleading now. He didn’t care. He had to get away from the two men who were sitting side by side, handcuffed, glaring at him.

Jared followed Jensen’s stare, anger burning inside of him. He wanted nothing more than to go out there and beat the shit out of the two of them, but Jensen had beaten him to it. “Are you sure, Jen? Look, the ambulance isn’t going to be long.” Jared slipped his hand inside his coat, and squeezed Jensen’s hand.

“Please, Jay. I really have to get out of here.”

Jared couldn’t take the break in Jensen’s voice. Better to get him out of here rather than sit, waiting with those animals. Helping Jensen slowly sit up; he waited to see how he was coping. He saw the look of determination on Jensen’s face, and helped him sit up straighter. Jared was wondering how to get Jensen to his feet, without aggravating the wound to his stomach.

It was then Jensen hauled himself to his knees, the effort making him sweat, breath coming in short sharp pants. Jared stood up and held out his hand for Jensen to take. Jensen lifted his eyes. They were bloodshot, and Jared could see how close he was to breaking apart. He said nothing, allowing Jensen to rebuild his defences against the world. He felt Jensen take hold of his arm. As he moved to stand Jared bent forward and put his arm round him, helping him to keep his footing. “Easy, that’s it. I got you. Are you really sure you want to do this? We can stay here.”

Jared’s voice was gentle, and he ran his thumb over Jensen’s wrist to calm him. Jensen swayed his eyes closed tightly, his breathing shallow as he fought to will away the pain and weakness.

Jensen shook his head and Jared moved to his side. They made halting progress to the door of the studio. As they drew level with the now unmasked duo, Will sneered at them.

“Hey, Jared. You taking the girlfriend for a moonlit walk? How romantic. Gets you right here.” Will’s mocking laughter rang out in the empty studio.

Jared turned to face the man, and Will’s laughter died away at the cold hard look in Jared’s eyes, but he refused to give up. No way was he going to let those two faggots look down on him. “Real shame you got here when you did, I was just getting to the good part.” He goaded Jared hoping for a response.

Jensen felt Jared’s body tense when Will taunted him, “Jay, leave him. He’s not worth it. He wasn’t that much of a threat anyway.”

Jensen smirked at the now furious man as he let his eyes drift to his crotch, arching his eyebrow in a mocking salute.

“You little fuckin’ bitch. Your ass is mine. You hear me! You won’t press charges. You can’t afford to be outed. Believe me; you’re gonna be mine one day soon.” Will’s face contorted with fury as he spat hate-filled words after Jensen.

Jensen managed to straighten up, smiling down at the cuffed man, “Bring it on, Will. Look at you in handcuffs. Fuck, you even brought a friend, and yet there you are. What do you think I’ll do to you if you show up alone? And as for pressing charges....Dude, I’ll see you in court. I look great in a suit.” Jensen smirked cockily at Will who seemed to shrink in front of them. “It will do my career the world of good, when everyone hears I fought off two armed attackers.”

Only Jared knew how scared Jensen was, gripping his arm so hard he’d have bruises. And he could feel the tremors running through Jensen’s body. He was so fucking proud of him for facing Will down. But now it was time to get him out of here, Jensen had more than proved himself tonight.

Without another word Jared walked them slowly forward, feeling Jensen leaning more of his weight on him with every step. “Jen, come on you’ve proved your point. Please let’s just stop here.”

Jared pleaded as Jensen stumbled. He was just about to pick Jensen up and carry him the rest of the way when he heard the sound of someone approaching.

Bob was running towards them, bringing paramedics. Jared had never been so happy to see the other man but as they drew closer he saw Bob go pale at the sight of Jensen. Jared was about to speak to Jensen when he went limp in his arms.

Before Jared had chance to panic, the paramedics ran forward and quickly placed him on the gurney. As they worked Jared tried to get closer, he felt a touch on his arm. Bob held him in place.

“Come on, Jared, let them check him over. We’ll only be in the way. Fuck, what a mess. They didn’t....” Bob’s voice faded away as he watched the paramedics working.

Jared was barely paying attention to what was being said to him. All he could see was Jensen lying motionless on the gurney. One paramedic checked his pulse and his heart rate. The other was examining the cut on his stomach, a gauze dressing appeared. It was placed over the cut and the paramedic applied pressure. It was this that brought Jensen round. He gasped and his face twisted in agony. His eyes shot open, “Fuck! Oh shit, sorry.” Jensen blushed when he realized the paramedic treating the cut on his stomach was a woman.

“Don’t worry, Mr Ackles I’ve heard worse. We ready to move? Ok then, try and relax. We’ll soon have you fixed up. Is there anyone who can come with you?”

“I’ll come with him. I’m his emergency contact and have power of attorney. I’m Jared.” Jared stood by the gurney, and placed his hand on Jensen’s shoulder. The paramedics nodded and prepared to move.

“Hi there, Jared, I’m Sally. It doesn’t look too bad but it’s better to be safe than sorry. Mr Ackles, did you lose consciousness while you were being attacked? Do you have any blurring of vision, or feeling of nausea?” Sally inquired as they moved toward the ambulance parked just inside the gate.

“No, I was awake. I did hit my head though. It just stunned me a little. I’m not going to have to stay in hospital, am I?” He managed a winning smile at Sally, “By the way, please call me Jensen.”

Jensen’s voice was plaintive; Sally smiled at him as she checked out the back of his head. As she felt the area gently Jensen hissed. When she pulled her hand away Jared saw blood. He was torn with wanting to go and make sure Jensen was ok, or turning round and going to kill Will and Andy very slowly.

She smiled back at Jensen as they loaded him into the ambulance. Sitting by him she said, “I’m not making you any promises, Mr Ackles....sorry, Jensen. That’s up to the doctor, but I’m sure you’ll be home as soon as possible.”

As Jared watched he remembered he hadn’t answered Bob’s question, “Damn, I’m sorry, Bob. No they didn’t manage to...” Jared paused and struggled to compose himself, “Jensen fought back. He laid Andy out and when we got there he was just fighting Will off.”

Jared dragged his fingers through his hair; he wanted to know why this had happened, “Shit, Bob. What if we’d been that little bit later? He only just managed to knock Will out. Fuck! He’s supposed to be safe here.”

Bob looked at his young star; he seemed to have aged ten years in these last few minutes. He pulled Jared in for a hug, “Stop that. You got there in time to help Jensen mop up. He’ll be fine. That’s what matters. Listen. I’ll follow you guys as soon as I can, and I should imagine the dynamic duo of Cately and Stanway will want to talk to Jensen.”

Jared frowned at that. Jensen needed to be left alone after what happened. But he knew there would have to be statements taken. It didn’t mean he’d have to like Jensen being questioned so soon after what happened. “Right. We’ll see you there.” Jared climbed into the ambulance.

“No problems, Jay. Just take care of him, and we’ll have to work out how to move the schedule around. Sorry about that.”

Bob felt guilty as he spoke; Jared just gave a wry smile. After all, the show had to go on. Both he and Jensen understood that. Jared nodded as the doors closed and they drove away.

Outside the E.R. a petite blonde woman stood waiting for the arrival of the ambulance. She paced back and forth biting her thumb nail impatiently. The woman’s head lifted when she saw the ambulance approaching. It came to a halt. The driver got out, “Hi, Michelle. Waiting for your favourite patients?”

She smiled in return, “Hi to you, Tom. Yeah, I am. I just wish it was for something else. Shit, I’d even take another bout of Jared with food poisoning. I couldn’t believe it when the call came in...Is it bad?”

Tom grabbed the door handle,”From what I saw it could’ve been a hell of a lot worse. The CSI’s ready and waiting for him? Or will he have to wait around for them to come from the precinct?”

”No. Thank God, they were already here; they decided to wait and process him. God knows how Jared’s gonna take it.” Michelle took a deep breath, “Ok. Let’s get this show on the road.”

Tom pulled open the doors of the ambulance; he reached inside and pulled. The gurney emerged and he and Sue lowered it to the ground. The two paramedics started to wheel it and Jensen towards the door.

Jensen laid on the gurney, his body aching; he just wanted to go home to be away from prying eyes. He desperately wished this was over. He jumped when he felt a gentle touch on his shoulder; he flushed with humiliation at his reaction. He lifted his eyes and managed a smile at who he saw.

“Hey, Michelle, have you missed me? What was it that happened the last time we met?” Jensen racked his brain for their last meeting, “I know. It was when Jared shut his hand in the Impala’s trunk. I keep telling him I’m my baby’s favourite.”

Jared had gotten out of the ambulance and had come to stand by the gurney, “No. That was the time before. Last time was when Paris Hilton miss-timed her punch. She nearly knocked two of your teeth out.”

Michelle laughed, her light blue eyes twinkling, “Sorry, guys, you’re both wrong. Last time was when Jim ran over Misha with his wheelchair, and broke a bone in his foot.” She smiled sadly,”You know if you want to see me, you could just bring me a coffee.”

Jensen laughed and then moaned when his ribs and his stomach didn’t appreciate the humour, “Shit, don’t make me laugh.”

“Come on, tough guy, let’s go and get you cleaned up.” Michelle leant close to Jensen’s ear, “There are some officers waiting for you. I can’t let Jared in while they’re with you. I’m sorry, Jensen.” Michelle gently squeezed his arm.

Jensen nodded sadly; he’d been expecting this, “Look after Jay for me, Michelle, I’ll see you inside.” Green eyes shot her a grateful look.

Michelle nodded and the gurney was pushed through the doors. Jared went to follow. Michelle stepped in front of him, “What the....? Come on, Michelle. I gotta be with him after what happened to him tonight. He needs me.”

Michelle shook her head slightly, making her pony tail sway. She reached out and took hold of Jared’s hand, stroking it gently, “Ok, you know I’d normally let you in while I treat Jensen. But this time I’m afraid you’re going to have to wait outside for a little while.”

Jared looked over Michelle’s head following the gurney’s progress with his eyes, “What’s going on, Michelle? Why can’t I go in with him?”

Michelle started to carefully guide Jared inside the hospital. She knew how fiercely protective of Jensen he was, and how much tonight would affect him. When she’d gotten the call from detective Stanway, she couldn’t believe what she’d been told. She knew there were going to be two casualties in her E.R. tonight. Jensen might be physically hurt, but Jared would carry the emotional scars as well.

Chapter 5.
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