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10 July 2012 @ 06:49 am
Not Such A Damsel In Distress, (5/6), R, Jared/Jensen.  
Title: Not Such A Damsel In Distress
Artist name: sillie82
Genre: RPS,
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R
Word count: 4853.
Warnings: Violence, shameless Jensen whump, attempted non-con, homophobic language.
Summary: The cast and crew of Supernatural are one big happy family; they care for and protect one another. But after an outbreak of flu, there are outsiders on the set. Amongst those outsiders is a dangerous predator and his partner, and they have set their sights on what they think is an easy target. Can Jensen prove them wrong, or will he need Jared, his knight in shining armour to come to his rescue?

Jared and Michelle arrived at the private room where Jensen had been taken. It was then Jared noticed a man and woman were inside waiting. They carried what appeared to be metal briefcases. The woman moved to Jensen’s side and spoke quietly to him, her expression sympathetic. Jensen sat on the edge of the bed and the woman turned to her partner, nodded then they began to work.

Jared watched as they stripped Jensen of his ruined T- shirt, and then his jeans, putting them into bags. Next they produced cameras, and started to take pictures of Jensen’s injuries. His anger built, especially when the cut on Jensen’s stomach was uncovered, photographed and measured. But it was when they began to scrape beneath Jensen’s fingernails, he’d had enough. “What do the fuck do they think they are doing? Prodding and poking at him like that; they’re treating him like he’s a goddamn crime scene.” Jared was ready to barge into the room when Michelle stopped him with a few softly spoken words.

“I’m sorry, Jared, but that’s exactly what Jensen is; he’s the best physical evidence the police have. They’ll be done soon, and I promise I’ll take good care of him. Just try and be patient. Now I want to get in there and start working on him, I’ll call you in as soon as I can.” Michelle slipped into the room, leaving Jared stood outside helpless, watching as the woman CSI moved to Jensen’s head, and combed his hair out onto a piece of paper.

Jensen was lying staring at the ceiling, his face impassive while the officers examined him. The only indication of what he was feeling was the tell-tale clench of his jaw when the male officer touched him. Jared was ready to storm in - to hell with procedure. They were treating Jensen like a piece of meat.

Michelle leant in close and spoke to Jensen, and at once Jensen lowered his eyes and found Jared.

Jared felt as if the air had been sucked out of the room when Jensen looked at him. His carefully built walls and defences were shattered. He looked frightened, ashamed, and so terrifyingly young, the wide green eyes pinning Jared in place. All he wanted was to be in the room holding Jensen, telling him everything was going to be fine. Instead he was stuck out here. Jared took a calming breath and held Jensen’s gaze. He poured every ounce of love, strength and feeling of protectiveness he could into that look. As he did, he saw Jensen relax, starting to calm down, readily submitting to the cold, impersonal touches of the officers.

When finally they finished and Jared was allowed to go in, he went right to Jensen’s side. Michelle was just finishing stitching the cut on Jensen’s stomach. She looked up at Jared and smiled, “Hi there, you’ll be pleased to hear that I won’t be keeping Jensen in.” She smiled kindly at Jensen as she talked. “You two can get out of here soon. Ok there, Jensen? Bet you’re happy about that.”

Jared was looking down at Jensen’s body, mapping the bruises he saw there. A necklace of darkening finger marks adorned his throat, and his ribs were dappled with purples, blacks, and reds. All stemming from the events of the last twenty-four hours. Jared licked his lips, trying to come to terms with what he was seeing. Each mark told the story of the battle Jensen had fought and won. “Are you sure, Michelle? He said he banged his head pretty hard, and he fainted on the set. What about internal bleeding? I think it might be better if he stayed here overnight.”

Jared was terrified. What if Michelle had missed something? Jensen could be hurt far worse than she thought; he’d never forgive himself if something happened to him now.

Michelle offered Jared a reassuring smile, “Whoa there, there is no sign of concussion; the cut is fairly superficial, ok I know he’s had to have stitches. There is no distending of his stomach, or any tenderness that would indicate internal bleeding. I think both me and Jensen know what broken ribs feel like; I promise you he’s fine to go home.” She squeezed Jensen’s shoulder gently. “Now, Jensen, how about I go and get some scrubs for you to wear? You don’t want to talk to the detectives in just your boxers, do you?”

Jensen smiled, “Thanks, Michelle. Could you take Jared for a coffee when they take my statement? I don’t want him to go and storm the police station on his own to defend my honour.” Jensen’s voice was hoarse, and he grimaced in pain as he tried to sit up.

Michelle nodded and left the room leaving Jared to berate himself. Shit, he was making things worse for Jensen, not better. He took a breath and managed a faint smile. Jared stepped closer and eased his arm round goose-bumped shoulders, helping Jensen to sit up. Jensen lifted his head and nodded in gratitude as Jared pulled him close, holding him tightly, offering him comfort the best way he knew how.

As he was engulfed in Jared’s embrace, Jensen felt safe for the first time all night. Being held by Jared felt like coming home - he drew comfort from those strong arms. He felt stronger now, strong enough to deal with the ordeal to come.

Michelle stepped into the room with the promised scrubs; she paused when she saw the two men. Jared held Jensen close. Jensen’s eyes were closed and there was a look of contentment on his face. She wanted nothing more than to leave the two of them alone, but the detectives were on their way. She coughed softly and Jared placed a kiss on top of Jensen’s head, and turned to face her. “Sorry, guys, I got the scrubs for Jensen.” Jared nodded slightly and took them from her; he began to help Jensen into them.

As he worked he spoke quietly, a warm smile on his face, “Who me cause trouble? I was just gonna swing by and pick up Misha and Cliff. Then we were going to storm the police station. Misha can be the distraction.” Jared grinned as he took Jensen’s hand, “You can see him standing there telling the cops to hand the assbutts over, or face divine retribution. Listen, I promise to behave, but if you would prefer me to leave I’ll go.”

Jensen looked up and said softly, “I’d like you to stay, but what if the detectives want you to go?”

Jared shrugged, “They’ll just have to get used to me being here, and I promise to keep the glowering to a minimum.” As Jared finished speaking Detective Cately and Stanway arrived.

“Mr Ackles, we have to take your preliminary statement, and then according to your doctor you can go home. Or you can come into the station tomorrow to do it, whichever you prefer.” Detective Cately asked the question, looking from one man to the other.

Jensen sat up straighter, “I’d rather get it over with now if you don’t mind, and is it aright if Jared stays? And please call me Jensen.”

The brown eyed detective gave a comforting smile and nodded, and they began to go over what had happened in the studio.

By the time the detectives had finished questioning Jensen, all Jared wanted to do was walk out of the E.R. and call Cliff and get him to drive him right to the police Station so he could go and beat the shit out of Will and Andy. But he’d promised Jensen that he would behave. He managed to remain calm on the surface but on the inside all he wanted to do was scream, rant and kick the crap out of something.

When the detectives called a halt to their questions, detective Cately spoke to Jensen, “Jensen, thank you for your help. Your statement will prove invaluable if this comes to trial.”

Jared responded in horror to that, “What do you mean if this comes to trial? Jesus, the way Jensen’s been treated and the questions you’ve asked! The way you two talked, you made it sound as if Jensen encouraged them. Now you’re telling me there won’t be a trial?” Jared was getting louder and louder, the commotion bringing Michelle back into the room along with Bob.

Michelle attempted to placate Jared as he started towards the two detectives, “Jared, you need to keep your voice down. Remember where you are.”

“I know exactly where the fuck I am. I’m in an E.R. because two psychos attacked Jensen because they thought he was easy prey. Now they’re telling me they won’t be charged.” Jared stood clenching and unclenching his fists, his heart beating wildly.

Bob walked towards the younger man, putting himself between Jared and the detectives. He had no idea how to calm him down; he took hold of Jared’s arms in an attempt to stop him flattening the police officers. He had to stop Jared from getting himself arrested. If Jared managed to do that he didn’t know what Jensen would do. From behind Bob came a voice.

“You misunderstand Mr Padalecki; the two gentlemen sitting in our cells are facing being sent back to the United States. They went too far during an attack, and now they’re facing a charge of attempted murder. If by some chance that case fails, then we get to try them for the attack on Mr Ackles and a few other crimes we can tie them to. They’re possibly facing twenty-five years to life for that particular crime and other attacks in America.” Detective Stanway spoke with calm authority. “We aren’t letting them go. We’re just making sure they go to prison for the longest possible time.”

Jared was stunned by what the detective said. It had been bad enough having to watch Jensen relive his ordeal at the hands of Will and Andy - hearing the uncertainty in his voice, watching him pick nervously at the scrubs he wore. He’d wanted to shield Jensen from having to deal with what had happened, but to find out it could have been so much worse took his breath away. The ground no longer felt solid beneath his feet.

“Detective Stanway, I’m sorry about Jared. He can get a little over-protective at times. It looks like those two are where they belong. Tell them I said hi and I wish them a safe journey home.”

Jensen’s calm words brought Jared to his senses, and he relaxed in Bob’s grip. Bob sagged, relieved that he wouldn’t have to try and be a human shield between an enraged Sasquatch protecting his injured mate and the cops. He threw a prayer to the patron saints of film directors and cowards for their swift intervention on his behalf.

Detective Cately stepped closer to where Jensen was lying propped up on the bed, “As I said, Jensen, thank you for all your help. Would it be possible for you to come by the station in a few days to go over your statement again and sign it? And I am sorry about having to treat you like a crime scene.” He threw a smile in Jared’s direction, “By the way, Jared, our crime scenes investigators have pretty good hearing. But we had to do that as soon as possible, to ensure we didn’t lose any physical evidence.”

Brown eyes crinkled as he smiled and Jared shuffled from foot to foot with embarrassment; the detective nodded to the two men. As he prepared to leave he was stopped by a question.

Jensen asked shakily, “Just what the hell did I do to catch their eye? I wasn’t too friendly or touchy with them. Shit, we didn’t behave any differently from normal on set. How did I end up with a target on my back? Was it like Jared said? Because they think I’m easy prey?”

“Fuck, Jen, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it. Crap, look at the damage you did to those two. No way are you an easy target.” Jared walked back to Jensen, a look of remorse on his face.

Jared looked over his shoulder and saw the detectives glance at one another, his stomach tightening with apprehension. Jared watched the kind of silent communication that was more usually associated with Sam and Dean. He wondered what the men were thinking about.

The two detectives moved closer to the bed. Detective Stanway spoke, “To answer your question, Mr Ackles, we need to go back to the last known attack in America.”

“Was that the victim they nearly killed?

“That’s correct, Mr Padalecki, and to be honest I don’t think the sexual nature of the crimes would have come to light even then. Only the medical staff reported the rape to the LAPD.”

Jared was utterly perplexed by this, “Why the hell wouldn’t you report being raped? Don’t these guys want their attackers to be caught?”

Jensen responded to Jared’s question, “Men don’t report getting raped; we’re supposed to be able to fight back, defend ourselves. It doesn’t matter if we’re outnumbered, or even if the attackers are armed. There is the perception that the man, has to be gay or he’s weak. It puts men off reporting being raped. Better to deal with it by yourself.” Jensen shivered and rubbed his arms, as if trying to erase the memory of tonight from his body.

Detective Catley nodded sadly, “Sad to say you’re right, Jensen. We’re still trying to learn how to deal with women who’ve been raped. We have absolutely no concept of how to deal with men who’ve been raped.”

He looked at the battered man on the bed, “After the LAPD became involved, one of the doctors at the hospital where the victim was treated, commented on the similarities between those injuries, and other male mugging victims he’d seen. The officer in charge began a full investigation, but he struggled to get the victims to admit they had been attacked in the same way. Finally another victim came forward and reported he’d been raped, allowing the LAPD to move on the sexual aspect of the attacks. They asked the FBI to help provide profiles of the attackers.”

Detective Stanway picked up the narrative and continued, “From that moment they managed to convince other victims to come forward. The LAPD began to build up a picture of the attackers and their victims. Most importantly how the victims were chosen. For instance all victims worked in either the TV or film industry. Each one was in his late twenties to early thirties, physically fit, attractive and confident. Also in the profile, the Feds suggested that the attacks had been going on for some time, due to the levels of confidence and violence displayed by the unsubs during the attacks.”

“As detective Stanway said, the attacks had been going on for a while, and over countless interviews a picture emerged of how Will picked his victims.”

Jensen nodded; he understood what the detectives were telling him, “I suppose it makes sense. Will was the one doing all the talking and making the threats. He initiated the violence towards me. I noticed that Andy hung back and seemed a little unsure. That’s why I went for him first; I thought it gave me a fighting chance. How did they figure out Will was the one in charge?” Jensen was fascinated by what the detectives were telling him. He wanted to understand why he’d been chosen.

Detective Cately smiled at him. He was impressed by how Jensen had fought back and how well he’d handled the interview so far, “According to the profile the LAPD got from the Feds, they suggested there was a dominant force in the partnership. He was the brains of the outfit, and that the other partner, although submissive, was completely complicit with the attacks. Based on descriptions the LAPD obtained from the victims, they pieced together that Andy was the submissive partner. He takes orders from Will, but from some of the interviews, we learned Andy can be just as hands on as his partner.”

Jared felt sick hearing that. He hadn’t realized that Jensen was at risk from both men. He’d thought that the man he’d seen on top of Jensen had been the real danger to him. Now he was faced with the knowledge that Andy was just as evil as his friend. Jared reeled with this latest bombshell, and then he heard detective Cately speaking again.

“As we said, Will was the one who picked the victims. As well their physical attributes according to the profile, in Will’s eyes these men were spoiled, rich, and deserved what happened to them. It was noticed the men were popular on the sets they worked on. They also had another thing in common - it seems they were tactile.”

“How do you mean tactile?” Jensen asked.

“How do I put this, Mr Ackles. Male bonding? You know - slaps on the back, hugs between friends, any form of physical contact. Will seemed to take this as an indication these men were less than manly, and like you say, easy prey....Mr Padalecki, are you alright?” Detective Stanway had noticed how pale Jared had gone as he’d been speaking.

Jared’s jaw dropped open in shock, “Holy fuck! Remember their first day on set?”

Detective Stanway asked, “What happened the first day on set, gentlemen?”

Jared responded, “We played one of our practical jokes on Bob. It ended with me picking Jensen up and throwing him over my shoulder...oh god, all this is my fault. I put Jensen right in Will’s crosshairs. Shit, I’m sorry, Jen.”

Jared turned towards his partner and put his hand on Jensen’s arm, a look of sorrow and guilt and his face. Jensen looked up at the younger man, seeing the devastation in his eyes. He smiled at him and shook his head, “No, Jay, you’re not to blame.”

“Jensen is right. This wasn’t your fault, Jared. No, the blame lies squarely with the two men in custody. Another part of Will’s m.o. is that he watches the prospective victim, and we think he even arranges accidents to observe what happens. We know that because several of the victims said that something strange happened at work, just before they were attacked. It’s almost as if he’s looking to validate his choice.”

Jared groaned and dragged his fingers through his hair, “This is just getting worse and worse. There was an accident on set yesterday. A stunt went wrong and Jensen got hurt.” Jared’s shoulders slumped when he remembered what had happened, “Jensen even said he thought someone had moved the marks we use on set.”

Detective Cately nodded, “That makes sense, and by any chance did anyone make a fuss of Jensen?”

“A fuss! I think the whole crew turned up to see if I was in one piece. We’re a pretty-close knit group at Supernatural. A lot of the crew have been with us from the start.” Jensen gave a fond smile.

“That ties in with victim’s statements. Like we said, all the men were popular, and looked after by the crew. It just fed Will’s perception.... how did the little weasel put it in the back of the squad car?” Detective Stanway looked at his partner.

“Another fucking pampered princess. He really is an asshole. Shame you didn’t manage to hit him harder, Jensen, and of course I never said that.” Detective Cately gave a half smile.

Jensen managed to return the smile; the more he heard the more he realized how lucky he’d been tonight. The two men who’d been ready to attack him had no remorse, and would’ve shown him no mercy if he hadn’t fought back.

Detective Stanway looked even more serious than Jared had seen before, “According to the profile, Will has a real need to dominate his victims, ‘show them who’s boss. With each attack he became more confident and the violence escalated. All in all, one nasty piece of work.”

Detective Cately nodded in agreement, “Another common factor according to what the victims said, was Will got excited if they fought back. It just seemed to spur him on. The more passive the victim, the sooner he lost interest in them.”

Jensen couldn’t believe what he was hearing, “Why would he want someone to put up a fight? It’s a hell of a risk; he could get overpowered by someone.”

Detective Cately smiled again and looked at Jensen’s bruised knuckles, “Ya think? No, the profilers believe the victim fighting back is a turn on. They get his adrenaline pumping. And by overpowering someone he perceives as weaker, he just reinforces his masculinity. Sadly, Jensen, you were just unlucky enough to be his type.” Detective Cately sighed,” But the really interesting part of the profile is that they think Will is a closeted homosexual himself.”

Jared’s jaw dropped again, “You’ve gotta be fucking joking. You heard what that bastard said to us back at the studio. He’s a homophobe, pure and simple. A complete sick fuck...sorry about that.”

The detective waved his hand dismissively, “No need to apologize, Jared. They think Will has repressed his sexuality so much, that if he finds another man attractive he responds violently by punishing them for his issues. According to the profilers the attacks are driven by self loathing. He can’t accept who he is, and so he lashes out violently. I’m just relieved that this time, he and Andy got more than they bargained for in you, Jensen.”

Jensen shifted slightly on the bed, blushing at the praise. His body was aching and the cut on his stomach throbbed and pulled but he had another question for the officers, “How did you manage to track them down? If they just moved from set to set, surely it would have been difficult to find them?”

Detective Stanway shrugged, “I’d love to say it was brilliant detective work, but it was partially good luck. The victims tended to be attacked either on set like yourself or in their homes. We think that while Will watched them to help him decide if they were ‘right’ for him, he was also deciding where the best venue for an attack was. If the victim had a partner, or a partner who would be home, then Will and Andy found somewhere quiet on set. If there was no partner then the attack took place in the victim’s home. They weren’t particular about leaving fingerprints behind. That’s exactly what they did at the last victim’s house. Thank god Andy had a record for burglary. That’s how we got onto them.”

Detective Cately added, “Of course when they ran they thought their aliases were foolproof, and to be honest they were pretty good. Sadly for those two, the guy they bought their new identities from got arrested and he ratted them out to the Feds. Then we were contacted to start checking the different studios and film crews. That’s where we got lucky when we turned up on your set tonight.”

The two detectives stood side by side, and looked at Jared and Jensen, “If that’s all you need to know, gentlemen, I think we should let you get out of here.” They turned to leave and detective Cately turned back, “By the way, Jensen, you did one hell of a number on those two. There are a few guys down at the precinct who wants to shake your hand. We’ve all wanted to beat the crap out of perps like them from time to time. Goodnight, gentlemen.” With that the two detectives left the room.

Bob, Michelle, and Jared stood looking at one and other and then they grinned. Jared turned to Jensen; he leant over and kissed him tenderly on the lips and whispered, “My hero, Jen. You really were amazing tonight. I’m just thankful you’re in one piece.”

Jared watched Jensen as he blushed and looked down. Although he’d just praised him, he was worried about the man on the bed. He had no idea just how badly this would affect Jensen. He stood up straighter and looked over his shoulder; Michelle had gone, leaving Bob alone in the room with them.

Bob smiled at the two of them, “Ok, guys, listen. To hell with deadlines. Jensen, you take off as much time as you need. We’ll work something out. Jay, I’ll call you tomorrow for an update on the patient. Take care, guys. Good night.” Bob smiled at them and left them alone.

Jared was just about to speak to Jensen when a voice came from the door way, “Are you guys ready to get out of here? Michelle just told me she’s gonna discharge Jensen.”

It was Cliff, hovering in the doorway looking uncertain and guilty, and he walked into the room over to Jensen. Cliff looked down at the floor, and then he looked up, “Jensen, I don’t know what say. We really thought Andy and Will were journalists. I promise we were keeping a watch on you, but it seems we did a really shitty job. God, what the hell were we thinking? We should’ve gone right to Bob and told him. I can never say sorry enough.” The big man looked as if he was about to burst into tears.

Jensen looked at his friend, and then he looked at Jared. He could see that Jared was angry with the crew for saying nothing, and then he thought of what the detectives had said about the two men. “Cliff, from what I’ve been told about Will and Andy, I don’t think you could’ve done anything different. Will had made his mind up about me. If anything, you guys probably saved me.”

Cliff looked at Jensen in surprise, and Jared seemed like he was going to argue with what he’d said.

“Listen, Jay, you heard what the detectives said. I wasn’t their first victim or even their second. And what if Gina and the crew had come to us? You know as well as I do, we would’ve shrugged it off as them being paranoid. The only people to blame are Will and Andy, not the crew; they knew exactly how to get me on my own. I was lucky tonight, Jay. If you and the guys hadn’t turned up when you did....”Jensen swallowed sickly at the prospect, a wave of revulsion rolling over him.

Jared heard the change of tone in Jensen’s voice and stepped closer to the bed. He gently touched his shoulder and squeezed it. “It’s ok. I’m sorry. I know whose fault it is. I was just so fucking scared when I saw you. Jesus, Jen, I never want to see you hurt like that again. I was just so helpless. I wasn’t there to protect you.” Jared smiled lovingly at him, “Then again, thinking about the state you left those two in, it looks like I’ll be hanging up my amour, and sending my white horse back. You don’t need my protection anymore. “

Jared gave a sad laugh as he looked into Jensen’s red-rimmed eyes. There was more than just physical tiredness there; his soul was weary after what had happened to him tonight. Not just the attack, but what had happened here in the ER. It must’ve been like living through it all over again.

Jensen looked at his partner, and although Jared was joking with him, he knew exactly what tonight had cost him as well. He’d seen the look of terror in Jared’s eyes when he’d held him back at the studio. Jared not knowing how badly he’d been hurt, or even if the Will and Andy had got what they wanted.

Then he’d endured being a helpless bystander as the police had questioned him. Jensen knew it had torn Jared apart, that he’d been unable to do anything to protect him from either ordeal. Now all he wanted to do was get home, away from here, away from the horror of tonight. He just wanted to go home with Jared and shut the world outside. He looked up, “Don’t hang your armour up just yet, Sir Jared; your fair damsel wants to go home. Will your steed be up to carrying the both of us?” Jensen tried to make the words sound light, but there was a longing in them. That spoke of him needing to be home.

Jared reached forward, wrapped his arms round him and helped him off the bed. He held Jensen close, and his mind was filled with thoughts of what could’ve happened. He shook the dark images away, and told himself that Jensen was fine. Jensen was here in his arms and he was safe. Everything else they could deal with in time. Now the most important thing was to get Jensen away from here. He helped Jensen move, steadying him as he walked. He whispered softly, “Let’s go home.”

Chapter 6.
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jolieblonjolieblon on July 21st, 2012 09:39 pm (UTC)
I'm so glad you addressed the aspect of this crime where the police had to gather evidence. As Jared noted, it seems like the victim should be left alone, but the need to gather evidence as quickly as possible can be paramount to making a case stick.
Both those boys are going to need some time to cuddle and heal now.
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on July 22nd, 2012 07:27 am (UTC)
Thank you for that, being a long time addict of CSI, Criminal Minds, and other shows like that, I wanted to introduce that aspect to the story. Even though it comes with a heavy price to the victim and their family.

Yes they are going to need a lot of time to heal, and get over this.