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A little something I'd like to share.

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, good evening how are we all?  I hope that the day is treating you well.  I'm sat here basking in the glorious sunshine.  Yes Summer has arrived in merry olde England!  And I'm sure that by Friday and the opening of the Olympic Games, that  normal service of rain in between the showers, will be resumed.

Now why am I disturbing your day I hear you ask? well for a start it's my journal.  Plus there are only so many programs about house renovations I can take, before the urge to run screaming from the room takes hold (Bless mum she's addicted, but while she watches them, I get to write...I can cope).  Right back to reason I'm ruining your day, a kind and wonderful soul by the name of akeste6 asked if they could translate one of my stories, and she has sent me the link!

Supernatural Foro

It is so strange seeing familiar words in an unfamiliar language, in fact some people I know are still not sure English is my first language (I can never say sorry enoughbigj52).

So there is the reason for this ramble, to thank a brave soul for attempting this, and to applaud her dedication in the face of almost insurmountable odds....yes my writing!

Now I will return you to the rest of your day. and I hope the weather is glorious whether you are.

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