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12 September 2012 @ 07:40 pm
Acoytle0301, (5/?), NC-17, Jared/Jensen, AU  

Title: ACOLYTE0301
Summary: Jensen Ackles works a nine-to-five job. Along with his friends he’s a cubicle captive but he has an escape, he writes. Now his hobby has become something more, he’s become an internet author and now his writing has a fan following. Unfortunately for Jensen, one particular fan wants more than just his autograph. Can detective Jared Padalecki stop Jensen’s devoted acolyte, before it’s too late?
Word Count: 9480
Warnings: Violence, attempted non-con, character death, and all round wittering.
 Pairing: Jared/Jensen.
Disclaimer: Once more I proclaim with great sadness that I neither own, nor know the men I have abused during the writing of this story. All ideas are pure fiction and I meant no harm. Ok mostly no harm, and Jensen, I’m really sorry.
Notes:   As always many thanks go to bigj52, my beta and all round awesome woman, who puts up with my rambles. Feedback is always welcome.

Due to the length of time between chapters, plus I’ve always wanted to do this......previously on Acolyte0301.

When the cab pulled up, Jensen paid and got out.  He wasn’t one for clubs most of the time, but he’d always liked The Round-Up Saloon.  It played his kind of music and he loved the atmosphere. Smiling, he walked towards the place that would offer him temporary sanctuary. A few hours respite from the nerve-shredding horror of being alone in his apartment.  Being slowly driven ever closer to the edge, as his phone and doorbell constantly rang in a jangling chorus of chaos.

Jensen went inside, relaxing as the country music flowed over him. He soaked up the lively atmosphere as he walked to the bar. It was strange that he felt safer here in a room full of strangers, than he did in his own home at the moment.

 Jensen garnered more than a few admiring looks as he made his way through the crowded room.  Amongst his admirers were some who had more than just looking in mind.  He found himself a stool at the bar, sat down and waited to catch the eye of one of the bartenders.  As he waited he glanced round the club, noting there were plenty of great-looking men in here tonight.

 But he wasn’t interested in hooking up with anyone.  He just wanted a quiet drink and a chance to catch his breath.

Two men waved at a bartender; he walked over to them and smiled, “What can I get you tonight?”  One of the men leant forward and gave a predatory smile, “Well, Stefan, I’d like tall, hot and gorgeous in the red shirt please. I take it he’s on the menu.”  As he spoke he slipped something to his friend.

Stefan grinned, taking the proffered glass vial, “That’s very generous of you, sir. I’m sure that item is on the menu. All I ask is I get to try a little taste.”  Stefan shot a look in Jensen’s direction, and he wiped the bar casually with a cloth before slinging it over his shoulder, “I better go and see what the gentleman wants to drink.  I’ll call you when your order is ready. Alright, Charlie?”  The bartender winked and walked towards tonight’s special.

“Hi there, what can I get you?”

 Jensen started at the voice and looked up.  He couldn’t help but admire the bartender.  He was tall and well-built, with shaggy dark hair, and reminded him a little of Jared.

He gave the bartender a warm smile, “Just a beer please.”

“Draft or bottle?”

 Stefan’s smile broadened, dimples appeared and Jensen thought of Jared again.  It seemed he was developing a type. The thought made his answering smile warmer. “Bottle of Lone Star, please.”

 Jensen turned his head and looked around the bar again; the place was filled with people enjoying themselves.  He felt a pang of regret; he should be coming here to have a good time, not hiding from his mystery admirer.

Stefan turned to the fridge, quickly grabbed a cold bottle of beer, opened it, and poured the vial’s contents into it.  As he returned to Jensen he swirled the bottle gently, and put the empty vial in his pocket.

Stefan handed Jensen his drink, and watched as he downed nearly half of it in one.  “Wow, are you looking to get drunk tonight? Should I have a cab on stand-by?”  He was impressed with the speed Jensen drank.

Jensen shook his head, “No, it’s just been a rough week; I’ll slow down after this one. I promise you won’t have to cut me off.”  As he spoke someone sidled up beside him.  The newcomer was tall, athletically built and handsome, with short sandy-coloured hair and brown eyes. Straight away Jensen could tell he was well aware of how attractive he was.  The good-looking man smiled and stepped closer, and Jensen immediately felt crowded by him.

 “Hi there. I’m Eric. I saw you looking a little lonely and I wondered if I could buy you a drink.”

Jensen continued to study Eric; his clothes were expensive as was his cologne.  Even if he were looking for company, the man’s over confidence would’ve put him off.  In the back of his mind was the thought of his friendly Acolyte, a faceless watcher in the shadows.  There was no way he was going to let a stranger buy him a drink. For all he knew he could be the talking to Acolyte right now.  And damn, wasn’t that a cheerful thought?

Jensen turned a playful smile on Eric. “I’m sorry but I’m waiting for my boyfriend. He’s a cop. Usually he doesn’t take too kindly to other men buying me drinks although I might make an exception in your case. I’m sure he won’t mind.”  Jensen reached out, and lightly stroked the back of Eric’s hand.

Eric carefully extracted his hand from Jensen’s, “Sorry, I didn’t realize you were taken.   Hope you and your boyfriend have a good night.”  Eric all but ran away from the bar and Jensen.

Stefan had watched the exchange. Damn! If gorgeous had a boyfriend and he was about to show up, then he’d have to tell Charlie tonight’s special was off the menu. He hated wasting good drugs, but he was sure Charlie would find another tasty morsel to order. Moving closer to his target he began wiping the bar again, “When’s the lucky guy getting here?” 

Jensen grinned and shook his head, and took another long drink of beer.  He felt a little fuzzy but he ignored it, putting it down to drinking the beer too quickly.  “Sad to say there’s no hunky cop boyfriend. I’m all by myself. I just wasn’t in the mood for company tonight.” Jensen waved his empty bottle. “I’ll take that other beer now, thanks.”

 Stefan was relieved Charlie’s special order was still available; he went to fetch Jensen the beer he’d ordered.

Amongst the revellers a man stood observing the bar, unnoticed. His eyes were fixed first on Jensen then on Eric. When Eric turned away from the bar, the man followed him expertly.

Eric walked away from the hot man at the bar without a backward glance; he’d struck out.  But there were plenty of other gorgeous men in the club tonight. He was sure he wouldn’t be going home alone.  He moved through a secluded area of the club. As he did he became aware of someone behind him.

The next thing Eric knew, he was being slammed face first against the wall.   His arm twisted painfully up behind his back, and a hard body pressed against him. “Listen, friend, we have a problem here.  The man you were talking to at the bar is taken, and I don’t like anyone touching what is mine.”  The voice in his ear promised a whole lot of pain in his not-too-distant future; Eric closed his eyes and started to beg.

“I swear he blew me off. I thought he was here alone. He told me you were a cop. Look, just don’t arrest me please.”  The pressure on his arm increased, and Eric moaned softly.

Just as suddenly as he’d arrived, the man was gone. Eric stood trying to pull himself together.  Finally he risked turning round, and was relieved there was no one else in the corridor. He took a deep breath and headed for the exit, deciding it was time to try his luck elsewhere.


I should never have let myself be blinded by my anger; the fool who touched you meant nothing. I know that you would never betray me. I’d better get back to the bar to watch over you....  it’s my duty to protect you from these lust-driven idiots.  You are mine, and they must learn to keep their hands to themselves.

What....No... I can’t see you, where have you gone, Jensen? I have to find you.


Unaware that his Acolyte had followed and was watching him, Jensen accepted his second bottle of beer from Stefan.  He’d taken a drink and started to feel light headed; he undid a button on his shirt. Had it gotten warmer in here? He decided to go to the bathroom and splash some cold water on his face to try and cool down.  He stood up slowly, and made his way through the crowded bar, weaving slightly as he went.

Stefan returned to his friends, “Charlie, I think it’s time you and Nick took a bathroom break; your order seems to be heading that way.  I’ll swing by yours after my shift; leave me a little something to play with.  Enjoy the rest of your evening, gentlemen.”  He winked, and went to serve the next customer.

The two men got up and slowly made their way towards the bathrooms. By now Jensen had made it there but he was burning up.  He turned on the cold tap and started to splash water on his face, attempting to cool himself down and shake the woozy feeling.

His phone rang and after several fumbling attempts Jensen managed to get it out of his pocket.  He squinted at the screen. Jared! Thank God! It was Jared, his own personal hot cop. “Jar-eeed? Wha’s up, man?” The words were slurred and slow.

Jared had come home from the gym and checked his messages.  When he heard the one from Jensen, he’d been concerned by the sound of the other man’s voice.  He tried ringing Jensen’s home, but all he’d gotten was a busy tone.  Finally Jared had rung Jensen’s mobile, and then he’d heard him speak....Shit! He sounded like he was drunk.

“Jensen, are you alright? Where are you, man? You sound like you’re at a party.”  Jared could hear muffled music in the background.  He hoped Jensen was sitting getting drunk in his apartment, listening to his stereo.  Without thinking he automatically picked up his badge, gun, and car keys ready to drive over to check on Jensen. He knew it was way above and beyond the call of duty, but he liked Jensen, and he hated there was nothing he could do to help him officially.

Still no answer, he tried again, “Jensen, come on. Talk to me, man. What’s the music? I like the sound of it.”  Jared moved to his front door, his hand hovering by the handle. He could hear Jensen’s breathing. It was fast and shallow, as if he’d been running. Jared was becoming more concerned at the silence on the other end of the phone.

Jensen shook his head, trying to clear it; he was becoming dizzier, and why he was so warm? The pounding music was starting to give him a headache.  He put the phone down by the sink and switched it onto speaker.  He could hear Jared talking to him from what seemed like miles away.

“Jensen....JENSEN...where are you?  Come on, it sounds awesome; I’d like to join you.”  Jared was running for his car. His gut told him something was very wrong. Jensen sounded more than buzzed.  Hell, if he’d gotten a stalker, he’d probably be drinking too, but this felt wrong.

“Ok Jen, where are you? I really want to know, so I can come over and we can have a little fun together.”  Jared sat in his car, the engine running.  If Jensen was home he’d just drive over, and make him enough black coffee to sober up half the precinct.  If Jensen wasn’t there, he’d need some idea where to head for.

Jensen shook his head and tried to concentrate, “Round-Up Saloon....I’m at the... the Round-Up.  Jay, I swear I only had two beers. Man, I’m such a lightweight.”  Jensen leant against the sink. The last time he’d felt like this was when he stupidly tried to outdrink Kane. That little misadventure had led to him spending two days in bed with the hangover from hell. Matt had banned Kane from taking him drinking afterwards. Jensen grinned at the memory, but he was supposed to be talking to someone, wasn’t he?

Jared gunned the engine and tore out of the garage. The club was ten minutes away under normal circumstances. He turned on his lights, the blue and red lit up the car, and the sound of the siren was loud in his ears.   Nausea washed over him. He had a damn good idea what had happened to Jensen, and if he didn’t get there soon....God, he couldn’t even think that.  As he weaved his car through the traffic he kept talking, “Jensen, I want you to stay where you are.  No matter what, do you hear me?  Jensen!”

“Yeah, no need to shout.  I can hear you. I’ll stay in the bathroom till you come and rescue me....will there be a white horse?”  Jensen giggled at the thought of Jared in armour, with Chad as his squire.

“What white horse, Jensen?”  Jared cut across lanes, and ignored the sounds of horns blaring.

“You know, you being my knight in shining armour and all that?”  Jensen swayed forward, letting his head rest against the wall. He moaned in appreciation as the cold tile cooled his face. All he wanted to do was curl up and go to sleep. Jensen was happy standing there, but Jared’s voice urged him to move

 “Jensen, listen to me. Go into one of the stalls, and lock the door. I’ll find you. Ok?” Jared pressed hard on the gas.

“Ok, but you’re as bad as Kane; he never lets me have any fun either.” Jensen pouted and staggered into one of the stalls. He leant against the wall breathing deeply, clutching his phone tightly and trying to follow Jared’s voice. Using it to keep him grounded, he was about to close the door when a hand curled round it and pushed hard.

  Jensen fell back, his legs buckling, crashing into the toilet as he hit the floor. He groaned as his side made contact with the seat. Despite his confusion he knew instinctively whoever this was, they weren’t there to help him. “Leave me alone. Jared will be here soon. He’s my friend. He’s comin’ to rescue me from the bad man.” Jensen tried to edge away from the figure in the doorway.

Charlie smirked at the man on the floor; the GHB was doing its job. There would be no problem getting him to the car with Nick’s help.  He’d come to collect their order, tonight’s special.  Charlie licked his lips. In the bathroom’s better lighting he could see red shirt was a real looker. Damn, he had a good eye.  “Never mind, sugar. Jared ain’t here but I am. And you’re right; I’m a very bad man. We’re going home; I hope you’re up for a little party.”  Charlie stepped forward and hauled Jensen to his feet.

 Jensen tried pull away, but his legs were like rubber.   As he was dragged out of the stall he called out desperately, “No, I don’ wanna go with you. Jared..... Ish Acolyyyyte. He’s got me! Help!” 

 Charlie grinned at red shirt’s plea, enjoying the confusion and fear in his voice. He had no idea what gorgeous was babbling about, but he was going to be a lot of fun, he could tell. He pulled Jensen close, admiring his full lips. Then he pushed him back, slamming him into the wall. There was no hurry, he wanted a little appetizer.  He just had to taste those damn lips right now.

 When Jensen hit the wall, his phone slipped from his fingers. He heard it clatter on the floor, but it was soon forgotten when Charlie pushed up against him.  Hands roamed over his body, and he let out a whimper. He attempted to push the unwanted touches away as his attacker’s hand moved lower, cupping his dick and squeezing roughly. Jensen finally managed to grab the offending hand, but the drug robbed him of the coordination to do more than flail ineffectually.

Charlie took hold of Jensen’s wrists and dragged them above his head, pinning them to the wall. He leant closer, his lips lightly brushing Jensen’s ear, making him cringe at the intimate touch.

“It’s just me and you, sugar.  Now why don’t you give me a kiss?”  Charlie crushed his lips to red shirt’s, forcing his tongue into the dazed man’s mouth, tightening his grasp, enjoying the feel of teeth grinding together. Thrilling at the moan of pain,it pulled from red shirt, he rutted against the helpless man as his excitement built. He was enjoying his little taste of what was to come later.   Then pleasure turned to pain, when red shirt bit down hard on his tongue, making it burn.

Charlie jolted back, letting go of Jensen’s wrists. He back-handed his victim across the face with a casual brutality.

 The hard blow snapped Jensen’s head round and he slid down the wall, his legs too weak to support him.  “You little bitch! For that it’s gonna hurt!  Time to go.”  Charlie bent down, grabbed Jensen by the arms, and yanked him to his feet once more.

Charlie’s fingers dug into his biceps with a bruising intensity. The pain sharpened his focus, clearing his head a little. The bathroom door opened, and Jensen felt a flicker of hope. He turned to look at the newcomer. “Help me, please. I don’t want go with him.... he’s a bad man, he said so.”  His tongue felt thick and swollen in his mouth, and his words slurred.

Charlie looked at the newcomer, “Sorry, man. My boyfriend’s had a few too many mojitos. Come on, sugar. Time to go home.” He was about to help Jensen out of the bathroom, when the man stood close to Charlie and muttered something to him.

Jensen’s attacker let go of him. He wanted to run but his legs refused to obey him, and he fell to the floor once more. The dizziness was getting worse, and Jensen was having more and more trouble concentrating. He managed to tilt his head back, trying to focus on the two men looming over him.  He was helpless and he knew it. He was utterly alone. God, he’d been so fucking stupid.  He should’ve just told the guys about the calls. They’d have helped him, but instead he’d come here to escape his problems.

Now he was more in trouble than ever, and there was no one to help him, not even Jared.  The more he thought about his situation, the more distraught he became. A lump formed in his throat and there was a prickling behind his eyes.

A tear slipped down his face, and he heard Charlie, “Damn fuckin’ shame, that. He’s pretty when he cries.  Come on. Let’s get out of here before the cops show. Thanks for the heads-up, man.”

Jensen felt a renewed sense of hope. Cops? Didn’t Jared say he was coming? Good. Maybe he’d be alright after all.  He curled in on himself, trying to make himself as small as possible, cowering against the wall.                                                               

The newcomer crouched down in front of him, and Jensen flinched, closing his eyes.  Fingertips gently brushed his cheek, “Yes, you’re right. He’s very pretty when he cries. Come on. We need to go now. It’s a shame cops don’t understand a man’s need for company.”

 There was laughter and its sound sent shivers down Jensen’s spine.  It went quiet and thought he was alone. Suddenly a hand gently gripped his arm, and he felt something being slipped inside his jacket. A voice whispered in his ear, “Don’t worry, Jensen. He will pay for hurting you. I promise no one will ever harm you again, my love. Don’t forget, I’m always watching over you.” Then he was gone, and even through the haze he drifted in, Jensen was sure there was something familiar about the voice...he knew that voice. The more he tried to puzzle out where he’d heard it before, the more his grip on reality slipped as the drug took hold of him.

Jared had listened helplessly to what was happening, his heart pounding.  His first instinct had been to scream at the top of his lungs, warning the bastard to leave Jensen alone. Then the cop part of his brain kicked in.  He tracked the sounds of a scuffle. From the echoes it sounded as if Jensen was still in the bathroom.  There was a crack as the phone hit the floor, and the voices became muffled. Then came the most sickening of sounds as the phone was disconnected. Jared reached for his radio.

Inside the club, Charlie left the bathroom, and looked for Nick but his friend was nowhere in sight. “Goddamn asshole, leaving me with this shit.”

“Relax. I told him to get out of here. We should be doing the same. I heard security say they’re gonna seal the exits.  Is there another way out of here?”

Charlie smiled at his new friend and motioned for him to follow.  He led the way towards the staff area.  Charlie punched in the door code Stefan had given him, grinning over his shoulder, “Sweet, huh!  A friend works here. He lets us use the staff entrance. There are no cameras through here. We can come and go as we please without being seen.”

Charlie guided them outside, and pointed to the silver Jeep Compass parked close to the club. “Perfect parking space, camera-blind spot and the trunk on this baby is plenty big enough for guests.”  He patted the car fondly, remembering some of the other previous passengers who’d enjoyed its hospitality. “Shame really. Red shirt really was something special...”

Charlie let out a surprised yelp as he was suddenly spun round, coming face-to-face with his saviour.  For a split second the open friendly smile from earlier was gone. In its place was a look of pure hatred.  Before Charlie could react to the change, his new friend pressed against him, and he was pulled in for a bruising kiss.  All teeth, tongue, and dominance.

Charlie broke away, gasping for breath, his ears buzzing as he appraised his new friend. He was taller, with collar-length shaggy blonde hair, and a deceptively hard body beneath his baggy surfer-dude clothes. “Wow, man, that was some kiss. I usually don’t go for toppy bastards.  But I could make an exception for you.”

The man in front of him was smiling again as Charlie let hands travel over his body, appreciating the well-defined muscles he found there. The man leant in closer and spoke softly to Charlie, “I know I’m not as pretty as your boyfriend back there, but I’ll be much livelier. Unless you prefer your men to just lie there and take it.”  There was a teasing note in his voice.

Charlie moaned as the man forced his legs apart and a muscular thigh was pressed against his dick. Strong hands moved up to his neck, squeezing gently, “Fucking hell, man!”  Charlie gasped, pleasure zipping through his body. As much as he was enjoying this guy’s company, he still mourned the loss of red shirt, “Still, It’s a pity we couldn’t get red shirt out here. Imagine the fun you and me could’ve had with him.”

Charlie gasped as the hands round his throat tightened momentarily, then relaxed and he was pulled forward into another passionate kiss. Charlie lost himself in the kiss, so lost he didn’t pay attention as sirens got closer, or the screech of brakes as a car pulled up.  What he did hear was his new friend’s voice as he put his lips to Charlie’s ear, “You really shouldn’t have put your hands on what is mine.”

It was like ice water had been thrown over him. The euphoria of his lucky escape drained away. Shit! He’d never even give a fucking thought about how mystery guy knew the cops were coming. And there was all the cosy whispering to red shirt, and how he’d slipped his phone into his jacket.  Fuck! He must be the boyfriend he’d heard about.  If the boyfriend was going to arrest him, he was in for an unpleasant surprise.

He smirked nastily, “What are you going do? Arrest me? I’m a lawyer; I’ll be out before shift change.  And I’ll get you for entrapment.”  He leant closer to the boyfriend, “And who knows? Maybe I’ll get to see red shirt again, after they transfer your ass to Hicksville....just think of all the fu.....” Charlie never finished his threat, when with a savage twist the ‘boyfriend’ snapped his neck cleanly.

Charlie slumped forward, and was held up easily as the ‘boyfriend’ used both his body and the jeep as cover to watch Jared’s arrival.  If the detective glanced over, all he would’ve seen was two men embracing. He stood motionless as Jared entered the club with security. Then he searched Charlie’s body, smiling when he found the car keys. He opened the trunk, and easily dumped Charlie inside. He closed the trunk, smiling at the irony of Charlie’s final resting place. Casually walking to the driver’s door he got in and started the engine, and turned on the CD.  He hummed along to a song as he drove away.

Jared sped onto the parking lot, and screeched to a halt right outside the front doors.  He leapt out of the car and ran towards the doors.  A tall well-built blonde with a crew cut stormed over, everything about him screaming security. “Dude, come on. I know it’s Friday night and you want to start partying with the hot guys.  But you just can’t park there. Move it or I’m callin’ the cops.”

Jared grinned at him. This was just what he needed. He replied, “No need, friend. They’re already on their way.  Just in case I need back-up.”  He pulled his badge out of his pocket, and showed it to the bouncer.

The man straightened up, “What can I do for you, officer?”

Jared took a breath. “A friend of mine is in the club. It sounds like he’s been drugged. We were on the phone, and I told him to stay put in a bathroom.” Jared paused, reliving the call. “Someone came in, and there was the sound of a scuffle.  Then his phone went dead. I need to find him now.”

 The bouncer looked grim, “Shit! Those bastards are back again. Give me your keys.”  He looked over his shoulder. “Ben, come here. I need you to move this vehicle away from the doors.”  Ben nodded and the two men ran into the club. Just as they got inside the bouncer used his radio. “All security, we got a situation. We have a possible assault in progress.  Check all the bathrooms now, and don’t let anyone leave until I give you the all clear.”  He looked over to Jared waiting to follow his lead. “Ok. No one’s getting out of here. Now what? Where do you want to start officer?”

Jared scanned the bar - it was packed. He wasn’t surprised; it was Friday night. For a start, can you tell me your name? And what did you mean by ‘those bastards are back?’”

The bouncer led Jared through the bar looking over his shoulder. He yelled above the loud country rock. “My name’s Paul. You know the kind of problems clubs have with spiked drinks?” Jared nodded, “We’ve got a gang of douche bags targeting the customers here.  So far we’ve found four guys out of it here in the club. It’s been reported, but unless they get caught in the act there’s nothing the cops can do, short of closing us down.”

Jared followed closely. He’d been to The Round Up himself on a few occasions, and he wasn’t surprised to hear what Paul was saying.  No matter how many awareness campaigns there were, spiked drinks were always going to be a problem. It looked like Jensen had been unlucky tonight.

Paul suddenly held up his hand to halt Jared, “Go ahead, Bill; got it. We’ll be there in a few seconds.”  Paul turned to Jared, “Good news. We’ve found your friend. Don’t worry. He looks ok.  Follow me.”

Jared nearly hugged Paul as they made their way through the club.  Paul took him through to a bathroom, and stood by the door was another burly man. His dark-green T shirt was stretched tight over muscles. He nodded to Paul as they approached.

“We got lucky. Something disturbed our douche bags, and they left the guy on the floor. He’s pretty shook up and fairly out of it.  He should sleep it off by tomorrow; I’ll go get the boss.  He’s gonna need to know the assholes are back. I’ll call Adam and get him to scan the security discs.”

“Thanks, Bill. Mr Lehne, is going to be beyond to be pissed about this, so rather you than me.”  Paul went to move as he called out to his friend. “Bill, while you’re looking for the boss, see if Dr Love is in residence tonight. That should calm down Mr Lehne a little. Ok, officer.....”

“Jared Padalecki. Oh shit, Jensen!” Jared’s voice failed him when he saw Jensen. He was sat against the wall curled tightly in on himself, flushed and sweating with his eyes glazed over. Jared strode into the room and knelt beside him, frustration overwhelming him as he looked round.

This was every crime scene investigator’s nightmare, a public bathroom.  It would be covered in hundreds of fingerprints. And being a nightclub bathroom, it would probably have bodily fluids from many different donors all over the place.

 Processing it would take days, and he knew the department couldn’t spare the resources for an attempted date rape.  These crimes were hard to crack, relying on a victim’s memory and catching the drugs in their system, and that didn’t happen very often. The use of drugs meant the victim was pliant, easy to move and unable to fight back. Which usually meant a lack of defensive wounds; all the usual things that helped get a conviction. Add to the fact all witnesses saw was a drunken person being helped out of a club by friends.  As far as Jared was concerned, catching the bastard behind this was looking unlikely. Now he had to concentrate on how Jensen was.

Paul crouched down the other side of Jensen, looking at him. “At least the bastards were disturbed. We’re pretty sure there have been other guys they did manage to get out of the club. Shit! I don’t even want to think too much about it, it makes me sick.  Come on. I think we should get your friend to the boss’s office.  Hey, man, do you think you can stand?”

Jensen slowly lifted his head and managed to look at Paul; he gave him a dopey smile and tried to get to his feet. He only managed to get as far as his knees when his coordination went.  Jared quickly reached out and steadied him.  Jensen’s face lit up with recognition, and he wound his arm around Jared’s neck, “Jareeeedd, you’re here....he said you wouldn’t come...I knnneeeewww you would. You’re my knight in shining armour.”

Jared smiled as Jensen giggled, and hugged him. It would’ve been cute as long as he ignored the whole’ Jensen being drugged’ thing. And the fingermarks round his wrists, the hand print on his face and split lip. “Who said I wouldn’t come, Jensen?”

“The bad man, he told me you weren’t coming....he wanted to take me to a party!  I didn’t want to go. I wanted to wait for you. I’m glad you’re here.”  Jensen slumped against Jared, forcing him to wrap his arms round Jensen, to stop him toppling face first onto the floor.

Paul gave a grin, “Oh yeah. Poor guy’s been roofied. How about we take this to Mr Lehne’s office? Come on. I’ll help you get him up.” Paul stood and helped Jared pull Jensen gently to his feet. Jensen wobbled like a newborn colt between the two men, his legs shaky. He managed a step before they buckled.  Jared caught him around the waist, and Paul took hold of his arm. Between the two of them, they managed to guide Jensen back through the club.

They reached the office. Paul opened the door and with a little jostling, got inside. “Ok. Let’s get him on the couch, and I’ll get some water.” Paul nodded to a black leather couch against the wall.

Jared was relieved they had got to the office. As they had staggered through the packed club he’d noticed Jensen was even more uncoordinated, and his breathing was becoming laboured.  The office provided a safe haven for them, and he hoped that Dr Love was in residence.   Jared carefully lowered Jensen onto the couch.

 Jared sat by Jensen, reaching out gently to touch his face.  He was too warm. He considered trying to get his jacket off but before he could start to remove it, a hand landed on his shoulder. He saw Paul holding a bottle of water. Jared gratefully took the bottle from him and opened it.

“Try and get him to have a drink. We need to start flushing the drugs out his system. I hope he’s not having a bad reaction to whatever shit they gave him

 Jared handed the cold water to the man beside him, “Come on, Jensen. You need to take a drink. You can do that for me, can’t you?”  Jared coaxed him, hoping that Jensen would start helping himself. At first Jensen just stared at the bottle in his hand. Finally he slowly lifted it to his lips.  Jensen took a drink and water dribbled down his chin. He managed half of the bottle before he’d had enough. Jared took the bottle off him before it slipped out of his hand. He couldn’t help himself; he gently wiped Jensen’s face as he leant against his side.

Jared looked up at Paul, “Hey, man. When’s Dr Love going to get here?  The sooner the better.”

Before Paul could answer, the office door was flung open violently, and a well-dressed man stalked in.

“God Fucking Damnit, not again!  I swear to God, if I find the shitkickers doing this I’ll string ‘em up over the bar and use ‘em as piñatas.”

Jared’s eyes widened with shock at the interruption, the man’s words at odds with his image. He was dressed impeccably in a charcoal-grey suit, his light-brown hair cut short. Jared watched as he stormed back and forth, with a look that promised mayhem on his face.

 Paul smiled at the enraged man, “Oh, hi there, Mr Lehne. Don’t worry. I got Adam doing a sweep of the surveillance footage. I think we’ve got them this time, and I’ve sent for Doc Love.”

Paul’s words pulled the man up short; he turned, smiled and ran his fingers lightly through his hair, “Really? You think we’ve caught them on tape? Fucking brilliant...And you’ve called the doctor in? Right. I’d better go and help find him.” He turned and exited the office quickly.

Jared was bemused by the man’s sudden appearance, and just as sudden departure.  Paul smiled brightly, “May I present Frederick Lehne, owner of this establishment.  I may just have made his night.”

Jared frowned, “How the fuck can this have made his night?  He’s had a customer drugged and attacked on the premises.”  Jared had to reign in his anger, as he felt Jensen cower away from him.

Paul shook his head, “No. You got me wrong, Jared. Remember I said we’ve been having this kind of problem for a while?

“Yeah, but I still don’t get why your boss would be happy about another attack.”

Paul’s expression became serious, “We think these guys are organized. We’ve found way too many victims for it to be random.  The boss thinks one of our barmen are in on it, and tonight we could be about to catch the bastard red handed.”

Jared nodded, “Now I get why you wanted your friend to check the security footage.”  Something else crossed his mind about the club owner, “And why do I get the feeling, the Doc’s name isn’t Doctor Love?”

Fredrick Lehne stormed back in, and was leading someone into the office, “Damnnit Fred, this had better be an emergency, hauling me off the dance floor like that. I was getting real friendly with someone when your goon grabbed me. So at the very least, one of your guys better have a limb hanging off....holy shit!”

The man’s complaints were cut short when he saw Jensen.  He rushed past the club owner and Jared found himself being ignored, as the doctor knelt in front of Jensen. He gently lifted Jensen’s head and looked into his eyes,   “Has he taken something?  Is he a regular drug user?”

 “As far as I’m aware Jensen doesn’t do drugs, we think his drink’s been spiked. He was assaulted in the bathroom.” Jared responded quietly.

Dr Love finally acknowledged Jared, nodding to him as he continued to examine his patient. He saw the finger marks round Jensen’s wrists as he took Jensen’s pulse. “Sorry about that, but as we’re in a club, I have to eliminate the possibility this is self inflicted. Right..I’ll call my ER, and tell them to expect him.”

The doctor pulled his phone out of his pocket and dialled, “Hi Mel.... I’m sending a patient your way....yes, my life is so empty I have to go looking for sick people on my nights off. Looks like I’ve got an attempted date rape. We’re going to need blood work.” The doctor paused, looking over at Jared, “The victim’s name is....”

“His name is Jensen Ackles.” Jared gently squeezed Jensen’s shoulder.

 “Ok, can you take Mr Ackles to the ER for me?” Jared nodded, “Mel, you can expect...Mr Ackles and.....

“Detective Jared Padalecki.”

“You heard that?  Good, they should be with you soon.  And yes, I’ll enjoy the rest of my night.  Bye, Mel.”  The doctor hung up.

The office door burst open again and Bill and another bouncer dragged a struggling Stefan into the room.  They were followed by a young red-headed man, wearing glasses, and carrying an I-Pad.

Fredrick Lehne bellowed at the man in glasses. “What the Hell is going on, Adam?”

 “We got him, boss. It’s all on disc, and I saw Stefan take a vial off a customer. The camera caught him pouring it into a bottle of beer, and giving it to the gentleman over there.” Adam said excitedly.

Stefan, who had been loudly protesting his innocence stopped talking, and looked wide eyed at his boss, “No fucking way. There are no cameras the behind the bar.  I checked....” He stopped speaking and swallowed hard.

Fredrick Lehne shot forward, and grabbed the startled Stefan by the shirt. He hauled him forward “Oh, you checked, did you? Well, listen to me, asshole. I had those cameras installed after we found the last poor bastard you drugged.  I swear I’ll string you and your buddies up!  Who the fuck are they?”  He shook Stefan hard, making the man’s head spin.

Although Jared was enjoying the rough justice being handed out he decided it was time to step in; he was just about to swing into action when a familiar voice rang out.

“Goddammit, Padalecki, don’t you guys in robbery homicide have enough to do without swiping our cases?”

Jared smiled as he saw a friendly face, detective Kim Rhodes from the Victim Services, along with two uniformed officers came through the door. “We caught your call; we can take it from here.  Unless you want to stay on it?”

“No, I’m more than happy to leave it in your capable hands.” Jared carefully sat Jensen back against the couch and stood up, “Besides I’m about to take Jensen to the ER.”

Kim glanced at the figure on the couch and recognized the man stood by him, “Hey there, Doc Hunter. As if I don’t see enough of you in the ER.  By the way, did you finally snare that hot older guy you were after?  You know, the one you were trying to make jealous by dancing with every twink you could find in his club?”

Jared couldn’t help it; he burst out laughing when he saw Fredrick Lehne’s face.  The normally eloquent man seemed to be lost for words.

The doctor rolled his eyes, “Gee thanks, Kim. I’d forgotten just how diplomatically brilliant you are.  Have you actually noticed where I am?”

Kim walked past the doctor and winked at him. She turned her attention to Jensen, looking sympathetically him, “You know me, doc. I save all my empathy for the victims.  You’re big enough and ugly enough to look after yourself.  Is the gentleman clear to go?”  Dr Hunter nodded.

She turned to Jared, and patted him on the arm, “Jay, I’ll call ahead and get my partner, Steven to meet you there.  We got lucky tonight. I spend way too much of my time seeing the aftermath of this kind of thing.  I’ll take the win anytime.” She looked over at Stefan, and smiled. “Go on, kid, get out of here. Me and your friendly neighbourhood douche bag are about to get better acquainted.”

Jared almost felt a little sorry for him.  Kim had a well-earned reputation for relentlessness when she had a suspect in her sights.  The way she looked at Stefan was only too familiar. The bartender’s life was about to be turned upside down, as hurricane Kim tore through it.

She walked over to the shaken man, smiling sweetly, “Sadly for you, Stefan, you were caught on camera giving the victim a spiked drink.  That falls under the Drug Induced Rape Prevention Act.  You can get up to twenty years in jail.”  Stefan went white as Kim carried on, “But if you co-operate and tell me who your friends are, and where I can find them, I’m sure the DA will look favourably on you. You think about it a moment.”

Kim looked over her shoulder at the club owner, “Mr Lehne, would you mind watching Stefan for us, while we help Jared get Mr Ackles to his car?”

The club owner brushed a piece of lint from his sleeve, and returned the smile, “Oh, we will take real good care of him for you, Detective Rhodes. I just hope he doesn’t try to make a run for it.  You know how overexcited bouncers can get.”

Stefan was sweating as Paul rolled his shoulders, and cracked his knuckles loudly.  That was more than enough persuasion, “Alright, I’ll tell you whatever you want. Just don’t leave me alone with them.  The drugs are Charlie’s; he gets hold of the GHB. I bet him and Nick have cleared out, the bastards”

Kim reached for her radio, ready to call for more units to search the club. “Do you think there’s a chance they’re still on the premises?”

Adam stepped forward, “Based on who I saw Stefan talking to earlier, I think I can see one of them.  He’s on the dance floor, but I can’t see his partner.”  He stood by Kim and handed her his I-Pad.

Kim turned the screen to Stefan, “Ok, Nick or Charlie?”

“That’s Nick. I bet Charlie got to his car, and hightailed it out of here.” Stefan sounded disgusted.

“What car?”  Jared growled.

Stefan’s shoulders slumped, “It’s a silver jeep. Charlie parks it out of the way of the security cameras. They use the employees’ entrance; I gave them the access code.”

Jared could hear Kim describing the car they wanted to find. She listened and looked at Jared, “Our back up is here, and they’re saying there’s no car matching that description on the lot.”

Jared clenched his fists, “What’s Charlie’s last name, Stefan? Remember if we don’t get him and Nick you’re going down for all of this.”

Stefan glared at Jared, “Fuck that! Charlie Forrester and Nick Durrell. I can give you Charlie’s address.”

Paul looked at the man with contempt. “I bet you can. You were going over there after your shift, weren’t you? Why else risk slipping Jensen the drugs?”

Jared saw the barman flush and look away from his accuser; he barely managed not to reach out and grab him by the throat.

Kim looked at Jared and shook her head; he took a breath and stepped back, “Right, Jared. There’s nothing more you can do. Get Mr Ackles to hospital and then take him home. We’ll finish up here.”  She turned to the owner, “I promise you’ll get your club back real soon, Mr Lehne. I’m sure Doc Hunter will be more than happy to keep you company till then.”

 Kim gave Jared a gentle shove towards the couch, watching Dr Hunter smiling happily at a flustered Fred Lehne.

The doctor managed to turn his attention to Jared, “Now I know we’re dealing with GHB so I can tell you Mr Ackles won’t be up for walking far. His motor functions are going be shot for a few hours. Plus, I don’t think you’ll have much joy getting a statement from him.  His memory of tonight will most likely be impaired.”

Jared looked down at Jensen who was swaying gently from side to side on the couch, humming softly. “It doesn’t matter about the statement; I think Kim has more than enough evidence.  The security discs and Jensen’s blood sample will prove he was drugged. And I’m sure Stefan will be very co-operative.”

The doctor stood aside as Jared crouched in front of Jensen who looked completely out of it. There was a half-smile on his face as he peered owlishly round the room. Slowly he lifted his head and tried to focus on who was in front of him.

The half-smile bloomed into a full one, and Jensen leant forward, throwing his arms round Jared’s neck, “Jaarreeedd! Wha’ you doin’ here?”  He giggled, leaning forward. Jared looked up at the doctor.

Dr Hunter smiled, “That’s GHB for you. Most victims appear to be drunk, their inhibitions lowered, words slurred, short-term memory loss. It’s why it’s the drug of choice with the discerning scumbag.”  The doctor looked at Stefan, a frown on his face, “Why Mr Ackles?  What was so special about him? I know you don’t have to tell me a damn thing. But humour me, I’d like to know.”

Everyone looked at the disgraced bartender he shrugged, “I don’t know. Charlie’s the guy to ask. He always picks. His drugs, his choice.”  He looked at Jensen, “Although Charlie’s always been a sucker for a pretty face.  Fuck! For all I know he liked the guy’s shirt. You need to ask him why.”

Kim’s lip curled as she grabbed Stefan by the arm, spinning him round to cuff him, “Oh sweetheart, I fully intend to find out why your asshole best friend chose Mr Ackles. Just as soon as I get his ass in jail.  Come on. Let’s take this somewhere more uncomfortable.” She nodded to Jared, “Get going, Padalecki. Time’s a passin’ and we need that blood sample. I’ll call you tomorrow with an update.”  Kim turned and led Stefan out of the office.

Jared tried to disentangle himself from Jensen’s arms, but the more he tried the tighter the other man held on. A pair of legs came into view and Jared looked up.  Paul was standing, looking at him; he shrugged helplessly as Jensen wound himself round him.

Paul pressed a button on his radio, “Hey Ben, I need you to get the car you parked and bring it round to the employees’ entrance. We got some precious cargo being delivered to it.”  He tilted his head to one side, “That’s a hell of a grip he’s got on you. You guys known each other long?”

Jared shook his head, “Would you believe, I’ve only met Jensen twice? I’m investigating a case of stalking involving him. He’s got a secret admirer who just won’t take no for an answer. I got home to a message from him; I thought his stalker was causing him trouble.   Thank God I rang him back.”

Paul crouched beside Jared, “Seriously? Talk about shitty luck. He’s got a stalker and then he comes here and runs into our resident dirtbags. Poor guy’s a trouble magnet; at least he’s got himself a guardian angel.”

Jared smiled slightly, “Who me? I’m no guardian angel; I’m just the guy who caught a stalking case. And they’re never easy. Half the time all we can do is offer the victim support and tell them to change their phone numbers.”

 “Ok. Of course you give all your stalking victims your home phone number, right?”  Paul watched Jared blush, then clapped him on the shoulder, “Don’t worry. I’m not judging you. If it helps I think he’s damned lucky you cared enough to do that. Do you want any help?”

Jared shook his head as he pulled the shorter man closer to him.  Jensen appeared to be very happy, hanging off his neck with his head resting on his shoulder.  He slipped his arm under Jensen’s knees and the other round his shoulders. Jared straightened his back and took a deep breath.  He struggled to his feet, thankful for all the hours he spent in the gym.   He adjusted the hold he had on Jensen.

Jensen sighed happily, wriggling into his chest, making the younger man look heavenward and remind himself he was a police officer. That Jensen was the victim of a crime, well two crimes now. He also reminded himself he wasn’t Chad, and perving on a traumatized victim was just douchey.  Instead he smiled at the man in his arms, “Wrong time, wrong place, story of my life. Come on. Let’s get you out of here.”

As he followed the bouncer his mind was racing. None of this made sense. Why was Jensen out partying after leaving him that message earlier? There was something about the tone of Jensen’s voice that had spurred him into action.  He’d sounded frightened, desperate; it made no sense at all for him to be here.  It was another question he needed answers to.

Jared followed Paul out of the door, and saw Ben waiting for them. He opened the passenger door, holding it as Jared carefully put Jensen into the car.  Jared leant over Jensen, and pulled the seatbelt across him; the movement made him stir and he blinked groggily, focusing on Jared.

Jared was pinned in place by the look in Jensen’s eyes, confused and vulnerable as the drugs dulled his mind. Suddenly he needed to protect the man in the car, protect him from the likes of Charlie and his friends.  But most of all he wanted to protect him from his devoted Acolyte, the faceless threat who was slowly tearing Jensen’s life apart.

Jared sighed softly, “What am I going to do with you, huh? Isn’t your life exciting enough without this?” He went to pull away, but softly spoken words stopped him.

“It’s too noisy. No peace. Just wanted some peace.”

Jared was puzzled, “Of course it’s noisy, it’s a club. If you wanted some peace you should’ve stayed home.” Jensen’s head lolled to one side, and he muttered something unintelligible.

Jared leant forward to catch what Jensen said, and was shocked when a pair of hands came up and took hold of his face. Jensen pulled forward and kissed him.  All of Jared’s good intentions nearly flew out the window at the touch of Jensen’s lips against his. Jensen’s tongue swept over his lower lip.

 It took a herculean effort but Jared managed to pull away, gently taking hold of Jensen’s hands, putting them in his lap.  “Come on. You don’t want to do that. You’ll regret it in the morning. Try and relax, Jensen. You need to sleep it off.” He squeezed Jensen’s hand and gave him a comforting smile.

Jensen gave a flirty smile “Does that mean you’ll tuck me in?” His smile faded and he gripped Jared’s hand tighter, “Stay with me please? I can’t be alone tonight.” He begged as his eyes slid closed, and the words petered out.

 Jared’s smile dimmed at Jensen’s plea. Why couldn’t he be alone tonight? Not that he didn’t want to be alone, but couldn’t be alone.  What the hell had happened in the days since he’d last seen him? This time Jared did manage to pull away, closing the car door. He wearily rested his forehead on the cool metal.

 God, he was so screwed. His lips still tingled from the kiss, and Jensen Ackles seemed to be taking up permanent residence in his head. He was cataloguing everything about him - from his freckles, to his dazzling smile, to that awesome ass.  And how fucking adorable the guy was when he was stoned.  Yeah, that did qualify him for the Chad Michael Murray, grade A douche bag of the month award.

Jared lifted his head, managing a pained smile at Paul, “I don’t know about a guardian angel. Right now I feel like a guardian sleazebag, letting him kiss me like that. I’m supposed to be here to look after him, not take advantage of him like that.”

Paul reached out and squeezed Jared’s shoulder, “Jared, don’t beat yourself up, man. From where I was standing he kissed you, not the other way round. Somehow I don’t think you could’ve gotten out of the way of those lips; he was pretty determined.” Paul looked over at the club. “Look, do you want me to come to the hospital with you? I can get a cab back here if you need help.”

Jared pushed away from the car; he had to get his act together. Jensen wasn’t the first good-looking guy’s case he’d worked, but somehow Jensen had gotten under his skin.  He had to try to distance himself; getting emotionally involved was never a good idea.

But right this second all he could think about was the feel of Jensen’s lips on his, and the fear in his voice when he begged not to be left alone. Jared wiped his hand down his face, and shook his head. “Thanks, Paul, but I’ll be fine; it looks like he’s out for the count now. You get back inside. Thanks for all your help tonight.”

“No need to thank me, man. Now go, before detective Rhodes comes and shoots me, for holding you up.” Paul shook Jared’s hand and headed back towards the club.

Jared got in the car and started the engine. As he put his seatbelt on, he looked at Jensen.   Once again he was filled with an urge to protect the man beside him, “I promise Kim’s going to catch Charlie. You won’t be alone tonight, I’ll stay with you. There’s nothing to be scared of.” Jared reached out and gently squeezed his hand.


It’s good to know Jensen will not be alone tonight. I am very grateful to you, detective Padalecki. I see that Jensen and his phone are moving. I hope you drive carefully, detective. As Paul said, the cargo you carry is extremely precious. 

I do so appreciate the technology available now; it was so easy to clone Jensen’s phone.  Now I’m privy to all his texts and calls. And with a simple tweak, I can hear everything that goes on around him.

You have been very good to Jensen tonight, detective, so I will forgive you for putting your hands on him this once. It pains me that Jensen was hurt tonight. I feel responsible. I should have been there to protect him.  But it was not the right time for us to meet properly.  Instead he had to meet the blonde buffoon, all teeth and hair, but it did allow me to share a fleeting moment with my love.  Soon he will be able to see the real me; when we are together he will understand the depth of my love for him.

It is such a shame that detective Rhodes will not be able to fulfil your promise of catching Charlie. I have already dealt with him for you. He had to pay for what he did tonight.  He had no right to put his hands on Jensen; his touch was unwelcomed by both Jensen and me. I am very unforgiving of those who hurt my love.

Now Charlie is enjoying the comfort of the trunk he was so proud of, and I’m taking him somewhere quiet.  It is a lovely evening for a drive, and Charlie’s taste in music is not too appalling. I’m at peace knowing that Jensen will be looked after, while I deal with this little problem. Don’t worry, my love, I’ll be home soon.



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