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Egg Nog & A Santa Hat!

Title: Egg Nog & A Santa Hats
Word count: 2100
Rating: PG13
Summary:  Jared makes Jensen Egg Nog, and discovers its healing properties in the face of hypothermia!  Take one overprotective Jared, a slightly drunk Jensen and naked cuddling.
Pairing: J2
Warnings: Excessive schmoop! I blame the time of year!
Disclaimer:  I would love to own Jared and Jensen, but Santa saw this, and said I was a bad girl so I couldn’t have them. 
Notes:  This is unbeta’d so all mistakes are mine and I will apologize to realscape for the vile abuse I have inflicted on the English language in the production of this Fic!



“Jensen?” Jared called out, when he got no reply, he grinned and swept inside.  He’d just finished recording some additional dialogue and he’d stopped off on the way home to make some purchases.  Jared went through into the kitchen and he put down the brown grocery bag he carried.

Jared rubbed his hands together, he removed his gloves, coat and scarf, it was freezing outside and it had begun to snow again.  Jared loved this time of the year and coming from Texas meant you didn’t get many snow covered Christmas scenes.   Since moving to Vancouver he was almost guaranteed snow, and it just made the whole season more festive.  It also meant that he was introduced to some great traditions and one of them was Egg Nog!  Jensen loved the sweet spicy drink and Jared had mentioned this today. On hearing this one of the sound technicians had given him a recipe, which had led to the impromptu shopping trip.

Jared started to empty the bag, eggs, sugar, milk, cream, nutmeg and a bottle of Bourbon!  Jared was humming to himself as he whirled round the kitchen, flinging open cupboards in search of a bowl big enough to mix said ingredients in.  He soon found what he’d been searching for and started to haphazardly add ingredients to the bowl.  He then used the whisk he didn’t know they had, and once the ingredients appeared to be mixed he surveyed the wreckage of the kitchen!

  Jared winced slightly thinking what Jensen would say.   Quickly grabbing the bin he began sweeping the empty cartons into it.  This was followed by a wipe down with a cloth, and Jared felt as if he’d produced a five course meal.  He then decanted the finished Egg Nog into a jug; and poured a glass to try.  He’d been told to try it without the Bourbon at first, adding the booze to taste.  Jared took a tentative sip...hmmm it wasn’t half bad!

 Jared started to wonder where Jensen had gotten too.  When he’d called from the Studio about an hour ago, Jensen had told him he was taking the dogs for a walk.  Jared thought it was strange that Jensen was still out with dogs considering how hard it was snowing.  He was just about to start getting worried when he heard the door open.  Suddenly Jared was assaulted by two canine whirlwinds.  Harley shook himself all over Jared and Sadie rolled her eyes in disgust!

 “Hey Jen, where have you been.....”  Jared’s voice died away gapping at Jensen in shock.

Jensen stood in the doorway and he was covered in melting snow, and it looked like he was soaked through.  Jared took a step towards him; he stopped and took in Jensen’s bedraggled appearance.

“Shit what happened dude? Did you get dragged through a snow drift backwards?”

Jensen stood shivering violently; he shook his head, “Nnn, No, ff...foorrwards! Harley ss..saaw the neighbours cc...caat and took off!  I slipped, and fell over! Then I got dragged a little ways.... I - I let go of the leash! I..I ssppeent the last half hour trying to catch him!  He thought it was a great game!  I caught him though. At least Sadie stayed with me.”  The last part of the statement was said with pride.

 Jared understood that sentiment, Harely was a great dog but he loathed the neighbour’s cat and tried to give chase every time he saw him.  Also Harley occasionally slipped his leash, and Jared had been known to chase all over the neighbourhood before Harley allowed himself to be caught. 

 Jensen was utterly soaked, his face and hands were bright red.  His jeans were ripped at the knees, slush was still dripping from his hair and Jared noticed that his lips were a pale blue.  Shit! the shivering had stopped.  Jared knew that was very bad, hypothermia bad.  

They’d once had a script were Dean had gotten Hypothermia, and Sam had warmed him up.  But the Studio had banned it on the grounds of their two male leads cuddling while nearly naked.  This was despite Sera’s protests that it was a medically accepted method of emergency reheating.   Besides Sera had thought a naked Sam and Dean was a nice present for the fan girls.

Jared sprang into action, he ran past a bemused Jensen, sprinting upstairs to their bedroom.  There he grabbed the quilt from the bed, and hurtled back downstairs.  Skidding to a halt in front of the still dripping Jensen, Jared threw the quilt down onto the couch.  He ran to the kitchen to fetch the jug of Egg Nog and bottle Bourbon.  Last of all two glasses then joined the ever growing collection on the table in front of the fire.

 Then with a manic glint in his eye he advanced on Jensen, who took an involuntary step backwards.  “Now I know you’re confused Jen, but just stay still I’m doing this for your own good.”  With that, he grabbed the startled man and pullled him close.  

Jared began by stripping the soaked jacket off throwing it on the floor.  He caught hold of Jensen’s arms putting them above his head, he attempted to pull the wet shirts off.  Jensen got stuck and Jared could hear muffled squeaks coming from the wet material.   “Don’t worry Jen! We’ll soon get you warm and dry.”  With that, he gave a vicious tug and from within his cloth prison, Jensen heard the sound of buttons pinging across the room. He was staggering under the assault as the shirts went flying into the corner. 

“Jay if you want me naked you only have to ask!”  Jensen gasped out, his teeth chattering as more of his skin was exposed to the air. 

On hearing the chattering, Jared redoubled his efforts.  The belt on the Jeans was quickly undone; button popped, unzipped and round Jensen’s ankles before he even registered the movement.   The boxers joined his jeans on the floor.  Jared stood, picking him up and pulling him clear of the wet things.  Jensen clinging to Jared’s neck as he was swung round, finding himself leaning against the couch, trying to catch his breath.

  Jared was on the move again, crouching down, grabbing one of Jensen’s feet, yanking the wet sock off, then quickly repeating the motion with the other foot.  Jensen was flailing as his balance was thrown by the violent movement.  He started to fall backwards over the couch, only to be stopped by the whirlwind that was Jared, as he leapt back to his feet and cocooning his now dizzy boyfriend in the quilt.

Jensen was shivering slightly under the quilt; he was being treated to the quickest strip tease ever. Jared was flinging his clothes off with careless abandon.  As Jared was stripping off his jeans, boxers and socks he felt Jensen’s hand brush his hair.  Jared was finally slowing down.  He took a deep breath, reaching out towards Jensen’s shoulders, rubbing at them vigorously through the thick material.

“Right let’s get you sitting down, first I need to look at the damage to your knees and hands. “  While Jared had been attempting the world record for speed stripping a boyfriend, he noticed Jensen’s hands and knees were bleeding due to his fall and being dragged by Harley.

Jensen was enjoying the view, standing there watching Jared run off to find the first aid kit.  A naked Jared was always a thing of beauty especially now.  Jared had obviously forgotten the Santa hat he was wearing.  Seeing the hat bounce as Jared ran was causing Jensen to smirk.  Jared frowned slightly as he ran back, why the hell was Jensen smirking like that? The guy had hypothermia and was bleeding from injuries sustained whilst being towed at high speed, so what the hell was funny? 

 Seeing the puzzled expression Jensen said, “Before you ask no, I haven’t hit my head!”   Jared huffed, and gently began pulling the quilt open at knee level.  He winced a little at the raw state of those knees, muttering an apology he started wiping them with antiseptic.

 “Son of a bitch!” The stinging sensation had Jensen gasping; before he could relax Jared pulled his hands into the open and repeated the treatment, all with Jared crooning softly “its okay, its okay.”

 “Jay, I fell over, I wasn’t savaged by hell hounds.”    On hearing that Jared unleashed the kicked puppy look, Jensen sighed and let himself be manoeuvred onto the couch.  Jared began unwrapping Jensen from his cocoon, and spread the quilt on the settee.  He sat down quickly, pulling Jensen down in front of him hissing, “Shit you’re like a block of ice.”  With that Jensen was wound back into the quilt leaning against Jared’s warm chest.   Jared’s legs and arms were entwining round him like an Octopus with a cuddling fetish.

Suddenly, Jensen was being jostled just as he was making himself comfortable against his Sasquatch shaped hot water bottle.  He grumbled under his breath, “Its okay Jen, I’ve just thought of something else that will warm you up.”   Before Jensen could fully entertain the idea of passionate love making under the quilt, Jared was reaching for the Egg Nog.  Sighing to himself, Jensen closed his eyes, and so was unaware of Jared’s approach to making his drink.  This meant one part Egg Nog three parts Bourbon.

Jared waved the innocent looking drink under his nose, Jensen began struggling to free his arms, but Jared just tightened his freakishly long arms round him.  Grinning, Jared began tilting the glass against Jensen’s full lips.  He cheerfully ignored the death glare being shot in his direction. He was waiting for Jensen to take a drink, and then he took a long drink from the offered glass.  Jensen swallowed, his eyes bulged and he began coughing and spluttering, to the point that he was bright red and his eyes were streaming.  Jared frantically patted him on the back, waiting to see if he would regain the power of speech.  

“Okay, I get the Nog but where the hell was the Egg?”  Jensen’s voice was a breathy whisper.  Jared just grinned and carried on plying Jensen with the drink.  After the initial resistance to the supper charged Egg Nog, Jensen was becoming increasingly pliant with every sip.

Three glasses later, and Jensen was snuggling against Jared with a somewhat dazed and happy expression on his face.  At least he had gotten warm and Jared was enjoying lying there with Jensen almost purring in his arms.

 A quiet giggling came from the vicinity of Jared’s collar bone. “Jen are you okay?”  Jensen tilted his head back, attempting to focus on Jared’s face.  “Love the hat; it looks kinda sexy on ya.”  Jensen gave a goofy grin and began to burrow even closer.

 Jared thought, hat what hat? He put his hand up to his head and remembered the Santa hat he was wearing.  He had brought it at the same time as the ingredients for the Egg Nog.   Jared was amazed it had stayed on, especially after his stripping his clothes off at break neck speed.  Then he recalled Jensen’s hand brushing against his head, it wasn’t an affectionate gesture, he had been replacing the Santa hat!

“You know I love it when you go all Conan the Barbarian on me!”  Jared nearly choked on his own egg Nog when he heard that one.   But Jensen wasn’t finished yet!  “Tonight with the hat on and no clothes, you were like a cross between the two of em.”

Jensen promptly curled up against Jared, resting his head on Jared’s shoulder, his eyes growing heavy as sleep started to overtake him.    Jared’s face softened into a smile, wrapping his arms round Jensen, and then dropping a kiss on his upturned face. “So, I’m a cross between Santa and Conan then?” 

Jensen yawned, and nodded happily, “S’alright Jay, it’s not everyone who can say they’ve been stripped by Santa the Barbarian!”


Tags: fic, hell is other people, humor, hurt jensen., j2
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