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So I'm just sitting here!

Friends, Roman's Fl*sters, well it's Sunday night and in between scaring myself witless after watching the BBC's new version of The Secret of Crickley Hall....yeah real fun, now every time I hear bloody footsteps.  I'll be diving for cover, nice one beeb! Seriously it's a good old fashioned ghost story, and so far being a wimp it's made my hair stand on end, and I've been gibbering in a corner.

In fact I'm down here in the living room all alone while the tribe are upstairs in bed, I swear the next creak on the stairs, will result in a screaming melt down and me reaching for the salt container *G*

The other reason for this wibbling is I went to watch Skyfall, first of all a truly brilliant Bond movie (I love em, dad twigged quite early on chick flicks weren't my scene, and introduce me to the delights of Bond and other movies).  And within all the excitement what stuck with me most?  Was how much James Bond looked like Benny in a scene set in an airport, trust me they could be twins *G*

Also why am I here? well me and musie are on negotiation, I'm writing but no finishing anything so I have found a propmpt on hoodie_time and I've decided to have a go. I swear I will finish this in time and it might just give my sodding muse the kick up the jacksie she needs. What can I say sick and woobie Dean is just so appealing.

Now I'll let you get back to your day or night depending where you are.....hang on was that a creak?


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