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Just when you thought you were safe!

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, well I should be writing Chapter 19 of the Fic O Doom!  I should be, but a migraine has knackered my concentration.  But never fear I will be back to torturing those poor boys very soon, now I'm just playing around and deciding to make a little mischief.

Right I went a lurking round somer journal....yes be warned I know where you guys are and I will come visiting BBWWWAAHHHHHH *cough* sorry evil laugh's are not my strong point and I fell off the settee while trying. No within said journal is a lovely post listing all her favorite meme's.  While poking around I found an old prompt that I really wanted to fill and here it is.....

REQUEST: J2 - god!Jared, claimed consort, outdoor/altar sex - fic

Jensen has been obsessed studying a small off-shoot pagan cult ever since he first read of them in college. The cult worships what seems to be a fertility god - going by the prominently featured priapic renderings of the god - and all the cult members are marked by a tattoos at the base of the neck and lower back. Jensen has finally figured out where the cult's main temples is and is able to mount an expedition, okay buy a plane ticket to the closest county and rent a boat to the island that the temple is rumored to be on. In honor, and in anticipation, of finding the temple, Jensen gets the marks of the god tattooed, in their proper spots, on himself.

It has been millennia since the lesser god that followers called Jared, had felt his marks enter his hallowed space. That alone would have been enough to awake Jared from his slumber, but when Jared opens his eyes and sees the beautiful shirtless man, markings on prominent display, digging around the rubble of his old temple, there is no way Jared is going back to sleep.

Yes I've tempted, oh boy have I been tempted, Christmas is coming and the muse is sniffling around ok then I've always wanted to try one of these.......

Poll #1881609 Should I fill this prompt?

Should I have a go at writing godly Jared porn?


Perhaps I should stop faffing and get back to the Fic O Doom?

You have more time

Or how about Acolyte0301, remember that?

Yes next chapter
Ye gods you still scribbling that?

Or better yet I should just leave you poor souls in peace!

Yes please
Stick around if you must.

Sorry I've always wanted to try one of these, feel free to fill it in if you like, and you've been warned my muse is up and about.

Run while you can!!!!!!

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