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28 November 2012 @ 11:52 pm
The People Have Spoken!  

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters......*ducks out of the way of rotten fruit*  In light of my recent ramblings I have made a momentous decision....no I'm not buggering off to dreamwidth, no matter how much you beg!

The Godly Jared porn fic is a go....now all I need is to do is some research. I'm starting with Greek flora....guess where I'm setting this...yes, you're right Australia!

No I see Greek Islands, gorgeous ruins....a bloody big marble altar warmed by the Mediterranean sun (Come on, you've seen the size of Jared and Jensen right?).  Designs for tattoos, and how much fun it would be to lick the back of Jensen's neck...... sorry where was I? and What am I doing on the floor. *Dusts self off*  Oh yes and a website that will help translate ancient Greek, just the odd word, I'm not talking the Illiad here folks. Who knows there may even be a little romance as well as porn!  Oh god here we go again, another epic in the making!

Right onto  the Fic O Doom! Chapter 19 stands at 3800 words, and I'm still going strong, after all I think chapter 20  will be the last one.  But if I'm feeling really evil there might be timestamps!  (You know actual hunts, hot sex, a stigmata curse, a certain evil preacher's return! How long do fandoms last? This could take years *G*).

Then it will be onto Acoylte0301! finally I have pinned down how this ends, how the stalker is revealed, more bloody importantly who Acolyte is! Just don't ask alright, but now I have ideas.

And then of course I will probably wander off and start other fics, but I promise to finish em this time!

So in the spirit of all your kind encouragement, you wanted em you got em coming!

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