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02 December 2012 @ 05:19 pm
Musings of a profound nature!  

Friends, Romans, Fl*sters, once again Sunday afternoon is upon us! And yes I know I should be writing.  I promise I will be after posting this wittering little ramble.  As I look round my living room while perched on the edge of the settee.  Mum’s snoring her head off under her slanket (no, it’s not anything kinky, it some fleece type thing that a cross between a blanket and a dressing gown!  I know, don’t ask).  My one dog Kizzy has commandeered the other corner of the settee, ensuring my perching precariously. Whilst on the other settee, Sasha my other dog sleeps soundly, and my long suffering other half, sprawls elgegantly. Snoring gently whilst drooling (he should be watching the Sunderland V Norwich foottie game...yup, the game is that exciting!) So what is the purpose of this ramble, I hear the crickets ask?

 Well I’ve been pondering life, the universe, and why the hell can’t us Supernatural fans borrow a couple of the writers from Arrow?  You know the ones who keep writing the shirtless Oliver scenes!  I look forward the Oliver Queen exercise DVD, you don’t exercise.  You just watch him work out half naked....trust me you’ll sweat, signed sasha-dragon, a letch. Now I’m sure we could convince them to write a shirtless Dean scene, think of all the interesting scars Dean must have from purgatory. Look it’s a plot point on Arrow, work with me here.

But also amongst these profound musings, I find my mind turning towards the oncoming apppocl, apolisp.....appocolyspe....oh bugger it!  The End of the World, as per the ancient Mayan calendar, some dozy Indiana Jones wannabe found.

I find myself pondering, if we’re all due to go kamboom on the 21st December, there are certain things I need to know.  Such as, is this due to happen in Greenwich mean time?  After all if Australia makes it to the 22nd because of the time difference, does that mean we’re all safe?  Or will it be my luck to crack open the celebratory box of chocs and red wine, only to evaporate in a puff of smoke? Also did they take Leap years into consideration, enquiring minds and all that?

More importantly in light of the oncoming appochly blah, blah, blah, should I give Steve his Christmas pressies early? Only I’d hate him not to know what I brought him for Christmas.  He’ll love that life size cardboard cut out of Dean I got him, honest!

What about mum and the dogs?  I’d hate Kizzy to miss out on the chance of playing with all her new squeaky toys, and as for mum......then again the prospect of missing the new Susan Boyle CD has its merits.  Perhaps some good could from this after all!

 Then of course what should I do faced with almost certain Oblivion? And I’m not talking about the horrors of Christmas day, and all the bloody Soap specials (Oh Emmerdale, Coronation Street and Eastenders, how I loathe thee!). No I feel I should do something special, go out with a bang so to speak.

 I’m thinking along the lines of clicking on Wonga.com (The UK’s leading, legal loan sharks) getting a bloody great loan, look world ending no need to worry about the 2000% interest rate. Jumping on a plane to LA, and tracking down Jensen.  Declaring my undying love to him....ok all consuming lust. Again world ending, who cares how bad I’d look in an orange jumpsuit! Plus I’d never have to live with the terminal embarrassment of making poor Jensen scream like a girl, after being faced with horror of me looming out of the shadows at him.

Then of course there are regrets...I have a few...too few to mention....oh who am I kidding, of course I’m gonna mention them!

Right, I’m going to be so pissed if the world ends before we get another shirtless Dean moment (I give up on a whole scene; I take whatever glimpse of flesh they offer right?) Also I need to see the rest of season 8, in the hope they don’t kill Benny off.  I like the guy, that accent, those eyes, and ok I love the hat, alright.

Also I won’t be bloody amused if turn into a smouldering pile of ash before I get to see The Hobbit.... Richard Armitege and Aiden Turner as dwarf totty...sorry I mean the story of the finding of the one ring. Steve says he’ll take me after Christmas to see it......yeah we know what will happen with my luck, right? (kaboom)

And I will really bloody miffed if I keel other before finishing the Fic O Doom, look if that happens your all invited over to mine in Special Hell.  Where I will be giving readings of the story’s ending on the condo’s terrace overlooking the lava pits.  Bring your own booze and hottie of your choice.

And don’t start me about missing the Doctor Who Christmas special, ok?

Just to make matters better, I’ve realized what I’ll be doing on my last day on earth.  Well I won’t be at work; I’ve got the day off, yay! Actually no, I’ll be battling my way round ASDA trying to get my hands on the Christmas sprouts!  Why do we have them? Steve hates them, and I turn toxic due to being veggie. Look you load a veggie with sprouts, and trust me nerve gas has got nothing on us.

Then again I could be consumed with trolley rage, go on a rampage through the wine and chocolate departments.  All without having to worry about the hangover and criminal record....ok, where did I put the knee pads and crash helmet?  It could be the way to go out!

So with those profound musings, I will return you to your Sunday afternoon gentle reader.  And I will return to the Fic O Doom! At the very least I’d like to finish chapter 19 before the appcol, appppoly... Bugger it!

By the way, dear LJ what the hell have you been up to with my posting layout again? *shakes fist*

Son of a bitch!

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Echo: Dean/Impalastir_of_echoes on December 2nd, 2012 07:53 pm (UTC)
The Mayans actually had three calendars, a solar calendar, a religious calendar and a calendar used for keeping historical records.
The bad news is, needing to account for a leap year would only matter if the Mayan prediction were based on their solar calendar, which it isn’t. It is based on the calendar used to keep a historical record, which is a long count calendar and based solely on math and so really isn’t a calendar as more of a counting system so the concept of leap years is irrelevant.
The good news is it doesn’t really predict the end of the world as we know it but more the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. The Maya viewed time as linear, with an understanding of past-present-future, they also saw time as cyclical. The calendar was a cyclical entity that would circle around again once one cycle was completed.
Dec. 21, 2012, is a momentous day. It's the time when the largest grand cycle in the Mayan calendar overturns and a new cycle begins, much like ours ends on December 31st but a new one begins January 1st so the calendar will roll over and begin again. It’s actually a nice thought, that time gets renewed, that the world gets renewed all over again the same way we renew time on New Year’s Day.

So rather than be doomsayers they were actually gearing up for their New Cycle Eve party and honestly, how can you trust an artefact that has a central figure that is sticking its tongue out at you :)

So we may yet get another "shirtless" moment and lots, lots more Benny!
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on December 2nd, 2012 07:57 pm (UTC)
I admit the whole concept of the different Mayan calenders is fascinating, and I've been enjoying watching all the hysteria in the newspapers, well it's a hobby!

Oh shit I've just had a thought, do I need to pay Wonga back now? oh crap, and I'd dusted off the suit case *G*

Still there's always the hope of shirtless Dean and more Benny *G*
Somersomer on December 2nd, 2012 09:16 pm (UTC)
Now I’m sure we could convince them to write a shirtless Dean scene, think of all the interesting scars Dean must have from purgatory.

You know, if they don't write it on the show, you could always write it in your journal *laughs with evil glee* You know, the scene where Dean is hurt on a hunt and Sam has to undress him and help him into the shower where he stands all wet and hurt and Sam sees all his sexy awful scars from purgatory. Afterwards he dresses Dean in one of his own big sweatpants because it's so sexy and vulnerable it sure would be more comfortable for Dean with all the injuries and then there is some manly cuddling.

Also...Jumping on a plane to LA, and tracking down Jensen. Tell me when and where and I come and loom with you from the shadows. And I'm sure orange jumpsuits aren't that bad!!

Okay, I now let you back to your writing because I've read here somewhere that 'Hell Is Other People' nears the end. And then I'm going to have the pleasure to read this whole fic in one go!! Can't wait :D
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on December 3rd, 2012 07:52 pm (UTC)
You rotten Sod! Fancy doing that to me I can see it now. Werewolf hunt, and Sam's still rusty, of course Dean gets between Sam and the werewolf. One vicious fight later, and there's an ex Werewolf on the floor......*headsdesk* no, no I bloody daren't....I give me a week tops before I crack *G*

I hear LA is lovely this time of year, and I think we'll look pretty good in orange, we could always sing Jensen a few carols.

Ye I'm working away on Hell is other people, I'm thinking two more chapters and possible time stamps, you've been warned!
     Mandy: Eleven - Nail-Bitera_phoenixdragon on December 2nd, 2012 11:49 pm (UTC)
This whol post makes me wanna squish you endlessly, take out my own impossible-to-pay-back load and come see you for the wine and choccies. We'll kidnap Moffat and Jensen and whilst licking one, force the other to give us the DW Xmas Special early (just in case) then we'll go see The Hobbit. Freeman, (Mitchell from BHUK) and Benny as Smaug...how can we miss that?!


Is it a plan?
sasha_dragonsasha_dragon on December 3rd, 2012 07:59 pm (UTC)
You see if you hang around long enough I come up with something worth while! I say bring it on, I especially like the idea of licking one of them....I wonder if Jensen tastes as good as he looks? And the DW special early hell yeah!

The Hobbit is a must! I really need to see our Mitchell as the Timotei dwarf, all that lovely long black hair fluttering gently in the breeze while he waves his huge weapon.

I say it's a damn fine plan!

*Squishes you tightly*
     Mandy: Matt Smith - 80s Hipstera_phoenixdragon on December 3rd, 2012 08:24 pm (UTC)
LOL!! Just let me get my licks in before I had him over. You'll have to hold Matt whilst I do that though...he's a struggler, lol!!

GUH. I AM SO THERE. *WHIMPERS* He needs to Stop It Nao. *Marvels at the power of top hats*

THISTHISTHIS. Subtext much, darling? *Cackles*